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Soooo, it's time to start up a new TD series, and it involves a theme which has never been done before! As far as I know of. That's right, we're going to have a season involving Time Eras! Yep, every challenge will be themed after a period in time!

A huge special thanks to GoldEmblem for inspiring me with this idea. Also a special thanks to Musical Trixer for the team names as well. And a very special Happy Birthday to Explosivo25, one of my closest friends on here. Thanks a ton for the reviews!

Outside a readily empty harbor, with a large cruise-like ship docked not too far, a certain host was sporting a grin towards a camera.

"Yo! Did you miss your main man, Chris McLean?" Chris greeted the viewing audience. "I bet you did, huh? In either case, it's time to drop the latest, hottest season of Total Drama to you guys! And with any new season comes a new batch of contestants ready to battle it out for a hefty sum of One. Million. Dollars! And boy, these contestants… They're the most wildest we had, yet. But before then, I gotta be upfront about something."

Chris soon began to walk along the harbor.

"Lately, I been getting complaints from some 'snowflake soccer moms' stating that my show isn't educational. Well, it truly is! We got to learn what happens if you mess with scarab beetles… What happens if you're locked in a cramped room for too long… Which reminds me, whatever happened to Ezekiel, anyway? Either case, our aim for this season is to quell the complaints by hosting something that's educational enough to shut them up… World History!" Chris continued, as he stopped upon a well detailed map, on top of an easel.

"That's right; this season's theme involves traveling across the Wells Islands, a set of islands I brought and re-themed them to fit a time period of the past. From dinosaurs, to pirates, to knights… We tried our best to toss in anything we can think of!" Chris continued on. "We would had actual time travel, but we blew half the budget on the islands themselves. That, and we don't wanna have any of our contestants become their own grandma. And for them to not suffer the same fate as Doug the Intern."

He soon held up an urn, marked with the name Doug.

"Who knew that people in the year 1690 were extremely on edge?" Chris asked. "Anyways, get ready to strap in and get ready to see some serious stuff, as we start our not-so-really trip throughout time and history! Right here, on..."



"Time Trap!"

"Well, time to call Doug's next of kin… And file out some paperwork… Again." Chris muttered under his breath.

(Cue I Wanna Be Famous)

Chris is soon standing in front of what appeared to be a bus stop, continuing to sport a grin.

"Welcome back! In case you're wondering where our contestants are, we each put 8 of them on two different buses." Chris said out loud. "Why don't we check out one of them right now, shouldn't we?"

He soon looked down at his phone.

"...Which is stopping for some food, apparently." Chris concluded. "Yeah, and considering one of the contestants is a bit on the hefty side… This may take a while."


Outside what appeared to be a drive-thru, someone was standing right outside the speaker box, with the bus parked nearby. He appeared to be a stout male, with blonde hair, a green t-shirt with a fried egg and bacon decoration on the front, purple pants, and olive green sneakers.

"Hello-welcome-to-The-Fish-Tank-Can-I-take-your-order?" The drive thru's operator asked.

"I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one with cheese, and a lotta large sodas." The stout male requested as he was reading the sign, as he looked towards the bus. "You guys want anything else? Maybe today's special?"

"Meow, see if they have something involving fish or squid, meow!" A female voice shouted from the bus.

"Dudette, it's a seafood restaurant; or course they would sell something in there!" Another voice shouted from in the bus.

The stout male raised an eyebrow at the female's request. "Do they even sell Squidburgers? If not… I should think about crafting them up."

"We-have-the-special-Squid-burger-as-today's-special." The operator responded back.

The stout male sighed. "Dang it; so much for being the first to create a squidburger… Maybe I can make a squid hot dog a reality? Okay, one Squid Burger to go."

"Okay-that'll-be-3250-Thank-you-and-have-a-nice-day." The operator said, as the stout male went towards the drive thru's window to pay for his purchases.

Meanwhile, back in the bus, a mocha-skinned male was busy doing a few card tricks. He had a black top hat atop his head, and was wearing what appeared to be the standard magician clothes, right down to a red cape.

"Ahh, I see in his future… A huge tummyache." The card-wielding male predicted.

"Meow, with someone like him? Highly unlikely, meow!" A female responded back towards the magician.

She had orange hair, topped with a kitten ear headband, a pink choker with a bell attached on the front, a pink tank-top with the word 'MEOW' on front, light blue jean shorts, and was also wearing a pair of gloves, slippers, and even had a tail, each of them resembling the paws and tail of a cat. She even had whiskers painted on her cheeks. She sported a cat-like smile.

"I already predict that after he consumes that food, it'll place him in the bus' human waste disposal unit, where it'll be a while for him to come out." The magician replied back. "Speaking of which, I never did catch your name."

"Meow, you never did announce your purr-sence either, meow! Name's Madden!" The cat-girl named Madden responded back. "Yeah, I heard the football puns before, meow. I rather pounce on them, to be honest, meow."

"I'm who you call Chiazam." The magician named Chiazam said, as he reached into his sleeves and pulled out a dove. Which soon flew on top of his shoulder. "Soon to be world class magician. Anyways, what brings you to this show?"

"Eh, nothing much, meow." Madden answered back. "Just hope I win enough cash to win a lotta cat suits for me to don, meow! Or hope science advanced enough for me in a short time to transition into a humanoid cat, meow. That would be perfect for me, meow!"

"So… You're a furry?" Chiazam asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Meow, you betchya, meow!" Madden confirmed.

Chiazam nodded, as he slowly got up.

"I'm gonna go towards the back, work on my magic solo..." Chiazam said, as he walked towards the back, as Madden continued to smile.

"Okay, nice speaking to you, meow!" Madden shouted towards the back, as she continued to look at her fellow bus-mates.

Near the middle of the bus appeared to be a dark-skinned male with spiked up, silver-dyed hair. He had on a black t-shirt, green cargo pants, and grey boots. He also sported blue wristbands as well.

"Sup?" The male responded out loud towards someone walking past him. "Name's Axel. What's yours?"

The someone turned around and looked at him. "I'm Coilin..."

Coilin was a male with a dark green yamaka atop his brown hair, and wearing a yellow t-shirt, blue shorts, and had on a pair of green sandals.

"Coilin, huh? Well, keep in mind that you're speaking to one tough customer..." Axel responded towards Coilin.

"How tough are you?" Coilin asked, sitting down next to him.

"I managed to get kicked outta Detention just by drawing a picture of a kitten. Snuggling on a body pillow." Axel answered back.

"That doesn't sound that bad..." Coilin said out loud.

"And then I hid it in the star Quarterback's locker just to mess with him." Axel finished, as he blinked a bit. "But you shouldn't be talking to me; I'm trying to come off as the strong and silent type. Makes me more… Mysterious."

"Well, if you say so..." Coilin nodded, as he went to grab an empty seat.

At yet another portion of the bus, a girl was busy playing on a 3DS.

"Okay, you spoilsports… Mecca's packin' the highest level of weapons. Bring it on!" The girl seemingly named Mecca responded towards her game.

The slightly dark skinned Mecca had bright blue hair which went all over the place, and was wearing a red jacket over a purple t-shirt with a golden bird on the front, which the bottom half was ripped off, exposing her navel. She also wore a pair of blue pants, which had a few tears, and black boots as well. She even wore three earrings on her ears, and even had piercings on her navel, her nose, and her eyebrow.

"Ha! Critical hit! That's right, bring it on! Mecca's READY for all of you!" Mecca declared, as she continued to play her game.

"Ready for what?" A new voice asked.

Mecca jumped in surprise, as she looked towards the side to see a female standing nearby. She was a mocha skinned female, donning a blue jacket over a light blue t-shirt, and was wearing purple pants, and a pair of light blue sandals. She even had a pink beret-like hat on top of her green and pink hair.

"Never interrupt a girl when she's in the middle of an epic battle!" Mecca reprimanded back. "What if the evil demon Thornax unleashed his super early on? Mecca's party could had been toast! Let a girl buff her party, okay?"

The standing female blinked in confusion, as she sat down at the seat next to Mecca's.

"Mecca's the name, and bustin' dragons is my game!" Mecca greeted herself.

"Name's Tierre, and you've got some pretty out there hair." Tierre complimented. "And a pretty unique style yourself as well."

Mecca sported a grin as she pushed her hair up a bit. "Mecca gets that a lot. You've also got some pretty funky hair as well."

"Done by yours truly." Tierre responded back. "I'm wanting to become one awesome hair stylist, and… Well, might as well start off with one's own locks."

"A past buddy of mine done my awesome hair." Mecca admitted. "And perhaps my buddy can equip you with… Well, something to enhance your nose?"

