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"What did I tell you, man?" Wally's voice filtered from one of the seats further out on the terrace. Dick followed it, helpless to resist that voice. As Dick got closer, he realized that Wally was speaking into a phone, "You did great on your latest job! It's fun to work with these guys, right? Although, your solo was awesome, too." He paused again before laughing, light filtering over the column of his pale throat, "Cam, you do not want to try to do a run with Aunt Lisa. Trust me when I say you need to spend a whole lot more time with the family's crazy to ever want to do something with her. Hah, no. What do you mean? Nah, man." He nodded, running a hand through his hair.

As if it was a signal, Dick's attention was brought to Wally's apparently new look. His hair was shorn at the sides, raging like an inferno over the top of his head, curls still irrepressible. A leather bracelet tucked itself against Wally's wrist, disappearing into a baggy Flash hoodie when he lowered his wrist. Wally's jeans were distressed, showing off flashes of pale skin, and they were tight, probably tighter than they should be. He had on red converse with little peaks of his favourite physics socks shining through as he restlessly shifted his ankles. His eyes were scanning out over the river the restaurant bordered, the hand that had been in his hair going to fiddle with his ear for a moment before jerking his hand back, grimacing a little bit. A glint of light showed Dick what it was that Wally had been messing with. An earring. Wally had gotten an earring. Scratch that, Wally had gotten both ears pierced.

Dick made a wordless sound that was somewhere between wonder, frustration, awe, confusion, shock, and a hint of lust to balance it all out.

The waiter who'd been leading Dick to Wally's table glanced back in concern for a moment before he caught sight of the person lounging at the table they were heading to. The waiter smirked at Dick. Dick resisted the urge to glare at him only because he knew that the waiter wouldn't be able to see it through Dick's dark sunglasses.

But, nevertheless, the waiter made his way past the other patrons and ever closer to Wally. Dick could feel his mouth dry as he got closer, nerves begging him to turn around and leave while he still had a chance, while Wally had yet to spot him. Wally laughed at something, a little smirk curling up one corner of his mouth, "I'm sure. Tell him I said that, yeah? I've got to go. Knowing Freddie, he's pretty early to stuff. Yeah. Sure. See you." He put the phone into one hoodie pocket, focusing all his attention onto the river.

Watching him there, river water providing a backdrop for his wild, untameable red hair, a contrast for his sharp, brilliant emerald eyes, Dick marvelled at the fact that he was ever able to let this go.

The waiter cleared his throat and Wally's eyes jumped over to them, eyes still sharp, but no longer sharp in a purely beautiful way; there was danger there, too. Danger that reminded Dick exactly why he'd let this go. But also why he was going to give this another chance.

The sharpness faded, replaced with a sort of boundless nervous energy that took away any edge that Wally might have carried, smoothing him out into any normal guy, trying to get back with his boyfriend.

The waiter pulled out a chair for Dick, indicating the menu and dictating the day's specials. He took the order for Dick's drink before making a small bow and heading back into the restaurant proper. He was smirking the entire time.

"It might just be the withdrawal speaking for me, but you're looking more gorgeous than usual," Wally sent him a roguish grin, the joy not quite making it past the wary, braced look in his eyes.

Dick rolled his eyes, "How long did it take you to come up with that line?"

"Longer than it probably should have. I've been out of practice," Wally answered honestly, leaning forward in his seat. He didn't say anything else, letting Dick dictate the next move.

Breathing carefully through his nose, Dick attempted to comment idly, "You got earrings."

He'd thought that Wally would make some comment about them being fake, or he'd make some comment about it making him look hotter, but instead Wally leaned back a little bit and rolled his eyes, "I was blackmailed into it. See this bracelet?" He extended his arm out, showing off the Momentum bracelet that Dick had gotten a glimpse of earlier. Dick almost grabbed the hand out of reflex, but other than a slight twitch in his arm, didn't act on that reflex. Wally's eyes tracked the movement, but he didn't say anything about that, "I really, really wanted it, but Aunt Lisa knew that Len would be mad, so she said she'd only get it for me if I got my ears pierced. I will admit that I kind of like them, though." He suddenly dipped his head a little bit, looking up through his lashes at Dick, "Do you like them?" And there was the Wally that Dick knew.

