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She breathed very slowly, imperceptibly, just to calm her nerves a little. She didn't really know anymore whether it was excitement or nervousness that was making her blood boil.

"You nervous?"

She turned to her mother who was looking at her with a grin. A very sweet grin though.

"Of course not. I'm sure I did very well."

The green-eyed woman let out a slight laugh. She shouldered her daughter a little as if to reassure her playfully.

"I'm sure you did very well too," she told her.

However, they added nothing else as they made their way through the crowd of students and parents who were all looking at a small cork board.

They ended up reaching it. Isolina looked for her name silently—her breath felt like it was being more and more stuck inside of her the more she was looking for it. And then... here it was, right there.

She smiled instantly. She had succeeded! She expected it. But she had succeeded!

She turned to her mother who was a little further away, letting her savor this moment. Seeing her huge grin, feeling this immense pride and this intense joy radiating from her, she could only grin back to her.

So, forgetting the world around them, Isolina rushed to her to hug her tightly. Asami had had the good idea to stand on the side, which avoided them from being pushed to access the results.

"I succeeded! I did it!" the blue-eyed girl repeated.

Asami hugged her, running a hand through her black curls.

"I'm proud of you…"

Isolina then pulled away, watching her mother's gentle face gaze at her with a thousand beautiful feelings. She kept smiling. She thought she couldn't stop smiling since she was so happy at that very moment. Only a few things were missing...

Asami and Isolina extracted themselves from the crowd, and Korra reached them completely out of breath.

"Spirits, I'm sorry to be late!" she said between two breaths.

"I did it, Mom!" Isolina said again as if it were something incredible.

"Really? It's super cool! I'm really super happy! Even if there wasn't really any doubt to have…"

"That's all you have to say after being this late?" Asami began to scold her.

"I said I was sorry!"

"But today really!"

"I couldn't predict that the Fire Nation would call me!"

They continued to bicker and Isolina looked at them, rolling her eyes. But she also wanted to laugh. She wasn't angry with Korra at all. Asami herself had almost stood her up the day before. But she was happy that they were both here. Even if they were still bickering as usual.

Maybe she should let them do so and try to hear from her friends. She wasn't sure it would do anything. Maybe they wouldn't even see each other ever again after this day... Yet there was one person she wanted to see very very much… But even if she had looked around her several times, she hadn't been able to see her yet.


The latter turned to the source of the voice that had called out her name. Yes, it was her.

Before she could even react, she rushed to her and trapped her in her arms, hugging her as tight as possible.

"Ugh, Reena!" the blue-eyed girl grumbled.

"We did it!"

"Well, you did it. You don't know if I managed or not…"

"No kidding!"

She withdrew to look her in the eyes skeptically.

"You did manage, right?"

"Not that obvious if you need to ask, is it now?"

"Oh, come on, stop playing with me!"

Isolina laughed.

"Yes. We did it," she confirmed.

Reena then lit up as only her knew how to do it so well—brilliant, radiant, sublime. And Isolina could only smile.

So her girlfriend swooped on her to kiss her.

"Reena!" she scolded her. "There are…"

"Lots of high schoolers around, I know. But they can say whatever they want. We'll never see them again afterwards. It'll only be you and me."

Isolina looked at her and thought. She was right. It was over now. No more worry to have about that. She doubted that rumors and bad-mouthing would follow them to the South Pole. Besides, everyone was busy celebrating this event—or crying for rarer cases. Nobody was paying attention to them.

Then, the young blue-eyed girl approached her beloved, first to kiss her and then to take refuge in a soft and serene embrace in the middle of the crowd.

"I'm so happy," she softly spoke in the crook of her neck.

"Me too…"

After a moment and a shared smile, Reena took Isolina's hand and they joined Korra and Asami who had finally found Opal and Bolin.

The businesswoman looked at the two girls had come back and shared a knowing look with her daughter. This way, it was good. It was their family, which was complete and united in a brief moment of joy. But surely there would be much more of them...


The last box was dropped by Isolina's hands. Who would have thought that moving house would be so weighty?

Reena fell on the bed with an exaggerated sigh, a hand resting on her forehead.

"Hey, now is not the time to rest. We still have to tidy up everything," the blue-eyed girl said.

"Not now…" the airbender complained.

Isolina also climbed onto the bed, overlooking her girlfriend.

