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AN: "This means someone is reading something."

Tired green eyes opened after what felt like a few minutes of rest. In reality it was about seven hours, but he had no clue since he didn't have a watch. The sun was high in the sky, but it wasn't the reason that he woke up this time. No, that honor goes to a persistent beeping sound that's coming from his hip. He lazily pulled himself into a full body stretch before sitting up with a satisfied smile. It was as he looked down in his lap that he quickly began to wake up.

The tech on his hip was apparently active now. He didn't know what caused it to react, but he was happy regardless of how it happened. The Sheikah symbol was present on the screen and was pulsing with a dark green light. He unhooked the tablet from his belt and held it up to inspect. One pointer finger later and the device was scanning him.

"Designation confirmed. Voice recognition required for complete analysis. Recording..." He read the non English words with surprising ease. He was confused with the sudden knowledge that he seemed to possess, but decided to just roll with it since no one was around to answer his questions.

"Hello, I don't know what I should say... I woke up in a forest and have no clue how I got there." It was enough, he guessed, since the device showed more text. "Voice recognized. Hello new user. I am a Sheikah Slate. You may use me to store items at any time. To check your inventory simply tap the screen to activate me and touch the item option. Otherwise you may tell me what you need from storage and I will provide. There's a voice activated help option if you require more information on my capabilities. However, all other functions are currently unavailable without an active tower."

He processed what the possibly sentient Slate told him before voicing his thoughts. "Could you show me the item screen?" A moment passed before the symbol faded from the screen, and the image changed to show my inventory. "Thanks." The young man scrolled through each page and took note of what he had. He wasn't too upset when the weapon page didn't hold anything new. He already had the sand rod, and it was good enough for now. He did hope to have a bow or a shield on their respective screens, but was disappointed from the lack of both. It was the clothing screen that caught his full attention.

There were a lot of things that he'd been avoiding once he woke up here. The first thing was his reflection. He noticed almost right after he woke up in the forest that his hair looked different. He had long bangs falling over the right side of his face that were a deep, dark purple. The rest of his appearance was a mystery that he was almost afraid to solve considering that a stranger might stare back at him from a mirror.

The clothing page shut down his attempt at avoidance. The top right corner of the screen showed him exactly what he looked like. A familiar face looked back at him despite his worries. It was just a shame that it wasn't his. He stared at the image in silence and took a moment to calm down.

He was starting to remember bits about the game he was stuck in. Things like the benefits of cooking certain dishes and that Beetle somehow appears at every stable no matter how fast you teleport to them. Small things really, aside from one thing. He remembered Link's appearance, and he looks quite similar to him now. There were some obvious differences in coloring, so he was thankful for that. "I don't think we can be confused for each other at least."

He forced his eyes away from the image in order to inspect his clothing. Tapping the two pieces gave him the information he needed. Both were part of a specific clothing set. He sighed in relief when he realized that he wasn't a mere shadow of Link or one fourth of him that would disappear forever once he finished his quest. There was only one guy he could be, and that was Ravio. A parallel of Link from the kingdom of Lorule.

"It seems almost poetic that I found his sand rod before anything else. I'll definitely be using it rather than loaning it out to other adventurers."

He skimmed through the rest of his inventory with fervor and was happily surprised with what he found. There wasn't any extra food in there, but there were equally as important items waiting for him to use. A sizable amount of flint and wood along with a small metal knife were his first priority. However, he was equally as happy to see some travel gear. All of it would help him to survive more comfortably in the wild. "At least I won't have to sleep directly on the ground tonight."

The Link lookalike decided to test his Slate by holding up one of his peppers and pressing it to the screen's surface. It disappeared with little more than a soft green light and left him grinning with excitement. He checked his inventory and was happy to note that one spicy pepper was added to his food stash. The rest of his food was added save for what he planned on cooking for breakfast. He retrieved one stack of wood along with one piece of flint and easily started a flame under the cooking pot with his metal knife.

Two peppers and three apples were then thrown into the pot. He didn't know if he needed to do any special motions to make his food. In his world he would need to stir the food and watch the time so he wouldn't burn it, but this world could still hold rules from the original game. Would he have to play by his rules or simply wait and play by the game's rules? As he debated on what to do the pot continued to cook the food until it changed shape and began to sparkle.

"Well that solves one mystery."

He asked the slate for a bowl and ladle before helping himself to his first cooked meal in the 'Zelda Verse'. A spicy aroma filled the air and made his stomach growl in anticipation. He eagerly got a fork from the Slate and dug into his meal with gusto. The steaming fruit smelled amazing and tasted as good as he hoped. He forked himself another tender piece as he thought about his situation.

"Okay. My shitty living conditions just got significantly less impossible to deal with. That doesn't mean I'm completely in the clear though. I still need a plan. Specifically involving one hero of courage."

He made a tentative plan as he finished eating and placed his dirty dishes back into the Slate for later. The young man then asked it a few questions and was pleasantly surprised to note that any food placed into it stays in stasis. Meaning that none of it can spoil. He immediately went to work on making as many dishes as possible with his finite amount of ingredients. Seven mixed dishes later and he was ready to head off on an excursion for the day.

He would attempt to scout the large area that he was stuck in and try to do a few things. Foraging for food was always a priority, but he was also going to try to find major land marks. If none of the towers were active yet then Link was still somewhere on the Great Plateau with him. All he needed to do was find the Temple Of Time and he could make his way to the Resurrection Chamber from there. It might take a while, but he has nothing but time on his hands since he's stuck on the Plateau for the foreseeable future.

With his preparations complete he took his first step out of the safety of his camp. He tried to avoid thinking about the possibility of Link not waking up for months or even years from now. Those thoughts were forced down as he started walking south in the hopes that he would see the Temple in the distance. He started focusing on the positive aspects of his journey to keep his mind occupied.

His first thought was that his stomach was full and he was easily finding more food to forage as he went. The next was that he would have even more food to cook with now that the Slate could tell him information about the plants he doesn't remember. Lastly, there was the fact that both of his hands were available if he ran into an enemy. There was no running away this time if he could help it. He's as ready as he can get, and he hopes that it's enough.

"Link shouldn't be too hard to find. Once I get to the Temple it'll be easy to spot him."

If only he knew that Link wasn't asleep anymore.

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