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Chapter 35 – The Throne World

Coruscant - Political District

Kuvira – POV

The planet of Coruscant had a long and illustrious history.

In ancient days it had served as the home world of the Taung, the ancient warrior race that would later go on to become the precursors of the Mandalorian's. After that, it went on to join the alliance that was rabidly forming between a coalition of core worlds during the days of Hyperspace exploration. It had made the alliance with the (as of then known) Jedaii Order and had been instrumental in the fight against the invasion of the Rakata Infinite Empire.

Later, as a founding member of the nascent First Galactic Republic. It has helped the Jedi fight against their former comrades within the Legions of Lettow, and again during the Hundred Year Darkness. It was a known historical fact, that without the aid of Coruscant. The Jedi might have lost the war and the Jedi and Sith as they are known, would never have existed.

As capital of the expanding Galactic Republic, it had been at the forefront of every major event through known galactic history. It had been the center of the civilian government of the galaxy and later, the headquarters of the Jedi Order for millennia.

It had been the ultimate target of every incarnation of the Sith Order and the various Empires that they created throughout every conflict between the light and the dark. It had been the center stage for the events leading up to the Clone Wars, Order 66 and the rise of Palpatine.

But despite its long and illustrious history. Even a blind and ignorant observer today. Could see that the glory days of Coruscant were long since passed.

In more recent years, it had been the scene of chaos and anarchy that was left in the wake of the Empire's collapse. The populace in the lower levels which had been kept in check and subjugated by the presence of Imperial Stormtroopers rose up in revolution. Smelling weakness in the oppressive system many had been suffering under, the would be revolutionaries quickly engaged in rioting on all levels. The In an instant, the entire planet city was engulfed in violent madness from the lower levels to the tops of the city skyscrapers.

The chaos and death toll had sky rocketed when Imperial garrison troops had retaliated. Sick with grief over the loss of their Emperor. The Imperial army and navy had fired on the rioting civilians of Coruscant without mercy. The rioters fought back and while they might not have had many weapons, a population of Trillions against a garrison of maybe one million is a very unbalanced engagement. The planet was eventually, secured back under Imperial rule with Mas Amedda as ruling regent.

But the rebellion and their supporters were confident that Coruscant would once again join them as the symbol of democracy and enlightened civilian rule.

That dream was fulfilled just over a year later when New Republic forces claimed Coruscant shortly before the battle of Jakku. Even though the New Republic did not intend to make the planet the capital of their new government. The 'liberation' of Coruscant was a major propaganda victory for them. It showed the Imperial Throne world flying the banner of the New Republic and it was taken by many as the final confirmation that the Empire had fallen.

Now, there would be peace, democracy and prosperity for the galaxy. A new golden age not seen since the days of the Old Republic.

Many people who had seen the liberation of Coruscant thirty years ago had either given their lives to see it happen or remembered where they had been in that moment.

Not much was certain in this universe. But it was certain that those rebel veterans or patriots who were watching the Coruscanti news today. Either from their homes or the netherworld of the Force.

We're watching all they had hoped and fought for cast down into the dust. Trampled by the army of white armored First Order stormtroopers that were marching in parade formation down the central walkway to the Rotunda. Watching with tears flooding down their faces, or with teeth gnashed together in impotent rage as massive First Order Star Destroyers were seem in the sky above the clouds of the city.

Worst of all was the sharp stabbing sensation in their hearts as they watched the crowds of Coruscanti citizens packed shoulder to shoulder in the streets and buildings along the side of the walkway. Cheering, shouting whistling and waving miniature First Order flags and home-made banners.

Rarely throughout the history Coruscant, or indeed the entire galaxy. Had a conquering army been greeted with such acclaim by the conquered.

Many of the Republic and Rebel supporters watching this scene, wondered how their fellow people could be so blind? How could they not only be willing, but eager to cast aside their freedom and welcome their oppressors with an acclaim worthy of returning heroes?

Where they truly so ignorant, that they could not see that the First Order was simply the Empire by another name? Even as the through crossed their minds, they knew that the people could not possibly not realize that. The fact that the stormtrooper armor was almost identical to the Imperial version showed no attempt to hide this fact.

