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Clint Barton had been having a pretty good day.

Firstly, Lila had drawn him a very nice picture of their family. Secondly, Nathan had finally thrown off the cold he'd had, and Cooper had hit his first home run. Admittedly, there were only two people playing, so it wasn't exactly impossible, but Clint was proud of him nonetheless.

And so when he got in the car to go and pick up some milk so Laura could make the kids milkshakes for desert, he thought that that would be good, too. And the trip there was fine. It was what happened on his way that was so bad.

The road that led from the town to his home was long and straight. It wasn't exactly the hardest thing to drive on. Clint didn't have to pay much attention as he drove along.

The sun had long since lowered into the horizon, plunging the world into semi-darkness. It was a moonless night, so Clint's headlights shown out against the dark.

Clint nearly jumped a foot in the air when he saw something moving on the side of the road.

It's just some animal, like a raccoon or a squirrel, Clint told himself as he continued to drive.

But the thing moved again, and as his headlights bathed it in light, Clint realized that it was not a squirrel. It was human.

Clint stopped the car and hopped out. Whoever this was couldn't possibly pose a threat, right? Clint may not have his bow, but he still was a highly trained assassin. He could take a random, possibly homeless person.

Clint pulled out his phone and called Laura. After two rings, she answered.

"Clint? What's wrong?" she asked. In the background, Clint could hear Lila ask, 'where's Daddy?' and he smiled slightly.

"Uh, I'm gonna be a little late."

"What? Why—Cooper, just a second, I'm on the phone."

"I'll explain when I get home," Clint answered, bending down to examine the seemingly unconscious person curled on the grass.

"Okay, but don't take too long." With that, Clint hung up.

The person before him was very thin and exceptionally dirty. There was a backpack (which was also quite dirty) beside him, and as Clint got a closer look, he came to the conclusion that this man—no, this boy—couldn't be any older that seventeen. And to make matters worse, there was a large bloody patch on his head and smaller, less fatal looking cuts littered the rest of his face. As Clint watched, a small spurt of blood poured out of the cut on his head. This kid wouldn't last long if he just stayed here.

Suddenly, something else came to mind. Tony had said something about a boy named—what was it? Pepper? No, that was his girlfriend. Peter! That was it. From what Clint could gather, this kid also happened to be Spider-Man, and hadn't been seen for about three months. Tony had vigorously searched for him, but was forced to come to the conclusion that he was gone.

Clint dialed Tony's number, hoping beyond hope that he picked up. He couldn't just leave this kid here, but couldn't exactly justify bringing a random kid home because he thought Tony might know him.

"C'mon, Tony," Clint whispered, watching as another burst of blood poured from the kid's head.

Finally, on the last ring, Tony picked up.

"Clint? What do you want?" Tony sounded as if he may have been sleeping.

"Tony, it's your lucky day."

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