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A flash of blue hair and red wizard robes doesn't stand out at the London Comix Convention. Matter of fact he was stopped several times to take a picture or selfie with fans of Fantasy. Now his companions were more of the twitchy verity always ensuring they weren't in the shot and avoiding detection.

His blond and brunette companions really could use a pint.

Ducking into the main stairwell, taking two to three stairs at a time they quickly come to the top floor, through twisted corridors and they find their destination. Quickly Edward (Teddy) Lupin, Hit Wizard knocks on the door.

"Hey, Auntie!"

The door opens to loud 80s rock music and a beautiful cat-eyed, black and red barefoot female alien dressed in a black leather-like costume bustier and shorts.

"Bout time boy, I just finished the body paint and need to finish dressing." Motioning him inside to a bit of chaos of costume pieces, odd weapons, another occupant was packing away a makeup kit. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary if he wasn't dressed as Barf from Space Balls.

Handing the man his payment "Auntie" smiles "Thanks for the favor Chris, I'll look for you in the crowd." Kissing the woman on the temple "No problem luv, call me anytime."

After the click of the door closing, she turns to them. "Now tell me what you got yourself into now, that you need Auntie Mi's help? And before you ask for yes I am a Twi'lek."

Giving his best puppy eyes "Patch-up and hide?"

Chuckling Hermione eyes the men "So no sob story and just straight to your needs. Typical male."

Teddy blushes then whines.

"Did he tell you I'm a doctor?" Both shake their head negatively. Huffing in annoyance, she flicks her hand, a privacy screen appears. Then in a no-nonsense tone "No point in getting into an argy-bargy over it. Strip to your underwear gentlemen. I will need to assess the damage."

Looking at one another they shrug and proceed to strip. Turning Hermione begins tearing into their companion. "And where have you been, young man? Do you know your grandmother has gone to spare? No note, floo call or Patronus?!"

Waving his hands in surrender the Hit Wizard sputters.

In one voice the soldiers call to her attention "Ma'am."

Turning she stares than a slow sly smile with slight fang adorns her face. For a moment the super soldiers felt like prey. "Well, I know how I'm going to hide you."

Forty-five minutes of poking, prodding (her), cussing and six potions a piece later(them) Hermione sends Captain Steve Rogers and Sargent James Barnes to the shower before donning their costumes.

Twenty minutes after a shower, shave and a quick meal Darth Talon, Carnor Jax and two Imperial troopers leave the room.

Auntie Mi showed her itinerary, with a cackle and a tug on Teddy's cape promptly dragged them from one end of the building to the other and back again until they lost count. Six hours of a multitude of pictures taking and giving, attending presentations, winning trivia games, and haggling with vendors. The soldiers out of time met more people than they ever thought existed.

It seems being a nerd was fun.

Several times the group passed police officers and agents without incident. Somehow, she talked them into taking pictures and videos with a horde of other Star Wars groups without a fuss. Then ventured out for a huge photo op of Star Wars villains only.

Teddy was snickering and snarking the whole time.

The Imps (as Steve and Bucky found they were called) stood tall and intimidating by her side each step of the way.

They witnessed their dynamo of mischief, go weak and fangirl over a Batman and girl Joker couple, photobomb a Hetalia group. Posed for any kid under twelve that flashed puppy eyes, polite fan boys and some vendors for discounts. After jumping on an InuYasha for a picture, she noticed the time and quickly hurried them to a group costume contest.

They got third place and met Mark Hamill. She squealed and kissed him on the cheek while taking a picture with them in the background.

Such a fangirl.