Tierre shook her head. "I'll pass, thanks. My mom would kill me if I ever got my nose pierced."

"Eh, Mecca's 'rents lets her do anything she wants. They're kinda outta the house 24/7, so Mecca's been bunking with some buddies until they return." Mecca stated. "So what if Mecca grafitti'd the school wall in my language, whom was gonna bite it in the season finale of Game Of Thrones? Like anyone could read it anyway, aside of me and my parents."

Tierre's eyes went wide. "You're quite a wild one."

"Again, Mecca gets that a lot." Mecca grinned, as she returned back to her game. "Now, back to slaughtering evil demon dragons. This kingdom can't save itself, the closest town only sells some low level weaponry. What's that gonna do to a dragon that decided to up and terrorize their village, huh? Piss it off and give it a mere paper cut, that's what."

Tierre couldn't help but chuckle.

Soon, what appeared to be a teenage girl soon boarded the bus. She had curly brown hair going down her back, was sporting an olive green jacket over a blue shirt, was wearing a pink skirt, and had purple slip-ons on as well as white knee socks. She appeared to also have what appeared to be some noodles and squid bits in her hair as well.

"Guys, learn from me, Elani." The girl named Elani said out loud. "Don't go in the wrong bathroom by pure accident, okay? I learned that the hard way."

She soon squinted as she eyed her fellow teammates. Or at least one, who seemed to be licking her lips.

"...When did we get a giant cat?" Elani asked out loud, referring to Madden as she sat down next to her.

"Meow, I saw an ad online for this show, auditioned for it, got chosen out of a lotta applicants, got the acceptation letter, said bye-bye to my family back home, stayed at a hotel after being asked to leave a nearby cat cafe near its closing time..." Madden listed off, as she looked up at Elani. "You gonna finish those squid bits?"

"Nah; you can have them." Elani chuckled as she peeled off the squid bits off her, wiped it clean of any stray hairs, and gave it to Madden, who started to consume it. "But about that story… Can we have the short version, please?"

"That IS the short version, meow! The long version has me attempting to score autographs from Grumpy Cat, Kitten Lady, and Morgana. Though the last cat requested me to get to sleep, meow." Madden explained.

"I can guess by observing you, you must love cats so much, you must be a cat." Elani chuckled, as she squinted her eyes. "You are one, right? Only more humanoid?"

"Pfft, I wish, meow." Madden responded back.

Soon enough, the stout male from early reboarded the bus, holding a rather large tray of food.

"Hey, everyone! Lunch is served!" The stout male announced.

"I'm quite puzzled at how he can pack much of that down..." Axel pondered, as he was given a small container, which was filled to the top with some fried bits of food, topped with a cheese covering.

"Got some fried squid bits for you." The stout male offered. "I didn't know what kinda dip you wanted, so I went for cheese."

"Ah, thanks." Axel nodded back. "Now, make yourself scarce; I gotta act all mysterious and edgy."

The stout male nodded back, as he began to offer up meals to his fellow bus-mates. When he got to Coilin…

"Is it kosher?" Coilin asked, looking up at the food.

The stout male looked at the remaining food on his tray; a fish and bacon sandwich, and a large soda. He soon gave away the soda to Coilin, as he began to slurp on it.

"Yeah, I would had brought you some noodles, but some beefed up males threw them at some lady who entered the male's restroom by accident. At least, that's what I heard." The stout male admitted as he sat down next to Coilin. "By the way, I'm Ludwig."

"And I'm Coilin." Coilin responded back, as he slurped on his soda some. "And thanks for not offering me that sandwich; eating our sacred animal's kinda... Frowned upon in our religion."

Ludwig nodded, as he observed Coilin.

"Er, no offense, but you seem kinda too young for Total Drama." Ludwig said out loud. "If I insulted you, I apologize."

"No, don't be sorry. I expected to get that a lot... I'm actually 13 and had my Bar Mitzvah a few weeks ago..." Coilin responded back.

"Ah, like a huge ceremony and reading from the Torrah and everything?" Ludwig asked.

Coilin nodded. "You can say that in my people's eyes, I'm a man, and everything… Though I don't feel like it..."

"Well… If someone calls you spineless, pale, or pathetic, tell 'em that your big buddy Ludwig will tell them otherwise!" Ludwig declared, as he patted his stomach.

Coilin blinked. "I… highly doubt we may be facing off against the Huns..."

"Yeah, well… They aren't men like us." Ludwig shrugged back before biting into his sandwich.

Bus A soon eventually arrived at the harbor, as all its contestants departed.

"Campers! Welcome to Total Drama Time Trap!" Chris announced.

Alec smirked at the host. "Sup?"

"Hey, um… We aren't the only contestants here, are we?" Tierre asked.

"Mecca agrees; she needs her challenge!" Mecca declared.

"Easy there, guys. You're the first eight contestants to arrive. We've got a few more arriving. They're just being delayed by a bit." Chris reassured back.

"Yeah, traffic can be such murder..." Chiazam stated.

"Actually…" Chris started to say, as he shook his head. "Nah, I rather let it be a surprise."

"Meow, a surprise?" Madden asked.

"As long as it isn't a devourous chest, Mecca approves!" Mecca spoke up.


Outside the bus which was currently in motion, what appeared to be a male was rollerblading alongside it. He was donned in a blue helmet over his brunet hair, and was sporting a white t-shirt with a blue and pink Z on the front, blue shorts, and had a pair of green skates on as well. He was also wearing protective knee and elbow pads, colored a light blue and pink. He sported a grin as he looked towards the bus.

"Hey, Red! Check THIS out!" The male declared. "Make sure to get my good side!"

"You got it, Quik!" A male voice boomed from inside, as he held up a camera, and started to snap as many photos as possible featuring Quik's moves.

Quik continued to skate, as he sported a grin.

"Hehe… Still got it."

Back on the bus, the male looked through his camera roll, and sported a content smile. He had some red hair styled in a bowl cut, was sporting green framed glasses, and had on a blue shirt with two green stripes going through it. He also had on bright green pants, and wore dark blue sneakers.

The teen looked forward towards the street, and could see a crowd starting to gather.

"Hope he'll be okay; that crowd up ahead seems to be rather thick… And vicious." The camera wielding teen said to himself.

"He'll be fine; sent a quick prayer his way." A female's voice spoke up.

The camera wielding teen turned to see a girl his age, standing near the seat he was sitting in.

She had black shoulder length hair, topped with a pink headband, and had on a dark blue Sunday dress, white knee socks, and black Mary-Janes. She was even sporting a golden necklace depicting a cross. She pushed in her silver framed glasses and smiled.

"I'm Malise, and may Christ be with you!" Malise cheerfully greeted out loud.

"Same here. I'm Irwin!" Irwin responded back.

"So, what brings you to this show on this glorious day?" Malise asked.

"Ah, pretty simple. Play hard, and win big." Irwin answered back. "How about you?"

"I plan on spreading the word of our Lord and Savior to everyone!" Malisa answered back. "He'll be returning someday, and will be sparing our souls before everything in the world goes all to pot!"

Irwin blinked. "Isn't everything going all to pot already?"

"That's just a dress rehearsal." Malise answered back. "Believe me, you do NOT wanna be on this doomed Earth when the really dark stuff starts to happen. It's all in the Bible."

Irwin gulped. "Dark stuff?"

Malise nodded. "Oh, yes. Really dark stuff."

She soon started to look towards the front of the bus.

"Well, I'll let you be now. May Christ be with you!" She excitedly said out loud, as she oon went towards the front, leaving Irwin to think about what Malise said out loud.

"Really dark stuff?" Irwin said to himself, as he shivered.

Malise soon walked by a teen her age, who was currently sitting in her seat, with her legs crossed.

The woman had brownish hair, and was wearing a purple open sweater over a tie-dye t-shirt, blue bell-bottoms with a flower motif, and even had a purple headband also with a flower motif wrapped over her head. She was also sporting peace sign earrings, a matching peace sign medallion around her neck, a bright crystal necklace, and even had a pair of opaque sunglasses covering her eyes as well. She was also barefoot as well, fitting for her hippie-like appearance.

"Ooooohhhhmmmmm..." The hippie girl hummed, as she seemingly meditated in her seat, as she shivered a bit. "I feel a dark karma aerating on the bus… Something tells me we should watch our backs..."

She continued to meditate, as someone approached her.

"Yo, one with the Cosmos." A female voice spoke up.

The hippie girl observed the newcomer, and smiled.

"You got a pretty far out appearance." The hippie girl said out loud.

"So do you, Cosmos." The newcomer responded back.

