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Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind!

Delightful DeLoreans

At their side of the Arena, the seven contestants were busy talking strategy about the challenge.

"Alright, so it's us against the Tardises." Tierre spoke up. "Do we know exactly what makes them tick?"

"Well, given that both Fritz and Leiko went in the pyramid the other day… They also fought those mummies both me and Mecca faced off against." answered Madden. "That, and we saw how indept Fritz is when it came to wrestling."

"Yeah, he's quite a machine." Axel agreed. "I'm still feeling all sorts of achy from what he done."

"Quik would be… Well, quick. Jam would be all sorts of spiky. Irwin could flash someone… Literally, in his case." listed Tierre.

Mecca wiggled her eyebrows a bit. "Ooh, you speakin' naughty today..."

"Anyways… And Zenith? She's the least threatening of the bunch." Tierre concluded. "So any of us should be able to take any of them down if we think up a plan."

"Umm..." Coilin spoke up. "H-How about that Malise?"

"Ah, yeah! We forgot all about that walking Chick Tract, Tierre. What's her deal?" asked Mecca.

"Good question; I rather not end up in Hell if I fight her the wrong way, meow-meow." Madden agreed. "Seriously, there are some truly creepos down there. Ever heard of Albert Fish?"

Everyone shook their heads, quite confused.

"Well, he ain't no delicious piece of seafood; that's for darn sure. He's one true sicko which if I talked about him… Then we would need to up the show's age rating." answered Madden in a serious tone. "Yeah, it's safe to say he's been burning up his yarnballs off down there since his execution."

Ludwig grasped his crotch in horror. "Oh, my..."

"So, we may need a special strat in place in the off-chance we do face off against Malise, meow." Madden decided, as she looked at her team. "How about you, Coilin? You're always talking about Jewish stuff. So maybe..."

"Oy vey..." Coilin muttered. "I… Well, I can't hit a girl. Let alone a religious girl..."

Ludwig cleared his throat. "You know… There is a way we can defeat Malise, all without laying a finger on her."

"Hm? Explain how." Tierre requested.

"Well, you know in Martial Arts Tournament arcs and a few kung-fu movies where there's such a set-up such as this?" Ludwig instructed out loud.

"Or course I'm outta the loop." Tierre replied back.

"Ooh-ooh-ooh! Let Mecca guess!" Mecca said out loud. "All we gotta do is ring-out them somehow, am I right?"

Ludwig smiled back. "Exactly right, Mecca. So all we gotta do if we face off against an unfavorable opponent is to trick them into going over the edge. Thus disqualifying them, giving us the W!"

He soon chuckled a bit.

"...And possibly causing the audience to rant and possibly riot on how we didn't give everyone a good tussle." Ludwig stated.

"Ahhh, true." Chiazam said out loud, shuffling some of his cards. "Most people tend to enjoy watching other people beat each other up. It's second nature at this point on our time here on Earth."

"Meow, like the time my grandma ate popcorn all while watching Rodney King riot footage on the ol' boob tube? Meow-Meow?" Madden asked.

Chiazam nodded towards Madden, all while Coilin looked up towards Ludwig.

"Ludwig, how'd you know about… Well, kung-fu?" Coilin asked.

"Oh, Iggy is kinda a weeb, being into kick-butt stuff such as this." Ludwig answered back.

"M-Maybe with your girth… Perhaps you can… Umm… Sumo them?" Coilin suggested, as he grew silent. "Sorry..."

Ludwig only smiled back. "Don't be sorry, little buddy; you may had given me a grand idea. Now, to get lucky with who I end up fighting..."

He soon grew silent.

"Hopefully I won't be fighting that lovely lady..." Ludwig muttered softly, as Coilin looked at him.

Confessional: Luck be a lady!

Ludwig: I may be chubby, but I can at least try to hold my own. If it's against Zenith, however… She's one person who I don't wanna harm, at all. -He blushes- She's pretty cute. Why would I wanna bring harm to cute?

Coilin: -He smiles warmly.- ...Knew it. He really adores Zenith. Maybe I should find some way to hook the two up…

Teriffic Tardises

With the other team, they were also discussing strategy on what to do.

"You know, this fighting business is kinda dumb, to be honest." Jam said, seemingly disagreeing with the challenge. "I should had said this yesterday, but why are we risking our bodies to even trade blows with one other? We should use them for more fun stuff, like… I dunno, getting some sweet skinart! Or getting our noses pricked by a needle! Or for golfing!"

"Dudette, us humans have been fighting for ages, and-" Leiko began to say, as she raised an eyebrow. "Wait, golfing? You aren't really… Serious about that sorta thing, aren't ya?"

"...Mom was a pro on the PGA." Jam admitted, sheepishly. "Quite obvious I didn't inherit her skills. Then again..."

She suddenly smirked back.

"Think the pros would accept such a wild-lookin' girl like myself on the fairway?" Jam asked, sporting a smirk. "Those old fogies would FLIP at seeing someone with spiked pink hair and metal all over their face completely own their butts on the fairway."

