Cara looked at Dahlia. Something in Dahlia's eyes, maybe just a reflection of the moonlight, caught her attention. What did Dahlia care anyway? She was sure Dahlia was still influenced by the spirit of Rahl. Could she trust her? Even we were once so good friends... But still she felt perplexed. They would now be alone for some time before the others would head back, in the middle of a forest, with the late evening light through the trees. Wow, sisters of the Agiel back together, Cara smiled to herself but the thought had a bitter tone.

Cara had noticed that Dahlia shivered almost imperceptibly just before she lowered her eyes when Cara had looked at her. This was something different. What does she really want? Dahlia does have beautiful eyes, Cara had to admit to herself, and a great body of a trained Mord-Sith. Another one with equally beautiful eyes and wonderful smile is… No! Cara shook her head strongly to prevent these thoughts to surface. And what's with Dahlia and Rahl is what she didn't understand, and...

- Cara...

The soft voice of Dahlia interrupted Cara's inner monologue. The moonlight played on Dahlia's face. She was already too close to her and she knew it was too late, desperately too late. Passion, amplified by the past, imposed its sweet toll. Dahlia stepped forward - or was it Cara who pulled Dahlia toward her, she didn't know anymore. Dahlia leaned forward, their bodies touching, this was the final frontier, the line of no going back. She pressed her lips on her, the lips of which she had dreamed ever since they met.

Dahlia felt Cara's warmth and passion. Sweet, amazing Cara, so tough but also so soft, so woman. But just before their lips had touched Cara had smiled another smile, the smile whose meaning only she would know. And still she couldn't resist. They let themselves go. The feeling of this first kiss in the forest was so intense that Cara forgot the dangers she was playing with. With eyes half closed they continued to kiss, their bodies mirroring each other's movement in the darkening light of the forest.

When Cara woke up, she discovered that Dahlia had left. She knew the thoughts that would soon follow, but preferred to savor the moment. Feeling the sweet burn on her lips and her world turned again to a new direction, she realized that whatever will come, this is just the beginning.