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Chapter 1: Alone In A Forest

The peak of Hyrule's glory has long passed ever since the rise of the beast known as Calamity Ganon. Although his siege was brief the royal castle was conquered and the town near it was left in ruins. Both locations were abandoned and continue to serve as a reminder of the kingdom's failure.

The event was later called The Great Calamity, as many lives were lost that day due to the Calamitous One and his horde of monsters. Fortunately, Hylians are an adaptable race, and they eventually forged ahead out of the hopeless situation. The surviving people could only rebuild far away from the wreckage and even further away from the searching eyes of the Guardians.

Even now the people of Hyrule strive to make things work as they go about their daily lives. It isn't easy, as there are monsters outside of the known settlements as well as Yiga Clan members that terrorize all who encounter them. Yet hope is still alive even without their Princess and her Champions.

Many years have passed since the fall of their leaders. King Rhoam fell to the Calamity once the castle became the next battle ground. Princess Zelda went missing around the same time as her father, and was presumed dead by most of the populace. Even the Champions were no better off. With four most likely dead, and the fifth in a healing coma the world was forced to go on without them.

Only the people who placed the Hylian Champion in the healing chamber knew that he had a chance to survive. As time went on the few in the know could only hope that their effort wasn't in vain. No one had a clue as to when the severely injured man would wake up. There was only speculation as the Resurrection Chamber wasn't fully tested before, so the results could vary. Will he wake up at all, and if so, will he still be the same?


Days continued to pass without much changing. This was especially true for the Great Plateau. With none of the known races living high up in that area the land hardly saw change. That's not to say that it was devoid of conscious life. Monsters such as bokoblins made their home there as well as various animals and insects. However, even the bokoblins stuck to a routine of sorts, and didn't stray far from their territory in case something new were to show up.

It was on another quiet evening that something, or rather someone, appeared in an unconscious heap. It was fortunate that he landed far from any monster camps, and was well hidden in the shade of the trees. A soft groan went unheard by any, as the person continued to lie face down in the middle of a forest until the next morning's dawn.

Eventually the sun's light pierced the canopy of trees and fell onto the sleeping man's eyelids. A gentle breeze picked up soon after that lightly tousled his hair and tickled his nose. That combo was what stirred him into awareness as he absently swiped his bangs out of the way. He barely opened his eyes before letting out a soft hiss and bringing an arm to cover his face. The limb was then used as a temporary shield to block the beam of sunlight as he let his eyes adjust to his surroundings.

There were two things that he took note of from his uncomfortable position on the ground. One, was that it was far warmer outside than it should be for being in the middle of winter. The second was that he didn't recognize his surroundings at all. The day before was fuzzy, but he didn't think he would've traveled on foot into the middle of a forest and promptly pass out. He wasn't much of a drinker, and his friends weren't complete assholes, so that ruled out a shitty prank or wandering around black out drunk.

He tried to feel out for any injuries before slowly dragging his body into a sitting position. Thankfully nothing felt out of place aside from a few aches, but that was probably due to sleeping in the same pose for hours on the forest floor. Looking down at his lap led to a new discovery as well. He was wearing an outfit that he never saw before.

The clothing seemed to emphasize quality and were definitely sturdier than his usual style. It looked more suitable as hiking gear rather than the casual clothing that he was prone to buy. He felt oddly comfortable with his ensemble of a heavy dark blue shirt and black pants that fit snugly into black leather boots. A small black leather bag connected to a dark belt completed the get up.

He briefly shook the bag and decided he should check what he had on him soon. "It's not like too much could fit in there. Wait... I didn't hear my keys, and I don't have pockets on these clothes." The young man pondered the possibility of being kidnapped while he checked his surroundings with cautious eyes.

He decided that his situation could easily get weirder. Not only were there no signs of a struggle around him, but there weren't any trails whatsoever that could show where he came from. "It's like I fell from the sky only to land here. How aren't there any tracks showing where I first walked in?" A soft sound interrupted his thoughts.

He whirled around in a mixture of fear and relief that maybe someone found him. Only to be disappointed as a large deer came into focus. He let out a sharp sigh of frustration as it was neither a rescue party nor anyone else that could possibly answer his questions. The stag jerked its head around to look straight at him after his exclamation before bolting off in the opposite direction.

With a disgruntled frown he slowly made his way towards where the deer was first spotted. Soon enough he walked the distance and stopped to check the ground. "Even the deer left prints just now..." He looked up and frowned again before he spotted a nearby grove. The trees parted more than usual to let rays of sunshine fall completely onto a field of wild flowers. He continued towards the center without hesitation once he noticed a sparkle coming from a particularly tall bush of flowers.

Curiosity spurned him on, and within seconds he brushed the plants away to reveal a shiny treasure chest. It wasn't any old chest though. The letters EX+ stared mockingly at him as he openly glared at it. "Shit. This is familiar. Why is this so damn familiar..."

The container was almost flung open in his haste to get some answers. He hurriedly looked inside and grabbed the treasure that awaited him. When he held the object up in what seemed like a practiced motion he figured he must have pissed off some kind of deity as the sound 'Daa Naa Naaa Naaaaa' came out of nowhere to mock him. He lowered his arms and looked down in a panic as the item in his hands became familiar.

"I'm holding the sand rod. Why am I, no- how am I holding the sand rod? Wait, this could be a replica made by a crazy fan. Yeah, and the sound from earlier could have been made from a recording placed in the chest."

To prove that it was a fake he frantically waved the rod towards a far tree and promptly paled when a large ball of sand hurtled out of the item towards it. The coarse sand then pelted the tree at a fast pace only to leave small holes behind in the bark. He felt more than saw when a leather holster for the rod appeared on his back afterwards.

"What the fuck?"

He staggered away from the offending treasure chest in confusion before stopping just outside of the grove. It was getting noticeably harder for him to breathe to the point that he thought it might be an asthma attack. The only thing he could think of was to quickly check his bag for what should hold his wallet and hopefully his inhaler.

He undid the clasp and took out the sole object with shaking hands. Neither item was even close to what it turned out to be. Some sort of machine with the Sheikah symbol on one side graced his vision. A sinking feeling appeared in his stomach as it suddenly clicked.

"There's no way that I'm stuck in The Legend Of Zelda."

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