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Cassie Drake-Amateur archaeologist and Daughter of Nathan Drake

Derek Lowell-Cassie's best friend and sidekick

Omaria Al-Bashir-An Egyptologist

Kamille Al-Bashir-The cousin of Omaria

Niko Lowell-The cousin of Derek.

Overlord-An organization who is hellbent on world domination and the most dangerous enemies ever encountered in the series.

Farid Zaman-An Overlord lieutenant with a fierce determination to achieve destiny.

Hamed Najam-An Overlord scientist and non-commissioned officer with excellent historical knowledge.

Extended Summary

One year after their adventure in Bosnia, Cassie and Derek are now in for a globe-trotting experience. It is said in Egypt lies the lost tomb of an ancient ruler and whoever finds it is promised power. Cassie and Derek are intrigued, and so is a violent organization who have proved to be Cassie and Derek's most ruthless foes. Can Cassie and Derek beat the most dangerous enemies the Drakes have ever faced to the lost tomb of an ancient ruler?

All strange and terrible events are welcome, but comforts we despise.


April 2036

Cairo, Egypt

Dressed in a pair of khaki pants with leather brown boots and a white henny, Cassie walked with her friend as she walked up the steps and onto the balcony overlooking a beautiful view of the great city of Cairo.

"Cassie Drake, welcome back to my homeland Egypt," Omaria Al-Bashir said gratefully with a lot of energy in her voice.

Cassie held up a glass of water in her hand as she patted her dark haired friend on the back proudly. "You know me Omaira, I am always game to come to your beautiful country," the young blonde adventurer said. "I mean, we have a couple days off from college and why not spend it with my Egyptologist friend that I have not seen in two years?"

Cassie Drake turned around to see her best friend Derek Lowell walk up the stairs and onto the balcony with Omaria's cousin named Kamille. "Actually, we came here to do some digging in the Great Pyramid of Giza," Derek says, spilling the beans on why they were actually here. It's not that they didn't want to see Omaria, it was that they did not come for her specifically. A partial lie because back in college, Cassie and Derek were debating on what countries to go archaeology-ing and they picked Egypt because their friend was there and she happened to be an Egyptologist. So yeah, they did come to Egypt to see her kinda.

Omaria was not complaining because she knew them and she shouldn't have expected anything less.

"Okay, what Derek said about us coming to excavate at the pyramid was technically true, but we chose this place because we haven't been here in awhile," Cassie explains, hoping that her friend would understand what she did.

Omaria leans back and smiles as she spreads her arms open like a hawk. "Hey, I understand. Remember when I came to the United States and we found that tomb in Texas? Well, I didn't come to the United States for you, I came so I can do some digging."

"Trying to be a graverobber again Omaria? We haven't dealt with graverobbers in a long time." Cassie reassures, but she hasn't forgotten what happened to her in Bosnia nine months ago. Every time she thought of that incident, she felt as if her heart drinks two sizes every two Christmases. Nine months ago is water under the bridge or water in the dam. "Besides, those jewels and idols we found proved that the Aztecs did settle in the Southern United States for a short period of time. Plus, I'm eager to see what is in the Great Pyramid of Giza; if there is anything that the Drakes can't find, it's nothing. There is nothing the Drakes can't find." She then heard the Australian accent come to her that pops up from time to time. It was something she acquired from spending long periods with her aunt Chloe when she was a kid. She was just glad that she was the only one who heard it.

"Don't get cocky Drake," Omaria says as she slaps her against the American's stomach playfully. "Let's not forget what kind of trouble we attracted when we found those Aztec artifacts."

Cassie walked away from the dark haired Egyptian and went to go sit down in a chair overlooking the view of Cairo. Derek sat in a chair beside her and took a sip of his water to relieve himself of the face melting heat he felt. Omaria sat in a chair across from the two and pulled out a pack of Pall Malls. The green pack, the menthol Pall Malls. She took a single one, tapped the butt against the back of her hand before she puts it in her mouth and motions for Kamille to light it for her.

Cassie and Derek were slightly uncomfortable with Omaria blowing smoke in their face while they were trying to drink some water and gaze at the scenery of her beautiful homeland. Cassie just took a long sip of water, but the smoke caught her nose. Smoking, where have I seen this before?

At least it's not cigars, the reeking odor, Derek thought as he turned his head to his far right, his head almost looked like it was going to twist all the way around like an owl.

"So anyways, since you guys are going to be staying here for a while…" Omaria took the cigarette from her mouth and gave a relief puff. "You are more than welcome to sleep in the guest room. There are about two beds in there and I clean them twice a month at least." She reinserts the cigarette, tasting the minty flavor and smiling. She picks up on the smoking bothering the two Americans because one of them was chugging their water like a fish and the other was trying to turn his head all the way around like on The Exorcist.

She took the cigarette between her index and middle finger and removes it from her mouth. She puffs out an air of smoke and asks them if they were uncomfortable with her smoking in front of them.

