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"I Hate You"

"Beca…" Fat Amy said, gently shaking the sleeping brunette's shoulder. When Beca only responded with a simple stir, Amy tried again. "Beca!" she cried, shaking her harder.

Beca groaned miserably and lifted her pillow up to put it over her head, "What do you want?" she muttered.

"You've got to get up," Amy said, "or we're goin' to be late."

Beca's eyes went wide, "Oh, fuck." She sprang up in her bed, letting her pillow fall wherever it landed and ran her hands up her face and into her hair. "Ugh," she groaned, bringing her hands back down to rub her eyes. "Why can't you guys just go on this stupid cruise and leave me here in peace?"

"Because," Amy started, "you're a Bella just like the rest of us," she said, plopping down onto the bed to sit next to Beca, "and Aubrey would literally kill you if you didn't go."

"Ugh!" Beca said, again, dramatically falling back onto her bed.

"Now, get up!" Amy said, patting Beca's thigh as she stood up. "Our flight leaves in three hours."

Beca huffed a frustrated sigh.

This was a trip she was so not looking forward to.

Beca and Amy made it to the airport and through security with twenty minutes to spare. They walked to their gate and found the rest of their Bella sisters already there, waiting for them.

"There they are," Stacie said, getting the other girl's attention.

Aubrey looked up from her phone, "Finally," she said, standing up to approach them. "What took you guys so long?"

"Well..." Amy said, turning her gaze to look at Beca.

The short brunette had a navy blue neck pillow and large black headphones wrapped around her neck, and her tired expression was surly, "What?" she said. "We got here, didn't we?"

"Pfft, barely…" Amy quietly muttered.

It was loud enough for Beca to hear and she glared at the Aussie before rolling her eyes, "Whatever." She readjusted the strap of her laptop bag and walked passed Aubrey to take a seat next to Lily.

Aubrey shook her head and crossed her arms, "She's even more annoying when she's tired."

Fat Amy stood behind her and smiled at Beca, "I think it's cute."

Aubrey huffed and walked back over to her seat between Stacie and Chloe, "I can see why you hate her so much," she said.

Chloe looked up from her magazine and gave Aubrey a disapproving look, "Hate is a pretty strong word, Aubrey."

The blonde looked at her, "Well, don't you?"

"I mean–" Chloe glanced over at Beca. The brunette had plugged her headphones into her phone and was scrolling through her music with a pout on her face that Chloe secretly found adorable. "She's not my most favorite person in the world."

When the plane docked and the previous passengers got off, the Bellas lined up when their group number was called and boarded the plane with excitement.

Well… that is, except for Beca.

Beca had never been a fan of Aubrey's 'Annual Bella Bonding' trips. Sure the ideas and locations were, most of the time, the definition of fun, but by the end of them, Beca would usually be left sunburnt and more annoyed than she had been when they first left.

So why would this trip be any different?

One by one the girls made their way into the plane. It wasn't intended, but Chloe wound up standing behind Beca. Beca hadn't noticed her until Chloe turned to check up on the remaining girls and her bag accidentally bumped into Beca's arm.

Beca turned to find the cause of the brief, but unexpected contact, and grimaced when she saw it was Chloe. She moved her left headphone aside, "Watch it, dude."

Chloe looked at her, her eyes narrowing, "Seriously, Beca?" she said. "It was an accident."

"Could've been avoided," Beca mumbled, facing forward again and putting her headphone back over her ear.

Chloe rolled her eyes, "Whatever."

It took a few minutes, but all of the girls eventually made it inside. Fat Amy claimed her window seat, which Beca was fine with, knowing that if she fell asleep, she would be using her best friend as a cuddle pillow anyway.

Amy had Beca stow away her bag for her, but Aubrey was sitting in the row directly behind them, and since she had gotten there first, Beca had to stretch a bit further to fit Amy's bag next to her.

Once she was comfortably seated, Beca took out her laptop and prepared it for use.

"They're gonna tell ya to put that away before we take off," Amy pointed out.