She had what appeared to be pink hair in several spikes, donning a black choker with a skull charm, and had a t-shirt cut off at the midsection. On front of the shirt was a design, with the words 'The Inked Needle' in front of what appeared to be an eyeball impaled by a needle. She also wore blue jeans with tears at the knees, black boots, and black wristbands. Her bellybutton was pierced, and she was also wearing a pair of lightning bolt earrings, along with several more piercings in her ears. Her nose, lips, and eyebrow were also pierced. She even sported a tattoo of a pair of cherries on her stomach, a spiderweb on her right elbow, and she even sported some knuckle tattoos, spelling out the word 'Love Lotz'. In short, she seemingly gave off the appearance of a punk.

The hippie girl looked at the punk girl in question. "I can see a bright aura coming off of you."

The punk girl grinned back. "Bright ain't the half of it, honey. I'm Jam, and I'm gonna be one awesome tattoo artist! Remember it! And you are?"

"I'm Zenith." The hippie girl named Zenith answered back. "And I can tell you're passionate about your future career choice. It must be destiny for you to apply permanent pieces of art on people's bodies."

"Hey, how would one be a tattoo artist and not have any wild get-up? That's too boring!" Jam responded back. "Speaking of which… I can offer to give you some awesome inkwork if you want, after the show or course."

She observed Zenith, and snapped her fingers, striking up an idea.

"I can see you sporting a wicked sun-moon symbol on your lower back. Whatcha think?" Jam spoke up.

Zenith smiled. "That already came to pass."

She lifted up her sweater and shirt to reveal a sun-moon symbol inked upon her lower back.

Jam pouted, knowing that inking Zenith's lower path is out of the question. "Then… a new age symbol?"

Zenith chuckled, as she lifted up a pants leg, revealing a new age symbol on her ankle.

"Dammit; give me something to work with, here." Jam responded back.

"Give it time, my funky friend..." Zenith replied back. "You'll find that person out there. Their destiny will be your canvas someday… Top to bottom… Ohhhmmm..."

"Isn't that, like, my future job, Cosmos?" Jam asked, as the bus stopped. "Er, why we stopped?"

Zenith closed her eyes, as she heard some loud screaming in the distance.

"I hear the vicious sound. A truly vicious sound which sounds really… vicious." Zenith warned.

She took a deep breath.


"Wait, you don't mean… The Rusty Bradford?" Jam asked.

Zenith nodded solemly.

"Dammit!" Jam cursed. "Why can't we be on a different Total Drama, one involving the Alphabet? Or a Vs. series? Maybe even a Party series?"

Soon, the bus door opened, and a teenage male boarded the bus, as the screams of many females, mostly tweens and teens, wailed in the air.




"Ladies, please! You'll be watching moi a lot this season on Total Drama!" The male named Rusty declared.

The girls soon squeed again, as the bus closed its doors, and drove off, with the girls starting to run after it.

Rusty himself had long blonde hair, a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of black sneakers. He was even sporting a necklace with a dollar sign charm, and even had golden earrings in both ears. He was also sporting what appeared to be a tattoo on his left arm.

"Dark karma's indeed rubbing off him..." Zenith stated, looking towards Rusty.

"That's a given; all sorts of girls go all ga-ga over Rusty. I hear both the good from him, and the bad from his haters. Mostly from tween girls when I give them bellybutton piercings." Jam spoke out loud. "With their parent's consent, or course."

"He'll be all sorts of trouble..." Zenith agreed.

"He's one person who I ain't giving ANY inkwork to." Jam declared. "You, totally. Him? He's freaking WORSHIPED like he's a God! And with everyone and their mothers and even their grandmothers following him on all sorts of social media, from 5 year olds to 95 year olds for some odd reason… If I accidentally messed up his inkwork… My dream carer is OVER LIKE THAT!"

She snapped her fingers signaling how serious she was, as Rusty approached the two girls.

"Hellooooo, ladies! How are we doing on this fine day?" Rusty asked out loud.

"Quite far out." Zenith answered back, trying to avoid to make eye contact with him.

Jam nodded in agreement.

"Well, I hope to see you two… Later." Rusty concluded as he left the two girls to themselves.

The hippie and the punk girl looked at each other.

"...Did he just try to flirt with us?" Jam asked.

"Probably..." Zenith responded back. "My mind was elsewhere..."

"So, you didn't do any mind-reading hippie powers on him?" Jam asked.

"Nah, not really." Zenith answered back. "I did glance at his aura, however."

"Ahh..." Jam nodded back, as she eyed Rusty at the back. "Should I lie and say I like girls? I mean, I already kinda look the part, even though I'm Bi."

"Best not to lie, my punctured dudette." Zenith responded back. "Best let nature take its course."

At another part of the bus, a male was busy typing something on a laptop, watching the streets whiz by.

"Okay, Fritz. You can do this." The male named Fritz said to himself psyching himself up.

Fritz had black hair and was donned in a purple and white t-shirt, a pair of blue shorts, and even had a black sandal on his right foot. However, his left leg and foot was replaced by what appeared to be a prosthetic.

"1 winner, 15 runners up… This is in the bag, fake leg or no fake leg." Fritz declared, as he looked at his fellow teammates. "The punk and the hippie's already friends, so an alliance is in the works already. As far as they're concerned. That Rusty person… He'll be a problem. And..."

"Ooh, you have a fake leg?" A female's voice spoke up from behind Fritz's seat.

Fritz was a bit surprised, as he looked around. He soon turned his body around to see that there was nobody sitting in the seat behind him.

"Sooo… What's that about a fake leg, silly?" The same female's voice rang out.

Fritz yelped to see that a female sat at the seat next to his, giving off a grin.

She had tanned skin, and purple dyed hair with a red flower on the left side of her head. She was also wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt over a green bikini top, orange shorts, and even wore light blue sandals. She was even wearing a pair of glasses as well.

"Eh, nothing much." Fritz responded back. "Sometimes life kinda throws you a hardball. Or in this case…"

"Aren't fake legs kinda a huge biggie anyway?" The girl asked. "Nobody normal sporting one goes around and doesn't get asked that same question from young kids. That, and with certain models, you can truly kick a bitch right where it hurts."

"Ain't that the truth." Fritz chuckled back.

"Annnnnnyyyywwwaaayyysss, I'm Leiko; and your Student Body President!" Leiko said out loud. "Even though my friends back at home dared me to sign up for funzies. And lo and behold, I'm a President now. Though us group members just have our meetings and pad out the rest of the time with snacks, toons, and all that crap."

Leiko soon looked at Fritz's laptop.

"So, what 'cha writing?" Leiko asked.

"Oh! Er..." Fritz responded back, as he looked at Leiko. "Um… What kinda toons does your group watch?"


The two turned to see what appeared to be a teenage girl, hanging onto the bus for dear life, peeking inside the bus window.

"BOOOO! You're not Rusty! You're just some gross dork with a fake leg!" The teenage girl yelled out loud.

"Er… If you want Rusty, he's at the back." Fritz responded back.

Leiko blinked towards the girl. "Aren't car decorations supposed to be inside?"

The teenage girl hanging outside grinned. "I'M COMING, RUSTY!"

Leiko looked towards the driver. "STEP ON IT, DUDE!"

The bus started to pick up speed, as the teenage girl, along with several other girls hung on for dear life, trying to open the window from the outside.

"I won't be denied my Rusty!" The teenage girl declared, as she started to open her window.

Both Fritz and Leiko jumped up and backed away from the teenage girl.

"Get behind me, dude. I been pumped for some action..." Leiko grinned towards Fritz.

"Why? Aren't these bus windows only openable from the inside?" Fritz asked.

"Actually..." Irwin spoke up, as he shifted his glasses. "With the advancements of safety for all bus riders involved, these newer models of buses are now equipped for windows to open from the outside to let in emergency workers in the case of a crash."

"Meaning..." Leiko said, as she looked towards where she and Fritz were once sitting, to see the teenage girl having snuck in. "She just snuck in."

She pumped her fists. "Showtime."

"Guys? You have your fun dealing with Rusty's fangirls, I'm gonna hide in the bathroom until this whole entire thing blows over." Irwin concluded, as he dashed towards the bathroom stall, went inside, and locked it.

Fritz looked towards where Irwin once stood.

"Smart guy."

Soon, more girls started to enter the bus uninvited, each with one thought on their minds… Rusty.





Jam cringed at that last statement, as she looked around.

"Hey, where's that skater kid?" Jam asked.

She was tapped on the shoulder by Zenith, as she pointed outside, to where Quik was skating for dear life, avoiding many of Rusty's fangirls. Jam jumped out of her seat and ran to the front of the bus.

"Why did I think skating alongside the bus was a good idea?! I didn't even think Rusty Bradford of all people would sign up for this show!" Quik yelled out loud, trying to keep up with the bus.

