As Both Kenny and Jessica quickly ran to Kenny's bedroom, Kevin and Shelly who were both sitting at the table. Looked at each other with a little shockness.
While Jessica and Kenny were French kissing each other, And Kenny taking off his orange parka in the room. And Jessica lying on his bed.

Meanwhile, In the living room. Kevin and Shelly were watching a episode of Friends. And while she was still staring at the television screen.
she still coulden't believe what Jessica and Kenny were doing The Dirty Deed in Kenny's room, As she said to the screen.

"How did your brother made her so horny like that?"

Kevin replied while he was now trying to his arm around her shoulder.

"I guess he's just has that appeal on her, But enough about them could we make out some?"

Shelly said.

"I know, We haven't done that in a while but I just wanted to take things extra slow."

Meanwhile In Kenny's bedroom. He and Jessica were both talking while she sat on the bed and he stood next to her.

She said.

"Oh Kenny, I want to do something freaky with You!...I love it when a man does impressions that turns me On!"

He replied.

"You want me to do Impressions?...okay."

Jessica while taking off her shirt and her pants told him.

"Can you do...Casey Miller?"

Kenny replied.

"You mean the kid with a smooth voice that we just heard on the radio."

Jessica who was now reaching down near his pelvis area, Said.

"Yes!, Please Do Casey Miller!"

Meanwhile, Kevin and Shelly were making out on the couch, And while the two were getting aroused. Shelly then suggested that they should
have sex. But at first she says while she got up from the sofa and took of her button up shirt.

"Oh Kevin, Do you have a condom? I don't want to get pregnant or have Aids."

Suddenly, Kevin knew that his younger brother had a couple in his pockets. So as he got up he told her right before he left the sofa.

"Wait!...I'll Be Right Back!"

Meanwhile in the bedroom, Kenny who was doing Casey Miller's voice.

"Hello I'm Casey Miller, Today we got a very hot song for us to Enjoy! It's about a blond girl and her Hot Ass!"

As Kenny was now kissing her all over her body, She said with Excitement!

"Oh Casey! Play The Song Baby!"

Suddenly, Kevin who was right about to knock on the door, Hears Kenny doing that voice and he begins to laugh.

Jessica, Who was now taking off her socks then wanted Kenny to do a Steve Irwin impression.

"Now do The Crocodile Hunter! Do an Australian accent!"

Now Kenny was talking like the late Steve Irwin, doing his voice.

"Crocky! And today me lads, Were going to search for the rear and most feistiest animal of all. THE PUSSY WILLOW!

Jessica then begins to laugh out loud.

Meanwhile, Kevin quickly sat right back on the couch with Shelly, And as begins to chuckle. Shelly was wondering what was so dam funny?

He then tells her.

"Kenny was talking like Casey Miller from the radio, Because Jessica told him that gets her Hot!"

Shelly then said.

"You got to be kidding me, And here I just thought she was the toughest girl in school besides me."

Suddenly, She then gets out her cellphone and calls Jessica to see if her phone was with her. as she called...With her phone being on Kenny's dresser and right near his bed. Jessica while she was lying on his bed now just wearing a black teddie. And Kenny only wearing white zebra underware. He was still talking like Steve Irwin.

He says while he had his face in her cleavage.

"Blimey! Here are the two Bushes that The Pussy Willow usally Hides Around In!"

And as he was now kissing her down to her pelvis area, He quickly shouts out.

"Good News Mate! I Think I Found It!"

And while Jessica's phone started to ring, She wasn't really paying attention because she was still letting Kenny go down on her. And she screamed out.

"OOH! I Think You Found It!"

Kenny who raised his head up, quickly said in his Australian accent.

"From The Land Down Under!"

Jessica who now hears her phone ring, then heads to the dresser picks it up and answers it.

To Be Continued.