"We'll have to do it though..." she said. "We can't live with boxes."

"Of course we can. Don't be in such a hurry, we'll be here for several years anyway. Why does it matter if we leave the boxes for a day or two? We've already come all the way from Republic City to here."

"You're incorrigible."

"But you love me like that."


"Hey! What do you mean "unfortunately"?" Reena asked opening her eyes and frowning.

She noticed that she had been trapped when she saw the blue-eyed girl's proud and amused look. So her face turned mischievous, her eyes becoming two slits like those of a predator. In a quick and precise movement, she turned Isolina over. The latter let out a yell before her back bumped against the mattress and two lips captured hers.

She then smiled during the kiss, enjoying her girlfriend's warmth and softness. The same softness and warmth that spread through her and which she couldn't get tired of.

But soon Reena's lips escaped. Before a hint of disappointment appeared, she almost gasped in surprise as she felt her girlfriend's hand sensually caress her thigh and butt as well as her lips rigorously exploring her neck.

She realized more and more that Reena was actually rather daring. Or even far hungrier than her. Which she really didn't expect. At all. So she still acted surprised when she started taking initiatives. Although she was less and less surprised as she took more and more of them.

"Reena…" she called to make her slow down a bit.

"Yes?" she asked raising her head to look into the blue eyes.

"We just arrived."

"Okay… So it's a good idea to test the furniture, right?"

Isolina looked at her with a doubtful look.

"'Test the furniture?' Seriously?"

"Imagine you realize later that this bed is wobbly. Not really convenient, right?"

"Yeah, sure…"

Isolina started to get up, thinking they were done. (She really wanted to start putting away those boxes!) But Reena was far from agreeing. She pushed her back against the mattress, kissing her again.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Mmm… Tidying up the house?"

"I told you we could do that later…"

She kissed her again passionately almost leaving Isolina breathless.

"The thing is... we can also... test the furniture later..." she pointed out in spite of her breath that was starting to be lacking and the fire that was arising inside her.

"I don't want to test the furniture…"

"You don't?"

"I want to make love to you... For once we don't have to worry about our family members…"

"Mmm… We're not going to have to worry about it for a while, you know…"

"I know... That's what's good... I'm going to be able to make love to you every day."

Isolina burst out laughing seriously doubting the seriousness of these words.

"Everyday? Just that?" she ironically asked.

"Yes, every day," Reena reaffirmed with an ember look. "It starts today…"

She leaned in surreptitiously meeting her lips again in a delicate way.

Definitely, living with Reena was going to be intense and full of surprises... But the few she had had so far were very pleasant to her, so she had no doubt that their cohabitation would be fine.

She might be away from home, away from her mothers whom she loved so much and whom she already missed terribly, but she had Reena. Her best friend, her lover, her soul mate in a way, because she couldn't imagine spending a single moment of her life without her. She could never imagine facing life without having her by her side, without her confidence, her love, her light... And never again would she have to do it. Yes, they would be together every day from now on.

"Nightmare?" the young airbender asked struggling with sleep.

"Did I wake you up?"

"It's okay. What was it this time? I thought you stopped having them…"

"I thought so too…"

"Do you think it's because you moved? Because you live with me now and no more with Korra and Asami…"

"No… No, that's not it... Not this time."

"You don't want to tell me what you dreamed of?"

"I do… I dreamed of Lochan…"

"Do you miss her?"

"No. She's associated with too much pain... I barely remember her. I can't even imagine her face or her voice."

"It's weird that you dreamed of her then."

"I think it's because of what happened today…"

"What happened?"

"I met a bunch of jerks who annoyed a little girl…"

"I assume you got involved…"

"I almost killed them."

"That much?"

"I completely lost control. I don't know what's gotten into me. I massacred them completely and she ran away... If I weren't one of the best healers in my class... they would have died."

"Didn't you think it right to tell me about it?"

"I didn't want you to worry…"

"Of course I'd really rather you have nightmares at night."

"You live with a psychopath and that's what worries you?"

"You're not a psychopath…"

"I nearly killed people again…"

"Isolina, stop that. You haven't killed anyone for over thirteen years. And then, it doesn't count when you were little, you didn't know what you were doing."

"I know. I still have a lot of blood on my hands though. Being a healer doesn't wash them…"


She kissed her on her bare back and pulled a little on her arm so that she turned around and faced her.

