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Inspiration: Helltaker (RWBY)


King hopped down from his perch and moved to the center of the room in front of the screen. "So! I wanted to cover something important before we begin."

"What's up?" Yang asked, lounging back in her chair.

"Put simply, I know not all of you are as interested in remaining. But you also feel it would be rude to leave or have some form of interest in something or someone here. So, I'm going to offer that you all can leave now. This offer is always available, but I feel it best to vocalize it once again."

At first it was silent, but soon someone did stand. Oscar stood in front of his chair as he looked away nervously. "I just feel like I should get back to the… others…" It was written all over his face how little sense this all made to him. Even after all this time. Being from a separate timeline branch as most of the others definitely made it worse.

"Kid's got a point." Harriet spoke up as she stood and stretched her back. "I'm done sitting around. I need to go do something."

"That's fair." Clover stood in kind with the rest of the Ace Ops. He turned to Ironwood with a light bow, "It was nice to see you still so spirited, sir."

Ironwood could already tell what he meant. Things were likely so dire in their timeline that his counterpart had to take drastic measures. "Likewise."

Blake watched on for a bit before a hand tapped her shoulder. She turned to see her parents standing nearby and motioning for her to stand up for a moment. When she did, Kali wrapped her arms around her daughter. "As fun as this has been and how wonderful to see you," Kali separated from the hug and held her hands on Blake's shoulders, "we should probably be heading out as well. And one more thing, don't forget you promised to call us more often."

Blake smiled, "I'll remember."

Tai grinned before he leaned back a bit, pushing himself forward and slamming his hands onto his knees. "Writing's on the wall. Time to get moving." Ruby and Yang didn't need to be told to get up to hug their dad before he left. Tai then turned to Jaune, pointing an accusatory finger, "I should hope I don't have to do the tough dad routine with you."

"Don't worry about it, dad." Yang smirked and gave her dad a light punch on his arm. "Jaune's a great guy."

"He better be."

Sienna stood next to her new boyfriend and tapped his shoulder, "They'll be fine."

With a chuckle, Tai said his goodbyes and started to head out with Sienna.

"I'm done here as well." Maria hopped down and made for the door. "Oh! Before I go, can I get the style of cushion on those seats? They're wonderful for my back."

King just chuckled, "I'll send you a travel chair."

"Appreciate that."

"Perhaps we should head out as well, eh Bart?" Port turned to his associate."

Oobleck adjusted his glasses in consideration, "While this is admittedly an interesting situation, I must agree. It might be best to take our leave. Will you be joining us, Glynda? Ozpin?"

Both considered it, but chose to remain for now. Glynda wanting to keep an eye on the students. Ozpin wanting a break from all the papers and council meetings.

One by one, they started to leave; including Adam who left silently.

Once everything settled again, King clapped once. "Alright. Let's get things started again." He hopped back up onto his balcony seat and the theater screen came to life once more.

The screen opened once more. This time, the first thing to be found was tea, RWBY in their dorm room as they looked out the window. The scene before them could best be described as turbulent. A storm had rolled in, and it was a big one. They were going to investigate the White Fang's connection to Roman Torchwick and what they might be doing. That would be difficult to do when you could be thrown around like a ragdoll by the wind.

"So that's where we are this time." Yang smirked, remembering that night where she punched out a mech.

Roman, meanwhile, rubbed his chin as that moment played in his mind again. These kids are beyond weirdos. They're freaks.

Yang groaned, "This sucks. Now what do we do?"

Weiss shook her head, "We can't investigate anything in this weather, but at least they can't do much either, right?"

Ruby's shoulders slumped, "I wanted to go on our adventure." She sighed, dejectedly.

Nora hopped onto that, "You went on an adventure and you DIDN'T invite us?!"

Ruby was instantly on the backfoot, "W-well-! We kind of- Maybe-"

"We don't have to explain that." Weiss cut off and took over their side of the conversation, "We have our lives and you have yours. Besides, I'd have preferred it wasn't such an adventure." Weiss rubbed the bridge of her nose in annoyance, remembering not only the pain of that night but the following punishments once they got back to Beacon.

"What kind of adventure?" Team RWBY suddenly jumped forward and spun around to find Nora standing behind them, their door open. "Can we join?!" She asked, excitedly.