The bus door soon opened as Jam held her hand out.

"Skater boy! Quick! Grab my hand!" Jam ordered out loud.

Quik skated as fast as he could, as he grabbed Jam's hand, as she pulled him in, as Rusty's fangirls continued to hang on to the bus.

"I never thought I would go out this way; chased down and clawed by Rustiers." Quik said out loud.

"Don't I know it." Jam groaned.

"EEEEWWW!" A fangirl spoke out loud. "You're just some smelly punk! I want my Rusty!"

"Hey; low blow!" Jam retorted back. "I use lavender soap to nix any odors on me!"

The fangirl shoved Jam down, as she started to approach Rusty. Jam soon shot back up.

"Rusty, calm your fangirls down!" Jam shouted towards the pop artist, trying to keep a few fangirls off of her. "Git off my arm; I plan on getting ink applied there come Autumn-time!"

"Yeah, off her arm! She wants to get something awesome inked on her arm!" Quik ordered towards the fangirls. "Like an eyeball on fire! Or something to that regard."

Meanwhile, Leiko held her fists up, in an attempt to ward off the fangirls.

"Yeesh, calm down!" Leiko responded towards them. "I rather not go down fighting against fangirls wearing way too much makeup and donning a lotta accessories."

"Relax, babes; they all want a piece of Rusty, and I'm gonna give it to them!" Rusty falsely reassured.

"Then just give them gummi Rustys?" Fritz shrugged, as he held out a bag labeled 'Gummi Rusties'.

Everyone, including the fangirls looked at him.

"...My older sis gave them to me for a snack." Fritz admitted. "She decapitated them beforehand, so there's that."

"Er, guys? Even more are pouring in." Zenith stated. "Talk about a total bummer..."

Malise bowed her head, and made a cross motion with her hand, as even more fangirls started to flood the bus…

The many contestants backed towards each other, expecting the worst...

Meanwhile, back at the Harbor, the eight contestants who arrived earlier, could currently talking amongst themselves, waiting for the other eight to arrive.

"So, imitation flour is good for a challah? And make sure to sift the flour as well?" Ludwig asked, jotting down a few notes notes.

"Certainly; it even tastes great with chocolate chips." Coilin happily answered back.

"Nice… You cook some, little buddy?" Ludwig asked.

"I help with my mom around Passover." Coilin answered back, as the second bus started to come within earshot, still covered top to bottom with fangirls.



All eight contestants were shocked to the core at the sudden influx of people on the bus.

"Oi Vey..." Coilin muttered in fear.

Ludwig stepped in front of Coilin. "Stick close to me, little buddy. This… could get messy."

He soon nibble some food in fear.

"Real messy..."

"Talk about an unbalanced gender ratio." Chiazam stated. "Even Justin from Island didn't garter that much attention."

"Chris, you didn't have that bus pass by Raccoon City, did you?" Axel asked out loud. "Cause they look more horrific than ANY zombie I heard of."

"THOSE are the other contestants?!" Tierre exclaimed. "There's around… fourty… EIGHTY in and on that bus! And most of them female!"

"Eighty contestants? Perfect! Mecca LOVES a challenge!" Mecca said, sporting a wide grin. "Bring it ON."

"Meow, you're nuts, meow!" Madden responded back.

"Eh, Mecca got that when she decided to troll the daughter of a Senator." Mecca declared back. "Who Mecca didn't even know came out of the Senator's loins at the time, okay? We became great friends at the end of the day. I wonder if she still has that electric pink hair, still..."

Elani squinted as she spotted someone out of the blue on top of the bus.

"Hold up, is that a senior citizen on top of the bus?" Elani spoke up.

Indeed, what appeared to be a woman in her 70's was trying to knock back a few fangirls away.

"Back off; this hunk of man-meat is mine!" The grandma declared, swinging her cane around. "I want him to meet my granddaughter!"

Soon, the bus stopped, and its doors opened, as Rusty stepped out, surrounded by his many fangirls. He gave off a pose, as his fangirls squeed.

"Your main boy Rusty has arrived!" Rusty announced. "But before we continue on… How about a bit of a serenade?"

He inhaled, as…

"Rusty! Glad to have you here!" Chris responded back. "Though sadly, your many admirers will have to stay put."

At that response, nearly ALL of his fangirls groaned, as they started to disperse away in disappointment.

"You youngsters know how to spoil everyone's fun..." The senior citizen grumbled under her breath and walked away, kicking a random can in the process.

Soon, the other contestants started to depart from the bus, some a bit shakened up by the events they witnessed.

"Man… That was intense..." Fritz said out loud.

"Boy, I'll say. I haven't had this much of a hassle since the Vice Principal tried to ban Tortilla Chip Thursday." Leini agreed back.

"I no longer fear Hell itself… Cause I got cut by a Rustier." Malise agreed to Fritz, as she looked around. "Hey… Where's that red headed smartie?"

"Still inside, Sister Blue." Jam answered back, as she tried to straighten up her mohawk. "I think Zenith's trying to convince him to come out."

A few minutes later, all 16 contestants were together, with Zenith comforting Irwin, who was shivering in fear.

"So many..." Irwin muttered.

"It's okay, my little bud. They're gone now." Zenith replied back.

"Yeah! And anyone who experienced a surge rush of Rustiers and lived to tell about it is okay in Mecca's book!" Mecca added.

Irwin looked towards Mecca. "All I did was hide in the bathroom."

"Still, you survived." Mecca shrugged.

"Contestants!" Chris announced out loud. "Or should I say… Travelers? May I have your attention please?"

Everyone started to turn their attention towards Chris, as he sported a wide grin.

"As you can recall, welcome, one and all, to Total Drama Time Trap!" Chris announced. "In just a few moments, you'll embark on a journey, where you'll all experience the many time periods of our past!"

Rusty grinned. "Heh, I can't wait to introduce my tunes to everyone back in the Middle Ages! Who needs some old guy like Beethoven? They should listen to some REAL music, like my music."

"I do listen to real music, buddy boy." Jam responded back. "Koji Kondo never disappoints..."

"I rather visit Woodstock, dude." Zenith said out loud. "3 whole days of some of the most coolest tunes around, and surrounded by my people..."

Quik blinked. "Um, did someone lace your tea with something kinda illegal?"

Zenith shook her head. "I'm actually drug free, my rollerblading friend."

"I would rather head back to the Bibical Era, and shake the hand of who indeed saved our souls." Malise said out loud.

"Nice try, but there's a catch; we won't actually be time traveling physically." Chris interrupted back. "We considered it, but one intern got burned at the stake, another we ended up finding his own fossil, and another… ended up being their great-grandpa."

All of the campers cringed at that last statement.

"Part of me wants to toss my lunch..." Ludwig grumbled.

"I may be lying about that last bit. Anyways, we'll be exploring the Wells Islands, a series of islands themed after various time periods! From the very beginning of time to… Well, today. And we'll try to skip the more boring stuff that nobody cares about, as well as the more gruesome events of our past." Chris continued. "Seriously, your ancestors would be willing to decapitate each other just for nothing."

"Ain't that the truth." Malise agreed.

"But for now… Let's visit this raft we call… The S.S. McLean!" Chris said out loud.

Madden observed the boat. "Meow, then why does it say 'Jenny' on the side, meow-meow?"

"Yeah, isn't it bad luck to rename a ship?" Fritz spoke up.

Chris stammered a bit. "Er… Let's move on, shall we?"

Soon, the contestants and the host were on the deck of the ship, as Chris was in front of a rather huge cannon. There also seemed to be some deck chairs in front of what appeared to be a podium of sorts.

"Anyways, welcome aboard the S.S. McLean, where you'll all be staying for the duration of this game." Chris announced. "And right where you're standing is known as the Deck Of Doom. It's right here in which if your team loses their challenge, they'll have to vote one of their one off. And your journey ends right then and there, cause this season, there'll be no returnees."

Fritz gulped. "Yikes-a-rooni..."

Rusty smirked. "Then you can bet I'll be here for the long haul; besides… How can all of my fans catch my beautiful bod?"

He flexxed a bit, as Tierre gave off a blush. Mecca glanced towards her.

"Ahhhhh… He can flex for me anyday..." Tierre grinned, as Mecca shook her head.

"And this is why Mecca doesn't go for the boys with a huge hotness stat." Mecca stated out loud.

"Wait, you said something about teams. Who are they, anyway?" Ludwig asked.

"Why, that's a good question, Ludwig! You remember your bus mates from earlier?" Chris asked.

Irwin shivered. "Don't remind me… It was almost like a zombie outbreak sponsored by LisaFrank. I am NOT well prepared for the real thing."