"Ahhhh… True skills come from within, and not how you look." Zenith spoke up.

"Yeah, true." Jam replied back. "Still… Where else could you totally trash someone in sports scores and still look like someone who should belong in a mosh pit?"

"Um, maybe we should talk about what we should do in case we're up against someone who's not as favorable." Irwin said, as he glanced over at the other team. "Okay, first off? Mecca. She's crazy. She's unpredictable. She's cute. She's-"

"Mine." Leiko interrupted, pounding a palm with her fist. "Well, if the cards are right and I end up facing off against her. It'll be a huge treat facing off against someone who's a slight troublemaker!"

"Err… smartiepants? How are you a president, again?" Jam asked. "I probably blinked off if you told me the first time. Probably thinking about artwork again."

Leiko simply shrugged. "My old-ish man signed me up. Said it would help keep me outta trouble. Even though I only went vigilante after those who deserved it."

"Like who?" Fritz asked.

"You know; the bullying types: The big strong brutes who bully nerds, those bitches who demean those underneath the popularity food chain, the Plastics, who are WAY worse than the other bitches..." Leiko answered back. "Though the leader of the Plastics had connections which could have totally tanked my entire fam and their livelihoods."

Zenith breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God I didn't attend your school..."

"So, after convincing my folks I was indeed NOT preggers… Long story on that, I was forced to sign up for student counsel thanks to my folks, and… Needless to say, I do a really kick-ass job at it!" Leiko chuckled back. "Leiko Mioda: The True Kick-Ass Vote for a Kick-Ass School Year!"

She blinks a bit.

"Okay, it was censored to abide to use no foul language… Hey, it's better than any campaign Courtney could think up." Leiko smirked towards her team.

"Whatever happened to her, anyway?" Irwin asked. "She was one of my favorite contestants, and the way she got booted off last time really struck a nerve."

"Probably dyed her hair neon green and went totally punk." Jam predicted, giving off a shrug. "Or course, that's just one possibility in a possible multiverse."

"A possible multiverse?" Malise asked.

"Yeah." answered Jam. "Heck, there's probably even a multiverse where you were all Wicca and you do all sorts of awesome spells."

"I… see." nodded Malise, feeling uneasy. "I should go somewhere..."

She walked off, as everyone watched her leave.

"Was it something I said?" asked Jam. "If so… I knew I should had said Mormon. At least they act all goody-goody."

Confessional: I put a spell on you!

Jam: Yeah, if any Mormons are watching, I do apologize. You keep doing what you love, alright?

Once she was out of earshot of her fellow contestants, Malise's uneasy look morphed into that of pure disgust.

"Ugh, what is Jam thinking that I could be a Wiccan? They all practice witchcraft and..." Jam asked herself in anger. "She's gonna be dead wrong once I obtain victory, in which the fires of Hell itself come raining down upon everyone."

She opens her notepad, and gives off a cocky smirk.

"Or course, I may not even be required; our neighbors down south'll probably destroy themselves soon enough anyway. I'm just here just to hasten everything up." Malise continued. "Political turnmoil, false accusations, the threat of war happening every second of every day… It shall be glorious when this damned world, and every other damned world in this multiverse Jam is talking nonsense about is wiped permanently clean."

She soon walks by a souvenir stand and notices a Chris Idol, dressed in Chinese robes, holding a katana. The cashier's attention was fixated somewhere else.

With a split second, she snatches the Idol, crams it up her sleeves, and walks off, but not before leaving a dollar bill on the counter.

"Keep the change..." Malise thought to herself. "Cause our existence shall change… For the better. Or for some of you... For the worse..."

Back with the Tardises, the team was still speaking to each other.

"So, tell more about this Multiverse Theory." Quik requested to Jam. "Like, is there a universe where I take up something less extreme, or where I'm actually born a dude… Just ignore that last statement."

"Well… Alright. Like you said, what if you were actually taking up tennis, or if I actually didn't take up tattooing and I became… I dunno, some kinda professional gamer or something? Well..." Jam began, as Chris was seemingly floating near the middle of the ring, with his robes flowing in the wind.

"Travelers… It's nearly time for your first duel." Chris announced, as he began to sway to the other side. "Yipe! Dudes, you're suppose to make it look like I'm floating all mystic like!"

"You know, I can help with that!" Ludwig spoke up. "Even though my time as a Scout was really bad, I did learn a bit from them."

Chris thought a bit. "Umm… Maybe later. But for now, it's time to see who's the first one to fight against one another!"


The string holding him up suddenly broke underneath his weight, and he met face-first with the mat down below.

"Owww… Someone is totally losing a paycheck for that." Chris muttered as he picked himself back up, as he looked at the contestants. He soon reached into his robes and took out two scrolls. "Anyways, the first ones up are..."

He unrolled the scrolls showing off a drawing of two of the contestants, done in an ancient Chinese style of painting. They depicted that of a humanoid tiger girl, and a female wearing purple robes.

"Madden and Zenith! You two shall be the first one to square off against each other!" Chris finished, as the two contestants looked at each other.