"Uh…" Ruby looked to her team, but they were just as confused. "We kind of can't. The storm outside is too bad to go anywhere."

Nora seemed to be disappointed, but instantly got her second wind. "I just had a great idea! Come here!" Nora grabbed all four girls and pulled them out of the room in one swift motion, the door closing normally. After a moment, the scene changed to the JNPR room as Nora placed the four down again. "JAUNE!"

Said leader was currently lounging on his bed, in casual clothing of a red, short sleeve t-shirt and black sweatpants. He looked up from his comic book and toward Nora and RWBY. A few things stood out as a difference between him and the version in the audience. First off, he had a pair of black horns. They stuck out from the back of his head before wrapping around to frame his head before jutting back upward once they reached over his forehead. They resembled a laurel crown in a way. Next was his pale blond hair, not quite white, but rather close. Third was his eyes, piercing blue with a tint of red around his pupils. With a blink, he asked, "What's up?"

"So another faunas version," Ilia noted, "Maybe goat… But his horns feel too… deliberate."

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked.

"Look at them. They frame his head perfectly and suddenly pick upward perfectly symmetrically. I've never seen a pair of horns like that, especially so perfectly."

Nora jolted over to Jaune, "Team RWBY was going to have an adventure but can't because of the storm outside. Can we all go on an adventure?"

"Why is she asking him?" Arslan asked.

"He's my fearless leader, duh." Nora pointed out.

Jaune blinked before he sighed, "Fine."


"Yeah, I promised to visit more often last time anyway." Jaune stood up and moved to the shared closet of the room. He pulled out a set of clothing bags and tossed a pink bag to Nora. He went back to shuffling through the closet before pulling out color coded bags and handed each to team RWBY, "Put these on and we can get going in thirty minutes."

"What are they?" Ruby took it before unzipping the bag. Inside was revealed to be a red suit.

"A suit?" Ruby asked, confused.

"What's that about?" Yang raised an eyebrow, considering how weird that is, but wanting to see where it goes.

"A suit?" Ruby asked, confused.

"What's that about?" Yang asked, finding a golden yellow vest inside her own bag. She looked over the pieces before turning to him, "Why do you have my size for this?"

"Okay, that's a little weird." Yang spoke up. "I get it's a suit, but it's weird that it's sized right?"

Coco shrugged, "That depends. I wouldn't have too much trouble figuring it out, at least in the ballpark. It could also just be a good guess."

Weiss opened her bag and was clearly offput. "This is… concerningly accurate." She turned back to Jaune with an accusatory scowl, "Explain."

Jaune, however, ignored her and spun the four around as a block, "Out." He pushed them all out the door at once, "Change and come back in an hour. I should have everything ready by then." He closed the door without another word was spoken.


"... that was weird." Both Yangs spoke in unison.

"Well?" Nora revealed she was outside the room as well with a pink suit bag hanging over her shoulder, "Come on. We don't have all day."

"What the heck are you talking about?" Weiss shot back, "why on Remnant would we need to change and, more importantly, HOW DOES HE HAVE OUR MEASUREMENTS?!" She stormed forward and grabbed Nora by her shoulders, shaking the ginger haired girl.

"Calm down, would ya?" Nora shook Weiss off and just swung her suit bag around to the other shoulder, "Besides, you're gonna need them, so get dressed!" Nora pushed them all into the RWBY dorm again and slammed the door behind them.

"Where are they going that they need to wear suits?" Nora asked.

"There are plenty of locations that require formal dress," Weiss tapped her armrest in thought, "But women rarely wear suits in those situations."

The hour passed and the five girls returned to the JNPR dorm. Each one walked in wearing their new suits, mostly being pushed back in by Nora.

The first to be shown by the camera was Ruby. Her suit consisted of a red button up shirt paired with a black vest and pants. She wore a pair of black dress shoes with silver wrapped over the toes and heels. This was accented using a black tie with a red rose pin to keep said tie in place.

"At least I won't have to worry about those stupid lady stilts."

That got Yang to chuckle, "What's wrong sis? Can't handle heels?"

"They're stupid and hard to walk in!"

