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Challenge: Korrasami Week 2017

Theme: Family

Relationship: Korra/Asami

Characters: Korra, Asami, Isolina (OC), Lin

Genre: Fluff, Family, Hurt/comfort, Angst (not sure, because it'll maybe be in the future)

Rating: T

Words: 4k


Korra and Asami had decided not to have any child. Well… decided… People might say that it wasn't really a choice.

The thing was, Asami being the CEO of Future Industries and Korra being the Avatar, they were already struggling to have a balanced relationship at the same time as a balanced world. They could not possibly ruin a child's life. They could not sacrifice someone's happiness for theirs. Or at least, that was what they tried think.

After all, they were each other family and they were happy this way. That was the case for Asami. She had no family left. She had just Korra and their friends. Maybe it was enough. Maybe it was not…

She remembered when she was younger dreaming of having a child. But that was years ago! Now, she had a powerful company, which needed her, a powerful wife she loved deeply, but who was always needed.

Plus, when she had been a naive, young girl, she hadn't pictured ending up with another woman, nor with the Avatar… It kind of hadn't really gone the way she had imagined it. But it wasn't a problem! Like, it wasn't a problem at all! She was happy and it was what mattered the most. But sometimes, she thought it would be a different kind of happiness to have a child to take care of… It would be a different family.

For Korra, it was a bit different. Well, actually, she had never really thought about it. The only thing she had been obsessed by, when she had been younger, was being the Avatar.

And then… then, she had tried to find love too, but it was not her duty. It kind of had fallen on her. And she was really glad it had! After all, she was not quite sure she would have managed to be where she was without Asami by her side. Well, of course there were her other friends, but Asami was Asami.

She was so much support, so much love; she was amazing! She had no doubt that she would stay with Asami for the rest of her life. It could only be her. The love of her life. For Korra, this love was sufficient. And actually, she had never tried to see further, she didn't need to. She was just living the present life. And her present life was all she had ever dreamt about.

So, whether for Asami or Korra, they didn't really plan to have a child. Expect that, sometimes, nothing happens as it was planned.

Asami got out from work. It was not a too tiring day and she was glad of it. Actually, she thought she might even stop to where Korra was supposed to be… if she could remember where she was supposed to be.

For Asami, it was simpler: most of the time she was at the Future Industries' tower. For Korra though, she was always moving, and Asami would not remember where she was half the time. She had a good memory! But she really would need a planning to get where Korra was most of the time. Maybe she was on the triads' sides? She had talked about it… Well, it wouldn't hurt to check… normally.

She checked she had her glove, because you never knew what could happen on their territory. Then, she hopped in the car and began driving through the city. She let the wind caress her hair and lighten her thoughts. Being in an office most of the day couldn't do that. It was so relaxing to drive!

She drove to the possibly dangerous area she wanted to get to. She kept driving, looking around to see if the Avatar showed up. But, it was like all silent, all weird, nothing was moving, nothing was around, which was really odd. Even when some dirty things were going on, there was always something happening in here! Maybe Korra or the police had just passed by? But then, wouldn't the inhabitants be out?

Asami looked around again; maybe she missed something. But she saw nothing. Nothing except maybe that little thing moving down the street, on the right… Perhaps it was someone who could help her. She decided to park her car rather than to turn around. The street was too little, and she didn't want to go farther while that someone might go away.

Once out of the car — she, of course, had taken her glove —, she began walking toward the street, which was now on her left. She walked, and she heard some strange noises. Maybe it was voices… But she thought no one was out!

She started walking faster toward the street, and she saw a few figures in it. What was weird was that there was a little, tiny figure among them. The closer Asami got, the more she saw that it was three men, with a little girl. What was she doing with them?

Well, she could imagine one of them would be her father, or one of her relatives, but… something was off. Thhey looked a bit strange. The young child was with a little soft toy in her hands, walking and staring at the ground, hugging it tightly. She looked… lonely, and lost, in some kind of way.

As for them, they were too proud, too careless, too… bad-looking. They had that awful smirk on their faces. And they were talking to the girl now. She wasn't responding. Asami got closer, trying to catch what they were saying.

"Come on, we won't leave you here. The street's dangerous, y'know. Why don't you come with us, little girl? We could use your help and you would have a place to live."

"Yeah, we don't have many children! But I'm sure some people would love to take care of such a beautiful little girl, if you help them a little…"

"Nothing dangerous, y'know. Just hanging out, caring thing…"

Were they… hiring her? But she was just a child! Now, she understood how Mako and Bolin had ended up working for the triads as children. They had had nothing and triads had been able to provide them what was needed.

