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"Good evening, I'm Tod 'Nitro' Thomas and this is your daily coverage of sports. The long anticipated 23rd Martial Arts Tournament begins today as people from around the world flood the island of Papaya to watch the tournament. The most noticeable guest is the king himself, personally observing the tournament. Officials at the tournament have released the fighters who have made it to the semifinals, and the match order.

The first match is between previous champion from the 22nd, Tien Shinhan and Mercenary Tao, both from the Crane school. While Tien will be a favorite to win, Mercenary Tao might come ahead, using his cybernetic enhances to gain an advantage.

Next up is Son Goku, student of the Turtle hermit and previous finalist for the last two tournaments, versus a young woman who wished to remain anonymous. Can this mysterious challenger compete, or will Son Goku come out on top?

The next match is between Krillin, a participant from the late two tournaments, and a newcomer known as Junior. While Krillin has experience in the tournament, Junior is a wild card and might have a few tricks up his sleeves.

And last but certainly not least, Yamcha, another veteran of two tournaments, against Hero. Hero is...less than impressive, but he did manage to get to the semifinals, so he must have luck on his side. Will lady luck favor Hero, or will skill triumph over chance?

That's all for now, however we will continue our coverage of this event, as well as broadcast it live later today.

Now we'll go to Jimmy Firecracker for breaking news."


Papaya Island, being an island, means that in order to get to it, one must go by sea or go by air. The king of course choose to go by air. The benefits of a king happen to including his very own private jet, capable of traveling hundreds of miles per hour. It carried the king, his guards and the pilot. It had luxury seating, and was as grand as first class. Gourmet food and aged wine being served. Truly, Furry was a pampered king.

When the plane arrived at an airport on the island, the king was then moved to a limoscene. Paparazzi bombarded the king as his guards escorted him, each with a camera that flashes, despite the flashing being unnecessary. Ignoring the Journalists, the escort led the king into the limo and left the reporters in the dust, driving away to the tournament.


The Kings welcoming by the press didn't stop at the airport. Once he arrived at the tournament, he and his escort had to push through them and the cheering crowd of normal spectators who were attending the tournament. The officials of the tournament managed to carve a path for the royal escort, making a figurative red carpet for the king. They followed the path provided, the king simply waved to the people. Eventually they managed to get in tournament grounds, saying goodbye to the large crowds.

To the normal peasants, the tournament started in thirty minutes. The king, being a king, was allowed to in first. This gave him time to get comfortable and have food prepared. His guards stood idle, as he was served his lobster and wine. He sat above the stands, elevated in a booth, in the booth sat the throne he sat upon. There was a layer of bulletproof glass separating him from the world, the foundation below was solid stone with a metal hatch leading to a ladder that brought him up. The booth was less of a booth and more of a tower, sitting upon steel beams holding it above the stands were other would sit and spectate. Inside the booth was a speaker connected to the announcer's microphone, since the glace muffled the sound a bit.

The minutes passed, the doors opened, letting in the common people. They rushed to get good seats, gunshots rang out, people panicked, but eventually things died down. The people talked amongst themselves, the noise of their talking drowning out anything else.

The announcer came onto stage, not that any of the crowd noticed. Once he connected his microphone, he began to talk, catching the attention of the mob. His voice being projected by the speakers reached everyone attending.

"Good afternoon everyone! The first match in the 23rd World martial arts tournament is about to start! This will be a fiery match between two members of the Crane school, each having their own amount of renown! And here come the contestants!" As announced, Tien Shinhan and Mercenary Tao both emerged from the building behind the arena.

Tien wore green pants and a simple white T-shirt. Mercenary Tao had a traditional Eastern pony tail, wore his pink clothes with the words 'Kill you' on the back, and his cybernetic parts glistened from the sun's stood across from each other on the ring.

The announcer wore a black shirt and sunglasses, blonde hair, and wasn't that tall. He walked between the two fighters with a bright grin on his face.

"Before we start this explosive match, I think it's best to shout out, the one, the only... King of the World! Give a round of applause!"The audience of course complied with him, faced towards the king started to cheer, clap, and whistle to their king, who only waved to his subjects.

"Now, the first match is between the previous champion of the 22nd tournament, give it up for Tien Shinhan!" Tien gave little fanfare, only staring at his opponent.

"And Mercenary Tao, Half man, half robot and one hundred percent ready to give us a fight for the ages!" Tao didn't care for the announcer, his eyes on his opponent with grin on his face.

"Ready? Fight!" The announcer ran off the stage, signaling the beginning of the match. The crowds watched as the two fighters stared each other down. The king looked closely at the fight with anticipation. The two fighters continued this staring match, neither moving. The seconds began to go by, with nothing happening. Having a staring contest was not the most entertaining thing to watch, and the announcer was beginning to get annoyed.