Weiss was next, adjusting her cuff. Her suit consisted of a white suit and pants with an ice blue blouse. She wore her usual white, wedge boots that matched with her attire nicely. Her cuffs were coupled together using snowflake-shaped cuff links. She moved to readjust her blue tie.

Weiss let out an annoyed huff, "I don't see why I wouldn't be able to wear my dress."

A thought the Weiss on screen mirrored, "I would have much rather worn my dress if we're to attend a formal event. Why do we have to wear suits, anyway?"

"Aw, calm down Ice Queen." Yang wrapped an arm over Weiss' shoulders. Yang's suit, like Ruby's, lacked a jacket. Rather, she had a yellow vest over a tan button up, with the top button undone, coupled with a pair of dark gold pants. Her dress shoes were a dark brown to match the loosened tie around her neck. She, naturally, rolled her sleeves up and kept her Ember Celica on her wrists. "I think we look pretty cool, personally."

"Damn right we do!" Yang cheered. She then spun to glance at Jaune, "What do you think, lover boy? I can rock a suit as well as a dress, right?"

Jaune tore his eyes away from the screen, taking a moment to take in what she said, "What? Oh! Y-yeah."

Yang just laughed, clearly getting a reaction she enjoyed.

Blake came into view next. Her attire didn't look that much different from her combat gear. The only noticeable difference was that her top was replaced with a proper blouse and blazer. Her black, white, and purple color scheme remained relatively unchanged. She seemed uninterested, but in her usual Blake-ish way.

Blake's eyes narrowed, feeling as if she'd just been called out in some way.

Nora hopped around the team in a pink button up shirt with an electric blue tie. She had a pair of black pants and a matching pair of dress shoes. "We need them because we don't want to be mistaken for the… locals." She deliberately avoided a word. Everyone noticed it, but didn't know where she was going with it.

"What does that even… mean…" Weiss slowly lost her words as she looked at what was in front of her.

Jaune stood in the room in a black suit with a red button up and black tie. He accented this with a red belt, white gloves, and a pair of black dress shoes with dark steel over his toes and heels. His cuffs were kept together with what looked like a goat's head cuff link. His horns were like polished obsidian, seeming less natural but undeniably still connected to his skull. Then, there was the newest oddity to the situation. A thin black tail with an arrowhead at its end jutted out from his lower back and flicked slightly to either side.

"Wait, what's up with the tail?" Nora asked. "I thought he was a faunas. They only have one trait, right?"

"That's right." Blake's eyes narrowed. She looked to try to find if there was a way to tell if one was fake or not. She assumed the tail was fake given how the horns were set on his head. But the way it moved felt too natural to be some programmed robot tail or something.

"Uh…" Yang gave Jaune the once over, "First, you clean up pretty well, Vomit Boy."

Jaune turned to them, surprised but shyly happy to hear that, "Thanks."

"Also, what's up with the tail?"

"What?" Jaune looked around as his tail swung up for a bit, hanging upward, "Oh yeah. You guys never saw it before. I usually keep it wrapped so I don't get slammed in a door." He turned back to his desk and picked up a travel cup. "Alright, ready to go?"

"Go where? The storm is pretty bad, still." Ruby asked, confused.

"Oh yeah." Ruby thought over the timeline of the world on screen. "Nora said they were going to have an adventure, but they can't really go anywhere, can they?"

Jaune raised his hand and pointed a finger forward. A bright red light formed in the air in front of him. He moved his finger along the air as the light expanded in the air. He seemed to etch the light into the air and formed a circle before five more lines followed to form a star within.

"A pentagram?" Ozpin raised an eyebrow. Where is this going?

"What's that?" Ruby asked the teacher.

"Exactly what you see." Ozpin chose to explain what he could in a way they'd understand, "It's a symbol often used in occult rituals from the ancient days of Remnant. It's primarily seen in a magical context."

"So this Jaune has magic?!" Saphron asked, excitedly holding her notebook. So many ideas flooding into her head for a new supernatural series.

Once he was done, Jaune snapped his fingers and the symbol flashed before being replaced with a portal. "Ladies first."

Team RWBY was just confused. They were clearly trying to rationalize what they saw, settling on this being his semblance.

"That makes sense." Terra didn't know that much about the Huntsman stuff, but she had a passing knowledge thanks to her contracts with Atlas.