"Stop thinking you have to heal to fix your past mistakes," she said to her once she could look at the two blue orbs that were glowing in the night. "You want to heal because you are someone good, someone extraordinary, with a great bending. You'll be the best. You were only afraid yesterday, that's why you lost control. You were afraid for this girl as if it were you…"

"I could have killed them…"

"But you didn't! You're better than you think. You know evil too well to take part in it. It's okay if you forget a little sometimes…"

"You're too optimistic... You forget how dangerous my bending can be."

"And you forget how great you are and how well you master your gifts. So, we're even?"

Isolina sighed. Reena kissed her on her forehead and hugged her tight against her skin. The young blue-eyed woman settled her head against the airbender's chest, listening to her heart beating reassuringly. Thankfully she was there... She appreciated her presence in those moments, her soft voice which calmed the bitterness of her darkness. And yet, it didn't disappear.

"Reena? If I kill someone... I'll tell you. You'll hand me over to the police, okay? Promise me."

The young airbender sighed.

"You do realize what you are asking me?"

"It's because I trust you…"

"You realize that if you ask me that, you're going to surrender yourself, huh? You don't need me. Everything will be fine from now on, Isolina. I promise you. You say you trust me, so believe me. Believe me and it will be enough."

"Stay with me... Whatever happens. I'm nothing without you... I need you…"

"It's wrong. You have so much inside of you... You are so much without me."

"I want to stay together with you. Forever. You're the only one for me... The one and only."

"We'll stay together. We'll always be together, I promise you. For anything in the world I wouldn't want it to be otherwise."

In response, Isolina kissed her skin and Reena hugged her tighter. They remained in a comfortable silence for a while.

"Do you think you're going to manage to go back to sleep?" the green-eyed girl asked, worried.

"Yes. I'm just fine here…"

So they stayed entwined. Then, as night went on, they ended up falling asleep until the next morning.

They had technically class the next day. At least, Isolina had class. Reena being an airbender in training, she didn't have a class per se. However, to hell with the imperatives! the green-eyed woman decided. She prevented Isolina from even getting up.

She intended to prove to her what they had said to each other overnight. She was going to show her how much she loved her, how much she trusted her, how good she was. So she kept telling her and showing her during long steamy sessions. She didn't let go of her for hours, she dispensed as much love to her as her body could bear, she even pushed it to its limits. So much so that Isolina ended up falling asleep again.

She was lying sumptuously on the bed. Lying on her stomach, her black hair fell splendidly on her lightly breathing face. Her milky back was uncovered and showed the scars.

Reena slightly smiled. Not so long ago, Isolina would never have allowed herself to fall asleep in such a position. The young airbender still pulled the sheet up on her back in order for the younger girl not to catch a cold. She gently brushed away the lock of black hair that fell on her nose and on her mouth. Then she stood there gazing with a marvelous tenderness at her beautiful raven-haired angel.

She looked so fragile and harmless at these times. So much the opposite of the terrible power she contained. But Reena also knew that Isolina was fragile and harmless as a person regardless of her power. She understood that such a big contrast scared her, that she felt powerless to be too powerful. She understood all of this. But she also knew that the Isolina she knew, the one she trusted, the one she loved with all of her being, would never give in, that she would never hurt others. Not on purpose.

She knew the danger deep down. She knew that if one day Isolina got carried away, she could unleash the worst violences. She knew she could even (although it was highly unlikely and not at all desirable) inadvertently kill her. Reena might be powerful, but she was nowhere near as powerful as her girlfriend. She knew her, she also knew the risks of being with her—risks for her, for others. She could lose her in so many different ways... One single misstep...

But unlike Isolina, Reena never allowed herself to be troubled by these doubts. Maybe she was blind out of trust, but one of them had to be. And Reena wanted to believe in Isolina. She believed she would become the best healer in the world. She would achieve the wish she had had since childhood. And that day she hoped that she would finally be appeased.

Isolina trotted around to a restaurant table. She put her bag down and collapsed on a chair.

"Sorry for being late," she apologized, breathing out. "There are way too many people at the clinic these days…"

Waiting for her by reading reports on her business, the CEO looked up from her documents with a smile.

"It's okay. I know you're busy, " she said as sweet as usual.

She put her things away and kissed her daughter whom she hadn't seen in a few weeks. They still saw each other more regularly than when she had studied in the South Pole, but Isolina was so busy that it was sometimes hard to find a good time.