She didn't know about the little girl but she certainly didn't want to join them. And even if she did, it would be a great mistake, a mistake Asami could prevent. She was going to make them leave.

"Guys, you should leave the girl alone," Asami said, not wanting to fight just yet.

She had a tiny bit of hope they would leave without questioning her. However, it didn't happen:

"What are you doing here, girl? Can't you see we're talking business? Now, go and you won't be hurt, since I'm in a good day."

"Leave the girl alone and you won't be hurt."

"Now, now, now, looks like we have a courageous one! Who are you? Her mum?"

"I'm just a concerned citizen, and I say the girl is leaving with me."

"The girl is ours. Guys, get rid of her."

Two of the men rushed toward her. One had fire in her hand and the other one was an earthbender. She quickly knocked them out, before they could use any bending against her.

"Go, or I'll do the same thing to you," she warned.

"Sure, that was what I was thinking…" he said, ironically.

Well, then it was a fight! He was a firebender, like the first one she knocked out. He tried to blow some punches at her and she rushed forward. She bent to make him fall with a kick in the legs, and shocked him.

It was pretty easy. These guys underestimated her. But now, she had a bigger problem: the little girl. What was she supposed to do with her?

She kneeled down to talk to the girl, who was still staring at the ground, but who had stopped walking.

"Hey, are you okay?" Asami asked, concerned. "Where are your parents? You shouldn't be alone. It's pretty dangerous down here, you know…"

The girl didn't respond, and the CEO didn't know what to say.

She brushed a strand of black hair out of the girl's face to see more than just the top of her head. The contact almost made the black-haired girl move back, but she just looked up at her savior, without saying anything.

Asami was struck by the girl's blue eyes. They were almost white, actually. It was such a beautiful contrast with her dark hair. But what was even more striking was the wounds she had on her cheeks, her puffy eyes, and that deep sadness inside of them. What had happened to her?

"Do you want me to take you somewhere? It's really not safe, I can't leave you here."

The girl lowered her head once more and Asami was clueless. All she knew was that she couldn't leave this little girl alone here. But where should she go?

Maybe… well, the best was the police. Maybe Beifong would have a solution. She knew the gray-haired woman was not the sweetest person to make a little girl talk, but maybe she could find her a place to stay for a while. The problem now was how was she going to make the girl want to come with her?

"Listen, I'm not leaving you here. I'm bringing you to the police station, if that's fine? I mean, they may be able to help you… My car is down the street…"

Mentally, she was telling herself that she sounded like a psychopath abducting a child.

"Okay, maybe you don't want me to help you… I mean, I'm just an adult, and I could be like these guys and could harm you. Um… I can understand you don't want to come with me, but you can't stay alone, and certainly not here. I don't want to force you, so please, come with me. I just want to help you. You won't owe me anything! You won't have to do anything. It's just for you."

The girl didn't move and Asami couldn't do more. She hoped the girl would follow her, because she didn't want to 'kidnap' her. She sighed and got up, starting walking back to her car.

She started feeling bad for leaving the girl alone, for leaving a child in the street, but what should she do? Maybe she was leaving nearby. Maybe she was just going to her parents. Maybe she didn't need her help.

All these thoughts stopped, and she almost jumped out of surprise, when a little hand gripped hers. Asami looked next to her, and the girl was here, still looking at the ground, but following her.

"Thank you," Asami said, softy.

She couldn't be happier. She stayed silent though, because the girl didn't want to talk. Or, maybe she didn't know? Well, she was supposed to know how to talk. She was maybe 4 or 5 years old. Maybe a little bit more. Asami could not say. She didn't try to figure out, and just walked with the girl to her car. When they reached it, Asami noticed there was going to be a little problem:

"Oh, spirits, I'm stupid! I don't have a child seat. Well, we're not supposed to have an accident, but one never knows… Just don't move. I think I have an idea."

Asami opened the trunk where she had a toolbox. She could certainly take a seat from the back to put on the one of the front. Or rather, it was what she hoped managing to do. And after a few minutes, it was what she actually did.

"Okay, now, it's better. Let's go."

She waited for the girl to get in the car, and fastened her seat belt. Then, she did the same for herself and headed toward the police station.

When she got out of the car, as well as the girl, the latter took her hand once more. Asami smiled to her, even if she was looking straight forward. It was moving how the girl were clinging to her. The young adult thought that she must have been alone for a while… It was like she felt a bit more secured like that. And Asami was glad to inspire this trust.

They walked into the police station and the CEO asked to see Lin. The older woman showed up a few minutes later.