It was during this admission that the devastated rebels and their supporters were forced to accept a hard truth.

The people of Coruscant knew that the First Order was the Empire resurrected.

They just did not care.

The New Republic did not have a favorable image on Coruscant and had not for many years now. When the New Republic had reduced its military forces to almost non-existence and declared a de-centralized system of governance. It had sold as a very nice dream of a pacifistic future and self-determination for every world to counter the iron rule of the Empire.

But behind all the pretty speeches and ideology it had left individual worlds to themselves.

This decision had doomed Coruscant. After millennia as the center of the galactic government. Politics had become the planet's sole reason for existing. It had no resources, tradeable commercial interests or large businesses that were not suddenly operating at a loss as tourism and transit numbers to the planet crashed amid the change. Nearly all the planet's infrastructure and focus had always been on catering to the political elite in the halls of power or simply trying to provide the bare necessities for a population of trillions. The costs for the import of food alone were beyond what many worlds could fathom.

These expenses and difficulties could have been overcome in time. If the New Republic has named Coruscant as the capital. This would have allowed the planet's economy and infrastructure to survive with little change since the days of the Old Republic.

But instead, the New Republic had just accepted the planet as another member world and then moved all political power and operations to Chandrila.

With the planet facing obscurity for the first time in ten millennia. The social fabric that had always bound Coruscant together was suddenly stripped away. After so long the planet had almost grown around the concept of galactic government, rather than the other way round.

Coruscant did not even have a government of its own, (civilian, military or otherwise). For centuries the Supreme Chancellor and later the Emperor and his regent had ruled over the planetary affairs and created the administration needed to keep the insanely populated planet functioning.

It should not have come as any great surprise to anyone then. That the planet had fallen into borderline chaos after the fall of the Empire. The economy (almost exclusively focused on the government business and entertainment districts) crashed in the absence of its biggest source of income.

Gangs of oppressed people from the underworld levels of the planet. (formerly kept in line by Imperial soldiers and before them the Republic police and Jedi). Had sensed their opportunity and had risen up to claim their place on the surface and to cast down the wealthy elite cloud dwellers that had spat and shat on them all their lives.

Soon the wealthy surface residents could not venture outside their own (heavily guarded) skyscrapers without armed escorts of mercenaries or battalions of battle droids.

Fires raged across the city in a way that had not been seen since the Sack of Coruscant at the hands of Darth Malgus nearly four thousand years ago. No services were in operation to tackle the blaze, so they were just left until they burned out.

Gang wars broke out in nearly every district, as the more powerful gangs and syndicates tried to claim the most valuable territory and hold it against their rivals.

The spice and other drug trades exploded in record time. Spice dealing had always been rampant on Coruscant. But with a collapsing economy, almost no law enforcement and a skyrocketing poverty line. The demands for narcotics were at an all-time high. Regardless of who was selling it or what the long-term effects would be.

Anything to escape the collapsing house of Pazaak cards that Coruscant was quickly becoming.

The few government officials with any power or official recognition called out to the New Republic for aid.

But by this point it was far too late. The only option that could have restored order to Coruscant was to launch a full military operation against the rioters on the planet. Martial law would need to be declared and maintained on a world of trillions (a near impossible task).

Food and materials needed for repairs would need to be imported to the planet and the New Republic would need to oversee the elections of a new planetary government system and stabilize it.

Then the root of the problem would need to be addressed. How to re-establish an economic system on a planet that had only built up around politics?

Short of moving the capital back to Coruscant (which Mon Mothma was not willing to do). Coruscant had nothing to offer the galaxy, but their demands were ever increasing.

Faced with the enormity of the tasks involved. And the fact that the Populist party was declaring that the New Republic's policy of non-interference with the local politics of member worlds, must be applied. The New Republic had quietly and slowly, withdrawn from the affairs of Coruscant.

While still a member world with a seat in the senate. The only influence the planet had in the galaxy these days, was born from nostalgia and memories of past glories. Meanwhile the planet of the present day fell ever further into discord and regression. Ironically, the regions that displayed the most order, and prosperity were those that had been claimed by wealthy and powerful crime syndicates.