"Meow, I'm gonna go ALL Meow-tal Kombat on ya, Zee!" Madden declared, as she lept up onto the ring, and motioned for Zenith to come forward. "Bring it n-eow!"

Zenith gave off a sweet smile to Madden. "I feel your aura is strong, young kitten. May we have one glorious and peaceful showdown."

As she entered the ring, Jam stood close to the side.

"Yo, Cosmos! You best be careful out there, dudette! Trust me, catgirls are TOUGH!" Jam warned.

"Namaste, Jam." Zenith nodded back, as she faced Madden.

"Wait, what tough catgirls?" Quik asked.

"Well, there is that one lady who fosters kittens..." Jam answered back, twiddling with her fingers a bit. "And... have you ever been to furry conventions before?"

"Um, I tend to avoid furries." Quik replied back. "They tend to come off as a bit… creepy."

"Meow, I heard that!" Madden yelled from on-stage.

"Relax, kitten; don't let him get to your head. Furries aren't creepy." Zenith reassured Madden. "Well, you're one of the more sane ones, from what I can feel."

"True. But I never did mention to you about my plans for mascot outfits, or if science ever gets its act together… Purchase some kinda serum which'll change me into a true catgirl." Madden admitted.

"Girls, can you wrap the chitchat up?" Chris asked the two. "We've got some fights to get on with."

"Ahhhh, right." Zenith replied back, stepping backwards.

"Gotchya, mew." Madden also replied back, as she lept backwards as well.

Chris gave off his signature grin.

"Zenith, the Girl With The Cosmos! VS… Madden, the Cool As Ice Catgirl!" Chris announced. "Ready… FIGHT!"

As the gong rung, the two circled around the ring, starring at each other.

"Sooooo, how would a hippie fight, anyway, meow? Would you lob some kind of aura ball at me? Try to contact-high me? ...Are you even high right now?" asked Madden.

"High with life, kitten." Zenith answered back. "And to answer your question..."

She quickly stepped backwards, as she pulled at Madden's costume tail.

"Meow!" Madden yelped a bit. "Yeesh, for a hippie chick, you sure know how to play hardball, meow!"

"I'll gladly take that as a compliment." Zenith replied back, as she pulled Madden in, and tripped her with her leg.

Madden lept back up, and gave a smirk towards Zenith.

"This kitten shall never give up, meow!" Madden declared. "Unless I lose 6 lives. Then I may consider giving up…"

"Wise words have never been said, our blossoming kitty..." Zenith replied back warmly.

Madden started to dash towards Zenith, as she stepped aside, while Madden kept on running.

"Crap, oh crap!" Madden yelled out loud, as she was approaching the ring's edge. "Why did the Law of Motion staying in motion have to doom me to eating dirt, meow?!"

She ran off the stage, and landed face first on the ground, as a loud gong sound was heard.

"And the winner of this first fight… Zenith!" Chris announced.

Zenith gave off a warm smile, as she lept off the ring and approached Madden. Holding down her hand, Madden accepted it as she pulled the cat girl up.

"Jeepers, that was a cat-astrophe..." Madden said, as she dusted herself off. "G-G, hippie gal."

"Same to you too." Zenith replied back, with a warm smile.

Madden looked back at Zenith.

"...Are you sure you aren't high right now?" Madden asked.

Confessional: Probably not…

Madden: Man, I felt I failed the furry community by losing to a hippie chick… Aw, well. Still, she does look rather cute… Perhaps if the cat thing doesn't work out, I can become a hippie girl like her?

Zenith: Madden is sooooo totally full of life… Her aura shines strong. -She smiles to the camera- She's perfect for our young Coilin.

Terrific Tardises

"Man, you managed to tame a tiger without much problem!" Leiko said, beaming at Zenith's victory.

"Yeah, you went up with one of the speediest DeLorean members, and won!" Quik added. "That's quite a feat right there."

"Thanks, guys." Zenith said, smiling. "Wasn't the first time I was involved in some conflict."

"Wait, what kinda conflict?" Irwin asked. "Did you wear some clothing themed after the American flag, waited until their president did a fly-by and wave some banner telling him how much he sucks, and was signed 'Deepbutt' or something?"

Zenith chuckled. "While my bud and I would absolutely love to do that… Maybe we should wait until his term is over. At least they won't be able to touch us then."

"That works even better." Fritz agreed. "Besides, we rather not be sent to the bottom of the ocean wearing concrete shoes. And surrounded by flesh-eating piranha."

"Jeepers, that sound all sorts of brutal." Jam said out loud. "Alright, note to self; never piss off world leaders."

"Well, at least not the corrupt ones." Malise stated. "They could totally use a bit of Jesus."

"True, that." Jam nodded in agreement.

"Anyways, I'm gonna go for a walk; see the sights. See ya later." Zenith said, as she departed from the group.

Irwin looked over at Fritz. "Wait, what flesh-eating piranhas?"

"Well..." Fritz started to say. "Sometimes, you just have to enhance a play to make things even more frightening, and at the same time, more exciting."