"I guess you have lots of patients?"

"I actually do. I didn't think that so many people would be so enthusiastic for technique…"

"Well, it's rather revolutionary as a means to procreate…"

Far from being just one of the best healers in the world—which already made her famous—Isolina had become a visionary of modern medicine. She had gotten on the wrong side of many theorists and practitioners for the simple reason that she didn't reject bloodbending to heal. Besides, she didn't limit medicine to healing.

She had chosen a different path for her bending: she wanted to use it to its full potential to help all kinds of people. Her clinic and her students could treat everything as well as the others, but they had other peculiarities, other functions that were unique to them.

The most recent concerned procreation. One day she had wondered how a couple like Reena and herself who wouldn't want to adopt would do to have children. There was the possibility of having sex with someone of the opposite gender, but she couldn't imagine herself doing this and she also knew that some women loathed it. The use of surgical instruments was another possibility, but by doing some research she realized that the technique wasn't really successful and that it was largely neglected, both in terms of research and use. It certainly seemed frightening or something like that...

Finally, she had developed a somewhat special technique using waterbending, or more particularly bloodbending. Body fluids weren't very difficult to handle but they required a fairly precise bloodbending. After a few tries, she had noticed that the success rate was quite satisfactory, even excellent. The women were more comfortable and they felt nothing, so much so that she was henceforth overwhelmed with requests coming from couples in difficulty as well as women in childbearing age (together with someone or not).

She had ended up having to train new nurses and manage specific regulations for her clinic which was the only one to have this kind of practices. And Republic City law had started getting involved, so it was the beginning of her having troubles to handle everything. On top of that, being the great healer that she was, many mysterious and complex cases came from the Four Nations and she had to think a lot about the causes, the effects, the consequences when she healed them, which took a lot of time.

"Technically, it's not that revolutionary… Syringes still exist…"

"You do a lot better than a syringe."

"That's true. But really, I didn't expect to be so busy…"

"It's good if it works. Besides, you make people happy."

"Those who are not on the waiting list, you mean. It's several months long! Come on, I've never seen that before…"

Asami laughed at her daughter's disbelief. She knew well of these kinds of business. It was a little strange to think that the name Sato was not only known in the car industry but also in the medical sector. Thanks to Isolina, it was a big name. A bigger name. Hiroshi Sato and Amon were almost forgotten…

"Tell me," the green-eyed woman started again catching her daughter's attention, "when you imagined this technique, were you thinking of using it on Reena?"

Isolina turned a little pale, looking embarrassed for a moment.

"N-No, not particularly..." she said. "I was thinking about our situation but I didn't necessarily want it to change... And then, I was adopted myself... We could also adopt."

"Did you talk about it?"

"Do you want to be a grandmother?" Isolina teased, noticing her mother's curiosity.

The CEO laughed.

"I'm just curious," she said with an amused smile. "How long have you been together now?"

"It'll be six years in three months…"

"That's what I thought. So, no, you haven't talked about it?"

Isolina sighed.

"Actually, we did. Reena talked to me about it a few months ago and—to be completely honest—I'm not sure I'm ready for something like that."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean… For Reena it's easier... She grew up with two siblings and her parents have a super large family. For her, it's completely normal for a couple to have children. Well, she already took care of others, little children, since she's an airbender and they're like a giant family. But as for me... I have no siblings, I just can't take care of a child!"

"It can be learnt."

"Anyway, I'm not sure it's the right time. I mean, I'm super busy with the clinic. If it's to always be absent... "

Asami laughed again.

"So, this is a very, very bad excuse," she said.

"Hey! I'm really busy!" the young healer protested. "Do you listen when I talk to you?"

"Yes, yes, I do. Thing is I gave your mother the exact same excuse before we adopted you. Did you feel like you were neglected?"


"Well, you see, this excuse doesn't work. When you want to be there for your family, you find a way, sweetie. It may not be as much as you'd like, but it's still your family. Then, if you aren't ready, you aren't ready. Maybe you'll never even want to. It's up to you."

Isolina sighed, dropping back into her chair.

"A child..." she moaned.

Her mother laughed again before the waiter came to take their orders.

"I'll talk to Reena again," she finally said. "At least for us to be on the same wavelength. But I'll admit that I'd rather not use waterbending on her… The idea of putting a bit of someone else inside of her doesn't exactly make me happy…"

"Aren't you a little too possessive?" the green-eyed woman scoffed.