"Consider yourself lucky; I think my hair'll be smelling like squid rice for a month." Elani responded back.

"Meow, I don't mind that, meow-meow!" Madden said out loud, looking over at Elani, sporting a smile.

"In either case, for those who were on the first bus, which were..." Chris continued. "Axel! Chiazam! Elani! ChCoilinam! Ludwig! Madden! Mecca! And Tierre! You're now a part of… The Delightful DeLoreans!"

Ludwig gave off a grin. "Nice!"

"Mecca thinks that name's copyrighted." Mecca said out loud. "Mecca also thinks you may get sued by the end of this season."

"Maybe… It's to pay homage to time travel?" Coilin spoke up.

"Yeah, besides I think the Pokemon concept is already taken." Tierre answered back. "Man, a Pokemon themed season… That be wicked."

"As for the survivors of the Rustier Apocalypse of the second bus…" Chris continued still. "Fritz! Irwin! Jam! Leiko! Malise! Quik! Rusty! And Zenith! You're a part of the Terrific Tardises!"

"Okay, that I know is copyrighted." Jam spoke up. "Man, we need more time machines and such in media."

Rusty grinned. "At least I have four girls who'll listen to my jams."

Malise shook her head. "Nah, I don't listen to that kind of music. Doesn't spread the word, nope."

"The word of our Lord and Savior?" Irwin asked.

"The one and only." Malise smiled back.

"Now, if you'll all please follow me..." Chris said, as he motioned for the contestants to follow him.

In a rather long hall with 6 rooms, with an additional 7th room at the end of the hall, Chris continued to sport his signature grin.

"And this is where you'll all be sleeping between challenges! Each bedroom contains two bunks, a couch, a small flat-screen, and even comes equipped with a counter!" Chris announced. "Though I'll leave the fighting of who gets the top bunk up to you."

Rusty scoffed. "Who needs a top bunk? Just have me sleep with any of these lovely ladies here!" He said, all while smiling towards Tierre.

Tierre gave off a blush, all while Jam stuck out her pierced tongue in disgust.

"Gak!" Jam gagged. "No wonder my cousin can't find a girlfriend with narcissistic boys like him roaming all around!"

"Easy there, Rusty; these bedrooms aren't co-ed. And nobody's allowed to sleep in any of the bedrooms which do not match with the gender you started off with." Chris butted in.

Quik, overhearing that, gave off a slight groan.

Chris soon walked over to the end of the hall, where three rooms awaited the teams.

"And you can already guess that these are the bathrooms. Where you all can refresh and get ready for the day if you so desire." Chris continued.

"Then what's the room behind you?" Irwin asked.

"Eh, just a third bathroom. Probably belongs to the President or something." Chris shrugged.

Quik started to step forward. "I… better check this out. I've a good feeling on what this room is."

"Be my guest." Chris responded back, as he stepped aside, allowing Quik to enter.

?: Hi, there!

Quik: -He observes the bathroom, and notices a flashing light- ...Yep, called it. Hope Chris won't peek on me while I'm on the can.

Quik soon exited the bathroom. "Totally called it; this room belonging to the President is actually the Confessional."

"That's right, Quik! Right here is your Confessional for this season! As with the other seasons, you may talk about your feelings in there, but be forewarned; it may be aired for the entire world to see!" Chris announced.

"So, we shouldn't talk about my Aunt Angel's secret way to make stuffed broccoli come out really good?" Ludwig asked.

"Nah, probably not." Chris answered back.

"Annnnnddd thus starts a lotta YouTube vids focused on your aunt." Tierre giggled towards Ludwig.

Confessional: Look at me; I'm on a boat! I'm on a mother f'in BOAT, baby!

Axel: -He gives off a cool look towards the camera- ...'Sup? -He soon looks around the Confessional- You think this 'Silver-haired male of a few words' thing may work out? I'm only here to prove I'm not a brainless moron, as what my grandpa says.

Chiazam: The cards are in my favor… They also say that I'll achieve victory. So everyone else might as well jump ship. Although… These digs are rather classy.

Coilin: You think it's a good idea for me, fresh off of one's Bar Mitzvah, to attend such a heavy game as Total Drama? ...Yeah, I wanna man up. I am a man now. Time to start being and acting like one.

Elani: -She squints at the camera- Is it me, or did Chris seemed all sorts of fuzzy? And did he ever have a twin super close to him that it could invade his personal space?

Fritz: Hehe… I'm only on here to learn how to act around others whom aren't from the countryside. Had some great memories from there. -He looks down at his prosthetic leg- ...And not so great memories.

Irwin: Okay, I just gotta get it together. Snap a few pics. And earn a lotta bravery points. Though with someone like Rusty around… And both Mecca and Jam kinda scare me.

Jam: -She sports a wide grin- Yeah, boi! This season's gonna be super-wicked! You can bet that I'll be winning that sweet cash prize! Heck, even when I win, that ain't stopping my planned career, nope! The average body's a blank canvas… And it's up for us tattoo artists to ink all over it, current or future.

Leiko: This season, with all of these contestants, can only be wild… -She smirks- ...Perfect. I'm totally on the right level for everyone; this'll only be awesome.

Ludwig: When are we gonna tour the Dining Area? I'm always ready for a buffet and a tour around the kitchen.

Madden: Meow! This entire game's gonna be purr-fect, meow-meow!

Malise: May our Lord and Savior grace us all during this exciting game!

Mecca: Mecca's ready to get it on! Mecca's already a Level 30 Thief, and was a Level 25 member of the Alley-Gators! Though after that incident involving Ronald Dumpp's mansion of a dungeon… Well, Mecca survived the tough-as-balls Campaign known as Juvie Hall, how tough can a Total Drama Campaign even be? -She brushes her hair with her hand as she sports a grin-

Quik: -He is spinning around in circles with his blades- I'm gonna zippity-zoom through this entire contest! You can believe it! -He stops and looks a bit dizzy.- Whhhoooaaa… Bad idea to go for a quick spin in the Confessional…

Rusty: Laaadddiiieesss… -He sports a pose- I'm gonna sing you all a little song! -He starts to inhale as the camera cuts off-

Tierre: ...Rusty took a long time in the Confessional… Any case, everyone has some pretty awesome hair. And some pretty normal hair. Wish I had a challenge, though; I think I can fix up some messy locks or two.

Zenith: -She's sitting down, with her legs crossed- I can sense some pretty good vibes coming off of most of our teammates… And some pretty rotten ones as well.

Soon, the contestants were in what appeared to be a control room. There was a panel with several buttons strung all across it, along with some monitors hanging from the ceiling.

"Dude… We're getting into some Steel Battalion s- in here..." Quik exclaimed.

"Tell me about it; so many buttons..." Ludwig observed.

"This, cast, is the Control Room. It's basically the brains which runs this thing." Chris said out loud.

"But… Aren't there supposed to be someone behind the controls?" Tierre asked.

"Yeah, my fan girls don't wanna see me have to evacuate a ship if this thing sinks!" Rusty retorted back.

"Oh, but someone already is!" Chris responded back, as a ceiling monitor turned on.

On the monitor appeared to be a head, whose face was covered completely in white paint. It also had what appeared to be an electric orange afro, large pink hoop earrings, and was wearing thick-framed googles.

Most of the campers looked at the head on-screen in either confusion, or in fright.

"Hiya! I'm VV-Persona! Or Double V for short! And I'm the navigator of the S.S. McLean!" Double V said out loud, her googles lighting up every-time she spoke.

"Dude, our navigator for this freight is a clown?" Jam asked.

"You betchya! The scientists over at McLean Labs constructed her in order to pilot this entire ship! Nearly every computerized device is ran by Double V." Chris explained.

"That's right! And I'm also your entertainer as well!" Double V exclaimed.

"Why bother with that job, when you got moi right here for your entertainment?" Rusty retorted back, pointing towards himself.

"That's boring as meow. What we truly need is tiny people riding on kittens jousting!" Madden exclaimed. "Now… Who's a part of the G/t community, meow-meow?"

Axel could only rock back and forth, whistling.

Irwin was slowly backing away.

"Say what you will, I'm outtie! Computer clowns are where I draw the line!" Irwin stated, as he turned to leave, but…

"Hope you brought your swimming trunks, Irwin. Cause we just left port roughly 10 minutes ago." Chris responded back.

Irwin ran to a nearby window in alarm, and saw that there was nothing but ocean surrounding the ship.

"Crap..." Irwin gulped, as Mecca shook her head.

"You truly expect to give up this soon? Mecca wants her challenge! Mecca wants to get owned so she level grinds like mad and later on has a far more fair fight!" Mecca yammered on.