Well-known names, like Black Sun, the Exchange, the Pikes and the Hutts were claiming large swaths of Coruscant in ways that had previously been though impossible

An unimpartible observer at the time, would be forgiven for thinking it was only a matter of time before Coruscant became the new Nar Shaddaa.

Maybe then, considering all that. The rebel and Republican loyalists watching the scene from the shadows should not be too surprised that the people of Coruscant had welcomed the First Order with open arms.

Still, it did not make the sting of betrayal and disappointment feel any less potent.

As soon as the First Order fleet had emerged into the Coruscant system, the criminal gangs and crime syndicates, with large fleets had scrambled what ships and craft they had. At first it might have appeared that they were intending to make a stand against the First Order and defend their newly claimed territory. But criminals did not become successful by being stupid, or not knowing when to cut their losses.

The crime syndicates had been evacuating all the assets they could off the planet for weeks. Ever since the First Order began advancing into the Core. They knew that the First Order would be determined to reclaim the former capital of the galaxy. They were realistic and well informed enough to know that they could expect no tolerance from the First Order. They would send in their fleet and army to burn them out of their holes in the planet mega city.

A number of the braver criminals claimed that they should remain on the planet. They stated that if they abandoned the surface levels and retreated into the depths of underworld. The First Order would never be able to dig them out. After all, neither the Republic or Empire had ever succeeded in controlling the multiple levels of the dark deep of Coruscant. Why would the First Order be any different.

This seemed to ring true with many of the criminals. Until it was asked what would happen if the First Order used their super-weapon Starkiller Base on Coruscant?

What if they decided that Coruscant was not worth the time and effort trying to cleanse it and simply decided to remove it from the galactic map? As easily as removing a game piece from a game board.

After all, they had done the same to the entire Hosnian System. If they could do that, then they were capable of anything. While the Resistance might claim that they had disabled the First Order superweapon. It had been shown to still exist. Even if it was disabled for the moment, it was not likely to remain that way forever.

With that thought foremost in their minds. The crime syndicates had decided to abandon Coruscant to the First Order, and had spent the time up till now evacuating all the resources and wealth that they could. After tearing down all the gold and precious materials they could from the wealthy homes and districts. They had piled their looted wealth into their ships and had taken off once the First Order fleet had arrived.

For reasons they did not know. The First Order had not pursued them, hindered them or even fired a warning shot as they fled the system. The criminals were not sure why. But they did not care as long as they were clearly free to leave the system for richer less well defended pickings.

The civilians of the world had come out of hiding in their hundreds of thousands to see the criminal's fleet their world. They had cheered and celebrated and mocked as they watched the syndicate vessels flee into the sky. Many of them openly hoped that the First Order would reduce their ships to slag before they got out of the system.

Meanwhile the local gangs, with no means or real desire to flee the planet had retreated back into the underworld. Confident that the First Order would ignore them, as long as they remained quiet and small time.

Kuvira knew all of these things as she watched the parade column of marching soldiers, make their way down the central walkway to the former senate plaza. The rotunda, senate offices and Jedi Temple (formerly the Imperial palace) were all still as they were during the reigns of the Empire and the Old Republic.

The Imperial banners, which had long been torn down. Were soon to be replaced by First Order banners. To some, watching the parade. It might appear that the planet had travelled forty years back in time.

'Which was, as it should be'. Kuvira mused as she stood inside her personal Upsilon class shuttle as it made its way through the clouds, heading for the Senate plaza. The First Order was founded to be a reborn Empire. But not simply a repeat of the past. The First Order had learned from the mistakes made under the Empire. They would not repeat them. It was under them, that the original promise of a thousand-year-old Empire, would be realized.

But it would not be wise to be over confident, in the face of the day's success.

The day was peaceful so far. But Kuvira knew very well that even the greatest military generals and admirals were often helpless when in transit. The forces of gravity, fire and space vacuum cared nothing for who you were, or your past accomplishments. If the circumstances were right, they would snuff out your existence without hesitation.