"Is that how you lost your leg?" Irwin asked, looking at Fritz's prosthetic.

"Actually… No. The piranha we used were all constructed by the metal shop." Fritz answered back. "All they did was just swim around."

"And thank god for that; robot piranhas are the last thing we need." Irwin responded.

Delightful DeLoreans

With the team, they were also busy talking amongst themselves.

"Hey, if it's any consolation, Mecca knows you've kicked some serious hippie booty out there!" Mecca said, patting Madden on the back.

"Yeah, but… I barely could even touch her. She yanked my tail as well." Madden responded back. "Maybe… I outta change cat species? Go for a Japanese Bobtail?"

"Dude, outta the question; your long tail makes you complete!" Mecca denied back. "Just having a nub for a tail… I dunno, it just makes you half a cat, or something."

"S-So… Who d-do you think may… Fight next?" Coilin asked.

"Well, being Madden and Zenith already fought, they're already done." Tierre answered back. "And given it's completely randomized… It can be any of us."

"Ya, and besides, the only actual tough customer on their team is Jam. We've all been through this before." Axel said out loud. "At least, I think..."

Chiazam soon done some magic, and suddenly puffed a rose into existence.

"Why not allow me to be some assistance?" Chiazam offered. "While we can take them on fists a-flying… Why not we try tricking them?"

"I dunno… Isn't that cheating?" Coilin asked.

"Not if you caught." Chiazam replied back. "Just think of it as… Giving yourself an advantage."

Coilin looked at Chiazam.

"Don't do it, buddy..." Ludwig warned, as he ate a bun, topped with powdered sugar. "Cheating never got anyone nowhere. Look at Lance Armstrong. It's why the Tour De France ain't ran anymore, as far as I know."

"Real men NEVER cheat!" Mecca yelled out loud, as she grabbed Madden by the shoulders, and stood behind her, moving her around a bit. "Do you think Madden here would kiss a cheater such as yourself if you did cheat at fighting?"

Madden blushed a deep red. "Aww, Mecca..."

Coilin looked up at Chiazam, and was doing some thinking.

"I am the shortest and weakest, from what I feel..." Coilin thought. "What do I do?"


Soon, a gong sound was heard, and Chris was in the center of the ring again.

"Travelers! It's time for your next battle!" Chris announced, as he reached into his robe's sleeves and pulled out a couple more scrolls. He soon unrolled them, revealing a girl dressed in blue robes with a beam of light behind her, and a brown skinned male with spiky silver hair.

"Malise and Axel! You two are next to fight!"

The two contestants soon entered the ring, as they looked at each other.

"Guess I'm fighting you?" Axel asked. "I dunno… This doesn't feel right."

Malise smiled back. "I'm sure the Lord will forgive you. Cause we're fighting under the warm, cozy glow of His glory and creation-"

"Yeah, whatever." Chris said, interrupting Malise. "Malise, the Religious Bruiser! VS… Axel, the Cool-As-Ice Dude! Ready? ...FIGHT!"

The gong rung as the two of them stared at each other.

"Ugh, trying out our strat of a ring-out is outta the question. She's just standing too firm." Axel thought.

"I'm going up against some anime reject? ...Perfect. Perhaps I can metoo his ass outta here?" Malise also thought.

"So… How do we do this?" Axel asked.

"I dunno; I haven't been in a fight before." Malise answered back. "I was raised to be a pacifist, really."

"Me either; first off, you're a girl. Second, you're a child of God. Why would I wanna risk being torched forever after I die just by clobbering you?" asked Axel.

"It'll be okay; besides, my people have been fighting in bloody combat since our species existed." Malise reassured. "You don't think Adam and Eve got in a few quarrels every now and then?"

"Yeah, but that was back in Bible times; this is the 21st century." Axel replied back.

However, as they were talking, Malise was doing a bit of thinking.

"All according to plan..." Malise thought. "If I just take a fall, I can have someone eliminated right then and there. And I just know these idiots will fall for it… Hook. Line. And Sinker..."

Meanwhile, Zenith was wondering the streets of the marketplace, as she looked at the locals either buying stuff, or selling stuff. Be it robes or whatever goodies they were haggling out.

"So, we just sway our arms out?" A young, feminine voice rang out.

"Yep!" Another feminine voice replied back.

Zenith looked to see the four girls from previous challenges, with three of them trying to learn a dance from one of them. The girls were dressed in traditional Chinese robes, and even had white foundation on their face as well.

"Man, this is so difficult..." One of the other girls muttered. "We rather be out there, fighting the Huns."

"They'll be plenty of that when we grow up~!" The girl leading the dance sung out. "Now… Let's resume..."

Zenith smiled, as she went to a food stall, purchased a veggie bun, and sat at a bench nearby, letting herself get lost in thought…

A couple years ago…

Zenith, with the help of Ms. Moonzi, was starting to go from the rich brat that she was, back to the sweet girl she truly is. She would start to enjoy gardening and arranging flowers, and when it was too wet to be outside, she would help out in the shop. And after closing time, the two would meditate and Ms. Moonzi would help out Zenith with anything she could. Zenith would spend less time hanging with the Junkos, and more time with Ms. Moonzi as well, finding her more fun to be around than her other so-called friends.

