Double Date.

Kevin McCormick was looking for his brother Kenny, As he knew that he and his brother both had a double date tonight at Whistling Willy's Pizza.
Kevin's girlfriend Shelly Marsh. Wanted to hook her friend up with a date, So Kevin suggested his younger brother Kenny.

As The McCormick brothers were now walking to Whistling Willy's and talking on the street. Kenny asked his brother about who is date was?

"So Kevin, Who is this sexy blond that Shelly hooked me up with tonight? Is she big boobie kind of a girl?"

Kevin told him.

"Well sort of, She is a blond, And she also wears orange like you do."

Kenny then said, while he was getting a condom from out of his jacket pocket.

"But The real question is...Is She Fuckable?!"

Kevin then says to him, Before they both went inside.

"Dude, Put that thing Away! Just get to know her before you start getting turned on."

Meanwhile...Shelly Marsh and her friend Jessica Pinkerton. Were also heading to Whistling Willy's. Jessica was asking Shelly about who her date was tonight?

Jessica said.

"So tell more about Kevin's brother, What is he like?"

She then says to her.

"Well, He has blond hair just like you, And he wears a orange parker."

Jessica then replied.

"Shit! He wears orange too. But what else does he like?"

She then told her.

"I heard he was a sex addict."

Suddenly, Jessica stopped and said.

"You mean he's a pervert who's into freaky sex?!"

Shelly Now tells her.

"Yep, He's a Freak!"

As Jessica started to walk again, And almost going inside of Whistling Willy's. She then told her.

"All right, But he better at least have manners."

As Shelly and Jessica now go inside, They see Kevin and Kenny at the table near the arcade games. Kenny who was now staring at Jessica, said to his brother.

"Hey, She is quite a looker! I would tap that ass All Night Long!"

Suddenly, Shelly and Jessica had now joined the boys and after Kevin gives Shelly a French Kiss, She then introduce Jessica to Kenny!

Jess, This is Kevin's brother Kenny McCormick."

As she was now staring at his face and body, Jessica was suddenly finding Kenny attractive! But she tried to avoid it and took a seat at the table.
And as Whistling Willy himself delivered there pizza. The four kids were all talking about their personal lives.

Jessica was telling Kenny about her old school Greeley High School.

"Man, I hated that fucking Place! It was a poor stupid place to Go!"

Kenny said.

"Well, South Park High wasn't all good ether."

Kevin said.

"Thank God, That I quick that place."

Shelly, told him.

"Yeah, We weren't going to do nothing with our lives anyway."

Kenny was now asking Jessica.

"So how long did you moved from Greeley to South Park?"

She told him, While she drunk that her Root Beer.

"Since last month, My family wanted to move to where all the snow was, And I told them about South Park."

Shelly, After eating down her pizza slice, said.

"I knew Jessica on FaceBook For a while. And I also told her to move down here so we could be closer."

Jessica then says, Before she and Shelly gave each other a high five.

"Oh Yeah! That's Right Girlfriend!"

Suddenly, Kenny then says to the others.

"Say, After this do you guys want to see a movie?"

Kevin said to him.

"I was thinking of seeing the new Adam Sandler film."

Shelly went.

"Why not, Lets keep the date a little longer."

Jessica, After wiping off her chin with a white napkin said.

Yeah, Lets go and see that movie. Even though I heard it was awful."

Suddenly, Kenny said before standing up.

"Well, It's a Adam Sandler movie What did you expect."

So later that night, The four kids all went to see that movie. While Kenny was sitting next to Jessica and trying to put his arm around her.
she then turns around and had seen him trying to put the moves on her, And she said to him.

"Oh, You think your so smooth huh, I heard the stories about you Kenny."

As he was now moving his arm back to his direction, He says to her.

"You mean that I'm into freaky sex, Well I can't help myself I'm a guy you know."

Suddenly, a man from behind there seats was shushing them to be quiet.

He quietly shouted out to them.

"Shut Up!"

Suddenly, Jessica from up front told him in a whisper.

"You mind your own business Shithead!"

Kenny replied.


As Kenny and Jessica continued to talk to each other.

Jessica told him.

"Out of curiosity, How many girls have you slept with?"

He told her.

"There's so many to name, I probably would guess sixty nine!...Get It!"

Just then, The man from right behind them again, kept telling them to Shush! But Jessica was now getting irritated and she told him.

"Dude! This movies blows chunks anyway. We'll be quite in a second!"

Kenny then tells her.

"I never seen you so fired up like that, That also turns me on."

She said while before drinking down her soda pop.

"I could get bitchy sometimes, You don't want to fuck with me."

Just then, The man from behind them kept shushing them. And Jessica decided to punch him in the face! Everybody in the theater was Shocked!
After he knocked him the hell out, She then tells Kenny also before breaking her knuckles.

"You see what I mean."

Keeny then went "Gulp."

After the movie was over. The kids decided to go to Kenny's house just to play some cards.

Now back at The McCormick's house, Kevin and Kenny were playing cards with Shelly and Jessica. The radio was on and loco South Park DJ. Casey Miller
was on the radio right before playing the number one hit song. He says on the microphone.

"Now here's the number one hit of the week, And before I play this, I just want to remind you to keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for
the South Park Stars! And now here's the hit song of the week!"

The song that is now playing on the radio is "If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right, By Luther Ingram"

As all four kids were all listening to the song. And looking at each other very carefully. Kevin said to the bunch.

"Isn't that an old song?"

Shelly told him.

"Yeah, I think It's from the seventies or something?"

As Kenny and Jessica both took their shoes off while playing cards, The music was getting Jessica a little steamy and sweaty. She started to play
footsie with Kenny's foot and he begin to enjoy It. As the lyrics strated to pour in, And hearing them "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right!"
Kenny then moved his right foot on Jessica's left. She was having a soft orgas but without saying a word.

As Kevin and Shelly begin to look at each other while the song was still playing. Also having sexual feelings for each other. They both were also
about to play footsie as well, But then all of a sudden...Kenny stands up from the kitchen table and says to the others.

"OOH! I think I'm getting tired, I better go to bed."

Suddenly, Jessica quickly stands up and says.

"Say Kenny, Could I see your room for a couple of minutes?"

Kenny then shouted out.


To Be Continued.