If a hidden resistance squadron appeared and attacked her shuttle. Or if a Republic zealot had a well-aimed and advanced rocket launcher. Then all her physical strength and tactical skill would not be able to save her from immolation.

After all she had faced, endured and over-come. She might find such a death ironic to the point of being humorous. But she was not one to view possible assassination attempts on her life in a favorable light.

For this reason, she had ordered her personal shuttle to be reinforced with several layers of durusteel and adamantium. She had even managed to procure an additional layer of Beskar'gam. Also known as Mandalorian iron. It was ridiculously hard to obtain, even for someone of her power and influence. Mandalorian warriors had kept the secret of its creation secret for millennia.

But some people had the necessary skills to reforge it into a new shape. After obtaining enough of the material for her intended purpose, through multiple means. She had managed to cover her shuttle in a thin layer of the material. Thin, but undoubtably resistant to all manner of attacks.

In addition, to her own shuttle. She was being escorted to the surface by the elite squadron of First Order's starfighter service; known as Tarkin's Fist. All of them flying state of the art SF TIE fighters. All of them armed and ready to move at the slightest notice. Her two standard Praetorian guards, had been reinformed by a company of elite members of the Stormtrooper core.

Still even with all this added protection. She would not be more at ease until they were on the surface. And even then, she would never let her guard down fully.

She remembered the assassination attempt on the life of Senator Padme Amidala when her shuttle had touched down on Coruscant shortly before the start of the Clone Wars. It was a very well documented part of history. She had no intention of falling to a similar attack.

Kuvira's shuttle flew down the length of the parade ground on its way to rotunda building. The building had been largely abandoned with no senate and little civilian authority to maintain its use. Nevertheless, it remained the heart of the government plaza district and would be the ideal place for her army and shuttle to claim on this historic day.

As her shuttle past, the effect on the crowd was mixed. While some of the cheering throng cheered louder at the sight of the clearly commanding shuttle as it flew low over their heads. Others were stilled into a foreboding silence as the shadow of the ship pasted overhead. Many of them who remembered the Empire, had memories when similar shuttles had passed over head. Many of those memories had not been followed by pleasant events. Even the ones that had, brought up the familiar unease that had accompanied such appearances.

This was also, as it should be. Kuvira noted as the shuttles advanced sensors communicated the drop and escalation in noise volume from the crowd as her shuttle moved over them. Elation, excitement and hopeful expectation were important factors in the peaceful conquest of a world. Particularly a world as vast and heavily populated as Coruscant.

But a touch of fear, humility and cautious apprehension was also useful when overseeing a newly claimed world. Too much or too little of either would be a hinderance in the long term. A careful mixture of both was the preferred formula for long term results.

The shuttle rocked slightly as the ship touched down on the grounds just outside the main rotunda building. Kuvira could have ordered the ship to dock in the nearby executive hanger which directly linked to the Rotunda building. But she wanted to make an impression with the Coruscanti populace. The delay in travel between the hanger and the Rotunda was small, but it would be damaging to the image she intended to solidify in the people's minds.

The shuttle had landed just as the front ranks of the First Order army had reached the outskirts of the Rotunda building. They would continue marching in unison until they reached the lower level just in front of the entrance stairs the shuttle had landed on.

While Kuvira had little patience for drama and theatrical flourishes. She did not deny the power that such things held when making an impression.

"Grand Admiral. Are you ready?" The voice of Nephitina said behind her. Turning, Kuvira regarded her faithful Twi'lek assistant. Standing in her dress black First Order uniform, with her lekku secured by a silver headband emblazoned with the First Order symbol.

For once, her trusty datapad was not in her hands. For now, she stood with her hands by her side and a blaster pistol secured at her waist. She looked at her Grand Admiral expectantly as she waited for her command to exit the shuttle.

Kuvira liked to have Nephitina by her side in most situations. Due to her loyalty, diligence to her work and competence in her duties. However, today she was also serving as a symbol of the First Order's tolerance and acceptance of alien races.