Unwillingly, Dick felt his lips tip upwards into a tiny, reluctant smile. That smile caused a light to flare in Wally's eyes, joy finally pushing up into those emerald windows and lighting them up from within. Dick attempted to wrangle his face into a more neutral position, and shrugged nonchalantly, "I don't really know. They're kind of tacky."

Wally's lips turned even further upwards, the challenge twisting the grin on his face into a smirk, "I thought you liked tacky. I mean… that outfit you first started out with? Makes people think you appreciate tacky."

"That outfit was one my parents designed," Dick blurted out. He was feeling brave, feeling nostalgic. He wanted this relationship to work so much. He wanted Wally so much. And how could he ever ask something of Wally without giving something in return?

Wally blinked a little bit, "Oh, um, sorry?" He looked completely wrong-footed.

Dick laughed shortly, ducking his head momentarily, "It's fine. Trust me, I know it was tacky. Why do you think I changed it? I just… I don't know. Figured that you might want to know. Or, er, not that you would want to know, but, like, you know. It's something about – about me. You know."

Wally blinked again, "Yeah, uh, yeah. That's…" He trailed off and Dick frowned, upset that he had managed to break the moment so thoroughly. Then Wally brightened and spoke with a lot more confidence, "I'm glad you could trust me with that. It means a lot."

Then he gave a bright little smile, the one that Dick loved the best. It was so… so new and soft and it crinkled the corners of Wally's eyes and wrinkled his nose and brightened his entire face. Since Wally's default facial expression was a scowl, seeing a smile so innocent and beautiful was so refreshing and perfect. It was that smile that originally made Dick think that they could get past the hero and villain thing.

The waiter came back with their drinks before either of them could say something else. He took their orders and sent Dick a wink. Dick responded with a withering glare, but it was hindered by the fact that no one could see it through the sunglasses.

Wally was watching the interaction with clear amusement, lounging back in his chair (and from this angle, Dick could see that Wally's jacket was unzipped and he was wearing a sinfully tight shirt), "Is our waiter flirting with you?"

"I think he actually ships us, honestly," Dick gave a long-suffering sigh.

"There seems to be quite a few people who are shipping up," Wally grimaced, absently twisting his bracelet around his wrist.

Dick grimaced back, "Did you know that Golden Glider and Catwoman have been on a first name basis since the Rogues got Trickster?"

Raising his eyebrows, Wally asked sarcastically, "You do realize that all of them have names, right?"

Dick flushed, "Wasn't sure if you knew who Catwoman was. Felt weird to only call her by a codename." Wally's lips remained twisted down and Dick continued, "Look, it's not that big of a deal, okay? I don't want to fight about this."

"I didn't think this was a fight," Wally said mildly, but his eyes were sharp on Dick's face, "I just thought that you'd come here so we could try to get our relationship to work again, but you can't even call my aunt by her given name. I get that you don't like villains because we're all horrible monsters or whatever, but the least you could do it call us by our names."

"It's not that I don't respect you or whatever it is you're getting at," Dick started.

He was interrupted by Wally's harsh laugh (the one he hated most, the one that reminded Dick that Wally had been abused and then experimented on and then left to try to live alone on the streets), "Are you saying you do respect me?"

Dick's brows furrowed, "Of course I do!"

"So you respect me enough to let me do my job? To keep our work and our relationship separate?" Wally pressed.

Dick's shoulders started to rise around his ears, "I'm sorry, I thought you were trying to get my attention with all those heists? I thought you wanted this to work as much as I did! Why are you sitting here and attacking me?"

