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Chapter 5: Don't Play The Hero

The newly dubbed Ravio began his task of finding the wayward hero of this land. He didn't know what to expect on the way there, so he made sure to take a few precautions. The sand rod was kept in his left hand most of the time, and especially when he trekked his way through any wooded areas. He didn't want a repeat of the previous day to occur.

To be honest the experience wasn't as perilous as he imagined it would be. Despite the earlier encounter there wasn't another instance of a surprise attack. The bokoblin territories were easy to spot once he knew what to look for, so they were fairly simple to avoid. Even so, he kept his guard up on the off chance that he'd be forced into combat.

A few hours rolled by before Ravio made any real progress. When the top of the Temple Of Time became visible he knew he was on the right path. It wouldn't be much longer until he approached the cave and knew what he was working with. Maybe another hour or two at most depending on how fast his pace was. In his excitement he sheathed his weapon and picked up his pace to a light jog. Most of his focus turned to the building up ahead.

It was a rookie mistake. With his inattention towards his surroundings it wasn't too surprising when he stumbled over a loose rock. It was just his luck that it happened to be right before a small hill. Ravio tumbled down the slope and came to a stop mostly unharmed. As he dizzily sat up the first thing he noticed was an arrow aimed directly at his face. A further inspection upwards let him see his attacker.

"Shit, it's another bokoblin."

The red-skinned archer made no other movements as they stared each other down. Soft footfalls to his left and right let him know that it had backup. Without any sort of combat training one enemy might've been fine... at a distance. With at least three combatants nearby and an arrow literally in his face he knew it was a losing battle. He slowly raised his hands as a sign of surrender and breathed out a sigh of relief when the bow was pointed away from his face. The archer slowly backed away from him, but kept his arrow at the ready.

Ravio could finally see the three other bokoblins that the first physically hid from view. Two of them had red skin like the first, but the last one was blue and seemed tougher than the rest. They all carried clubs and shields unlike the bowman, but the blue bokoblin definitely had an edge above the others with a far better weapon and a reinforced shield. A few seconds of uncertainty passed, for Ravio at least, before the group began conversing and gestured towards him as if they didn't know what to do.

"Why aren't they attacking me?"

Seeing that his enemies were distracted; Ravio bolted into action. He quickly stood up and drew his weapon. One stabbing motion later and a blast of sand pelted into the unsuspecting archer's face. A cry of pain was all he heard as he booked it the hell away from there. He knew he could outrun the close ranged fighters, so there was no need to battle it out. As long as the bowman was out of commission then he'd be fine.

The group was quickly left behind in his mad dash to escape from danger. His sprint tapered off to a comfortable jog only after he put a considerable amount of distance between them. He eventually had to stop that too once his breathing became too ragged to go on for much longer.

Ravio slumped to the ground behind a tree in sheer exhaustion. As he looked down he belatedly noticed that he still had a white knuckled grip on his weapon. He forced his fingers to let the rod drop into his lap and saw that both of his hands were slightly shaking.

He'd never been forced into a fight or flight situation before, and already had it happen twice in the two days since he came to this place. He hoped to not be put into a situation like that again, but figured that was unlikely. Yeah, he knew it was a rather unrealistic wish as soon as he thought of it. He was stuck here after all. In a world that was filled with dangerous puzzles, a variety of enemies, and handsy Great Fairies that get to know you a little too well.

He was wholly unprepared for any kind of journey and he knew it. It was true that he had an ample amount of food and a portable shelter at his disposal. However, the right supplies could only get someone so far. This wasn't a game anymore, and it sunk in that he could easily get hurt while traveling these lands. He simply lucked out this time, and needed to better prepare himself for any future encounters. He had to learn how to protect himself.


Ravio slowly got to his feet once his breathing became steady enough for him to leave his cover and continue his current quest. As he walked towards his original destination he diligently scanned his surroundings for anything of interest. It seemed that after all of his sprinting the Temple Of Time was nearly within reach. His new location was the first thing he took note of, and so far it was the only good news for the day.

He cautiously approached the large building and gave it a quick once over. A cursory glance around the derelict structure let him see that a few red bokoblins were patrolling the area. At this distance none of them had noticed him yet, though that could easily change. He was thankful for the reprieve, along with the fact that none of them were quite as grouped up like his last time around them.

With those facts in mind it was a simple task of skirting their perimeter in order to get closer to his goal. Ravio had no desire to waste his time and potentially his life on the off chance that there was some good loot in that building. He remembered some sort of treasure being housed inside, but he doubted it was too important being where it was- In the beginning of the game.

Oh, he definitely would've gone after the treasure with no problems if his situation were different. Hell, he remembered running into the fray in countless games, including this one, with reckless abandon. But that was before he woke up in a game himself. Before he could die in one too.

His thoughts slowed as he reached a natural incline in the earth. The grassy area was devoid of any enemies, but had an ample source of food. Ravio knew that he was almost to his goal so he didn't want to waste any time. He only picked up a few apples and Hylian shrooms as quickly as he could before beginning his trek up the hill.