The detractors of the Empire and by extension the First Order were no doubt claiming that humans would once again rule supreme, while aliens would be slaves or second-class citizens if the First Order took control of the galaxy. These fears would lead to a large number of worlds and personal to be opposed to the First Order if they were not addressed quickly.

While Kuvira was well aware that many of the First Order's original Imperial veterans held human supremacist viewpoints, like that fool Hux and his equally foolish father. She had no intention of letting their senseless bigotry infect the First Order as it had the Empire.

She had made it a mission of hers to make sure the First Order's claim to meritocracy was all they claimed it to be. Talent, dedication, resolve and competence were the keys to success. Not how many eyes a being had or what colour their skin was.

The fact that the High Command was made up of both human and alien admirals was a major success in this policy, (even if human Admirals currently outnumbered alien ones). But to many ordinary beings who would never look on the High Command, a more obvious statement was nedded.

Kuvira arriving on Coruscant with a Twi'lek (a race almost synonymous with slavery and oppression) standing by her side with respect and dignity. Would send the message she wanted echoing throughout the galaxy. That aliens could expect to be treated with dignity under the First Order and were welcome to join their ranks if they so wished.

Kuvira nodded her ascent to Nephitina, who immediately turned and began issuing orders to the soldiers and pilots who set about forming up into their positions and opening the exit ramp.

In the brief moment before the ramp opened. Kuvira took stock of her appearance. Once again, her distaste for personal vanity must be set aside for the sake of the image she must convey to the galaxy.

Her black uniform was pressed and immaculate. Her boots were polished to a mirror shine and her trousers were neatly tucked into her boots. Her belt was secured with her concealed vibro knives hidden from view. Her blaster pistol was also hidden as her black greatcoat was once again in place.

Beneath her upper uniform a cortosis breastplate was concealed securely around her torso. After all, assassins were sure to be plotting her demise all across the galaxy. Not taking some precautions would be the height of foolishness in such an exposed position.

On her greatcoat was her new Grand Admiral insignia. The Imperial military had displayed the rank bar with a dozen squares of blue, red and gold. However, the Supreme Leader had forgone that previous insignia and had instead issued her with a rank plate in the image of the First Order hexagon. Fixed to her chest and attached to her shoulder bar with a scarlet epaulette.

She found the design somewhat gaudy and old fashioned, more fit for the parade ground. But it served its purpose of conveying her high position for all to see.

Her gloves were freshly cleaned and now concealed a new pair of fitted wrist launchers that could fire a dozen darts filled with a different lethal poison in each one. Her near death experience on Starkiller had persuaded her to increase her arsenal beyond her blades and blaster.

Lastly her hair was trimmed and done up in her traditional bun perfectly with her emerald green eyes unobscured and piercing as always. She had dispensed with her officer's cap as this display needed to convey herself as a unique individual, rather than another faceless officer of the First Order.

Satisfied she turned to face the ramp as it opened fully and hit the ground with a soft thump. Immediately the contingent of elite troopers she had brought with her filed out of the shuttle and took up guard positions. Meanwhile the front regiments of the parade army that had continued its advance up the plaza. Divided and began to create a barrier between the civilian crowd (which had filled the plaza) and their Grand Admiral and the Rotunda.

Finally, Kuvira walked down the ramp, her Praetorian guards flanking her and Nephitina a step behind her.

As she stepped out of the shuttle into the bright Coruscant sunlight. The crowd slowly fell into a hushed quiet. Small conversations and murmuring could be heard from a thousand mouths. But the cheers and celebratory mood quickly evaporated.

Kuvira accepted the muted silence with stoicism. While it would have been more desirable to make her entrance to increased cheers. She understood that she as an unknown figure on Coruscant. The people of the galaxy only knew her from her public condemnation of the New Republic and her issue of the ultimatum that started the current war. They also knew her as the one who had undoubtably given the order to fire Starkiller base and destroy the Hosnian system.

In the face of that, a sullen response to her arrival was understandable. These people only knew her as the enemy of the state they formally served. They had no idea how life would be under her direct rule.

Kuvira would show them that the First Order would be firm, but fair. It would take time for their guard to drop. But for now, she needed to make the opening statement that would begin Coruscant's new era.