Nora didn't even hesitate. She practically leapt into the portal with a loud cheer.

"Should we tell your team you'll be away?" Weiss asked, eyes locked on the portal.

"I sent a text inviting them. Ren said he'd rather not and Pyrrha had a meeting with her sponsors. Celebrity stuff."

Pyrrha felt a little disappointed that her counterpart had to miss this for a sponsorship meeting of all things.

Weiss nodded and tentatively moved into the portal. She was followed by the others with varying levels of concern as they passed through. Jaune was the last one in and the portal closed behind him, leaving everything in the room silent. The camera went white before fading to red. The scene flashed back instantly to show the other side. The group was standing in a rather mundane looking hallway.

"What's this place?" Yang asked.

"A detour. I figured since we were here, I could drop this off for my aunt." Jaune held up the travel cup. "She tends to need it."

He led them through the hall and inside a door to what looked like a waiting room of some kind. There were several full rows of people sitting and a number standing at the edge of the opposite wall. An intercom called for number 97 as the group moved along the wall. Jaune seemed intent on avoiding the people in the room as much as he could, leading the rest to follow along.

"What's up with this place?" Ruby asked.

Yang, however, had a moment of recognition, "Ugh. It reminds me of the Licensing Office."

Qrow had a similar reaction, "Hate that place."

As they walked, Ruby glanced toward the people in the room, seeming to slow down a moment as she looked over them. All of them looked miserable. They all seemed… off. Then, one of them noticed her. He then noticed their group, and how they were moving toward the main desks.

"Hey!" He was instantly on his feet and pointing an accusatory finger at them, "You wait like the fucking rest of us!"

This caused Ruby to jolt in surprise, letting out a squeak-like sound.

The man capitalized on this sign of weakness. He strode forward, continuing to shout, "Who the fuck do you think you are?! You ain't special! Some of us have been here for too damn long! YOU wait!" As he got closer, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a broken knife, "Fuck all of you!"

Yang was instantly in protective sister mode, "He better not even think about hurting her!"

Before anyone else could move to intercept, a hand suddenly wrapped around the man's neck from behind before kicking out his legs and slamming his face into the floor. The hand let go before a stiletto heel slammed into his cheek. The woman currently using the man as a doormat was dressed in a professional black blazer and skirt with a red button up. Her white hair was very curly and resembled sheep's wool, complete with a pair of small black horns sticking out the top of her curls. The light reflected off her glasses menacingly before she adjusted her head and revealed her blood red eyes. She looked exhausted and too tired to deal with whatever was happening at that moment. "Please remember you are to wait your turn and let us handle whatever issue you think you see." She looked up to the group, noticing a certain pale blond in the group. "Oh! Jaune, you should have told me you were visiting."

Jaune chuckled, "Sorry, Aunt Pan. It was kind of a last minute thing." He held the cup toward his aunt, "I brought you coffee."

The woman took the mug and opened the lid, taking in the scent of the liquid within. "Jaune, you are a gift from heaven."

"That must be great coffee." Yang chuckled.

"Well, she looks super tired," Ruby offered as an answer. "Maybe she needs it."

She tipped the cup to her lips and let the lifegiving liquid fuel her. However, as everyone watched, a groan returned their attention to the guy under her foot. He tried to wiggle a bit, trying to get out from under her heel. They noticed as her heel readjusted into his shoulder and stabbed down without mercy.

The viewers winced a bit seeing what could best be described as a torture move.

Attention returned to the woman, only to see her expression having changed. Her eyes dilated to pinpricks as her tired frown was replaced with a sadistic smirk. Her small horns seemed to expand, becoming sharper as they curved down before spiking upward at the ends. "I think you need to be reminded where you are." She snapped her fingers and a pair of massive armored skeletons marched up. They took the man by the arms and pulled him up to drag him away. She turned back to him, only showing Jaune and Nora were undisturbed. Her expression softened slightly as she looked at them, "It is nice see you again. So, what brings you by? Besides this." She gestured her coffee toward them before taking another sip.

"Nora wanted an adventure."

"Yeah!" Nora shouted, moving in to properly join the conversation, "They were going to leave us out again, so we came here this time!"

"Hey… yeah!" Nora shouted, turning to team RWBY, "You guys are always going out on adventures and leaving us behind!"

