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I wake up.

I don't know where I am.

Then it comes back to me, not in a flash but rather gradually: the walls closing in. The coffin splattered in blood. Someone pushed up against me. A riddle. Two people dead. Something sharp sticking in my back, my legs, my arms, my neck, my head. Two separate games. The Jigsaw Killer.

Right. Now I remember. I'm stuck in a glass coffin above two crushing slabs once considered walls. There's a girl lying against me. There's glass cutting into me and no way out... well, not that I can see. Let's face it: it's pitch black, and I'm not able to see regardless.

I feel the girl stirring against my body. Her head hits my chin buried inside my helmet, and she starts whimpering quietly again. It's all coming back to her too. I bite my lip quietly, wondering how to comfort her.

"Jenny?" I say quietly. "Jenny, you all right?"

"I'm okay," she replies. "I miss Dina and Jacks. Where are they? Will they come help us? Did they get away?"

"I don't know," I say. "I'm hoping they did. I'm hoping that they called the cops. But I don't remember anything after those pig men attacked us."

"I want to go home," Jenny whimpers quietly. "Is there any way out of here? Griffith? Is there a way out?"

I don't know how to phrase my answer without sounding depressed, but I don't really have a choice. "I told you, Jenny, I don't know. I can't see anything at all." I lift my hand from her back and wipe my eyes, thinking it will clear my vision. "So far, I reckon the way we get out is the way we got in, but I doubt that'll happen any time soon. We're still stuck in here regardless of what we try."

Jenny's hands clench my shoulders while I gently rub the side of her head. "Will somebody let us out?" she wonders aloud. "Will somebody come for us?"

"We can only hope, Jenny," I reply. "We can only hope at this point."

For several long minutes we stand - or are we lying down? I can't tell - quietly, listening for some sign of help coming to us. Then, almost out of the blue, the clanking of machinery drags us out of our stupor and ignites a spark of hope. Has someone come for us? I'm too scared to cry out.

The blackened walls above our tomb stretch open wide like a pair of jaws opening to bite down on a hapless piece of flesh. It isn't long before we can see the lights of the grate above our prison. Then our coffin starts to shift upwards, back to an angled position. The glass cutting into us starts to shift downwards as the coffin moves, and the walls move backwards until they're back in their original positions.

My breathing speeds up, and with it, my heartbeat. Jenny looks around the best she can to see what's happened. The first thing that we both see are the crushed corpses of our own siblings and a crushed gun. It causes me to shudder. "No person should have to die like that," I mutter. "That's a terrible way to go right there."

Unexpectedly, the coffin lid creaks and swings open. Neither of us move at first. Is this a trick? Are we actually being freed? What is happening? Then, cautiously, Jenny slips out first, pushing off of me and stumbling out onto the floor. She falls over, shaking like a leaf.

I move next, stepping out and brushing glass off my limbs as best as I can. The pieces on my back Jenny pushes off; I took the brunt of the glass, so Jenny doesn't have any on her.

The door in front of the coffin, the door that forcefully closed shut to seal the initial trap, now swings open with a loud, haunting creak. Jenny and I don't move, practically petrified. I don't know whether to go through that door or stay here.

Jenny and I eye the corpses warily. We then look at each other and, without thinking twice, bolt through the open door.

We're now in a hallway, a long hallway with minimal lighting. The place is somewhat deserted, desolate. Cobwebs line the corners and shadows line the walls. "This - I think this is a gas house or something," I remark, feeling the walls.

"A gas house?" Jenny says skeptically. "What's that?"

"You heard of the gas chambers in the death camps?" I ask. When she nods I explain, "It's kinda like that."

"How did you know it's a gas house?" Jenny asks. "I probably shouldn't ask, but..."

I shake my head, my breathing slowed to a stop. "We came here a lot, Jen," I say. "Remember? We were playing around with our friends, with booze and drugs and other things. Usually Dina and Jacks took care of most of the drinking; we were always hesitant, and then there were our other mates - Becca, Carson, and I think Flo too. Then came the accident; that cut me off from you lot. And now I'm here, and so are you."

Jenny shivers. "That's creepy."

I figure I might as well ask about her. "Why do you think Jigsaw's gone after you?"

Jenny's hesitant to answer me, but she eventually does. "I honestly don't know why he's gone after me. But I don't want to think about that."

I bite my lip again. I had a strong feeling I might end up with that sort of answer. Jenny's always a stubborn mule when it comes to getting the truth out of her.

"How do we get out of here? There are no doors anywhere, or at least - not that I can see - and I don't see any windows either." Jenny's voice cuts back into my thoughts.

I look around. "If there aren't any doors or windows, then I think our only option is to find the Jigsaw Killer. For the moment, let's keep moving. There has to be a door around here somewhere."

So we continue walking down the hallway, searching for a way out of this rutted place.

It isn't long before Jenny slows to a stop. "Look," she says quietly, pointing upwards.

I follow her gaze and see a TV right above us. "Oh boy," I mutter. "Stay close to me, will you? No good can come from that."

We slow our pace and continue on, but the TV flashes to life and forces us to stop in place.

My eyes widen significantly, and I drop to my knees. "Oh my god!"

It's Billy the Puppet!

"Congratulations," he says. "You survived. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not any more. For now, at least."

Jenny stammers, terrified, "Wh-what do you want with us?! Let us go! What'd we d-do to you!?"

But it's like Billy never heard her. "Unfortunately," he continues, "your game isn't over yet. There are still several rounds to go. So I leave you here for now, and bid you continue onwards to your next round."

The TV cuts off there, leaving a single white word on the top: Continue.

Jenny lets out a little whimper and collapses to her knees. I can't move myself; I don't want to move. "There's more than one round?" I remark.

"I want to go home!" Jenny whimpers quietly. "I don't want to play any more games!"

"I don't think we have a choice," I say. "How else are we going to get out of here?" Then I remember something else. "Hey, Jenny," I say slowly, "you reckon that our friends are here too?"

We start to walk through the door and that's when we see them: our two friends, Jacks and Dina, are sitting in front of us with their heads placed in their lap. Jacks is the first to see us, and when he does he jumps to his feet and cries, "You got caught too?!" He taps Dina and points at us excitedly. "They're here too! We don't have to go through this alone any more!"

Dina is pretty happy to see us, so we all share a group hug. Then Jenny and I fill them in on what happened to us, and how we're all stuck in a massive game of Jigsaw's. Then entire time we talk, I get the feeling that we're being watched by someone. There's no way that the game is over that easily. No way in hell.

When we finish, Dina says, "So you two were thrown in a death trap? Huh. Jacks and I were stuck in here the whole time."

Jacks shrugs. "Got any idea why we're stuck in here?"

"Maybe it's something we did?" I suggest. "I mean - that's probably one of the most logical reasons why we're stuck here. There has to be a connection. Let's think about it. What connects all of us together?"