Cassie finally stopped chugging her water to answer her as honestly as possible. "Yes, those Pall Malls, especially the green pack is supposed to have a minty smell-I have never smoked before-and I smell nothing minty in the smoke." She had memories of smelling that awful cigar from her grandfather.

Omaria nodded as if she understood them, but she didn't. These were her Pall Malls that she smoked at least twice a week and she paid a lot of good money for them. She was not going to let her American friends ruin her moment. "Well, then you might as well get used to that smell because I'm going to be smoking until this little guy is nothing but a butt."

Cassie knew how stubborn her friend was and she shouldn't have expected anything less. She began wondering why she even put up a fight in the first place. But Omaria did have a point; she paid money for something so she might as well get her money's worth. "Okay then," she says, raising her hand without the glass in it. "I understand and I am sorry if I offended you. I just am not used to that cigarette smell." She wanted to say more, but the look on Omaria's face looked reminded Cassie of a wolf about to close in on its prey and kill it instantly.

"So…" Derek says awkwardly as he stares at a tiny international plane in the distance as it touches down at the international airport. "When is the earliest that we can actually explore the Giza pyramid?" He loses interest in watching the plane and figuring that Omaria didn't have her smoke in her mouth, turned to face her and was satisfied that she wasn't smoking. It was in between her fingers and the smoke was blowing in the opposite direction.

"Two days from now," Omaria answers. "The lead excavator at the site-Farid-says that it is closed to the public and anyone entering and exiting must have proper authorization. Right now, they are bringing in a crane from Cairo to Giza and it should be a two-day job and they prohibit people from entering prematurely; graverobbers is what they fear."

Cassie put her glass of water at her feet and laced her hands together to lean forward. "Your people sound extremely paranoid. But I guess nowadays you can't be too careful, I of all people should know. My Dad of all people should know this because of all his 'occupational hazardous' adventures he went on." Now Cassie remembered how her father went to Egypt with Sully and Sully's goddaughter Jadranka "Jada" Hzujak to look for a labyrinth. She hasn't seen Jada in a long time and she actually missed her. Since she was Sully's goddaughter and Nate was like Sully's son, that would make them brother and sister so Jada would be Cassie's 'aunt'.

Cassie's seals her eyes shut and lets her head fall forward while she smiles to herself. I come from a completely unconventional family. "Okay then," she says as she snaps her head up to look at Omaria. "Today is Wednesday so we should be going to that Giza pyramid on Friday. From me and Derek's experience, we should bring weapons with us and climbing equipment."

"I agree," Derek agrees. "After what happened to me nine months ago; breaking my leg and spending six weeks in a leg cast, don't want history to repeat itself. No fricking way."

"I tried talking to Farid and he seemed adamant on wanting to keep weapons as far away from the excavation site as possible. Apparently, the workers are not used to guns and he wants them to respect him and not fear him. Plus, people walking in with guns would be totally suspicious-like and we would most likely be accused of suspected grave robbing or in extreme cases, terrorism. So bringing guns is not a good idea." She takes another puff as Cassie turns to Derek.

"We are not grave robbing or committing any acts of terrorism, but awrigh. What do you think? You think we can manage without any guns?"

Derek shrugged. "So far, all we've ever needed was a grappling hook and a climbing piton. I'm not complaining because we are alive and we survive every breathtaking situation an adventure throws at us so of course, we need guns. We're gonna have to smuggle them in."

"Do they do strip searches? If they do, I know one place that we can hide them on Derek."

"Up yours too Cassie," Derek retorts.

Cassie chuckled, amused at what he said. "No, up your idiot. You're an asshole, which means we can shove a whole shoe up your ass and you will still have enough room for a rocket launcher."

"Of course, we can shove them up your-"

"Guys!" Omaria cuts off before any more could be said. "We can of course just go without guns. Plus, getting caught with a gun here without a permit and you guys have no permit, means life imprisonment for terrorism and that also means that no parole is possible because here in Egypt, a life sentence is a death sentence because no parole and getting out is life imprisonment here."

Now Cassie and Derek were both taken aback by this and they both quickly decided not to go with guns while they are here. Omaria was native to this country and Cassie and Derek weren't. They were like blind people who were expected to know where the light switch was in a house that wasn't theirs.

Cassie raised her hands up, showing both of her palms to Omaria before clenching her jaw. "Okay then. So I guess we can manage without some guns. Derek, you intelligere?"

Derek spat back at her in Latin.

Now it was like a rap battle in a foreign language.

I don't have time for this, Omaria thinks as she finishes her smoke and throws the butt off the balcony. She and Kamille let Cassie and Derek hash it out while they went to go get some leftover cake in the fridge. I wonder if Cassie and Derek will like strawberry shortcake? She took one last look at them who were still bickering in Latin. You two deserve each other.

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