"Let's move on, shall we?" Chris asked, as he motioned for the contestants to follow him.

Confessional: Level Up!

Jam: -She stares at the camera- Double-V creeps me out… And I look like someone who would actually creep someone out!

Irwin: -He sighs- What is my life? Just today, I get caught up in a swarm of Rusty Bradford fangirls, and just now, I meet Roboclown. What's next, I get chowed down while hiding in the can?

Next, the contestants were in what appeared to be a dining hall. There were several tables lined up, along with several food serving places as well.

Ludwig was smiling from ear to ear, as he eyed all of the grub being presented to them.

"Sweet nectar of the Gods themselves!" Ludwig said gleefully. "FOOOOODD!"

"As you can summarize, this right here is our dining area, with a buffet service! Right here is where you'll have your choice of meals prepared by our nameless interns!" Chris announced out loud.

"We have names, you know!" A voice yelled from the kitchen.

"Um… Chris?" Coilin spoke up, trying to get the host's attention. "Is there anything that's… Well, you know… Kosher? I don't eat certain kinds of… you know, meat."

"I prepared for that sorta outcome, and indeed I do! I already have PETA already pissed off at me, as well as the SJWs, the DMV, the ESRB, the MiB, AKB48, SHIELD, The Man from UNCLE, and some organization who hosts a kitten fighting league." Chris reassured. "I don't want the Jewish community pissed off as well."

Coilin breathed a sigh of relief, as Fritz raised an eyebrow.

"How the hell do you even piss off the ESRB?" Fritz asked.

"What was that about a kitten fighting league, meow-meow?" Madden questioned towards Chris.

"Now, we're expected to hit our first island in about an hour, so you may wanna fill up!" Chris suggested, as he made his leave.

Confessional: That's a lotta… Stuff.

Axel: Did I hear the MiB at some point? ...Could Chris actually be an alien? That could explain a lot. Like the trip to Area 51, the sudden change in Ezekiel from a normal teen to Gollum… How Beth from Season 1 noticed that Chris was shorter IRL…

Madden: Meow, still concerned about that kitten fighting league. -She pouts-

At the tables, Elani was squirting onto a hot dog some mayonnaise, as Tierre passed by her.

"Elani… You do know that's mayo, don't you not?" Tierre asked.

Elani was done with the mayo, and squinted at Tierre, and looked at the hot dog, before she shrugged.

"Might as well try some new combination once." Elani responded back, as she bit into the hot dog.

Tierre backed away in disgust.

"Talk about unnatural..." Tierre muttered.

"What's unnatural?" Jam asked, who was standing behind Tierre.

"Mayonnaise on a hot dog." Tierre answered back. "Who even does that? That's crazy-cray!"

"Eh, I'm crazier. Gave myself my first tat at the age of 15." Jam admitted. "Just a small star on my foot, but still..."

Tierre looked at Jam. "Okay, now that's crazy."

"I get that all the time." Jam responded back.

With Ludwig, he was slowly chowing down on some food, as Coilin was sitting next to him.

"So… -Chomp- With food like this, you wanna savor every bite." Ludwig taught.

Coilin nodded, as he looked at his fellow contestants.

"Everyone seems so tough… And I'm..." Coilin said uneasily.

Ludwig gave Coilin a comforting pat on the back.

"No sweat, lil' buddy!" Ludwig reassured. "You can rest assured that on here, you'll 'Man' up in due time."

Coilin nodded. "Yeah..."

Ludwig looked all around, and eyed everyone around him.

"So, eyeing any cute girls, lil' buddy?" Ludwig asked.

Coilin blushed slightly. "No, not at the moment… Plus, would they even accept my family's religion?"

"You're on TD, you're bound to find a cute girl." Ludwig said out loud. "Besides, everyone has their special someone; you may find that one on this here boat."

"What about that… Um, that… obese person my older brother told me about called Chan… something?" Coilin asked.

"...Some exceptions are to be had, lil' buddy." Ludwig responded back.

At another table, Madden was currently consuming some fried fish, as she was offered a rose.

"For you, my kitten in making." Chiazam spoke out loud.

Madden looked up towards Chiazam as she accepted the rose. "Awww, thanks!"

"If I felt creeped out by you, then I apologize. It's that I never saw someone so in-tune with their primal animal before." Chiazam responded back.

"Eh, I get that a lot, meow." Madden said out loud, as she ate a bit more of her fish. "So, you do any magic stuff?"

"I prefer to be called an illusionist. Rolls off the tongue a bit better." Chiazam answered back. "Though I wish I could do some magic."

"Aww… You'll get there someday soon, meow!" Madden reassured. "Then… Perhaps you can make anyone into a white tiger? Or a humanoid white tiger? That be awesome, meow-meow!"

"Yeah… And this time, it won't go wrong, not like what happened back in Vegas." Chiazam responded back. "In either case, I should make my leave. See you… later."

He gave off a wink, as he walked away, with Madden staring at him, blushing and looking at the rose he gave her.

"I believe in magic..." Madden whispered to herself, as...

"WWWHHOOOAAA!" Elani yelled, as she tripped over nothing at all, sending her meal flying everywhere.

Madden looked down towards Elani, as she started to help her up.

"You okay?" Madden asked in concern.

"Fine and dandy!" Elani answered back, saluting Madden, as she squinted at her. "How come you look all sorts of fuzzy?"

Madden observed her body. "I wish I looked all sorts of fuzzy to the touch, meow."

Elani gave off a few blinks.

"...Did I spill orange soda all over someone again?" Elani asked.

"Again? The mew happened?" Madden questioned back.

"I… Well, may be making the tabloids soon enough; I kinda-sorta… accidentally spilled a bit of orange soda… All over Rusty." Elani admitted.

Madden looked towards Elani, then shrugged.

"Eh, no worries towards that. He's gonna be popular for… Who knows how long, meow? Then once every tween and their younger sisters finds a new slab of man-meat to oggle over… His fame is more or less gone, meow-meow." Madden reassured back. "Though… There are some cases in which their popularity lasts TOO long, meow."

"Tell me about it; he sung for Twilight – Full Moon." Elani grumbled. "All the awesome girls were suddenly into vampires again. And not even the GOOD ones at that."

Elsewhere in the Dining Hall, Axel was leaning on a wall, looking out at the ocean, as Quik backwards skated towards him.

"Hey, 'sup?" Quik asked, as he stopped. "Are we excited to get this game started? You bet I am!"

Axel looked towards Quik.

"...You don't talk that much, do you?" Quik observed.

"I'm a man of a few words..." Axel said out loud.

"Still, you remind me of the average rival in certain sports animes." Quik addressed. "You know, the ones who look cool, and has a talent in a certain sport, but doesn't join the team until some character development was had, then they do join the team and kick some serious butts. And they get bonus points for being some tween weebette's husbando. Sooooo… What kinda sports you like?"

"...E-Sports." Axel answered back.

"E-Sports?" Quik asked, raising an eyebrow. "Like..."

"You'll get to know that bit once I get myself some character development… Now skate away; I need to look cool and edgy." Axel said out loud.

"Well… Okay. Try not to get voted off too soon; the fans would LOVE to make some dark theories about you if you do~!" Quik responded back as he skated off, leaving Axel to his own devices.

Axel could only stand there in thought.

"Wait… What dark theories?" Axel asked himself. "Like… dead parents? Dead sister? Dead parents and a dead sister?"

Confessional: Are those quite the norm?

Axel: How long before my likeness is built into a Darkfic? -He sighs- ...Wish Zara was around to check… Blasted asthma.

Quik: So, Axel's a gamer, huh? ...I kinda always pegged him to be the sports type.

Several minutes later, the monitor in the Dining Hall switched over to Double-V, giving off a smile.

"LAND HOOOOO!" Double-V shouted out loud.

"Yeesh!" Jam yelped. "Chris, control your scary virtual clown aliens!"

Everyone turned towards the windows to see that an island was coming into view. It appeared to have a bit of a jungle look to it, along with a volcano being surrounded by the jungle as well. The volcano appeared to be giving off some tufts of smoke.

"...My vibes tells me that volcano's gonna erupt by the end of the day." Zenith said out loud.

"Say what?" Rusty asked. "I rather not get my beautiful bod melted, no thank you." Rusty responded towards Zenith.

"Actually, the odds of that volcano erupting is roughly 145,000 to 1." Irwin affirmed. "So you've got nothing to worry about."

"Yeah; what are the chances that it would erupt today of all days?" Mecca asked. "Mecca has a better chance of catching a shiny Chansey in the Safari Zone. Which kinda… Sorta... happened to Mecca..."

"Really?" Irwin questioned back.