Beca leant forward and took out a thin blanket that had been folded in her bag. She opened it and placed it over her lap, "Not if they don't see it," she smirked.

Amy nodded in approval, "Cleva."

Beca felt a hard knock on the back of her chair then, and looked over her shoulder find who ddid it, "Seriously, dude?" she said. "What's your problem?"

Chloe was struggling to fit her bag in front of her, which was also directly under Beca's seat and snapped her head up to look at her, huffing a strand of hair out of her face, "Really, Beca?" she said, equally annoyed. "Again, it was just an accident."

"Well, you've bumped me twice in the last five minutes," Beca continued, "so either you don't know how to pay attention to your surroundings, or you're purposely trying to piss me off."

"Oh, grow up," Chloe retorted. "Not everything I do revolves around you, ya know."

Beca scoffed, "That's a first."

Chloe furrowed her brow, "Excuse me?" she said. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Beca unbuckled her seat belt so she could turn even further in her chair and leant closer to Chloe, "A Beale claims that her actions weren't totally done to ruin a Mitchell's life?" Beca scorned. "As if."

Chloe's jaw slacked, and she leaned in closer too, "You know, at least I'm mature enough to moved on from the past and not let someone else's actions dictate my life," she said.

Their argument was growing louder and was beginning to capture the attention of neighboring passengers. Beca knew she was being unnecessary, but stubbornness always seemed to fuel her.

Beca's brow furrowed angrily, "At least my mom didn't destroy a marriage."

A few years prior, an affair had developed between Chloe's single mom and Beca's still– at the time– married dad. When Beca discovered the affair, a hatred for all Beale women was born.

Beca didn't know Chloe was a Beale until after she had signed up to be a Barden Bella. It was a bit of a shame, actually, because before Beca discovered who she was, she and Chloe had actually gotten along pretty well.

In fact, one could say there was even a bit of a spark between them.

But that small spark disappeared the moment Beca found out who Chloe was.

A part of Beca always knew that treating Chloe so poorly was completely unfair. Especially since Chloe wasn't her mother and had absolutely nothing to do with the affair. In fact, Chloe had been a victim too, just like Beca had been. But then there was that other part of Beca that was reminded of her father's adultery every time she looked at Chloe's face.

It was ridiculous and senseless, but by this point, it was like a snowball rolling down a hill. Beca wasn't sure how to stop it.

"Okay! That's enough, you two," Aubrey yelled, yanking Beca and Chloe out of their heated exchange.

Beca blinked and quickly moved herself back. When did she get so close to Chloe's face?

Chloe did the same but continued to glare at Beca with her arms crossed.

"You both need to shut up, get over your differences, and try to enjoy this freakin' vacation, alright?" Aubrey said, sounding like a mother who was scolding her children.

Beca looked at her, "She started it," she said, gesturing towards Chloe.

Chloe gasped, "How the hell did I start this?"

"I said enough!" Aubrey snapped, her gaze shifting between them.

Beca clenched her jaw and looked at Chloe, who was already staring back at her with narrowed eyes.

Without another word, Beca huffed frustratingly and turned back around in her seat. Chloe took in a calming breath after, and released it before looking over at her best friend.

"Thanks, Aubrey," she said.

Aubrey was reading a book and shook her head, "I don't know why you two just can't get along."

"Hey, I've tried," Chloe said, which was true. After the family drama was revealed, Chloe still wanted to maintain a friendship with Beca, but once Beca learned of who her mother was, it was like Chloe became her personal punching bag for all of the anger and resentment Beca still had towards her father.

Which was unfortunate.

Chloe just wanted to help and be there for Beca, but after that revelation, Beca wanted nothing to do with her. Which, if Chloe was being honest, actually really hurt her… a lot.

When Chloe had met Beca at the activities fair and then again– thanks to her lucky star– in the shower, Chloe swore that she had felt something deep inside of her ignite. Like there was something really special about Beca, and not just because she had a beautiful singing voice.

