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Part I

"So it's true," she says slowly, unable to drag her eyes away from his face. "All of it..."

"Detective, I don't know what you're..."

His words trail away as he catches sight of his reflection in the glass walls of the building.

He feels panic fill his being and he cannot breathe anymore. He's never needed to, but this particular feeling in his chest makes him want to swallow lungfuls of air.

As she watches him, he keeps his eyes on the floor, terrified to look at her. Terrified of what he might find there. He can feel her gaze on him and every inch of his being wants to flee, because as much as he had always wanted her to know, it was never like this.

He has imagined a hundred different ways, and even more actively once he'd realized his feelings for her.

When he realized she meant to him, it hadn't mattered that maybe Dad had put her in his path. It didn't matter because she was the emodiment of everything he had thought humans lackes; silly, oblivious humans.

But not Chloe.

Not Chloe.

He has imagined showing her his wings at Lux, after everyone had left, in a dimly lit room.

He has imagined showing her his wings in her house, both sipping on wine after Trixie had gone to bed.

He has, on occasion, imagined their being in the middle of the usual bickering they indulged in, and showing her his wings as a way to shut her up.

Small things of that kind. Small scenarios and circumstances he has built in his head to show her wings. Always the wings.

Always the wings, never his face.

His true face.

The face he uses to torture sinners and induce terror in people. His face from hell, literally. In his wildest dreams he hasn't considered, ever showing her his true face.

Linda was right. Deep down, a small part of him was afraid of what she'd say, what she'd think... How she'd feel.

He hears her take a step towards him, shoes clicking against the granite floor and echoing in the empty hall; he takes one back. In his peripheral vision, he can see the city lights glimmering, the stagnant vehicles in the crazy evening traffic. The cool breeze wafting through is very welcome.

"Lucifer..." she says slowly, and he hears it; the tonal shift as she realizes what that name meant. The weight his name bore finally dawned on her and he can hear it in her voice. And when she takes another step towards him, hesitant, maybe even scared, without a second thought, he takes another step back and she's already started to say his name, louder, as he turns on his heels and takes flight.

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