Her daughter shrugged and Asami laughed.

They ended up changing the subject and eating. Asami said that Korra left for the North Pole to take care of a spiritual imbalance. She gave her daughter news from Future Industries and talked about finding a successor, even though she didn't plan on giving up the management anytime soon. She gave news from friends and family scattered all over the world.

As for her, Isolina gave news concerning Reena and her work.

Their lunch ended and they decided to go back together, strolling through the city. They walked for a moment, chatting happily and lightly. Then suddenly Asami stopped.

"Did you hear that?" she asked.

"Hear what?"

"It sounded like someone crying…"

Isolina frowned while Asami was staring into space, focusing on her ears. She couldn't hear anything anymore, just the noise from the street, passersby, cars... Yet she was sure that...

"It's certainly nothing, Mum... A kid who got scolded, that's all."

"Wait… It doesn't cost anything to check. Come over here."

She followed her into a street with a dead end. At the end, there was waste and an unusual heap of objects. The green-eyed woman climbed over the dead end wall.

"Mum, what are you doing?" the blue-eyed woman complained still continuing to follow her.

As they got further into a dark, narrow alleyway, she began to get goosebumps. She didn't like this neighborhood. There were too few people.

Suddenly, she heard it too. Tears. A crying child. She and Asami glanced at each other, then started to walk a little faster. As they arrived at a crossroads, they saw a little boy crying his eyes out, running with closed eyes, hands in front, as if fleeing from a disaster.

"Hey! Kid!" the blue-eyed woman called out.

He kept running, she followed him and stopped him. He cried all the more and struggled.

"Hold on! Hey, why are you crying? I want to help you."

He continued to make fountains of tears flow. So… how was she supposed to calm him down?

Isolina bent the little boy's tears making them shine. He gasped, but as if hypnotized by the glow, he calmed down.

"It's pretty, you see? Will you tell me why you're crying now? Where are your parents?"

The little boy started to cry again.

"What did I say?!" Isolina growled looking helplessly at her mother.

The latter knelt and dried the child's tears.

"Shht, it's going to be okay," she consoled him. "Everything's fine, we're going to help you."

He looked at her, sad and miserable, his little fist rubbing his tearful eye.

"Damn it, but where did that brat go?" an angry voice said.

The little boy stiffened. He was about to leave, but Isolina held him back and he struggled. At that time, a man came out of a street corner, seeing them both with the child.

"Oh, come on…" he murmured with a scowl, without the two women hearing him.

Instinctively, Asami stepped between her daughter and the man.

"What do you want from this child?" she asked sounding natural.

"Take him back to his father," the man replied.

"Do you know where he is?"

"Yeah. Down there. In the alley."

"We'll come with you then."

"No, I'd rather bring him alone. He doesn't really like company…"

The man came closer, reaching out to take the child. The latter was struggling more and more in the young blue-eyed woman's arms as he was advancing. She hugged him and said:

"He doesn't look like he wants to come with you..."

The man got close enough to be no more than a few feet away from the two women and the child. At that moment, he pulled out a knife and waved it sharply in front of Asami's face. She barely had time to back away and her cheek got cut.

"Mum!" Isolina yelled, frightened in an instant.

She almost let go of the child to help her but she couldn't... If she did that, he would run away. The CEO stepped back to avoid the repeated assaults of the man and Isolina had the presence of mind to at least get out of her way. She took the child and pressed herself against the wall with him in her arms.

But finally, Asami might have stepped back, there was a moment when she bumped against a wall. The man then tried to stab her in the chest. She put her arms crosswise and the knife dug into her forearm.

"Mum!" Isolina yelled again, alarmed.

She curled up around the child—so that she held him only with her legs and one hand—and raised her other hand to bend the man's blood. There was no way she'd let him touch her mother! She might not be strong enough to completely stop him with one hand but she could at least make him much weaker.

Indeed, the latter was immobilized for a while. It was enough for Asami to push him away and hit him behind the neck, knocking him out. He collapsed and she casually removed the knife from her forearm, dropping it to the floor.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" Isolina yelled. "Spirits! Were you never told that a knife should never be removed from a wound!"

"Sorry, Ma'am the healer, but it bothered me. I think we should go over there. The father of this child must have serious problems."