No. There was something more there. Chloe had felt it, and a part of her always wondered if maybe, just maybe, Beca had felt it to.

Not that it really mattered anymore.

Beca hated her now.

Chloe blinked away her thoughts and shook her head before pulling her cellphone out to put it on airplane mode.

It was a short flight, but Beca still managed to fall asleep. For the second time that morning, she was shook awake by Fat Amy.

"Ah!" Beca yelped, her eyes wide as they darted around. "What? What's happening?"

Amy laughed, "We just landed," she said, unbuckling her seatbelt.

Beca sighed and fell back onto her seat in an attempt to catch her breath and lower her heart rate. She waited until the seatbelt sign dinged off and stood up to stretch.

Amy caught her arm as she stood, "Can you grab my bag for me, please?" she asked.

Beca looked up at the overhead compartments, "Oh, right." She put one foot out into the isle and turned to reach for the bag. Beca wasn't expecting Chloe to be reaching for Aubrey's bag at the same time, and their arms ended up tangling up with each other.

Beca could feel her face heating up at their close proximity, "Shit," she muttered, struggling to detangle herself.

"Oh, um– sorry," Chloe said, also trying, but failing, to separate their limbs.

It took another thirty awkward seconds for Beca and Chloe to figure out how to finish their involuntary game of twister, which turned out to be as difficult as untangling earphones from a pocket.

Admist the clumsy encounter, Beca and Chloe's breasts, as well as some other more than friendly body parts, brushed up against one another, and Beca chose to ignore the way it made her body tingle.

Once they were free, Chloe cleared her throat and tucked a strand of her red hair behind her ear. She looked at Beca, who was staring at her with an unreadable expression, and for a moment Chloe thought she was going to snap at her again. But to her surprise, Beca blinked and shook her head before taking Amy's bag out and turning back around to face the other way again.

Fat Amy and Aubrey had witnessed the entire thing. Amy was biting down on her bottom lip to contain her smile as she glanced at Aubrey, but it didn't seem to have phased her as much and then other blonde only shrugged.

The ship was huge. The line to get in took almost twenty minutes, but once all of the girls were checked in and inside, Aubrey had them all gather together in the main lobby.

"Gather round, ladies!" Aubrey clapped, drawing the Bellas in closer to her.

"Holy aca-mole," Flo said, her eyes looking around at the luxurious environment around her.

Emily was standing next to her, nodding in agreement as she, too, marveled at the beauty, "Oh my stars…"

The inside of the ship was even more gorgeous than the outside had looked. Cynthia-Rose, Stacie, Aubrey and Fat Amy were the only girls in the group to have been on a cruise before, so for the rest of the Bellas, being on a large, glorious boat like this one was a whole new experience.

"Don't worry, girls," Aubrey smiled, regaining everyone's attention, "we're going to be on this boat for seven days. There will be plenty of time for us to explore it." She went on to discuss all of the plans she had scheduled for the group, but Beca was still distracted by the shiny surroundings.

"It's even bigger on the inside," Beca said, her eyes following one of the large glass elevators coming down from a higher floor.

Fat Amy had been listening to Aubrey, "Hm?" she hummed, turning her neck to look at Beca. "Oh, yeh," she agreed. "It's amazin' how much stuff they can fit on these ships."

Beca continued to look around, "It's kind of scary." After absorbing the rest of the lobby, Aubrey's voice returned to Beca's ears and she decided it was probably best for her to pay attention to what she was saying.

"Alright, now that you guys know the criteria," Aubrey said, "let's get settled into our rooms and meet back on the pool deck after they finish going over the emergency evacuation procedures."

The girls followed the instructions of their captain and broke off with squeals and giggles of excitement as they split up to search for their rooms.

Every passenger had their room number, along with other information, printed on their key cards. Beca pulled hers out of her pocket, and read the number out loud, "Room five twenty-one," she said, looking at Amy. "Please tell me you're my roommate."