She stepped forward to the center of the raised section of the plaza. Her guards flanking her as she moved forward with Nephitina behind her but clearly visible to the public as intended. The First Order army halted its movement as it found itself in a Y formation, with the two forks acting as a barrier for Kuvira and the Rotunda and the central line remaining on the main walkway. As if on cue, the soldiers turned to face the crowd of onlookers on all sides.

The Coruscanti public found itself contained in the two sections on other side of the central walkway as they flooded into the plaza to view history in the making.

Kuvira stood slightly raised above the rest of the populace on the upper tier of the plaza. It afforded her a good view of the public and army. But it also put her in an exposed position. The weight of the cortosis under her uniform was a comforting feeling in this moment.

Camera drones swirled around her. Broadcasting her words and image across all of Coruscant and to the First Order communications net. It would be buffed and edited as necessary, before being broadcast across the entire First Order dominion.

For a moment, Kuvira stood still as she regarded the planet city before her and its populace. She remained quiet as she allowed the tension to build and the suspense to mount in the people who watched her with baited breath.

Then, she inhaled audibly, so that her small intake of breath was heard on the sound receivers, and heard across the planet. The tension grew so think in the plaza and across the planet, that it was almost perceivable to the naked eye.

The she spoke. "I am Grand Admiral Kuvira, of the First Order." She proclaimed as her words echoed across the plaza for all to here. "I have come her on behalf of Supreme Leader Snoke, to act as his voice and his emissary to your noble and prestigious planet." Kuvira stated as she simultaneously reaffirmed her loyalty to the Supreme Leader and stroked the inflated egos of the Coruscanti.

"And in the name of the Supreme Leader, and by the clear wishes of its people. I hereby reclaim Coruscant, from the retched vapid Republic as a client world of the First Order!" She announced to the public.

A noticeable amount of clapping and cheering rose from the crowd. But the majority of them were still on the fence as they waited for a clearer image of her intentions.

Kuvira waited for the noise to fade away before she continued. "In most cases, the First Order would assign a representative to work alongside your chosen head of state. However, since Coruscant currently has no recognized government. The First Order will be taking direct control during this state of emergency until one can be appointed. Rest assured, the First Order's only concern, the wellbeing of this planet and its people. It is our intention to end the corrupt, indolent and decedent oppression of the Republic, and the betrayal of those who benefit!"

This time the applause and cheers of the crowd were noticeably louder and more widespread. Kuvira allowed t to continue for a moment, before she raised her hands for quiet.

"As I look out over this world and your faces. I see that you, like so many other worlds. Have been victims of the same age-old crime. Your entire lives and for millennia before that, you have been forced to swallow, shameful lies. Lies of the Republic's equality and fraternity while the rich and influential openly exploit their supposed friends. Promises of a prosperous future built on democracy and freedom, that never materializes." Kuvira said as her voice volume increased and she injected fervor into her words.

"You have spent your lives laboring for the New Republic and probably the Old Republic before it. And what have you received for it?" She paused to let the question sink in. "Nothing." She answered her own question.

Already she could see most of the crowd looking at each other as they nodded and muttered darkly. Good, she thought, passion was all well and good. But it tended to burn out quickly. She was clearly making them think, which while not as explosive, was much more effective.

"Privileged fools sit in the senate. Proving their incompetence daily, while gorging themselves on the riches of the galaxy and the fruits of your labors. The Jedi, sit in their palatial temples, using the Force to sell you the illusion of hope in a galaxy that they have long lost touch with. And all the while, they look down on you from their opulent lives and feel they have the right to lecture you on morality and philosophy while you struggle each day to survive!"

The crowd roared their approval at her words as the applause grew ever louder. The majority of the populace in attendance was originally from the underworld. They had been given little reason to love the Republic and were gratified to hear the words and thoughts that they had long shared.

"The Republic in every incarnation is a breeding ground of corruption, decadence and failure. Sustained only through the lies of its leaders, the nativity of the Jedi and the trust of you, the people!" Kuvira continued. "No doubt they have told you lies and propaganda about us and myself. To this, I say to you…" Kuvira trailed off as the crowd leaned forward in anticipation.