"First, I check if you don't have an hemorrhage and then, it's out of question that you go there in your state! You stay with the kid!"

"Isolina, calm down. It'll be fine. Don't panic."

Despite this, the healer shoved the boy in her mother's arms and began to examine her forearm. And to think that she had no water on her...

She tried to find some in the ambient air and started an imprecise healing, at least to stop the bleeding even if she didn't feel that he had touched an artery... Meanwhile, Asami was making funny faces and trying to reassure the child. If she weren't so focused and worried, Isolina would have rolled her eyes.

Then, deciding that it was taking too long, the CEO withdrew her forearm and began to go in the direction the man was coming from.

"Mum!" the blue-eyed woman scolded.

"Don't make too much noise. It's over there."

The two women and the child walked down the street. The child buried his head in Asami's neck; the latter caressed him to calm him down. She was trying not to put blood on him, it was quite complicated...

They began to hear noises, groans, blows... They accelerated the pace, the child started to cry again.

When they got to where the sounds came from, they saw a man on the ground who had obviously been beaten up. Another man remained near him. If he even blinked, he would be hit again while he had obviously already reached the end of his rope. Two other men came and went into the house loading all the objects they found in truck. There were just worthless items but obviously they wanted to completely ruin this man.

"It would be nice to put it all back in the house and go now," Asami said.

Her daughter stared at her. Was she really serious? As if these guys were going to listen to them!

They also looked at them and also took out knives. Apparently, they had decided to eliminate them. Isolina rolled her eyes, sighing in rage. These people disgusted her.

Before they could reach them, she bloodbent two of them hitting them against each other. They passed out. Then she threw the other one against the wall. He also passed out.

"You didn't kill them?" Asami made sure.

"Wasn't supposed to. I'll check later."

They didn't think of them for a while. Isolina knelt down to the semi-unconscious man. The child, once he was placed on the ground, joined him and shook him with his worried and sad look. The healer quickly learned of the situation.

She knew that his life was being threatened. She tried to find the maximum amount of water in the ambient air, but it didn't satisfy her at all: first because she needed much more water, and then because the water wasn't very pure around there. She feared her intervention might have consequences under these conditions.

"I'll have to take him to the clinic... Do you think there's anything to call inside?"

"I think it's rather part of all the stolen objects... It may take a while before we find it."

"Damn it... If I move him... I don't think it's a good idea…"

"There must be a tap inside, a bathroom…"

"If there's nothing better…"

Isolina left, looking for the bathroom. She realized it was a shower. It would have been better if it was a bathub though... So she just turned on a tap and brought the water back to the patient.

Meanwhile, Asami took care of the men she gathered and blocked so that they would not run away. Then she proceeded looking for a phone. But noting the disorder, she gave up rather quickly and looked for the radio in the car instead. She could certainly send a message with it...

"Say, Isolina, is there anyone in the Air Temple right now?"

"I think so, why?"

"I'll see if I can't ask for air transportation."

She eventually succeeded in sending a message. They asked for their location, she gave somewhat vague information. She had to admit that she had been a bit distracted... Besides, it wasn't the part she knew best of Republic City. So she hoped that help arrived quickly. She also sent a signal to the police. Perhaps someone should find the delinquent they had left somewhere in the streets... He would eventually be found anyway.

Then, she waited several minutes watching her daughter heal the man lying on the floor with a concerned concentration. Now that her adrenaline rate had decreased, she was in agony because of her arm. But she wasn't going to complain. There were other priorities.

After a while, an air bison ended up flying over their area. So Asami made headlight calls with the car, hoping to capture the driver's attention. Shortly after, they landed. It was none other than Reena.

"Hey. So looks like you keep being involved in shady business?" she said coming down from the flying bison.

"Always," Asami replied in the same joking tone.

"Reena, we have take him to the clinic," Isolina said seriously ignoring the conversation between the other two women. "I think I stopped an external hemorrhage and slowed an internal one, but I need a basin of water."

"The problem is rather how you put him up there," Asami said.

"Oh! I must have something!" the airbender exclaimed.

She flew back onto the flying bison and came down again with a sort of stretcher.

"Just move him on it. I think I can use my airbending to put it on Riku's back."

Isolina nodded and stood up.

"I'm sorry about that," she said to the unconscious man.