Ruby put her hands up, appeasing the point to the ginger, "Stuff happens! A lot."

Jaune's aunt nodded, "I'm guessing you're planning to stop by your mother's office?" Her phone suddenly went off. "Speak of the Devil." She answered her phone with her free hand, coffee held close to avoid dropping it, "Limbo Ring Customer Services. This is Pandemonica, how can I help you?" After a pause, she nodded, "He's right here, but you knew that already." She smirked as she held up and observed her cup, "He did." There was a pause for a moment before she nodded, "Alright, I'll let him know." She hung up and turned back to Jaune and his friends, "So, here's the deal, your mother wants to meet your friends."

"Makes sense." Saphron nodded, finally finishing her notes on Pandemonica, now that she knew her full name. "Mom's always been the type to screen people."

"What do you mean?" Pyrrha asked. She'd met the woman and she seemed fine with all of them.

Terra groaned before letting out a sigh, "She has an eye for people and she can be… intimidating if she's unsure about you."

"Well, we met her and she didn't seem that bad." Yang offered.

"Then you got lucky."

Jaune seemed to be both excited and concerned. "Oh! So, I guess we should visit her office?"

"No. She wants you to let them have their adventure. Head to the house and she'll meet you there."

Jaune's eye twitched. He took a breath before nodding, "Alright." He turned back to his friends, "So! Hope you're ready for a trip."

Weiss noticed this and raised an eyebrow, "What was that about?"

Pandemonica chuckled, "You'll see~" She took another sip and let out a sigh. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a job to do." She waved back before making her way to the backroom after the attacker.

Jaune jolted and quickly spun around, pushing his friends along, "Let's go! Go! Go now!" He pushed the confused women out of the room, but not fast enough for the scream to ring out and shake their souls.

Said scream shook the viewers as well. But someone was enjoying himself.

Tyrian chuckled, "Yes! Wonderful screams."

"That's a little much." Whitely winced at the screams. "I get he tried to kill someone, but that sounds like torture."

Knox snickered, "It is."

Jaune sighed and just gave up. There was clear confusion and concern on team RWBY's faces. Nora seemed unfazed, which just confused the other four further. Then they stepped outside. The outside world was tinted with reds, pinks, and black. Stone in every direction, even blocking out the sky. It was a world lit by flames and molten waves. Jagged stones and broken forms filled the lands and the ceiling sky.

This made the viewers gain a thought in the back of their heads. It was as if they could see what the twist was, but their brains refused to accept it.

Team RWBY looked on in shock and confusion. Blake looked around, shaking slightly. "W-what is this? Where are we?"

Jaune knew this would come up eventually. "Hell."

Blake shakily turned to him, "Y-you're kidding right?"

"We died?!" Ruby shouted, clearly not taking this well. "Why Hell! I thought we were the good guys!"

"Calm down," Nora still chuckled a bit. "We're fine. I mean, Ren, Pyrrha, and I are still alive right?"

Weiss got hung up on one thing in particular, "Hold on…" She turned to Jaune, "You said this was your home. That means you're…?"

To be fun, Knox let a text box appear under Jaune's portrait on the screen, [Jaune: the Half-Demon].

"That explains the two traits thing, at least." The Blake in the seats took the revelation far better. Then again, they've seen pretty much everything at this point.

Weiss nearly fainted, only staying on her feet out of fear of what could happen in Hell if she wasn't careful.

"So!" Jaune clapped to get their attention, "Thankfully, it's not a long trip, but that doesn't make it easy." He led them to what looked like a small pier. "And it starts with a boat trip."

"A boat?" Ruby walked up next to him, not sure what he meant. "What boat?"

"Here she comes."

An old black gondola started to approach the dock. A rower at the back of the boat was another white haired woman with a black suit. Her blazer was coupled with a matching set of slacks and flats. She'd forgone a blouse or button up, instead showing the top of a one piece swimsuit underneath. Her hair was long and flowed down her back and over her cheeks, almost framing her head like a hood. A pair of graying horns stuck out from the top of her head before curving back and down. "Hey, Jauney! Brought new friends, this time, eh?" [Charon "Carry", the Ferry Demon]

"Who's that?" Saphron made a quick sketch to remember her for possible stories later.