Jaw clenched, Wally's eyes flashed, "Why do you think I'm asking these questions? I'm not attacking you! I'm just making sure that something's changed. You left me because of how you feel about what I do for a living! What's changed? If nothing's changed, then how can I trust that you aren't going to do the exact same thing you did a couple of weeks ago?"

"You don't trust me?" Dick said, voice quieting. He was genuinely hurt. They'd been talking almost every day for months, had been friends long before the super world intervened, before they knew the truth of each other.

Jaw still clenched, Wally shot back, "I don't trust easily. You know that. And you haven't really given me much reason to trust you either."

"Haven't – haven't given you much reason to trust?" Dick spluttered, hand going to his chest unironically.

"Are you serious?" Wally questioned incredulously, "You broke up with me for the stupidest reason! Literally everyone agrees with me!"

"Not everyone!" Dick whisper-shouted, flapping his arm around dramatically.

Leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms over his chest, Wally asked, "Who? Name one person who agrees with you?"

Dick leaned back too, resisting the urge to cross his own arms over his chest, "Batman."

Rolling his eyes, Wally said, "Selina says that Batman has been avoiding you so he doesn't have to talk to you about feelings. You don't have a clue how he feels about it."

Dick opened his mouth to disagree before blinking. That was… actually exactly what he himself had been thinking about it. After a second, he snorted. Wally gave him a small, hesitant smile and Dick grinned, actually laughing. Wally smiled a little brighter and they fell into giggles as the waiter finally brought the food.

They finally trailed off into a gentler mood, the laughing dying down as they started to dig into their food. After another more comfortable moment, Wally grimaced apologetically around his food, "So, I'm going to be real honest here and say that Aunt Lisa and Selina had given me a list of things to say. Selina was… scarily good at predicting what you were going to say because you stuck right on script."

Dick paused, swallowing, before admitting, "Selina scares me."

"You haven't seen Selina and Aunt Lisa working together. That's terror," Wally frowned, a comical expression of horror crossing his face.

Dick fidgeted, "So, uh, so did you really mean what you said about not trusting me?"

Wally twitched, and Dick felt his heart sink. Wally hesitated before sighing, "I don't know, Freddie." Dick flinched at the name but didn't otherwise comment. Wally continued, "I can't really say that I remember a time when I did trust someone. It's… it's hard. I've told some people that I trust them, but… it's theoretical. I don't know if I trust people because I don't know what trust feels like."

Dick took another bite of his food before swallowing again, allowing him a chance to think before he answered, "Trust is being able to know that someone will catch you if you fall, to know that you can call them whenever you need to, and they'll answer and be there for you. It's knowing that you can tell them anything, that you have told them everything and they still don't judge you. It's being able to put your everything on someone's shoulders and know that they can handle the weight and save you in the process."

"So you don't trust me," Wally said.

Dick jolted, almost dropping his fork, "I – what?"

"You haven't told me everything knowing that I won't judge you," Wally said, voice even and controlled, no judgement, no accusation.

Biting his lip, Dick tried to get back to his meal, "That's not just my secret to tell."

Wally sighed, "I know, Freddie. I just…I'm fine with this. I told you that when we started. I'm just trying to answer your question on whether or not I trust you. Okay? I'm fine with you waiting to tell me more about yourself. I'm fine with letting you keep your secrets, keep others' secrets. Can you be okay with letting me be me?"

For a long moment, the two of them just stared at each other. Dick memorized the look of Wally's eyes, the mesmerizing appearance of them, the bright colour that Dick had never seen anywhere else. He looked at Wally and saw how beautiful he was, how perfect. He saw the traumatised child and the teenager just trying to find a place in the world that had rejected him so many times. Dick saw someone who might very well become the love of his life.

So, he reached his hand out and twined his fingers in with Wally's, "Yes. Yes, I can."

And they kissed.

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