I don't know when it was that I first realized it, but from a very young age, it was very clear to me. Everyone only wanted to be my friend because of what I could do for them. I suppose, looking back, it was only natural. I mean, how could a person not look at the mayor's daughter and not be jealous? To want a piece of what she has?

Still, I hated them for it.

Sure, I know how cruel I am. I know everyone sees me as a simple spoiled brat. None of them know me. They never will. I can't afford to let anyone in. My cruelty is my wall to keep everyone away, so no one can use me. To protect myself from getting hurt.

Even Sabrina. She was never truly my friend. She wanted what I had, and tried to use me to get close to that kind of life. I wanted to block her out like everyone else, but the teacher chose that time to express concern about my lack of friends. Like she would have ever understood. So I became 'best friends' with Sabrina. She was always smarter than I was, so I used her, in exchange for her using me. Over time, I grew fond of her, but I always knew we weren't real friends, and I think she did, too.

There is only one person who I want to let in. Adrien Agreste. We've know each other since we were small. Even in all my cruelty, I could never be cruel to him. He's the only person who, despite my actions, has always offered me a smile, and has always been kind to me. I suppose he understands why I am the way I am. After all, his family was rich and powerful, too. He would probably have ended up just like me if it wasn't for his sweetheart of a mother.

I want to be more than friends with Adrien. But I don't think I will. Even I can't deny how perfect Adrien and Marinette are together.

Marinette Dupian-Cheng. I've always been especially cruel to her. Everyone thinks I hate her, and for the longest time, I convinced myself it was true.

The truth is, I wish I was her.

She has everything. Sure, she may not be rich, but money doesn't buy happiness. Being rich has a way of rubbing that in your face. She has two loving and supportive parents who always try to stay involved, while my parents never have time for me. My father is too busy with his mayoral duties, and tries to make up for it by giving me anything I want. My mother is never around, and hates it when anyone bothers her. Marinette is kind, compassionate, and generous. Everyone looks up to her. She's never hid behind a wall of cruelty. Not like I have, and and now I am hated by everyone around me.

The price of my wall was loneliness. No one knows the true me. Looking back now, I know it's too late for anyone to ever know the true me. I pushed everyone away so hard that now no one will come near me anymore.

That is the price of cruelty.

I will forever be alone.

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for reading!

This idea has been running through my head for a while now, and Chloe is my favorite character from Miraculous. I know, what's wrong with me? But I see her as being a much more complex character than the show has let on so far, and I imagine this is where she's at right about now.

By the way, I absolutely DO NOT ship Chloe and Adrien. I am ship the whole love square. Marinette and Adrien are my OTP.

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