Jim Kirk woke up to excruciating pain in his thigh. He almost screamed but someone grabbed his mouth. "Captain, you must remain quiet," Spock said in almost a whisper.

Jim's eyes flew open and he would have sat up if Spock had not held him down. "Just hold him still," Bones said.

"Captain, remain silent."

Jim gasped for air as he looked around him through tear-filled eyes. Of course, he could not see clearly. He realized more than one person was holding him, and he thought Bones must be trying to rip his right leg off. He could not remember how he got here, nor what happened to his leg.

Bones was sweating so badly, he was trying not to let sweat drop into the wound on Jim's leg. He had managed to keep him from bleeding to death, and now he was trying to fix the bone. He did not have much to work with…oh, how he wished he was on the Enterprise right now, but he was not and he had to make do with what he had although he had some medical equipment in the shuttle they had been traveling in. Some of that, however, had been damaged when they crashed.

When Bones was done with Jim's leg, he wrapped it up and then went over behind some rocks and threw up. He was not sure that was caused by that ride through the rift or if it was caused from what he just had to do to Jim's leg. They were in that other galaxy again, and this time, they had not been able to get control of the shuttle, and they crashed onto this planet, Tatooine. Bones wondered why it always had to be this planet they arrived at. They had discovered quickly that there were those on this planet who did not like others getting into their territory. They were humanoids, but they did not look like humans with their wrappings and face coverings. He supposed they wore that because they lived in the desert with a lot of sand blowing around all the time.

Bones had barely woke up in time to save Jim's life. It had been a rough ride. He had been strapped in or he would have been in just as bad shape. He did have a broken rib from being jolted so hard against his restraints. Spock had sustained a slight head injury; Solan had been in the pilot's seat and Jim had been in the co-pilot's seat. He had not taken the time to strap in and had ducked when they were about to hit the ground, and his leg had been jammed between the two sections of the console and his face slammed into the console. Oh, it had been a mess of blood. They had had to leave the ship because of fires, and now, they were camping under a rocky shelter. Bones supposed they did not have to worry about rain since they were on a desert planet.

Bones sat beside Jim in the darkness that had come upon the planet, and it seemed sudden. Jim groaned in his sleep part of the time. "How is the captain, Doctor?" Spock asked.

"Well, he won't bleed to death, and the bone is in place, but he sure has a fever," Bones said. "At least we're in a desert and it's cold out here now." He paused a moment. "You got any idea what's going on on this planet now?"

"No, but I believe the beings who attacked us were Tusken Raiders, or Sand People as some call them."

"What are we supposed to do to get back to our own galaxy this time?"

"I do not know. Without the Enterprise, there is not enough power to create the rift."

"You think Scotty might be able to get here in the Enterprise?"

"It is possible."

Spock sat down beside Bones. "I believe we should try to find help," he said.

"Jim cannot walk out of here, Spock," Bones replied.

"If we could find someone to help with a transport, we could get him to a doctor, perhaps."

"On this sand ball? I doubt there are any doctors here."

"There are space ports, and there are settlements. Perhaps we can find someone to help."

"Or find someone who will recognize us as the ones who rescued two slaves from this planet!"

"How would they know we were responsible for that?"

Bones shook his head. "Right now, I'm more concerned about Jim. He could lose that leg, Spock. In this environment, it might help since here isn't much humidity and probably not much bacteria. I don't think I have to tell you that this injury is really bad. It's even worse than when he had both legs broken, and both hips dislocated."

"Because this is an open wound."

"Exactly. Why didn't he strap in?"

"He simply did not take the time."

Solan came back over to them. "I could go and try to find help," he said. "I'm good at sneaking around."

Bones noticed Solan was holding his side. "You got something there you haven't told me about?" he asked. He stood up and got his scanner.

"It's alright."

"No, it's not alright. It's a broken rib. Sit down. I can't mend it with this but I can at least take care of some of the pain."

"I wish we could have gotten all the medical stuff."

"We were lucky to get out of there ourselves. Besides, I didn't have anything in there to mend broken bones." Bones worked on Solan for a few minutes. "At least there are no internal injuries."

"I knew you couldn't do anything about it."

"Tell me anyway. I'll figure out something. I have a broken rib myself."

"I guess no one comes out to investigate crashed ships."

"With all the traffic they have going in and out of here?"

Solan grimaced. "Why did this have to happen?"

"Why do a lot of things happen?"

"You guys have been here before?"

"Yeah. Unfortunately. The last time we were here, we were trying to figure out who some Emperor was, and stop some death star from being created. They were creating some army of clones for the Republic that they didn't even know about, and come to find out this Sith lord was behind the whole thing."

"Wait a minute. What is a Sith lord?"

Bones blew out a breath. "There's so much to explain," he said. "See, in this galaxy they have some…I don't know what it is. They call it the Force, and these people called Jedi use the light side and the Sith use the dark side, and these Sith are bad dudes. They try to take over the galaxy by force…not the Force, mind you."

Solan shook his head. "What is the Force?"

"I just told you."

"No. You said something weird that kinda just went over my head."

"I can't explain all this junk to you. I don't even understand it all myself."

"I guess I'll learn as I go. So, who all did you know in this galaxy?"

"Well, there was Obi-Wan…well, we don't know what time we're in now. Who knows if Obi-Wan is still alive? We can't get away from this planet this time though. Jim can always figure out what to do."

Solan frowned. "We'll just have to do what we think he would do."

"I have no idea what that is."

"We must find resources," Spock said. "We will have to have food and water. Right now, we have shelter. We know some of this planet, and that they have dust storms."

"Why does anyone live on this planet?" Bones asked. "Hold still, Solan." He gave him a hypospray. "That should help with that pain. I won't have much more of this, and I have to…"

"I know you have to give it to Jim. Just don't worry about me. We need a transport. I could go out and find something."

"I don't know how you will do that. This is not like our galaxy."

"You think no one is willing to help anyone around here?"

"No, I don't. Not without being paid."

Solan frowned. "I'll figure out something."

"That's up to Spock whether you go or not."

Spock was thinking. "It is certain that we cannot simply stay here without trying," he said. "Our water stores will be depleted. I do not like the idea of Solan being out there alone."

"Well, we can't all go," Solan declared. "Someone has to stay here and help him with the captain."

"I realize this. We should at least wait until morning."