I an soooooo sorry the delay, it's hard to find motivation and I have been getting in to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. But I promise that I will try to continue this series as best as I can.

Prompt: Protective

Robin had very little things to love as she was growing up. She only had Saul and the archeologists at the Tree of Knowledge was all that she had until that horrible day when the Buster Call happened. Being on the run from the World Government for 20 years made it hard for her to trust anyone, let alone, love. That was the case until she crossed paths with the Straw Hats. They were the only people who made her feel this wonderful warmth of friendship and family, something she never thought possible. It only grew even more when they came to rescue her at Enies Lobby and declared war on the World Government, even after betraying them. After that, she never wanted to let go of her friend, no, her family ever again, especially her beloved captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

At first, she was only interested in him because he had that the mysterious initial D in his middle name like Gold Roger and her old friend. But her interest grew when he saved her in the collapsing catacombs. Before she knew it, her interest turned in to respect and friendship, than that turned into love. She was surprised that she fell for her younger and less mature(at times) captain. She was also scared of these feelings as she never experienced them before and so strongly, sure she dated a few men at times but only to get what she wanted.

So it brought her heart great relief, when at Luffy, blunt as always, said that he liked liked her. Robin couldn't help but laugh out loud and then kissing him, giving him her answer and the rest was history. The whole crew was surprised that they worked together as a couple so well. They were polar opposites, he was light to her dark, he was loud as she is quiet. But they compliment each other so well. She reigned him in and made him more patient while he taught her to be more open and adventurous.

Robin never expected to be protective of him so much. Either it be in a fight between rival pirates or the Marines to when Nami or anyone else on the crew hits him for whatever reason . She was shocked to how she wanted to break and kill anyone who hurts him whatever their reason being(not Chopper though, never Chopper). She knows he can handle himself bur she couldn't help it. He was her sunlight and she wasn't keen on sharing him. It only grew worse when they were separated at Sabaody and what happened at the war. Robin was horrified at what happened to Ace and how close her captain was to share the same fate. She wanted to hunt down both Blackbeard and Akainu and make them suffer, slowly. She nearly collapsed with relief when she saw his message to wait and train for 2 years. The first thing she did after reuniting with him was kiss the life out of him and drag him to somewhere private to… celebrate. After training with the Revolutionary Army for two years, she was confident that she(and the others) will protect their sunlight and their dreams.

Again so sorry for the year long hiatus. Will plan on making more updates often. Also, look forward to new stories in the future like:

A Jojo's Bizarre Adventure story which is mostly an AU of Eyes of Heaven with family interaction being the main focus and the the first JoJo, Jonathan Joestar

Super Mario with a OC x Rosalina and a possible Luigi one too with Daisy

Star Wars with OC Revan and Bastila… that's it really, need to think of more maybe a AU

OC x Zatanna and OC x Harley Quinn in either Justice League or Young Justice or even in DC Superhero Girls

Naruto with Male OC raising Naruto, Paring: Naruto x Hinata

Ducktales OC Father of triplet Duck Brothers

Big Bad Wolf x Red Riding Hood, maybe

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