One day, the sun was shining bright outside, as the two looked outside at the sunny weather going on.

"Ahhhh, it's looking really bright outside." Ms. Moonzi said out loud. "Wonderful for the plants, but it can be totally brutal for our eyes. And with a back order coming in..."

"Yeah… I barely avoided being blinded by the light getting here..." Zenith responded back.

"I hate to send you out there in Brightsville again, but we've got a schedule to keep. Bummer… Hang on; withdraw that previous bummer. I've got an idea." Ms. Moonzi continued, as she went into the backroom. She soon exited a few seconds later, and placed a large pair of red framed sunglasses over Zenith's eyes.

Zenith tapped on the shades a bit, as she looked back outside.

"Now it's perfectly manageable. Thanks, boss." Zenith thanked back genuinely. "You want them back after I'm done outside?"

"Nah, got them for you." Ms. Moonzi replied back. "They're a truly far-out fit, love."

Zenith gave off a gentle nod, as she went outside to work on the plants, without the sun shining right into her eyes.

Another day, she was at home after work, and she approached Moss' room, and stood there.

"Alright, I apologized to the gardener, the maid, and the butler. They accepted my apology." Zenith said to herself. "Next up… Moss."

She soon knocked on Moss' door.

"No girls allowed!" Moss yelled from behind the door. "...Unless it's mom."

"You know it's me, you goof." Zenith responded back.

Moss opened the door, and looked up at Zenith. He was about to close the door back, before Zenith held it open.

"Moss, I just want to talk." Zenith said warmly.

"Alright, but make it quick." Moss responded back, with distain.

Zenith entered Moss' room, as she bent over until she was at her brother's eye level.

"Moss… I know I may have… No. I know I did come out as a pure brat to you ever since I joined Middle School, and those Junkos. Bullying you harshly… Pranking you… Stealing from you… And that's not no way for a big sister to act towards their little brother." Zenith admitted. "And after these few weeks working with my boss, I came to a realization. I was a jerk to you. I… Don't want to leave a bad impression towards you."

She soon held out a hand towards Moss.

"How about we go back to the way things were? Be a true sibling pair that our parents will be proud of? Before I joined those brats..." Zenith offered. "Whatta say?"

Moss looked up at Zenith.

"How can I be sure you're not fooling?" Moss asked.

"If I was, I would had shoved you down by now…" Zenith answered back, as she rose her shades up. "That… Would had been what my old self would had done. I never want to be like her ever again. And besides… I noticed you had sleeping problems lately. I can help with that… Can you trust me?"

Moss looked at Zenith, as he accepted Zenith's hand.

"Sure… Let's start over… Sis." Moss said out loud. "Oh, and… Sorry for ratting you out towards mom and dad."

Zenith smiled at her little bro. "Apology accepted. Besides, you accidentally pushed me in the right direction in life."

Moss chuckled back at his sister's statement.

"And who knows? Perhaps one day, you'll join me in the cosmos..." Zenith said, smiling.

"Can't wait, sis!" Moss responded back.

One day, at school, the Junkos were walking in school in their usual formation, as they shoved a raggedy boy into the trash can.

"LOSER!" Most of Junkos taunted out loud, as they laughed while walking through the halls.

"Oh My GAWD, he's STILL around?" One of the Junkos said out loud. "Gee, who let the 'tards out of their cage?"

"Like, seriously. He should just, like, go far, far away or something." Another Junko added.


The Junkos turned around to see Zenith, pulling the boy out of the trash can, and sending him his way.

"Well, look. If it isn't Zenith, too cool to hang with us." The lead Junko said out loud.

"Yeah, you're always hanging with that weirdo druggie." One of the Junkos added.

"Shut it." Zenith responded back. "Don't ever talk about Ms. Moonzi like that."

"Or what will you do? Blow weed smoke in our face? Read our mind and expose our secrets? Convince us to meditate?" Another Junko said out loud.

"Why don't you occupy that trash can, cause you, like, freed that 'tard." The lead Junko added.

"Umm, Ms. Moonzi's stuff does work wonders." One of the Junkos said out loud.

"What, are you in cahoots with that weirdo?" The lead Junko asked rudely, as she yanked a necklace off her, and then pointed to a random direction. "Get lost!"

The now former Junko shrugged, and walked away.

Zenith looked at the remaining Junkos, her eyes narrowing behind her shades.

"You know, spending time with Ms. Moonzi let me realize who my true friends are… And you three aren't any of them. At ALL." noted Zenith, glaring at the four. "I knew I should had denied your offer to join, but stupid me wanted to be popular."

"What are you getting at?" A Junko asked.

Zenith dug into her shirt, and pulled out a necklace with a J shaped charm. She soon removed it, and placed it in the lead Junko's hand.

"What I'm getting at is… I QUIT." Zenith declared, as she walked away from the four, but not before she stopped. "Oh, and I almost forgot. Karma shall strike you one day. Today? Tomorrow? Who knows. But it will strike..."