"Will one of you throw a punch before we all fall asleep!" Despite this both fighters remained still, each in their fighting stance. Then one of them finally moved. Tao charged at Tien with a roar, only for Tien to dodge and give a chop on Tao's back, causing him to fall over. The crowd collectively gasped in shock, even the king was mildly surprised. Tao got up and spoke to his opponent, which the king couldn't here, and whipped his ponytail over his shoulder. He once again charged at Tien, once to get outmatched once again. The fight continued as Tien dominated Tao, not ever going on the offensive, but just preventing Tao from causing any damage. Tien grabbed Tao's hand and pulled it behind his back, and began walking Tao to the edge of the ring.

Just before Tien pushed him out of the ring, Tao's hand popped off, surprising Tien. Tao did a back flip over Tien, then a blade rose from where his hand used to be, and he slashed at Tien. This caused a large cut across his entire chest, going through shirt. Everyone watching was shocked and the announcer pointed at Tao. "The use of weapons is forbidden in the tournament, therefore Tao is disqualified. Tien wins by default!" The announcer spoke into his microphone.

"I don't care for this tournament, all I care about is killing you!" Tao screamed arrogantly, and was loud enough to be heard through the glass. He then tried to stab Tien, but Tien grabbed the blade and snapped it in with one hand. Tao was less confident after this, and backed up. He then pulled off his other hand, announcing he was going to use a powerful energy technique.

He pointed his limb at Tien as it began to flash blindly. The stage started to shake, Tien standing still, seemingly going to take the attack head on. The crowd started to panic as well. Tao fired his blast yelling "Super Dodon Ray!", the energy blast barreled towards Tien, and went 'BOOM' when it hit.

When the blast died down and the dust settled, Tien was revealed unmoved, looking almost as good as he did before he got blasted. The "Super Dodon Ray" hardly did anything, despite it being 'super'.

Tien then ran and punched Tao in the gut causing him to collapse and fall to the ground. Tien picked him up, and walked to the end of the ring and threw Tao to a man wearing a crane hat.


"Exciting match, right Philip?" The king says to his guard.

"Yes sir, it's amazing how powerful they are! That Tien guy looked like he didn't even try!"

"I know, and I have a feeling it's only going to get even more incredible. You remember the boy Philip?"

"Of course're suggesting he's here?"

"Yes. Do me a favor and call my secretary, have her arrange for that metal to be brought here. Might as well give it to him after the tournament."

"Yes sir." Philip didn't delay, calling the secretary office and telling her to ship the award to Papaya Island.


Being an office worker was not one of the most exciting jobs in the world. Secretary work wasn't glamorous, although being employed by the king of the world added some prestige to it. While Margaret wasn't the only secretary, she was above the others, being a 'head' secretary. Unlike the other secretaries who took calls concerning minor affairs of state, Margaret took calls directly from people who the King deems important. Such a list of people included personal friends, Dr. Briefs, Philip the head of the Kings guard, etc. The upside of a short list of people lead to a lot free time doing nothing. The young secretary fully took advantage of this time off to read novels, talk to others over the phone and browse the Internet. None of these activities were allowed at the workplace, but since she was head secretary, no one came around her office.

"Miss, where can I find the Kings office?" The only exception to this was the General Suba, who for the last three years, always managed to get lost whenever he visited the King.

"To the left. The king however isn't here, he is currently at the World's Martial Arts Tournament today, so you're out of luck general." Because she wished to at least act professional, she had to be more vigilant, in order to not get caught preforming her non-work activity. The generals visits were unpredictable, and seemed more of social than business.

"I know." Margaret hid her annoyance of the general antics. Luckily for her, her phone rang, and she picked it up.

"Hello, this is the Kings Palace."

"Hey Margaret. It's Philip, the king wants you to send the award he had for the boy that defeated Piccolo sent to him at the tournament. He wishes for it to arrive by the end of the tournament."

"Where is the award?"

"It's in the Kings office. It's in a glass case. Take it and ship off somehow, doesn't matter how." Philip hung up, without a goodbye. She sighed at having actual work to do, and turned to the general.

"Well unless you have anything else you need, you can go now." She wasn't in the mood for him.

"I'll take the award to the king." He spoke with little emotion. Margaret however, widened her eyes.

"Um... Are you sure?"

"Yes. I'll take it myself, I'll need your contact information in case of the situation changing." Despite his lack of emotion, she felt something was off. Regardless she gave him the number of her work phone, seeing as he would be considered important to the king.