Kuvira raised her hand in a loose fist, which you used to emphasize her point. "The First Order is not perfect" She said to the stunned silence. "Not yet anyway. But believe me when I tell you, that unlike the Republic, we will never lie to you about who we are and what we value!" She clarified to the crowd.

"We value effort, talent, dedication and hard work. It is what makes us successful and the worlds that join and work with us prosper. But you do not need to take my word for it. Look at the truth all around you." She said as she extended her arms to include the First Order army in front of her and the fleet which could be seen in the upper atmosphere.

"In thirty years, we went from a defeated, band of hunted refugee's, to the dominant power in the galaxy. In that same time the New Republic went from failure to failure until it essentially collapsed in on itself." Kuvira stated as the people looked around at the impressive First Order arsenal in their midst.

It did make for a compelling point.

"The First Order does not make empty promises of a better future and advancement, only to deny it based on family connections, wealth or what world you were born on." Kuvira continued. "Look at me. I was nothing but an orphan from a desolate impoverished world when the First Order found me. Now I stand before you at the head of the most powerful army the galaxy has ever seen!" She declared with passion and accomplishment thick in her voice.

The crowd grew noticeably pensive and curious at the reveal of Kuvira's humble origins. It certainly served to confirm the First Order as a meritocracy. However, it had the added benefit of them now seeing Kuvira as a person, like them. Rather than as a faceless First Order enforcer.

Kuvira began to draw this to a close. But she still had an important point to make. "I do not promise a future without difficulty or undeserved riches for every person. I am not a Republic politician trying to buy votes with empty promises. What I do offer, is equality of opportunity. Whether you are rich or poor, human or alien, male or female. Join the First Order, show us and the galaxy what you are capable of." Kuvira said as her hand slowly closed into a fist. "And reap your earned rewards!"

She proclaimed loudly to the assembled masses as the TIE fighter squadron flew overhead, perfectly timing their fly over so that their iconic roar perfectly made her last point.

The crowd erupted into cheers and celebrations. This time there were very few (if any) sections that were still subdued or sullen in their celebration. The crowd was deafening in their approval and all across the plaza First Order flags and banners waved in the hands of the civilians.

Kuvira gave a wave with her hand to the assembled crowd, and let the renewed cheers wash over her. Then with her guards and Nephitina falling in behind her. She turned and walked into the Rotunda building. Behind her the soldiers began instructing the civilians to disperse and go about their day. They were under strict orders to be gentle and lenient. A night of revelry was expected for the populace and Kuvira was not interested in souring their feelings by being too harsh on arrival.

The troops would be deployed to the designated areas of the planet and the local police forces would be absorbed into the new garrison that was being established. The rest of the army would return to the fleet to await long term deployment.

It would take time to get Coruscant under control and longer for it to recover from the effects of the last several years. But it was a start.

Later that night – Office of the Supreme Chancellor

Kuvira - POV

Kuvira stood in the office in the executive building of the Rotunda.

She was alone in the room. She had ordered her guards to take position at the door and Nephitina was busy organizing the needs of the planet and the fleet for the next few days. This allowed Kuvira a moment of privacy as she observed the office.

The furniture had been remodeled and, in some cases, simply removed. But the fact remained that this was the office of the Supreme Chancellor and had been for Millenia. It had been from this office, that Palpatine had ruled as Chancellor and later Emperor (before the new Imperial Palace was ready), and before him Chancellor Valorum had ruled from this room. Back and back through the centuries the galaxy had revolved around this office.

The room was spartan and lacking the ostentatious furnishings and décor that had been the hallmarks of Republican politics.

That made sense since no Chancellor or authority figure had used this office since Mas Amedda's disastrous reign as ruling regent after the death of the Emperor at Endor. Since then, it had been allowed to fall into neglect and eventually was all but forgotten as the local government of the planet all but vanished.

Still, Kuvira had decided that for the sake of a smooth transition of power, she would establish the center of the new local First Order government within this building. She would remain on her command ship for the most part. But the administration process would be grown from here.