She made the body levitate and heard a groan from the man—although it only lasted a few seconds—until she put him on the stretcher. Then, Reena bent the Air from below to place him gently on the animal's back. She also brought the child up with her.

Isolina climbed up after her, Reena taking her by the hand to help her. Asami stayed on the ground.

"Mum, what are you doing? Aren't you coming with us?"

"I'll wait for the police. Someone has to take care of these guys."

"You're injured, it's not reasonable…"

"I'll be fine."

"Oh no, I agree with Isolina on this one," Reena said.

She went back down and pushed Asami towards the flying bison.

"I'm waiting here for the police," the airbender said, determined. "I'll join you right after. It'll be easier with my suit. You go get your treatment."

"Reena, come on, let me handle this," the businesswoman sighed.

"I'm not ten anymore!"

"And neither am I," Isolina added. "So, you come up here or I'll make you come by force and we both know very well that it is far from being pleasant."

Asami sighed. When exactly did she start being ordered around by those two? However, they didn't have to ask her another time and she got up, taking control of the flying bison. Isolina continued to take care of the patient with the water she took on board, and she led the buffalo to the clinic while Reena said goodbye from below.

They quickly arrived at the clinic and the man was immediately taken care of. Isolina asked competent staff to take care of her mother and she went to the treatment room to heal the man.

Asami was quickly recovered. But she was asked to wait in a room for a final check-up. How annoying... She took the opportunity to call Lu and tell him that something unexpected happened and that she wouldn't come back to the office. He worried as usual but she reassured him.

After a while, she was allowed to go out but she preferred to wait for her daughter. It took a few hours. Then, she finally got out, exhausted. Reena had joined Asami since then and they had been chatting at the reception, noticing the crowd there. The young and talented healer walked to them, running a hand through her hair.

"It's okay, he's better..." she said, relieved. "A few more minutes and I would have lost him. I haven't been able to fix all the problems but I think he'll need a little support... At least he should wake up soon."

"I'm proud of you," Asami said.

Isolina smiled weakly.

At that time, a removable bed passed with the man over it. His son was holding on to him.

"Doesn't this child have a mother?" Reena asked, curious.

"I don't think so," Isolina said. "There was no female presence in the house. However, there was a body... A man. Maybe he had two fathers."

The three women's faces darkened. Losing a loved one so young, huh... They knew how that was.

"Are you okay?" the blue-eyed woman asked to her mother.

"It was just a scratch."

"You do that again and I'll kill you…"

Asami laughed.

"You can't really predict that sort of thing," she said with a smile.

"You should go home and rest…"

"You too."

"I have to monitor the unknown man's state. At least until he wakes up."

In the end, no one left and everyone waited outside the stranger's room for him to wake up. It didn't take very long. So Isolina came in, introduced herself, asked how he was feeling. Instead of answering her he started crying, thanking her warmly. She smiled at the man who kissed his son effusively.

Reena and Asami watched the scene with gentleness through the glass. They were in the corridor and could see Isolina from behind who was ruffling the boy's head. He looked at her brilliantly as if he could gauge all the recognition he should have for her, the gravity of the situation from which she had saved him. They talked for a moment calmly. Then Isolina checked the constants one last time before leaving immensely relieved.

"Well, everything's fine," she said, a little more at peace.

"You asked him for the body in the house?" Reena asked, curious.

"That should be his brother…"

"At least, he survived," Asami intervened, not letting this sad news cloud this success. "You managed to save a family."

"A part at least."

"A father and his son. And it's beautiful. You know better than anyone what it's worth, Isolina."

"Yes," she said, watching the father play with his child.

Yes, she had been a girl in the street. A girl who had been torn apart from her parents, her roots, herself. But she found herself, she had been found, she had been helped, she had been given back roots, roots of love and peace that had allowed her to get there. Now it was up to her to spread this love, by giving, by helping, perhaps even by adopting a lost child, a child without family, without anyone; the child she had been for a moment, that she no longer was.

"Shall we go home?" she asked Reena, slipping her hand into hers.

As an answer, her partner kissed her. They left the clinic returning to the Sato mansion with Asami who felt a little lonely; returning home, to one of the places where they felt at home. As long as they were together as a family, little mattered in the end. As long as they were together as a family, Isolina would continue to be this survivor diffusing a restorative and protective light. As long as they were together as a family, she felt protected and loved and she knew she would never be alone again.

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