Hello! I'm Raven, because of my code name. I hope you like it!

Raven: "Today we are going to react to, drumroll please, Water guns! We're going to have a water fight!"

Sophie: "You have to be kidding me!"

Dex: "What are water guns?"

Raven: "Well, water guns are guns, plastic guns, that when you fill the water guns up, you pull the trigger, and water comes shooting out."

Keefe: "You are so on!"

Raven: "I didn't challenge you. Oh well. Sophie, are you okay?" *looks over to where Sophie is really pale, sitting next to Fitz.*

Fitz: "She should be okay."

Biana: "Do we have to put on swimsuits?"

Raven: "Well, unless you want to go home, soaking wet, yes."

Linh: "Can I use my ability instead of a water gun?"

Tam: "Seriously? That wouldn't be fun."

Little while later,

Biana: "I don't like this swimsuit."

Tam: "You look good in everything,"

Raven: "Wait, what?" *Tam and Biana both blushing*

Keefe: "Why is there always mushy parts with them? I want mushy parts too."

Raven: "Well, too bad for you, Keefe. I don't ship you with anyone."

Keefe: "Humph!" *pouting*

Sophie: "Fitz? Could you not shoot me?"

Fitz: "Oh alright."

Sophie: "Linh? Could you not shoot me?"

Linh: "Sure."

Sophie: "Tam? Could you not shoot me?"

Tam: "Okay,"

Sophie: "Biana? Could you not shoot me?"

Biana: "Okay, that's fine."

Sophie: "Keefe? Could you not shoot me?"

Keefe: "Hum? Oh, okay."

Sophie: "Dex? Could you not shoot me?"

Dex: "Sure….."

Sophie: "Raven? Could not shoot me?"

Raven: "Never! I will always be prepared to shoot you!"

Sophie: "Aww…. Oh, okay, are we going to start anytime soon?"

Raven: "Yup. Now!"

Everyone (except Raven and Sophie): "Ahhhhh!" *as Sophie attacks everyone with her watergun*

Raven: "What did I tell you? That's why I didn't agree to her question." *crackles evilly*

Fitz: *soaking wet* *chasing after Sophie* "Ahhh! I will get revenge! You just acted scared!"

Dex: "Wait a second. HOW DARE YOU!" *starts chasing Sophie*

Tam: "Biana! Please stop it! I'm getting soaked!"

Biana: *tucks a wet strand of hair behind her hair sweetly* "I'm soaked too! And it's your fault!" *she tackles Tam onto the wet grass, blushes when she realizes her lips are very close to his and jumps off him and offers him a hand up*

Sophie: "Oof!" * she slips and Fitz trips on her * "Ouch!"

Fitz: "Hey! Sophie! You are going down!"

Sophie: "To bad you're going down first!" *she shoved him with her body*

Raven: *holds hands up* "Okay! Anyone want to go have some birthday cake for my birthday?"

Everyone: "Yayyy!"