As she looked around the office, she found her focus being drawn to the large window in the back of the room behind the Chancellors desk and chair.

It was from this window that Jedi Master Mace Windu had been thrown to his death after his failed attempt to assassinate the Chancellor. The window had since been repaired. But the effect of that moment was no less interesting to the Grand Admiral.

Walking to the window, she looked at the transparent glass as if trying to find lightsaber marks in it. Naturally there were none. The glass had been replaced long ago. Still, she took a moment to stare out at the megacity before her.

Coruscant would be a challenge to oversee. The economic demands to keep the planet stable were almost unfathomable. In addition, the population probably hid a vast number of Republic sympathizers and Resistance agents. But she had a number of idea's on how the First Order could recoup their losses.

The planet had little to offer in terms of resources of infrastructure. Despite the vast regions of the Works. The truth was many of those installations were designed to cater to the planet's civilian needs rather then market business. The fact that many of them were currently abandoned also reflected its sorry state.

For these reasons, the Supreme Leader had already agreed to transmute the annual tribute from this world from raw wealth to recruitment. The criminals and violence had already stripped most of the planet's opulent wealth. Demanding more of the planet's resources would only lead to violence. However, the populace was so large, that it outnumbered the entire First Order military. On this world, they had a recruiting pool so vast that it would almost never run dry. The fact that so much of the planet was in rampant poverty in the underworld would make appeal of off world military service look that much better.

Coruscanti citizens would be serving in the First Order military for generations to come. The fact that they would return educated, healthy and with FO citizenship would prompt more to follow their example. Especially once the added privileges attached to citizenship were seen.

Nodding in approval of her future projections. She turned and found herself looking at the highbacked chair that sat behind the desk.

It was not ostentatious enough to be considered a throne. It was decidedly plain and chair-like.

But the appearance did not alter the fact that Palpatine had ruled the galaxy as Chancellor and later as Emperor from this seat of power. As far as Kuvira was concerned. That made more qualified to be considered a throne then any amount of gaudy jewelry and gold would have.

Kuvira moved without really intending it until she found herself standing right next to the chair as she ran her hand along the back.

Slowly, almost as if in some form of trance. Kuvira sat down in the chair and swiveled it back around to face the window and the vast Coruscant landscape that stretched out into the distance. The city was lit up against the dark night sky, with the orderly lanes of traffic moving across the viewpoint.

Kuvira wondered if Palpatine had stared out at this exact same view while he ruled over the Empire. She was confident that he had. He had no doubt watched as Imperial flags flew in the wind of his throne world and had basked in the self-importance of his position. It was the type of thing the megalomaniacal lunatic was like to do.

But now, Kuvira sat where he had once sat and watched as the banners of the First Order were being raised over the senate plaza.

As she watched. Kuvira's grip on the armrest of the chair tightened with resolve. Palpatine and her had been in the same position. But that would be all that they shared in common. Where he had failed and died. She would succeed.

That was the entire reason the First Order existed. Not to resurrect the Empire. But to improve upon it. Today had proven that this dream was being fulfilled.

As she stared out across the Coruscanti cityscape. She allowed a small note of sardonic satisfaction to creep into her being. The rebellion had let them go after Jakku. Confident that their new and glorious New Republic could not be threatened by a pathetic band of diehard loyalists and exiled fugitives.

But now the tables had turned.

They were no longer fugitives.

They were the rising power.

Somewhere in the Unknown Regions

Unknown - POV

In the far unknown reaches of the galaxy. On a desolate planet all but forgotten by the civilized galaxy. A voice was heard to ring out across the stars.

Channeled both through standard communication networks. Encrypted code messages that would be gibberish to anyone but their clandestine recipient. And direct holograms transmitted to those that waited in orbit on the strange world.

But even more then that. The voice was heard to echo across the entire galaxy through the Force itself. The message was designated to only be received by the chosen individuals who were marked to receive it. But the message could also be detected by those strongly attuned to the Force themselves.

But regardless of what method of communication one heard. From the advanced, or the archaic or the arcane. The message that they received was the same.

"The time has come, my faithful. Begin preparations."

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