Natsu, Happy, and the Moving Castle

A Fairy Tail x Howl's Moving Castle Crossover

(Set shortly after Natsu and Happy leave Tenrou Island)

I do not own Fairy Tail OR Howl's Moving Castle

Chapter 1 Arriving at Market Chipping

It had been almost a whole week since Natsu and Happy went to pay their respects at Tenrou Island. After defeating the Demons from the Book of Zeref, Natsu had resolved to go out and get stronger. Strong enough so that he would be able to protect everyone, as well as eventually slay the Black Dragon, Acnologia. The plan was that he and Happy would both travel the lands, getting in some training, as well as taking in the sights, and then return to the guild after one year's time. The only problem was that along the way, they eventually became lost. As they trekked across the grassy plains, Happy couldn't help but reflect on their situation.

"We're LOST"! Happy exclaimed, "I can't believe this! How could you go and let this happen"?! "Hey, who's the one leading the way"?! Natsu shot back, "Cause it ain't me"! "You should take responsibility for your actions, Mister", Happy said, crossing his arms, "For once". "How is this MY fault?! You're the one who was steering the boat while I was busy losing my lunch"! Natsu said, thinking back to the arduous boat ride that inevitably caused his motion sickness to flare up.

Before Happy could to retort, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He turned around and saw a large column of smoke rising up from behind one of the mountains in front of them.

"Whoa look at that"! Happy exclaimed, pointing it out.

Natsu looked in the direction where Happy was pointing. As soon as he saw the smoke, a smile stretched across his face.

"Hey! If there's smoke, that means there's gotta be people nearby"! Natsu said elatedly, "Which means there's probably a town on the other side! Happy, fly up and see"! "Aye sir"! Happy said.

Without hesitation, Happy quickly spread his wings and flew up into the sky. As soon as he was about a mile off the ground, he was happily surprised to find a small town hiding behind the mountains. There were some buildings with large smoke stacks that emitted clouds of black smoke. There was even a set of tracks, with a train that was just starting to pull into the station. There were plenty of shops and stores and plenty of people out on the street too.

After he was done surveying the area, he flew back down to Natsu.

"You were right Natsu", Happy said gleefully, "There IS a town on the other side! It's got lots of people and stores and….".

Happy stopped as he noticed something that immediately troubled him.

"What is it? What's wrong"? Natsu asked. "Your scarf", Happy said in a low voice.

Natsu looked down and frowned as he saw that his treasured scarf, the only thing left of his father, the Fire Dragon King Igneel, was torn in several places. He could only surmise that it happened when he scared away those bandits that tried taking their fish. The young mage bit his lip as he tried to fight back the tears.

"Dammit….", he cursed under his breath.

Happy frowned as he watched Natsu's brave front. He was there when Igneel died and was saddened by his friends' loss. After they had left Magnolia, it seemed like Natsu was slowly beginning to recovery. But now, it seemed as if the cracks in his supposedly hardened resolve were finally showing.

"Hey, we can get it fixed while we're in town", Happy suggested, "How much money we got left"?

Natsu quickly snapped out of his depression and dug around in his pockets. After those had been emptied, he searched through his bag for any loose change or bills. As soon as all the cash had been found, Natsu quickly counted it all out.

"Okay, from what I found in my pockets, the bag, AND our emergency fund, we've got a grand total of….500 Jewel", Natsu said, his tone quickly changing to from hyped to disappointed. "Wow, we couldn't even by a day's worth of supply with that kind of cash. Oh! But I'm sure there's a cheap seamstress or something that'll do it for half that price"! Happy said, quickly realizing his mistake. "You think"? Natsu said, quickly regaining his composure. "Sure! We just have to look around"! Happy said optimistically. "Alright, I'm all fired up now"! Natsu said, pounding a fist against his palm.

To be perfectly honest, Happy wasn't entirely sure if that would be enough, or even if there was anybody in town who could fix Natsu's scarf for such a small price. Nevertheless, he knew how important it was to Natsu. So for the time being, he kept his doubts to himself.

After a trek over the mountains that felt as if it took forever, the two Fairy Tail friends made it to the little town. Upon arrival, they learned that the town was called Market Chipping. The entire town was vibrant and lively, much like Magnolia was. There were plenty of shops and locations for many people, whether locals or tourists, to choose from.

Almost immediately, Natsu and Happy began asking around if there was any place in town that could fix scarves. They eventually kept getting the same answer, that the only town that could mend and repair any bit of clothing was the local Hat Shop. With no other option, they asked for directions from the last person they questioned. Following the directions given, they soon came upon a small store front with a sign that said "Hatter's" all in gold writing, hanging up above the door. Above the sign was a picture of a sun hat with a bow.

Meanwhile, in a room somewhere inside the shop, a young brown haired woman was putting the finishing touches on the hat she was working on. She wore a green dress, brown boots, a white apron, and her long brown hair was braided into a ponytail that was held together by two lavender ribbons. Her name was Sophie, and even though it seemed like she was just an ordinary girl, her life was about to take an unexpected turn. And it all started with someone shouting from the other room.

"Hey! Sir, you aren't allowed back there"!

Sophie turned her attention to the sewing room's doorway to see a young man about her age standing there. He had pink hair and wore a open-collared, one-sleeved long black overcoat with gold trimming that was held together by a brown leather belt, a black band on his right wrist, white knee-length trousers with black ribbon ties, and black open-toed sandals.

He held up his right hand to reveal a white scale patterned scarf folded up neatly. It was torn in a few places and a couple of the tassels were missing.

"I heard that this is the only place in town where I could get this fixed", he said, "Is that true"?

"Well", Sophie began hesitantly. "I've got money", the man said, digging around in his pocket.

He then produced a small pouch full of coins.

"I'm sorry sir, but this is a hat shop", Sophie said, "We don't really do any other items of clothing". "Please"! He exclaimed, bowing his head, "This scarf means more to me than you know".

Sophie tilted her head, surprised by desperation in his voice.

"It was the last thing that my father gave me before….".

The young man stopped as he attempted to fight back a sob that was building in his throat. Even though he didn't finish his sentence, Sophie knew almost immediately what he was going to say. She felt sorry for him, because she also knew what it was like to lose one's father. She was then shocked and surprised a little blue cat appeared from behind the man.

"Please"? Asked the cat, "Neither one of us knows how to sew and there's no one else in town. We'd really appreciate it".

Letting out a long and heavy sigh, Sophie knew she could no longer deny their request for help. So, she got up from her stool and went over to him.

"Alright", she said, "I suppose since you asked so nicely, I'll go ahead and fix it for you". "HOORAY"! Cheered the man and the cat.

Sophie was a bit surprised by their sudden change in attitude. No one she had ever met went from sad to happy that fast. Either way, it was for the best. She never liked working in a gloomy environment. The man then handed his scarf to Sophie, who set it down on the desk as she went to fetch some white thread.

"So, if you don't mind my asking, what are your names"? Sophie asked as she threaded the needle. "I'm Natsu Dragneel", the man said, puffing up his chest with pride. "My name's Happy", the cat said waving hello, "What's your name"? "Sophie", she answered with a small smile, "It's a pleasure to meet you both".