"Ol' Green Tips is safely stored in Mecca's Ultra Moon, hugging a slab of an Evolite." Mecca answered back. "Came with a badass nature, too!"

"Ooh, jungle setting! Awesome backdrop for the first episode of anything!" Leiko sported a grin. "Sure, it may be the stereotypical grass/farmland trope, but still… Jungle!"

"What about Banjo-Tooie? That started off with a Mayan setting after all the overworld plot stuff." Ludwig said, biting into a sandwich.

"Didn't… They predict the 'End of the World' back in 2012?" Coilin reminded.

"Yeah, and Hollywood even portrayed it as being ultra-apocalyptic and stuff. None of that happened at all, lil' buddy." Ludwig answered back. "Though come December 22, many a person who believed in all that junk had to do some last minute Christmas shopping."

"Wow, yikes." Coilin blinked. "Best to not believe in the world ending and stuff, huh?"

"Nope." Ludwig responded back, finishing off his sandwich. "Just fear fodder."

"Er… You guys do know this is a Time based season, do you not?" Fritz spoke out loud. "And what would probably be our first stop in our 'trip' through time?"

"Going back to see the creation of man?" Malise answered back.

Fritz observed what appeared to be an animal in flight, as the boat started to dock at the island.

"We'll see soon enough..." Fritz concluded, as the speakers turned on again.

"Contestants! We have hit land! Please head on-shore for instructions on your first Challenge!" Chris announced.

"Challenge already?" Tierre asked. "By all means, I'm ready!"

"Meow, this cat's ready to POUNCE!" Madden declared.

Now on the shores of the island, the campers were standing around, as the host was in front of them.

"Campers… Welcome to an island which has been untouched by time itself… At least, until we arrived." Chris announced. "A land so majestic, it could only be viewed behind a book itself..."

Soon enough, what appeared to be a tiny creature walked past the host, and sniffed Jam's leg.

Zenith observed the little creature.

"Isn't that a Parasaurolophus?" Zenith asked.

"As I was saying… Welcome to the Era of the Dinosaurs! As you can already tell, we've 'traveled' back roughly a million years, back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. And today, we too shall roam these wild, untamed lands." Chris announced.

"Untamed's right; that dino's taking to Jam like I do to squid, meow!" Madden spoke up.

Jam looked down towards the Parasaurolophus, and giggled.

"There's noting in that boot, buddy." Jam said towards the dino. "Well, except for skull-themed socks, and my leg. And a hummingbird sucking up some nectar from a flower inked on my leg."

"Now, your task is to find three eggs, spotted with your team's color, and bring it back here. First team to do so gets immunity, while the losing team… Has to boot someone off from the game." Chris continued.

Everyone gasped at that realization.

"Wait, so someone will get the boot right off the bat? That seems all sorts of unfair." Malise said out loud.

"Oh, but there is a bit of good news; hidden around all of these islands is a Chris-Artifact. If you find it and present it at the Elimination Ceremony, then you're immune from any votes that may be counted towards you. They're hidden very well, so keep an eye out. Now… Get a move on!" Chris concluded, as the two teams started to go into the jungle, as the host sported a grin.

"Hehe… Here's hoping they don't get ate up by a Brontosaurus… Those things can turn out to be real nasty."

Delightful DeLoreans

Currently, the team was in the wild jungles, with Madden leading the way. She sniffed the air surrounding the team, keeping an eye out for any eggs, or any dinos.

"This came as no surprise to anyone; our first challenge is a dinosaur challenge." Chiazam said out loud.

"Speaking of dinos, has anyone actually realized that in Power Rangers, only three of their Zords are actual dinosaurs?" Ludwig commented. "The Mastodon and Sabertooth Tiger are kinda post-dinosaur, so I highly doubt they count."

"Eh, that show's kinda meh for me." Tierre said out loud. "I mean, people fighting in spandex suits? I'm quite surprised nobody came outta those suits with helmet hair or something."

"You never saw Battle Fever J, haven't you?" Mecca asked back. "I may have caught some scenes of it on the Tubes. That one ranger with that wig on its helmet? Unnatural."

Mecca scouted the route ahead, and held her hand up, signaling the contestants to stop. Soon after, what appeared to be a Triceratops crossed their path, giving off a growl.

"Nice; a Triceratops!" Mecca grinned. "Just wait until Mecca has grandkids; they'll never believe that Ol' Granny Mecca actually met a dinosaur up close and personal!"

"You know… There could be a… You know, a catch..." Coilin spoke up.

"Eh, what kinda catch could there be by encountering a beast like this?" Mecca continued.

Soon, what appeared to be a larger dinosaur stomped through the jungle, and looked down towards the team.

"Look, guys! A Brontosaurus! Much like in 'The Flintstones' intro!" Mecca grinned.

"Actually, don't you mean a Brachiosaurus?" Ludwig said out loud.

"Eh, a dino's a dino!" Mecca shrugged.

The Brachiosaurus soon picked up Mecca gently by her jacket, and placed her on top of its back.

Madden looked up towards the Brachiosaurus.

"Mecca looks high up, meow." Madden observed.

"Gee, ya think?" Tierre asked, as she looked up. "Mecca? While you're up there, mind scoping the isle out?"

"Mecca'll give it her best shot!" Mecca yelled down. "But can Mecca do this one thing first?"

"What thing?" Tierre asked from below loudly.

"Just stand and watch..." Mecca grinned, as she backed up a bit.

Pretty soon, she started to make a run on top of the Brachiosaurus, and slid off its tail on her feet, sending her flying skywards.

"YABBA-DABBA-DOO!" Mecca shouted out loud, as her body soon met with the business end of a tree. "OOF!"

She soon fell off the tree and back onto the ground, as the other campers rushed towards her.

Mecca looked a bit dazed, with a few leaves in her hair as well.

"Mecca, you crazy psycho, you okay?!" Tierre asked out loud.

Mecca could only show off a grin, as gave off a thumbs up.

"Worth it." Mecca responded back, as what appeared to be an egg landed safely on Mecca's large froof of hair. "And lookie, guys! Scored a souvenir!"

Tierre blinked a bit in confusion. "Should… I chalk it up as luck?"

"Meow, at least we've found one egg. And all it took was a flight in the skies!" Madden answered back.

Chiazam soon grew a grin on his face, as he looked towards Madden.

"Madden… Think you can climb up that Brachiosaurusand scope out any hiding places where the other eggs could be?" Chiazam asked. "We rather not have our blue haired beauty act out any other dinosaur related forms of media."

"Hey, it didn't hurt one bit..." Mecca pouted back.

"Meow, you got it! Meow-Meow!" Madden answered back, as she climbed up the Brachiosaurus.

She soon looked all around the jungle-like setting, hoping to find something.

"So, find anything else?" Ludwig asked from the ground.

"Meow, other than many a scratching post and a smoking volcano… Nothing, really!" Madden yelled back down. "I shall continue looking!"

But unbeknownst to her, a flying dinosaur started to swoop down. Before she could notice, she was picked up by her cat tail and was being carried away.

"Madden!" Everyone yelled out loud, as Mecca quickly climbed up the Brachiosaurus, and eyed the dinosaur carrying Madden.

It was flying towards the volcano, as Mecca looked down at her fellow contestants.

"Okay, good news, kinda bad news, and really bad news." Mecca announced from above. "Good news is that I know where Madden is!"

"Then what's the really bad news?" Elani asked.

"That dino who snagged Madden? It's a pterodactyl; kinda a carnivore, and a vicious one at that." Madden continued, as everyone gasped. "And the kinda bad news? Well… Has anyone ever went rock climbing?"

Coilin raised his hand slowly. "Just once… At my cousin's Bat Mitzvah … And it was one of those indoor rock wall things..."

Mecca slid down the Brachiosaurus' tail and landed in front of the team. "Well, you're all about to get a crash course in rock climbing for realsies today; and on a dormant volcano, no doubt!"

"Dormant?" Ludwig asked. "Like that thing could blow its top at any moment?"

"You heard what that red-head on the boat said; there's a super low chance at that happening. At all." Mecca reassured back.

Soon, some shrubbery started to shake a bit.

"If the cards are right..." Chiazam spoke up. "...It be in our best interest to run. Now."

"Yeah! Quick, Mecca! Lead the way! You got us into this, you get us out!" Tierre agreed.

"Well, you got it!" Mecca responded back, as she started to lead everyone into the jungle, with Ludwig lagging behind.

"Don't forget me; I'm a lot slower than you all!" Ludwig yelled out loud, trying to catch up with everyone.

Not soon afterward, what appeared to be a Velociraptor lept out from the shrubs, as it sniffed the air. It gave off a bit of a roar as two more Velociraptors lept out of the brush as well. The trio soon started to run into the jungle, with one thing on their mind… Lunch.