She soon looked at the former Junko still in the halls, and started to run towards her.

"Missy, wait!" Zenith said, as she continued to walk away, as she felt relived of not being a part of those girl's lives anymore…

Zenith opened her eyes, and smiled to herself as she looked down at the crystal around her neck.

"Again, thanks for everything, Mrs. Moonzi." Zenith whispered to herself. "For changing my life around, and helping me appreciate nature and my family as a whole."

Confessional: Love makes the world go 'round, you know?

Zenith: Is it bad that I feel sorry for the Junkos? I mean, they were jerks… They really needed to sit back and meditate. Then again, nearly all of them was a lost cause.

Back with Malise and Axel, the two were even closer than before.

"Are you sure about that?" Axel asked softly. "I mean, it is a slight kick to the leg."

"Well, we gotta give people a show; they're starting to boo us." Malise responded back, also softly, as she dodged a tomato being hurled onto the stage.

"Alright..." Axel said, as he held his leg back…

...And lightly touched her leg with his foot.

In an instant, Malise fell to the ground, clutching her leg.

"OOOOOOWWWWWW!" Malise screamed out loud. "MY LEG! OWW! I THINK HE BRUISED IT!"

Axel paled at the realization.

"Dudette, I only touched you lightly..." Axel admitted.

"I GOTTA GIVE! I GOTTA GIVE!" Malise continued on screaming, tears developing in her eyes.

Suddenly, a gong was heard, as Chris stood at the center of the ring.

"And that's that! This round's winner is… Axel!" Chris announced, as he looked at him. "Smooth move kicking a girl that hard, dude."

"It was only a light kick. I didn't even hurt her that hard." Axel defended back.

"Ooohh, so you DID hurt her?" Tierre spoke up, jumping into the ring, and started to storm towards Axel. "Then, how about you deal with a REAL lady who can truly bring the hurt, hmmmmm?!"

Madden and Mecca had to jump in, and pull Tierre back before she could harm Axel.

"Tierre, no! It ain't worth it!" Madden said. "We can deal with him later!"

"Yeah, like she said! We can vote him off at Elimination Ceremony, considering we do lose. Then you can beat him up!" Mecca suggested.

"Mecca's right; if you bring harm to a current contestant on-camera, and it wasn't an accident, you're automatically ejected from the show." Chris said out loud, warning Tierre.

Tierre grumbled, as Madden and Mecca let go, and Tierre backed off.

"Guys? I swear, I didn't even kick her that hard." Axel defended towards his team as he stepped off the ring.

"You're digging your hole even deeper..." Madden warned. "Let me know when you get to China. Actually, don't."

Axel looked at Mecca, who turned her head away from him in disgust.

"Guys? Don't you believe me? How about you, Coilin?" Axel asked, as he looked at Coilin.

Coilin, instead, backed away.

"I… I don't like confrontations..." Coilin said, backing away. "And I rather not get involved..."

"Same here, little buddy." Ludwig agreed back.

Confessional: Wow, just for lightly tapping Malise on the leg…

Coilin: Something tells me that Malise is… Well, faking it. I would like to defend Axel, but… Everyone seems so scary and a-angry right now…

Ludwig: Geez, all that for just lightly kicking a leg. Malise may indeed either be faking, or… Worst case scenario, she's got some kinda glass bone syndrome… What was it called? I know about it by reading from Lemmy's medical books.

Tierre: Jesus, we had ONE plan, and you had to go fuck it allllll up! Axel, if we lose… You're outta here.

Terrific Tardises

Meanwhile, they managed to drag Malise off the stage, and prop her on a chair.

"Man, this still stings..." Malise moaned, as she looked over at Jam. "How do you even withstand so much pain, anyway?"

Jam shrugged. "Eh, flu shots. And many other vaccinations. Speaking of which, want me to check out the wound? I can always treat it-"

"No, I'm good… It should heal by itself… Ow..." Malise groaned back, as Zenith walked back to her group.

"Whhhhoooaaa, looks like I missed a huge bummer. What happened?" Zenith asked.

"Axel kicked Malise on the leg, causing her to hurt real bad." Irwin answered back.

"Owwww..." Malise continued to moan.

"Hey, Cosmos? You got any tea bags on you with natural curing properties?" asked Jam.

"Ahhhh, always do, Jam." Zenith answered back, as she reached behind her back and pulled out what appeared to be a tea kettle.

Jam blinked at the sudden realization of Zenith pulling a kettle out of thin air. "Dude, how did you..."

"Always be prepped, friend." Zenith spoke back, with a gentle smile.

Not too far away, Fritz crossed her arms, feeling unconvinced at Malise's act. Leiko was nearby as well.

"I dunno, Leiko… As an experienced stage actor, I know some pretty bad acting whenever I see it. And..." Fritz said out loud. "She needs some more experience if she wanted to truly fool someone."

"Meaning… She faked that leg bit?" Leiko asked.