"Yeah, Carry. Would you mind giving us a ride to the mainland?"

She tilted her head, "Mainland? Not straight to your house?"

"That's right."

She giggled, "Sounds like a plan. Hop aboard everyone. And don't fall in the water. The Styx doesn't take kindly to living flesh."

"What would happen if we fall in?" Yang asked, looking over the water.

"You'd be drained of all your lifeforce, becoming little more than a skeleton with skin before dying in a horrible fashion where no one will find your body." Carry kicked off the pier as everyone sat down, all holding on for dear life.

"Yeah… no kidding." Sun winced at the thought. "I get it's Hell, but that's a little heavier than I expected."

Neptune groaned, not helping his issues with large bodies of water.

The scene transitioned quickly by sinking into the water. It began to glow red before the group arrived at a pair of doors. Jaune pushed them open and revealed a room of stone pillars and spikes.

"What's this?" Ruby asked, looking over the scene.

"A puzzle. And given the layout… Probably made by Aunt Malina." He moved into the scene and looked over the provided map layout. "This one seems easy enough."

"Yep, Hell is filled with puzzles." Roman couldn't help but laugh. "Never did like those things."

Jaune turned to the group, "Do any of you want to try to solve it?"

Blake looked over the map and could see a few answers. "Are there any rules?"

"The number on the top is how many moves you can make. Each tile is a movement."

Blake looked back over and nodded, seeing only two possible paths now. "Okay. I see it."

"By all means."

Blake moved to the starting point and moved along the tiles. For fun, the screen showed a pixel sprite of Blake swinging back and forth like an idle animation to a simple beat. It showed each move in a quick shuffle before showing as she reached the end and grabbed a key.

"That's pretty cute." Coco chuckled, "I like the little sprite."

"The music is pretty fun too." Velvet smiled.

Then, another figure showed up next to her on the map.

The scene returned to normal to show Blake unlock the puzzle before she turned around, getting spooked by the sudden arrival. The figure standing there wore a white uniform, appearing more militaristic instead of the suits like Jaune, Carry, and Pandemonica. It was also a bright white and gold to contrast the dark shades around them. Another contrast to the others was her dark hair and a glowing halo over her head. Granted, her halo had a noticeable crack taken out of it. "Hello there!"

Blake jolted backward, nearly falling over. "H-hi?"

"My name is Azazel! I came down from Heaven to study demons. I was hoping you could answer some of my questions."


"Does she think Blake is a demon?" Ilia asked. Sure, she was broody, but a demon?

"To be fair," Knox spoke up, "not all demons have horns. But pretty much all of them have some form of suit here."

Blake leaned away slightly, "I don't think I can answer your questions."

"Why not?" Azazel, however, leaned forward toward Blake, invading her personal space a bit. She had a notepad in her hands, ready to write down anything.

A pose that made Terra chuckle as Saphron was doing the same thing.

"Are you not of a similar subtype of Demon as Cerberus? You both have the animal ear types."

"Aunt Az!" Jaune ran up and skid to a halt as the others approached. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine!" Azazel set her notepad aside again. "Though if you're here, that means she's one of your friends and not a demon I hadn't met."

"Right." Blake rejoined the others, still uncomfortable at Azazel's actions.

"Given you're here, I'm assuming you're heading home?"

"That's right." Jaune smiled, "Mom wanted to meet them."

Azazel seemed to go blank for a moment before going back to normal. "Excellent! I'd love to talk to you all about Remnant, but I'm still rather busy. Until next time!" She ran off without another word.

"Well she seemed… nice?" Weiss offered, still weirded out by the angel.

"No worse than Ruby talking weapons," Yang playfully elbowed her sister.

"Yang!" Said sister tried to swat back.

The screen showed everyone as sprites as they all shuffled off. The screen showed a series of puzzles. Each one grew harder and added new traps and distractions. Each one was solved by different members of the group, not including Jaune who had insider knowledge. Eventually, the group arrived at a large mansion with dark steel fencing. Jaune unlocked it and they all moved inside. The inside, much like everything else, was mainly red and black.

As they walked in, someone was waiting for them. She was poised, high class, and had a presence of power. Like the other demons, she had silver-white hair, an arrow-tipped tail, and a pair of horns. Unlike the others, her jagged horns were solid white. A black, spiked tiara held her bangs up like a crown. Her red eyes pierced through all of their souls with ease.

