Scrappy Doo VS. Daggett Beaver.


Daggett Beaver.

"Holy mud cow of giant poo. Look who I'm about to battle. Pain in the ass, Scrappy Doo! You're the worst character in history, Bro, You ain't cool. Even Mystery Inc. And You're own Uncle Scooby doesn't like You! They say You saved the show from cancelation Hard To Believe, But to me and everybody else you make us Heave!
I bet Hanna and Barbera were on drugs when they created you, But The fact is You just suck Scrappy Doo!

Scrappy Doo.

Stupid Daggwood Your just a little coward, I'm about unleash some Puppy Power! Between you an you're brother Norbert Your the loser of the Bunch! Now feel the taste of a Scooby Snack Crush! Norbert had a girlfriend, You can't even get laid. No girl beaver wants you. Not even if they were Paid! But even I had some weird luck with women, I once peed on Ms. Daphne Blake, And the size of the pee was as big as a Lake!

Daggett Beaver.

Big deal, So you once peed on a babe. I was half star of my show while you were last in sixth place. And without a trace, I bet you're own mother even ditch you
That's why she made you join the mystery team, She hated you so munch, She just had to blow off some Steam! And for God's sake Scrappy Whatever happen to
your two best friends? Annie and Duke. They dumped you because they found you were a kook! This is no joke pap, Poor little Scrappy is about to get Scrapped!

Scrappy Doo. While turning into a giant monster.

Look out Mr. Eager Beaver I'm about to Transformed! Since I sucked the souls of the people from Spooky Island. I'm about rule my own Scrap Land! With my all powerful army filled purple like demons, I'm so dam big now you just like a little semen.

Now Giant Scrappy Doo Picks Up Daggett With His Monster hand And Continues To Rap.

We could just could still battle like this for a Hour, But now It's time feel some real PUPPY POWER!