"However… What if she had Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bone Disease, where the bones are really fragile?" Fritz continued. "Basically, the bones are real britter, and they can chip or even snap."

"Um, how do you even know all that stuff?" asked Leiko, as she raised an eyebrow. "You don't seem to be the doctor-y type."

"I… read a lot of medical books in the hospital while I was recovering from my leg amputation." Fritz chuckled back, before he looked back at Malise. "Either case, we should keep a close eye out on Malise."

"I gotchya, Doctor Fritz." Leiko agreed, as she took out a plushie of Malise, and plastered it across one side of her glasses. "Heeeeeeyyy… Who knew Nikes came in Mary Jane form? Now you can kick ass on the court after important family events!"

Fritz looked over at Leiko.

"Not gonna ask how you suddenly got a plushie of Malise..." said Fritz, feeling confused about the sudden appearance of a plushie.


The gong was heard again, as Chris stood in the center of the ring.

"Travelers! Time for battle three!" Chris announced, as he once agree reached into his robe's sleeves, pulling out two more scrolls. He soon unrolled them, revealing a stout-looking male, and a female with two dragon sleeve tattoos on her arms.

"Ludwig and Jam! It's your time to fight!" Chris announced. "Hopefully you don't screw yourself over like Axel did, Ludwig."

Axel frowned at that response, as both Ludwig and Jam entered the ring.

"I swear, I won't hurt you, Jam." Ludwig said towards the tattooist.

"Eh, I'm kinda used to pain. You know, with my career choice and all that." Jam responded back.

"Ludwig, the Fridge! Vs. Jam, the Canadian Ink! Ready… FIGHT!" Chris announced, as the gong rang out, signaling the start of the fight.

The two of them circled the ring, staring at each other.

"Sooooo, I shouldn't do any face blows? Like, I wouldn't anyway." Ludwig said out loud. "Larry's GF is into body mods, she even has something called a septum pierced."

"Really? Aw, sweet!" Jam grinned back. "Tell me more about her!"

"Well, she also has her nose also pierced, something called a Helix pierced..." Ludwig continued. "...Didn't people worship those back around 2014?"

"Hey, Ludwig!" Mecca shouted out loud. "While Mecca does appreciate friendship with the more wild lookin' ones out there, we gotta score a W to make up for the last W we scored!"

"Ah, right." Ludwig nodded, as he looked at Jam. "We still gotta provide a show. Umm… How… good are you at sumo wrestling?"

"Well, I used to watch Sumo Samurais as a kid; and even intimidated them. So… Would that count?" Jam answered back.

"Yeah, probably." Ludwig suggested.

The two of them done so.

"Alright, so what now? We push against each other?" Jam asked. "Again, haven't seen that show since I was young, and had blonde hair."

"Simple; we try to score a ring out?" Ludwig responded back, as the two of them started to push against each other, with Ludwig being careful not to harm Jam by accident.

"Now, what do we do?" Ludwig asked.

"I… Probably tip you over, like so..." Jam answered, as she pushed Ludwig to the ground, then fell on top of him. "Then, I pin you like so for three seconds..."

Three seconds later, a gong sound was heard, signaling the end of the match.

"And our match's winner is… Jam!" Chris announced.

Jam sported a smirk, as she got back up and helped Ludwig back onto his feet.

"Annnnddd there was that." Jam said out loud. "Sorry you couldn't score a win for your team."

"Eh, it's fine; I rather not fight any girls anyway." Ludwig replied back.

The two started to head their way back to their teams, as Jam turned around.

"Hey, Ludwig!" Jam shouted out loud, as she tossed a business card at him.

"Yeah?" Ludwig asked, as he was hit by the card, causing him to fall off the ring.

"Umm… You were supposed to catch my business card, movie style." Jam reminded back.

Delightful DeLoreans

"The Inked Needle..." Ludwig read the name of the card out, as he looked at his fellow teammates. "You guys want this?"

"Nah; mom would get pretty pissed if I came home with a tat." Tierre denied back.

Axel shook his head, denying the card.

"Um… My p-people frown upon body modifications..." Coilin also denied.

"Meow, and I do like Kitten Lady, but I don't wanna actually BE her!" Madden denied as well.

"Saaaaaayyy… Mecca'll take it! I've got plans on having a diamond inked forever on my arm in the future." Mecca said, as she took the card from Ludwig, and sniffed it. "Ooh, lemon scented!"

"Y-You know, perhaps it was meant f-for Ludwig's cousin's girlfriend?" Coilin suggested. "I n-never met her, b-but she seems so… extreme."

"Hang on, just let me jot the number down..." Mecca said out loud.

"Anyways, who's left to fight?" Madden asked.

"Well, now that we don't have anymore people who would screw it up..." Tierre answered, giving off a glare towards Axel. "It's up to me, Mecca, Chiazam, and Coilin. And on the other team, it's Fritz, Leiko, Irwin, and Quik."

"In which two of them are wearing glasses, one of them lost their fleshy leg in the past, and the other?" Mecca said out loud. "Well, considering the color scheme on his clothing..."

She gave off a warm smile.