Team RWBY and even Nora all jolted in fear.

A reaction shared by everyone in the theater.


Even Salem had to shake. What's going on? Who is that woman, that she can make me feel fear?

Roman shivered as he tried to light a new cigar, only to nervously over burn it. "Shit…"

Neo felt her facade crack, both eyes turning white as she felt her very soul seem to go pale.

Mercury briefly felt as if his legs could shake in fear.

Even Emerald shook, though not as violently as her old cohorts.

Cinder… Good old psychotic pyromanic Cinder… was currently risking falling unconscious. The same went for Tyrian and Watts.

The only one that wasn't affected the same way was Hazel, who simply felt fear rather than having a physical reaction.

"Who the heck is that?" Saphron shakily tried to sketch this woman for good measure. Her presence was great for the ideas she was gaining for a new book, but it would likely be difficult to read later.

Jaune, however, ran up to her, "Hey mom!"

"Huh?!" It was the general feeling in the theater, no one really sure who did and didn't say anything.

The woman smiled, still showing a high class temperament. "Welcome back, dear. Unfortunately, you just missed your father. He, Justice, and Judgement went out for supplies."

"S-so… those your sisters or something?" Yang tried to speak up again, hoping to regain some of her composure.

The woman noticed the friends and turned to Jaune again, "Like father, like son I suppose."

Jaune instantly moved to deny, "No! No. They're just my friends from Beacon. Meet Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. And you've already met Nora."

She smirked as she seemed to look down on all of them introducing herself, "Lucifer."

There was a silence in the theater.

And in the moment.

Then another.

Lucifer instantly seemed to lose her composure, "I hate this world!" She flew into an annoyed rant, "I'm the goddamn Queen of Hell and no one knows my damn name!"

This caused a spit take by Qrow.

"Another prince world, huh?" Yang tried to follow in her counterpart's footsteps and ease tension.

"Easy mom." Jaune tried to calm his mother down and get things back to normal.

Lucifer sighed and snapped her fingers. Another skeleton creature appeared and handed her a glass of wine. "I know plenty about each of you. Jaune's told me quite a bit, and yes, I can read your souls." She smirked watching the girl's squirm hearing that. "So I know what you were up to." She reached into her blazer pocket and handed Ruby a small envelope. "Because you're friends with my son, I'll give you the information you wanted to find. But no freebies any more."

"Oh. Uh… thank you, ma'am." Ruby looked down to the paper, not sure how to take all this.

"By the way," Lucifer turned back to Jaune, "Justice will be sending you a gift soon. Keep an eye out for that. But for now, why don't we have something to eat before you head back?" The group was led further into the home as the camera moved away, ending the viewing.

"I'm… huh." Ruby didn't really have words to explain how this one made her feel.

"Hold on," Penny noticed something, "something is bugging me. She seemed to imply that Jaune was similar to his father in this viewing for bringing multiple women home. Does this mean Jaune's father dates many women?"

"Sort of." King explained. "His father woke up one day and wanted to do the impossible or die trying. He wanted a harem of demon girls."

The theater was quiet for a moment before Weiss just went, "what?"

"Yep. All the women he referred to as "aunt" are members of said harem with his mother."

Coco let out an impressed whistle. "Damn. Go big or go home I guess." She thought for a moment before she just had to ask, "How many did he get?"

"Coco!" Velvet shouted at her leader in second hand embarrassment.

But King was unfazed, listing them off, "Ten. Pandemonica, the Tired / Sadistic Demon. Modius, the Lustful Demon. Cerberus, the Triple Demon."

He was cut off by Blake, "Triple Demon?"

But he moved on, not wanting to spoil it if they returned, "Malina, the Sour Demon. Zdrada, the Bitch Demon. Azazel, the Curious Angel. Justice, the Awesome Demon. Judgement, the High Prosecutor. And finally, Lucifer, the CEO of Hell."

"CEO?" Whitely asked, confused, "Didn't she say Queen?"

"Same thing in Hell."

Roman got a chuckle out of that, his nerves easing with a laugh, "Figures that Hell would be corporate."

"But that's enough of this one." King clapped once, "Let's see what's next.