"Actually," Amy said, furrowing her brow, "I get pretty bad motion sickness sometimes. I talked with Aubrey and paid a little more money to get a single room so I wouldn't expose anyone to whenever I have to..." Amy searched for the right phrase, "lay an egg."

Beca's face cringed with disgust, "Gross." She looked back down at her card, "I wonder who I'm gonna be bunked with then."

Aubrey, Chloe and Stacie searched for their rooms together. When Aubrey discovered that she and Stacie had the same room number, Stacie winked at her.

"Well hey there, roomie," she grinned.

"Aww," Chloe moaned, pouting at Aubrey. "I wanted to be your roommate." She then smiled widely at Stacie and held up her card, "Wanna trade?"

Stacie laughed, "Nice try, Chlo, but even if I wanted to, which–" she looked Aubrey up and down with a smirk, "I don't," she said. "We can't just switch rooms. Everyone's information is registered specifically to their room keys." Stacie took hers out for reference, "When you're on a cruise, they also work as your ID card."

Chloe's mouth stretched to the side in a bummed fashion, "I knooww..." she whined.

"What room number did you get?" Aubrey asked.

Chloe looked at her card and read the number to herself, "Oh," she smiled, "I'm only two floors above you guys."

After walking Amy to her fourth floor room, Beca rolled her belongings with her to one of the the elevators and waited for it to arrive. It wasn't a complete surprise for Beca when the doors opened and the inside of the elevator shined like everything else on the ship.

The top half of the walls were mirrors, which reflected the bright, twinkling lights on the ceiling, and although the elevator was already packed with people, there was just enough room for someone as small as Beca to fit in.

She smiled awkwardly as she stepped inside and squeezed herself between two large men who smiled back at her as she did. An older woman standing next to the buttons asked for which floor Beca needed, but when Beca tip-toed to point at the number five, she noticed that the button was already lit up.

"Oh, it's already pressed," she said, looking at the woman. "Thank you."

The woman nodded and the doors closed. Beca chewed on the inside of her cheek as she listened to the elevator music and wondered what her room was going to look like. If the rooms were designed like anything else on the ship, then Beca could only assume that it would be just as nice.

When they reached level five, the elevator rang and the silver doors opened. Beca stepped out and started walking down the hallway towards her room number, but stopped when she heard, "Hold the door!" come from the elevator.

Chloe clumsily entered the hallway as she struggled to step out of the crowed elevator, "Sorry," she smiled, sheepishly. "This is my floor." She bent down to pick up her purse and placed it on her rolling luggage. Once she had all of her bags organized, Chloe took a step forward but stopped and frowned when she noticed Beca staring at her.

"Oh... hi, Beca," she said, trying to be friendly.

"Great," Beca said, flatly. "You're on this floor, too?"

Chloe sighed, "Looks like it."

Beca ran her eyes up and down Chloe's physique for a moment, realizing that the redhead could have probably used some help with her bags, but choosing to take the more immature route and turned to leave her to struggle with them.

Beca continued down the hallway with her head rising and falling as she read the passing room numbers and compared them to the one written on her card. She could hear Chloe's flip flops echoing closely behind her, and when Beca reached her door, she quickly spun around to face her.

"What? Are you like following me or something?" Beca barked.

Chloe scowled at her, "Will you get over yourself? I'm just trying to get to my room."

"Well this is my room," Beca said, lifting her key to slide it into the card reader. "So you can keep walking now." A small, green light shined on the handle and the door unlocked.

"Wait," Chloe said, her eyes widening.

Beca already had one foot through the door, "What?"

"Five twenty-one is your room?" Chloe looked like she had just seen a ghost.

Beca furrowed her brow, "Yeah? Why? What's the prob–" Her words were cut off when she realized what Chloe was getting at. "Oh, no..."

Chloe closed her eyes, "Oh, God."

"What a nightmare!" Beca groaned, pushing the door all the way open. After looking to the ceiling in search of the one who was clearly trying to punish her, Beca looked back down at what was in front of her and her jaw dropped, "Oh, you've gotta be fucking kidding me."

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