"Miss Sato, what are you doing here?" the police chief asked, with her usual rash ton of voice.

She then noticed the girl, holding onto the young woman.

"Who's this?"

"Actually, I don't know."

Before she could explain, Lin continued:

"You don't know? You have a child holding your hand and you don't know who she is?"

"Yeah… It's complicated. But to make it simple, I found her in triads' territory, and I thought you might help me find her parents. She doesn't want to talk, so I don't know what to do…"

The gray-haired woman grunted before responding:

"Let's get a room."

They went into an interrogation room, and Lin sat across the two seats where Asami and the girl, who wouldn't release her, were.

"So… what's your name?" Lin asked, not really sweet, as Asami expected.

The girl tightened her grip, feeling attacked and frightened. Asami felt it and tried to ease her.

"It's okay, sweetie," she said, with the softest voice ever. "The woman here is the chief of police, she just wants to help you."

The girl looked up at her with these fearful, blue eyes, and Asami was not sure if she was going to talk. It didn't look like it…

"I need to know your name to contact your parents," Lin explained.

The girl looked at her feet and kept quiet.

"Do you know where you live, then?" Lin tried again.

The girl kept staring at her feet, silent.

"I can't help you if you say nothing…" Lin said, a bit disappointed.

She really could do nothing for the girl, but she was not willing to talk. The two women waited, but the girl didn't move nor talked.

"Asami," Lin called, "let's talk outside."

The CEO nodded and got up. The girl held her hand strongly, as if to say: "do not leave".

"I'm coming back. I promise," Asami swore. "We just have to have a grown-up talk. I'm sure you wouldn't like it. Just stay here and I'll come back. Okay?"

The girl loosened her grip and Asami freed her hand, walking out of the room, where Lin was waiting for her. She closed the door, leaving the little girl alone.

"I can't do anything, Asami," Lin admitted. "She doesn't want to talk! I'm not even sure she talks…"

"She understands. I'm sure she knows how to speak. She's maybe a bit lost… or shy, or whatever. What about finding her a family to stay with? She needs someone to take care of her and make her feel comfortable enough to talk."

"I'm afraid I can't…" Lin grimaced.


"We went to the triads' today, freeing dozens of children they hired to do their dirty work. And we're struggling to find a family for each of them. Do I have to remind you we already have to relocate some citizens because of dangerous buildings? She may wait for days until we find her a place to stay, maybe more. Or she'll stay here. It's not really a place for young children, though."

Asami grimaced. That was not good.

"You could take her with you," Lin added.

"What?" Asami asked, surprised.

"I said you could take her with you."

"Yeah, I got it, thanks."

Lin shrugged and started to explain her point:

"I mean, it looks like she likes you. She's clinging onto you and you obviously want to make sure she's safe."

"Yeah, I know, but don't we have some kind of papers to fill for that? Unless you entrust children to anyone."

"Well, usually we make sure the person is safe, but I can make an exception for once."

"You would do that?" Asami smirked, knowing how rigid Lin could be.

"I know how to find you if anything goes wrong. And I'm pretty sure you can't disappear with a company counting on you. Oh, and the Avatar would destroy half the earth to find you. So, I'm pretty sure I can trust you with this girl."

Asami chuckled. That was a pretty good point.

"Anyway, do you take her or not?"

"Yeah… Um… Yeah."

While she was saying that, she wondered if Korra would be okay with it… But she thought about it too late, and she just couldn't leave the girl here, anyway. So, her wife was going to deal with it. But maybe she wouldn't explain this way… She would think about it later.

"Then, go get her," the chief of police ordered. "I'll fill the papers."

"Okay, Lin. Thanks! See you!"

The older woman waved and got back to work, while Asami was entering the room again. The girl barely moved.

Asami kneeled down again, facing her.

"So… I talked with the chief of police…" the CEO started, actually wondering if the girl would be okay staying with her. "And I thought you would rather come with me than stay in here. Is that okay, though? I mean, you'll maybe stay with me for a few days and we'll try searching for your family."

The girl didn't move first, nor talked. But then, she put her little arms around Asami's neck, as if to say: "thank you". The young woman hugged her back, raising her from the chair. She left the police station with the little girl in her arms.

Now, she just had to go home and talk to Korra. It shouldn't be too complicated…

Asami didn't know whether she should try harder to make the girl talk or leave her alone.

It had been two hours since they came back to the mansion and she was still quiet, too quiet… She was just sitting on a chair, drawing on some papers Asami gave her. The young CEO had tried numerous times to get a little sound out of the girl's mouth, but nothing had reached her ears.

