Okay. I knowwwwwwwww! I am so incredibly sorry that I literally have not updated this story for like 9 months? Is that how long it's been. Oh gosh.

I published this story at the age of 9, when I wasn't even supposed to be on this site. I had been reading fanfiction for a while and I told my dad, "I want to do that!" So we made an account and I published a few stories. Six Hearts I Love the Most, Keeper React, and Christmas with Percabeth. I had so much more time when I was that age, and so I was able to update every so often, unlike now.

I've been so surprised to see that some of you have still been enjoying this story even though I have been terrible at updating. And I am so sorry for that but I am so busy. I honestly love writing but I don't have enough time for it.

I have gotten many suggestions/requests about new reacts and what I should do next for these reacts. I think that the best option for this story is to put it on temporary hiatus. Before I do so, I will be writing and posting the suggestions/requests for new reacts. If there are more suggestions or requests, they will be considered and I may or may not post a react about that topic.

But if I do have some sort of inspiration for a new react, I will write it and post it. Other than that, this story will heavily rely on suggestions by the readers of this story.

I thank you for understanding (if you do),

Keeper :)

Merry late Christmas!