"Hey, he doesn't quit doing what he's doing cause he's different. And he may be a misfit back in his home town, and… That's the thing we like about him." Mecca finished.

"D-Did you just quote a song lyric?" Coilin asked.

"Eh, probably. The song it came from is sandwiched between Ms. Monomi's Practice Lesson and Telsa's Last Action Hero on my mix-list when I'm traversing into tombs." Mecca answered back, shrugging.

Tierre looked at Mecca. "You've got some odddddd music choices."

"Heh, you betchya." Mecca winked back.

Confessional: Who knew our blue haired Lara Croft had good music tastes?

Mecca: You know, since the world is currently run by those old fogies… Guess Mecca is truly the Last Action Hero. At least for now; eventually our kids will step up, and… Well, we can kick people in the face again.

Terrific Tardises

"Dude, I didn't think going for the pin would actually work in sumo." Jam said out loud.

"Ahhh, quite a display of bodies smashing against each other." Zenith chattered.

"Cosmos, you pulled against Cat Girl's tail and then tricked her into taking herself out... Bishie kicked Chick Trait, and I sent Sumo Slammer to the ground." Jam reminded. "I highly doubt those three accounts actually counts as fighting."

"Which is bo-ring!" Leiko protested. "We wanna give everyone a show! Excite the pants outta everyone! Bring on a true clash between men! And women!"

"You do know that stuff is staged, right?" Jam asked.

"Well, or course; they gotta keep the storylines flowing every week, and grant you the finale at a Pay-Per-View." Leiko answered back. "Gee, now that you think about it, wrestling kinda has a microtransaction before microtransactions."

"Jeepers, they were thinking way ahead of their time..." Irwin shivered. "Who knows how long before real life has microtransactions..."

"They do, in a way? It's buying the brand name foods, where the cheap stuff that tastes like stale cardboard is least expensive." Fritz pointed out. "Even hospital food was more favorable than having to eat cheap and stale cauliflower."

"So, how should we deal with the others?" Irwin asked.

"Ohh, that'll be easy; besides, the only challenging one may be Mecca. All of the others? They're easy-peasy to take on." Leiko bragged. "If we don't mess up somehow, we've got this in the bag!"

"Yeah, like… How can we screw up fighting against Coilin of all people?" Jam asked. "Dude seriously needs to grow a backbone."

Confessional: Doesn't he already have one?

Jam: Like, don't get me wrong; he's a sweet guy. He needs to be a lot braver...


The gong rang out, as Chris stood in the middle of the ring again.

"Travelers! It's time for fight number four!" Chris announced, as he reached into his robes, and pulled out a couple of scrolls. After opening them, he gave off a grin. "And you're in for a special treat!"

He exposed the scrolls, one of them being a tanned female with a mane of blue hair, and the other, wearing an outfit similar to Disney's Mulan, sporting purple hair.

"Mecca! Leiko! It's your turn to fight!" Chris announced.

Leiko grinned widely. "Aww, sweet! Two tough girls, battling it out in the ring!"

She jumped into the ring, as her teammates cheered her on.

"Kick some serious ass, Leiko!" Jam yelled out loud.

"Don't kick Mecca too hard!" Irwin instructed.

"While I would love to stand and cheer, my leg is still very sore." Malise said out loud. "So, I'll remain sitting."

She soon looked at her fellow contestants, as a devious smirk grew on her face.

"Perfect… They're buying it."

With Mecca, she also hopped into the ring, as a few campers was also cheering her on.

"Kick butt, meow!" cheered Madden.

"Take her out to lunch!" Ludwig added.

"Um… Go for it?" Coilin said, shrugging.

Mecca grinned at her teammates, as she pounded her fists together and approached the center of the ring.

Leiko has already put away her glasses, and was standing in a fighting pose, ready to square off with the blue haired Tomb Raider.

"It's Mecca the Explorer VS. Leiko the Kick-Ass Fanservice!" Chris announced. "Ready? ...FIGHT!"

The gong rang out, as Mecca delivered a kick, as thus Leiko. It was clear the two were evenly matched.

"Hehe, this'll be fun!" Mecca said to her opponent. "I haven't had much of a tussle in such a long time!"

"Same here; last fight I was in involved breaking up an underground fighting league in school." Leiko responded back, as she dodged one of Mecca's punches. "I had to trick that jumbo brute into slamming against the walls."

"Oh, I'm more than just that..." Mecca reminded, also dodging a punch from Leiko. "I took on authority, corrupt scientists, cannibalistic tribes, and even a freaking small terrorist group!"

"Really? Jeepers!" Leiko exclaimed.

The two kept on dodging blows, as Chris, who was standing outside the ring, grinned at the camera.

"This… may take a while, being they're on even ground. How about a few commercial breaks, and if they do something very awesome… I'll try to get it on camera." Chris said out loud. "Be back in a few!"

Wow, the challenge continues, and both Leiko and Mecca are evenly matched. Who'll stand out on top? Who knows… Besides me.

NEXT TIME: The finale of the challenge, plus the vote-off.