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I squint into the darkness, trying to make out the tribute. I realize that I left my weapon inside my cabin and curse myself silently. I raise my fists in defense, even though I know they won't do much.

All is silent for a moment. Then the figure steps into the light. I immediately recognize him as Dao, my district partner.

Ah, shoot.

Dao takes tentative steps towards me. I can see that he's managed to grab a spear, a hunting knife, and a pack bulging with supplies from the bloodbath. Of course. Just my luck.

We stare at each other for a moment. Then Dao says something that shocks me. "Allies?"

My mouth hangs open. I hesitate, sure that this is a joke. "Why?" I manage to ask, not trying to hide my surprise. Dao shrugs. "I don't know." He says. "I just think that we would work well together."

I contemplate what he's saying. He could very well be tricking me, trying to let my guard down. But if I attack, he'll be sure to kill me. I figure I have nothing to lose.

"Deal." I say. His face lights up. "Cool." He says. There's an awkward pause as we look at each other, not sure what to do. Finally, Dao speaks up. "Why don't we look through all the supplies we've managed to gather?" He suggests. I nod quickly, grateful for something to do.

We head into the cabin. Dao sets his supplies on the floor. I grab the meager things I was able to get from the bloodbath and add it to the pile. Dao looks a bit disappointed that I got almost nothing, but he doesn't say anything. He opens up the pack he grabbed and spills the contents onto the floor. There's some strips of beef, a loaf of bread, two apples, a spool of wire, a pair of socks, and some strange looking pills. I gape at all of the stuff. I never expected to have so many things in the Hunger Games. Then again, I never expected to get out of the bloodbath alive, either.

"We should probably get some sleep." Dao says. "I'll take first watch." I offer. Maybe it's stupid, but I'm scared that Dao's just waiting for the right moment to kill me.

Dao tries to argue with me, but I insist. Finally, he gives up and slips into the bed. I take a seat right outside the cabin. I'm exhausted, but I stay alert. The last thing I want is for somebody to sneak up on me because I didn't notice them.

I stretch and let out a sigh. I wonder how the other tributes are faring...

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