Confessional: Talk about a Dino-Disaster…

Axel: Man, only ten… Fifteen minutes into the challenge, and we already lost one camper… We're kinda off to a rocky start, huh?

Ludwig: Why did I stuff myself with those baked potatoes before the challenge?

Teriffic Tardises

Much like the DeLoreans, the Tardises were also walking through the jungle. Quik was leading the way to search for any danger, as the other contestants followed behind him.

"Question me this; God created man." Malise said out loud. "But did he ever mention anything about dinosaurs? This is completely unnatural."

"Perhaps our groovy Lord and Savior just wanted to have a little fun." Zenith responded back. "Ever heard of the blue-footed booby?"

"No, not really?" Malise asked.

"All creatures have a reason to exist; even us." Zenith answered back. "Some of us haven't found our purpose yet."

Malise nodded towards Zenith as following the two were Jam and Fritz. Some Parasaurolophuses ran by the two, as she let out a sigh.

"Something the matter?" Fritz asked in concern.

"Eh, nothing. It's that the Parasaurolophus tends to really bum me out." Jam answered back. "One of my fave movies as a kid growing up was Land Before Time, and one of the V.O's voicing Ducky… She died."

"Damn..." Fritz muttered.

"Yep, she was murdered by her f'in dick of a dad, as thus her mom, and then their bodies were burned and the dickweed ran off before deciding to take the pussy way out instead of owning to his mistakes. All because he was drunk and possibly drugged up to high heaven." Jam growled. "She could had been one of the greats, like Tara Strong or Cree Summer! I just hope she either found a better life in the Afterlife or got a second chance in a reincarnation..."

"Yeah, nobody deserves to be murdered..." Fritz agreed. "How about we change the subject, okay? Get outta all this here gloom?"

"Yeah, I agree." Jam nodded, as she eyed Fritz's prosthetic leg. "So… How'd you lose one of your blank canvas pieces?"

"Ah, my leg?" Fritz asked. "Well… I rather not say. I wanna at least keep things secret."

"Yeah, good strat. Helps keep you on the show longer." Jam said out loud.

"But… What about the story of your first tattoo? Perhaps that's less secret?" Fritz asked.

Jam smiled as she looked down at the cherries embedded into her skin. "Ah, my first piece of inkwork done on me? Well, I already knew what I wanted to do in life, and when I turned 16… I entered the parlor, and… Well, you can guess how it turned out. In fact, I'm up to ten by now."

Fritz nodded. "I pity the poor sap who does fanart of you..."

"Heh, I would call that a challenge." Jam smirked back.

Not too far behind, Leiko was observing the jungle, and Irwin was snapping a few pictures, as Rusty was approaching Leiko.

"So, Leiko… I've came up with an idea." Rusty said out loud. "How about it? We join forces and we dump all of these zeroes… And we become true heroes?"

"Er, excuse me?" Leiko asked.

"Think about it; cutie… Who's gonna go for some dorky girl who's a Student Counsel President? Let alone a Prez with purple hair?" Rusty continued.

"Hey, I fought tooth and nail to allow awesome hair colors in school. Even some of the teachers sported some dyed locks; at least they're paying attention to them now." Leiko answered back.

"I seen your moves against my fangirls, and… While I should be mad, I'm actually impressed. Why not it? Alliance?" Rusty offered.

Leiko looked towards Rusty, and nodded.

"I'll think about it." Leiko answered back.

"I know you'll make the right choice; I just know it." Rusty said, sporting a heart-melting smile and going up ahead.

Irwin soon got close to Leiko.

"You aren't actually gonna agree to that wash-up, are you?" Irwin asked.

"Actually, I ain't." Leiko answered back, smiling warmly. "Why would I wanna become his partner in crime, when there's far more cooler peeps to team along with?"

Soon, the ground started to rumble a bit, halting everyone. The Parasaurolophus that ran ahead of them soon ran behind them in pure fear.

"Um… Was that the volcano, dude?" Leiko asked Irwin.

Irwin looked towards the volcano, being circled around by the same pterodactyl which snagged and was still carrying Madden earlier, and concluded.

"Nah, probably not." Irwin responded back.

"Hey, isn't that dino carrying that cat girl from the other team?" Quik asked.

"Apparently so..." Zenith answered back.

The ground rumbled again, causing a nearby puddle to ripple in the process.

"I highly doubt it's Mount ImGonnaKillYouAll about ready to erupt." Jam stated. "Let's just see how high our threat level is… Then we may run."

"Heck, I'm ready to run right now." Irwin said out loud.

The contestants stood their ground, as what appeared to be a tall standing dinosaur was approaching the contestants. The top of its head was smooth, surrounded by very small horns.

"Dudes… It's a Pachycephalosaurus." Leiko said, sporting a grin. "Their skulls of theirs are as thick as a heavy class armor in giant mecha anime! Not to mention that it's a herbivore. Sweet!"

The Pachycephalosaurus looked at the campers, a little curious at the new species it seemingly encountered.

"So… Threat level lowered?" Irwin nervously asked Jam.

"I would like to say..." Jam started to answered back, as Rusty stood in front of the campers, and seemingly flexed his muscles.

"So? It's vegan. And vegan chicks dig my hotness." Rusty remarked towards the two.

"Not according to some of your fans, your haters, and some forums I frequent." Irwin stated.

"You're just jealous that you don't have the hotness that is me, Rusty Bradford." Rusty remarked towards Irwin, before he continued to flex towards the dinosaur's direction.

The Pachycephalosaurus looked at Rusty, as it took a few steps back. It soon began to charge at the singer.

"Oh, yeah… Bring it to me, baby..." Rusty grinned.

"Uh, Rusty?" Irwin interrupted. "You may wanna think twice about-"

It was too late. The Pachycephalosaurus soon headbutted Rusty, sending him flying past the other contestants, and into some jungle brush.

"Whhhoooaaa..." Rusty moaned, as he got up.

"Tried to warn you that they attack via butting one's heads against one another." Irwin stated.

"Or course, when both are thick headed..." Jam added. "Still, threat level is low. Clearly cause it headbutted one who wasn't a clear threat at all."

The Pachycephalosaurus, having done playing with its 'prey', decided to turn towards some leaves, and began to munch on them.

The other contestants observed the dinosaur, as thus the area.

"Well, it seems satisfied." Fritz smiled, as he looked near the dinosaur in question…

There was a nest of eggs nearby, one of them spotted blue.

"Awesome!" Leiko grinned. "Now, all we gotta do is run up and snatch it!"

Fritz looked towards the Pachycephalosaurus in question.

"Thing is, our hard-hatted buddy eating their greens? Not to mention those eggs over there?" Fritz observed the dinosaur. "She may very well be the mama of those eggs."

"So? What's the prob with that? All we gotta do is snag that spotted egg without her noticing." Leiko stated.

"Well, thing is… You saw how it reacted to Rusty. And we're trying to steal one of its babies." Fritz continued. "We need a distraction."

Leiko nodded, as she looked towards Quik. "Hey, Quik! How quick are you?"

Quik chuckled. "Heh… I get that a lot."

"Anyways, we need for you to distract our favorite hardhead, while I grab that egg. 'Kay?" Leiko instructed.

Quik grinned. "You've got it!"

Leiko smiled. "Nice… From there, we… Find the other eggs, I dunno."

Confessional: May I have my eggs in Benedict form?

Quik: This is so exciting! I'm going toe to toe against a herbivore dinosaur! ...Well, beats going toe to toe against a carnivore; those things can really F you up.

Leiko: I would like to see April and Ashley taunt me now. I evolved from some freckled face, braces wearing, glasses sporting dork of a girl to… Well, I still wear glasses. But my skin cleared up and my teeth's awesome now. And I may still be a dork, but I'm an awesome dork. That, and I wanted an egg, anyway.

Chris, who was leaning back in a chair and watching the action from a laptop, looked at the camera and grinned.

"Wow, first few minutes into this challenge and already they've agitated a couple of carnivores? But what do you think may happen next?" Chris asked, as he sipped on a beverage. "Find out… After the break!"

At that moment, the same pterodactyl who was holding Madden hostage, flew down, snagging Chris' beverage.

"Dang it." Chris grumbled at the loss of his drink.

And there you have it; Part One of Time Trap is complete! Who are you rooting for? Who do you want to see voted off?


Delightful DeLoreans: Axel, Chiazam, Coilin, Elani, Ludwig, Madden, Mecca, Tierre

Terrific Tardises: Fritz, Irwin, Jam, Leiko, Malise, Quik, Rusty, Zenith's

NEXT TIME: This Jurassic challenge continues!