He didn't notice it before because of the distance, but there was a campsite not too far up the slope. What surprised him, though, was the fireplace. There were dying embers that still clung to the charred wood inside of it. That meant that someone was here earlier today. An eager grin broke out on his face as he ran the rest of the way up the hill. He didn't stop and think about why the fire had dwindled or where the previous inhabitant of the camp even went to. He only hoped that he wouldn't be alone for much longer.

All of his fears were put to rest as he took his final steps and reached the top of the incline. But when he looked at the mouth of the cave all of his stress came flooding back to him. It was open. The door inside the cave was already open, and he knew he was fucked.

In a blind panic he rushed through the opening and even further still. He jumped down the short drop in his haste and ran the rest of the way until he reached a dead end. Each room was empty, and this one was no different. His knees wobbled before he slowly sank to the floor. There wasn't a hero here after all, and he was still alone.


After a few moments of spiraling depression a stray thought came to mind. "If he's not here, then where is he?" The question forced him to stand up and take note of the room. He knew that he could've easily missed something during his mad dash to get there. A quick glance told him what he needed to know. Link was missing, but so was his Sheikah slate. His ears perked up slightly at the second part.

"That either means that he left of his own free will... or he was never placed here in the first place. Fuck- Please tell me it was the first option. I don't know how this'll turn out if I'm supposed to play his role."

He stopped his morbid thoughts from going any further and started heading back to the entrance. The two opened chests in the next room were good signs, but not by much. A closer look, however, gave him more hope. There was a lot of dust in this room- most likely due to years of being undisturbed. Seeing his own tracks on the floor was a given, but not in the area around the treasures. The dust was definitely disturbed recently with literal footprints left as a marker in front of both of them.

"So he was here- Unless some other shoeless Hylian is living here on the Great Plateau. Yeah, I doubt that. It had to be him."

Ravio let out a sigh of relief at his find before turning to leave the cave for good. He just made it to the climbable wall near the exit when everything began to shake. "What the he-" He tilted forwards before quickly leaning against the earth in front of him for support. Eventually the quakes passed, and once they did he hurried up the ledge to reach the world outside.

He ran until he was close to the cliff's edge to get a better look at the land below him. A moment passed before he realized what changed. "The towers were brought back... Oh, shit, I have to hurry!" He started jogging back the way he came from with his hope renewed once again.


Today was just not his day it seemed. So many things had happened to Link that were well into the realm of weird, and he knew that even without any of his memories. He huffed in irritation as he thought back on his wonderful first day.

After he sequestered himself into the mouth of the cave an alarming exhaustion took over almost immediately. He was just resting his eyes when the next thing he knew the moon was gone from the sky, and midday reared its head with a startling clarity. He wasn't planning on sleeping that late into the day, and especially not back in that damnable cave. The place gave him bad vibes, and reminded him more of a prison than a place to rest in.

He stretched his sore muscles before continuing his sole mission of getting the fuck out of there. A few steps led him to the freedom he so craved. The view from the nearby cliff was breathtaking, and the sunlight felt amazing after being locked underground... for however long he was. He took a deep breath of fresh air and just enjoyed the moment for as long as he could. His eyes were closed as he basked in the warmth of the sun and the light breeze that gently played with his hair. He slowly opened his eyes with a small smile on his face which quickly pulled into a frown. He was forgetting something.

"There was a woman's voice when I first woke up. She said something about freeing Hyrule from the darkness."

He worried his bottom lip as he took in what happened earlier. The voice could've been a manifestation of a real memory he had from the mystery woman herself or people were somehow capable of sending their thoughts to him from long distances. He was leaning towards the former explanation for now since the latter seemed a little too out there, but he couldn't dismiss it entirely either. There was just not enough information for him to go on that he could completely rule it out.

He slowly shook his head to clear his thoughts when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Link zeroed in on that immediately and saw a man staring back at him. His body tensed when the stranger continued to look at him for some time before he turned around and headed back to what must have been his camp. Then the man took a seat in front of his campfire without a single glance back up the hill, and proceeded to ignore him from there.

Link warily kept his eyes on the stranger for a while later before he hesitantly turned his focus elsewhere. The man didn't look like he was going somewhere anytime soon, and he desperately needed supplies if he wanted to survive for any amount of time outside of the cave. He thought back to when he first woke up and his instinct was to grab something that should have been placed across his back. Nothing was there, of course, but it served as a reminder to what he needed to find first. Preferably a sword and a shield to defend himself.

He didn't find anything as refined as that while scouring the open lands around him, but at least there were some things of value. A few sticks were scattered across the ground from the large trees in the area. They weren't durable by any means, but they were something tangible, and finding anything was a goddess send at the moment. Searching a little further led him to finding a few mushrooms that he hoped were edible along with a few herbs. He shoved what he could into his leather pouch before he sighed and turned to look at the newcomer once more. It was high time that he faced the other and got some information of his own.


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