So, she was just watching the girl drawing, trying to see if her drawings could show her anything. Maybe she really didn't know how to talk, maybe she was even mute. Then, she would draw or write something, right? However, from what Asami was seeing, it was nothing really… precise.

Asami thought she would just be patient. She could not force her to do something. Maybe Korra would have more luck than her… She was the Avatar, after all; the girl might know her. Speaking of whom, she had just arrived.

"Hey, Asami! Guess what? Some of the… Who's she?" Korra asked once she had noticed the little girl.

"Hi, Korra! Um… Well, I don't know her name. It's a long story."

"Did I miss nine months and I don't know how many years of our life?"

Asami chuckled and went to Korra.

"No, you didn't. She's going to stay with us for a little while, if that's okay. She was all alone in the street. I could not leave her there! And I went to Beifong, she said no one could take care of her. So, I thought we could do it for a few days or so."

"Okay… And she has no name?"

"She doesn't want to talk. At least with me. Don't you want to try? Maybe because you're the Avatar, she may trust you more."


Korra got closer to the girl and Asami followed her. The Avatar kneeled down, presenting herself:

"Hi, I'm Korra. I'm leaving in here too, so we'll be housemate. I'm also the Avatar. I don't know if your parents talked to you about me… I have to maintain balance in the world. I just want to help people. I certainly can help you too. May I know your name?"

The girl stared at her, but didn't say anything. Korra, after a few seconds, looked back at Asami, who shrugged. Well, that was a good try. She got up and turned around.

"I'm not sure she wants to talk right now, maybe later?"

"I hope so…" Asami responded, a little annoyed.

"Oh, Asami… Don't look so sad," Korra said, softy, cupping the other woman's cheek. "You know, during the first days I spent in that compound in the South, I wouldn't talk to anyone because I was far from my parents for the first time. So, she just needs time too."

The pale-skinned woman put her hand on Korra's in agreement.

"How was your day?" she asked, changing the subject.

"Tiring. I was with Beifong and we freed several children."

"Yeah, that was what I've been heard."

"Maybe she's one of them…" Korra added.

They both looked at the young child, who was staring at them with wide eyes.

"And how was your day?" the Avatar asked, resuming their conversation.

"Fine. I mean, tiring, and I had to fight against three men to save her. But beside that, everything was fine."

"Good," Korra said, approaching Asami's ear. "Do you think I can kiss you in front of the girl, or that would be inappropriate, because, let's be honest, I would have done it much earlier if it weren't for her."

Asami chuckled. Of course, Korra not kissing her when she came back home was all too weird.

"I don't know, Korra… Maybe her parents…"

But Asami didn't manage to finish her sentence, because of Korra's lips on hers.

"Why are you two kissing?" a little voice said.

The two women almost jumped out of surprise, breaking their kiss. Saying that they were surprised was actually an understatement. They both looked at the young girl, and then at each other, excited. She talks! they thought.

Asami was the one to squat down to face the girl and answer:

"We kiss because we love each other."

She didn't know if the girl had never seen two people kiss, or if she was just curious.

"I've never seen two women kiss before," the girl said.

Ah, yeah. Asami often forgot that little, tiny detail.

"Well… Sometimes, two women can fall in love, just like two men can, and a man and a woman."

She had never imagined herself explaining that to a very young girl. It was a funny situation, though, as long as it's not awkward.

"Does it mean I could fall in love with a woman too?" she asked, curious.

"Maybe when you'll be older. Who knows? You're a bit young for now to think about things like that."

The girl looked like she understood and went back drawing. Asami looked at her wife, behind her: what was she supposed to do? The Avatar nodded at the young child, inciting Asami to continue talking, and maybe get some information.

"Sweetie," Asami started to say to the girl, "I need to know some things if you're going to live here. You don't have to say what you don't want to, okay? But maybe your name and your age to start?"

Two light, blue eyes turned to her, stopping focusing on the drawing.

"Why do you need to know?"

What a strange question!

"Well, I need to know how I can call you, and it's better if I know your age."

The girl nodded.

"The last people I told my name were not even using it…"

"But I will. I really want to know how you're called."

She nodded again.

"I'm Isolina. I'm five."

"Ok, thanks for telling me. You can trust us, you know."

"Does that mean you're going to stop calling me 'sweetie'? I like it. My mother called me like that."

"I…" Asami began, unable to find an answer. "No, I won't stop. But I can't call you that all the time. People are going to think it's your name!"

The girl smiled and Asami was happy. Maybe she'd get her to open up…

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