Once he got the number, he gave her a small smirk, and waved goodbye, heading left. It was only after he left the room was it that she realized that she just gave him a method of bothering her at work. "Bastard!" This wasn't said out loud, more of mumbled under her breath.

The general made sure that when he came out of the office, and went to leave the palace, he winked at the secretary, causing her to grit her teeth.


The tension from the last fight had gone away, as the next two opponents came on to the stage. The king immediately recognized one of the fighters, with his unique spiky hair. "Philip look who it is."

"Milord, it must be him! He's grown a few feet, but I recognize that hair!"

"Indeed. Why don't we go down and meet him after this match?"

"Are you sure Milord? I'm not sure being anywhere besides this room is safe."

"Don't worry Philip. I'm sure with a man like him around, we'll be safe."

"Well if you say so Milord."

"Quiet now, it's starting."

"Of course sir." He promptly stopped talking and began listening.


The announcer looked cheerful despite what happened last match.

"Welcome to the second match of the tournament. In the first corner we have the mysterious anonymous, wishing to hide her identity. In the second, we have Son Goku! In the last three years it's clear that he's grown, in size and likely strength! Last time he was a semifinalist, will he bring home the gold? There's only one way to find out. Are the opponents ready?"

After an enthusiastic nod from Goku, and a less than happy nod from anonymous, the announcer yelled "Begin!" and Anonymous charged at Goku. It was clear that the two were having an argument, although the king couldn't here it. The fight continued for a minute, Goku dodging and blocking all of anonymouses attacks, but not counter attacking. Eventually the argument devolved, and Anonymous yelled loud enough for the king to hear. "YOU PROMISED TO MARRY ME!" This shocked everyone, the king, the crowd, Goku, and the announcer.


"Now I wish this glass was thinner, so we could hear everything." The king clearly wanted context to this whole event.

"Then we might as well sit with the peasants."

"I didn't expect a fighting tournament to be so dramatic. I can't wait to watch the recording of this."

"Milord, you can just ask Son Goku when we go down to visit."

"Great idea! But for now keep watching."

"Yes sir."


The fight continued much the same, they still couldn't hear much. Goku still didn't attack, Anonymous still didn't get a hit. It finally ended when they were talking and Goku pulled back his hand. He then punched the air, somehow causing Anonymous to fly off the stage.

"Goku has knocked his opponent off the stage. Goku wins the match and moves on to the semifinals!" The announcer did his job and there was cheering from the audience. Goku walked to the edge of the ring where his opponent lay unconscious.


"Philip, I can't stand this, I'd much rather hear what's going on. I'm going out." The king didn't bother waiting for his guard, already opened the hatch climbing down the ladder. "Milord! Wait for me! I can't protect you if you don't let me!" He hurried down the ladder with his king. The two arrived at ground level, and hurried to the front of the stadium. Or, more accurately, the king hurried, Philip only followed as quick as he could. The king being shorted than the average human helped him get past other people watching the scene. Philip lagged behind, having to push others out of the way to follow. Most didn't bother them, to interested in the scene unfolding in front of them. The King arrived at the front of the railing as Anonymous finally awoke. He couldn't see over the railing, being too short. He called to his guardsman. "Philip!" His guard appeared, sweat rolling down his face. "Yes Milord?" "Hold me up so I can see." Philip sighed "Of course." Not bothering to say milord. He picked up the king and held him above the railing to see to fighters talking. /-\ "Wow, that was amazing." Anonymous said getting up. "Now will you tell me who you are?" "You still haven't figured it out? I'm the Ox King's daughter Chichi." This shocked Goku, and brought a look of Revelation on his face. "I remember! I said I wanted a bride! But you don't understand I thought bride was a type of food." This brought most of the audience to cringe at Goku's lack of common sense. "So it was just a fluke?" Chichi's mood was clearly falling quickly. "I may not know a lot, but I know what my heart says. Chichi will you marry me?" This caused the young girl to embrace her new fiance. The crowd cheered for the couple, even the king had a smile on his face. /-\ "Philip, lift me over the stand." "Milord can't we go around?" "We could. But what's the point of that?" "Milord I worry about your safety, these tournaments aren't the safest places." "Philip we're in the crowd, the most unsafe place for anyone who doesn't fight. Now stop complaining and lift me over." "Yes...sir." Philip lifted the king over the railing, and the king landed on the grass. Philip followed, and they went towards the new couple, ignoring the gasps of the audience. The couple in question was heading back in the tournament building, before the king tapped the back of Goku. He and his fiance turned towards the small dog.

He cleared his throat before holding out his paw. "Sorry to interrupt you, but I wanted to meet you, Son Goku."

"Uh it's fine. Who are you?" Goku took the canine's paw.

The king had grin on his face as he looked up to Goku. "I am King Furry the First."


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