Hello dear reader, welcome to the story. I had previously dabbled in fanfiction before a few years ago, which was utter garbage. So I had deleted all my stories from beforehand, and decided to start anew. This story it one I've been thinking about for a while. To sum it up, I'm basically trying to add a somewhat more realistic government for Earth, and other all change things in the Dragon Ball world. Exactly how, will be revealed at a later date. So let's begin.

The day had started out normally for the king. He relaxed, did a bit of paper work. Just having a slow day. That was until his castle was stormed by the one know as Piccolo, the demon king, proclaiming himself the ruler of Earth.

A little later down the line, the castle hadn't just fallen to Piccolo. It was obliterated. The king had barely made it out. It was a miracle he wasn't at all harmed. His head guardsman, who was unharmed as well, had gotten them away from the castle before the explosion. They watched as the battle unfold before them. The fierceness of brawl between the young boy and the king of demons, Piccolo. The young boy had arrived and had been fighting the demon king before he had destroyed the city. Their battle raged on, even after Piccolo destroyed the entire city. The castle, which had been a center of wealth for the area, had been reduced to a crater from a powerful blast the demon king fired. The shockwave from the blast had flatten the entirety of East city, leaving only bits and pieces of buildings. Luckily the citizens had been evacuated from the city before the blast so causalities were drastically reduced.

The battle from what little he could see, looked grim to the future of the world. He was too far away to see the details, and the figures fighting seemed to be blurs of color from such great distance. The green blur he obviously assumed to be Piccolo, remained standing. His heart filled with dread as he couldn't see any others facing the demonic overlord. He heart then began to replace the dread for hope, as a yellow colored blur arose from the crater that had been a great castle, with it he saw and person holding on to it. He assumed this to be the heroic boy. He couldn't understand what was happening for a while due to the distance, he could only assume it to be more fighting. What he began to see was that Piccolo started defy gravity, floating in midair, and went to a great height into the sky, only to then charged back to the ground, seemingly trying to crush the boy for good. He hesitated in midair, as the boy rose from the ground, using some a bright energy attack to propel himself at high speed towards the Piccolo. The boy met the demon king in a bright flash, as the boy's yell could be heard for miles to come.

When the flash died down; the boy fell to the ground and Piccolo stayed in midair for several moments, before exploding in another flash of bright light. Once the sky cleared of the light, there was little left except dust, signalling the end of this massive battle, that was sure to go in the history books.

The king let out a long sigh. He stopped watching the scene and turned to his loyal guardsman.

"Guard." He spoke to his subject.
"Yes my lord?"
"We need to get out of hear and tell the people the news. Call a police station to come and pick us up."
"Of course my lord." The guard then reached for his cell phone.
The king interrupted his movement"What is your name guard?"
"Philip, my lord."
"Philip, I sincerely thank you for serving me. It fills me with pride to have such loyal guards protecting me." The king puts his paw on the guards shoulder.
"Thank you my lord, I do it for you, the world, and my family." The guards bows to his lord.
The king smiles in response "You protect me, and for that I owe you my life and gratitude."
"Thank you my lord."
"You're welcome. You can call the police now."
"Oh! Yes of course my lord." The the guard fumbled to get his phone, then called the police to pick up the king and to spread the news of the defeat of Piccolo.

The weeks following the attack of the demon king were hectic to say the least. After the initial shock and awe of the situation, many critiqued the government and military for it's need of a young boy to solve it's problems. The king hoped to calm down the critics, by awarding the mysterious boy who saved them only for the boy to briefly show up and leave without getting the award. The public still remained untamed, and the king needed a solution.

So the king sat down and ordered to be alone. He had a stack of paper on his desk, many pencils, and a radio tuned to a classical station. For the next few days he was isolated, besides servants regularly serving meals and he had a bathroom near his office.

The king cannot be expected to handle everything in the world by his lonesome. For that he has many secretary's handling the paper work, and other tasks that affect the affairs his Majesty. Each have their own office with: plenty of space, a large desk for their work, a state of the art computer, and a phone to receive and return calls of importance.
Margaret; a secretary to his lordship was a young woman in her 20's, with Blond hair to her shoulders. Margaret, rather then being diligent and ready to handle the matters of her liege, was instead reading a novel that...was not safe for the workplace. The reason for the lack of preparedness was that her lord had been isolating himself for a full week, and showed no sign of ending his isolation.
She had been getting to a rather steamy part of the novel when, the phone on her desk rang, making her jump and drop her book and hastily grab the phone and answer.
"This is the phone line of Royal affairs, how can I help you?" She spoke in a fake happy tone.
"Hello there Margaret." A familiar voice greeted her.
"M-milord!" She stuttered out. "W-what can I do for you."
"Clear my schedule, and I'd like for you to make an appointment with someone as soon as possible."
"Of course! To whom M-milord?"
"To the good doctor Briefs."

Well there it was. I would like to receive criticism to improve myself, so I encourage any criticism you have, even if it's negative. If you have a problem with how I protray the DB universe and if anything I write goes against established fact (Excluding anything to do with the strength of a character, such as power level, comparisons, ect.) I would like it you PM about it, and we'll talk about, although I'm not 100% guaranteeing that I will change the story. Some thing I write will probably go against the original story, since it's necessary in a fan fiction. Last thing I will hint to for this Story is that I plan on making Army's more important that just one person. Strong people will still be important, but it'll come down to the age old argument of quality vs quantity. If you have questions be sure to PM and I'll tell you what I can without spoiling anything. I don't have a exact date for the next chapter, but I will guarantee it by the end of summer, hopefully sooner. That's all for now, have a nice day and I'll see you in the next chapter


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