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Chapter 11

Hurts… hurts… hurts

My head was throbbing, and I was so tired I could hardly even think. I wanted to stay awake, I wanted to go back to Tony, I didn't want to return to the bottom of the pool.

But I was so tired.

Before I could even tell it had happened, I slid back under the water.

When I woke again, someone was brushing hair off my forehead reassuringly. It only took me a few moments to recognize Tony's calloused hands.

"Hey, buddy. I need you to wake up, okay?"

Words… words are too loud. Silence… silence is good. Silence is bliss. Can't Tony understand that?

"Mmm…" I mumbled inaudibly. I rolled onto my side and instantly regretted it as pain in my shoulder spiked. My eyes shot open and I gasped for breath.

For a moment Tony looked surprised but quickly came to his senses and started rubbing my back as I tried to get breath back into my lungs.