Pope Pius XII watched as the helicopter came in to land. It was midnight in Rome. As the helicopter's skids touched down, the door opened and a man jumped out. Pius almost didn't recognise Adolf Hitler, as he was completely bald – no moustache, no hair. Hitler ran up to him and bowed, kissing the Pope's ring. "Divinum Officium tuum," he greeted. Your Holiness.

"Et sperent in te qui bona fugae?" Pius asked. I trust you had a good flight?

"Praeclarus," Hitler replied. "Quid est cardinalis Roncalli?" Excellent. How's Cardinal Roncalli?

"Fecit," Pius replied. Dealt with. They both grinned and laughed maliciously.


"How did you know it was Seville?" Marion asked.

Indy sighed and turned from the window to his wife on the other side of him.

He had not wanted Marion to come along. Father Giuseppe de Medici had agreed with Indy – it was too dangerous. Marion, however, was adamant. "On ALL of your previous adventures, you've had some sort of girlfriend. Well, this time, I'M gonna be your girl!"

Giuseppe had to put his hand over his mouth to hide his smile. Indy was in a fix. "I promise to stay faithful."

Marion cocked an eyebrow with an expression that very clearly said "I don't believe you."

"Look," Indy said, "it could be very dangerous. These are men who likely won't think twice about murder."

"I'm a tough woman," was Marion's response.

"You don't want to tempt fate," Indy had responded.

Marion straightened. "I believe you've already tempted fate far more often than I ever will, Indy. I'm willing to risk it."

Indy had then looked over at Giuseppe – who was silently laughing. After glaring at him, Indy turned back to Marion. "Fine."

Marion beamed. "I'd better go pack." With that, she had given Indy a peck on the lips and headed for her bedroom.

Giuseppe had ended his silence and audibly chuckled as he bent over. Indy's death glare only made him laugh harder. "I'm sorry," he had managed between breaths. "You've got one hell of a chick!"

Indy had smiled, shaken his head, and then headed for the bedroom to pack his things.

"Well," Indy now explained to Marion (and to Giuseppe, who leaned forward in his seat behind them), "there's always been a strong Jewish connection to Spain, including Seville. Since ancient times. In particular, there is an old story that during the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, a Roman officer found a cache of Hebrew documents – most of them books of the Bible (the complete Bible, including the New Testament and the Apocryphal books) – and secreted them away to Seville. There, they were apparently secretly guarded by Jewish rabbis. They've never been seen by the public again."

"I do recall hearing about that," Giuseppe commented.

"And where did you hear this?" Marion asked.

"The preface of the Book of Jasher," Indiana replied. "While Jasher does appear to be a forgery, the story of how it was supposedly preserved is extremely interesting, in light of everything else. I used to think the story was just made up – it certainly can't be historically verified. But then, I once knew a Rabbi. Now, although I had already heard whispers before of the Order of the Preserved Knowledge, I had never mentioned or hinted at it to him – partly because I hadn't put much stock in the story. I'd almost forgotten their existence. Then on his deathbed, this Rabbi I knew just out of the blue told me on his deathbed about the Order, which he was a member of. He repeated the exact same story of the Roman officer and the documents. He claimed that the Jasher that was published was a forgery – by the Order. Interest in lost books was increasing, and it was only a matter of time before someone started to get on their trail. The fake version was published as a decoy."

Giuseppe leaned back and smiled. He's certainly well-informed, he thought. He's picking up all the clues laid long ago.


Indiana, Marion and Giuseppe exited the airport and looked around. Giuseppe hailed a taxi. Once they were all inside, Giuseppe gave the driver their hotel address.

"Well," Indiana announced after they were all freshened up, "I'm thirsty, so we might as well check out the local pub."


Indy sat at the counter next to a lady of similar age to him, and ordered. Marion and Giuseppe sat on Indy's left. He thought the lady on his right was vaguely familiar, but didn't want to stare, and couldn't place where he'd seen her before. Just as the alcohol arrived (Giuseppe had declined), the lady turned and glanced at him. "Indiana Jones?!" she exclaimed. The man on the other side of her choked on his drink.

Indy looked at her for a few seconds, trying to remember who she was. Then it clicked. "Willie Scott...?"

"Lady Willie Ferguson now," she said, and motioned to the guy next to her. "This is my husband, Lord Duncan Ferguson."

"Pleased to meet you, Dr Jones," Lord Ferguson greeted as he extended his hand, which Indy shook. "My wife has told me so much about you."

Willie looked at him puzzled. "I told you hardly anything."

"Well..." he looked embarrassed, "I must have heard more about you from other places."

"Oh," Indy said. "This is my wife, Marion."

Marion and Willie shook hands somewhat tensely. Duncan was more cordial in his handshake (as was Marion).

"Oh," Indy said and indicated Giuseppe, "this is Father Giuseppe de Medici."

Giuseppe gave them a nod, although Indy noticed a slight tension in de Medici and Ferguson's eyes. Lord Ferguson then looked at his watch. "Oh dear, I'm late for something. You'll have to excuse me." He gave Willie a kiss, and exited the bar.

"He's a little eccentric," Willie said. "But very wealthy. And a good benefactor."


Just out of sight of the bar, Lord Ferguson pulled out his encrypted two-way radio. "This is Agent 7007 calling Agent Superior. Repeat, 7007 calling Superior."

"This is Superior," Agent Superior's voice crackled over the radio. "Go ahead, 7007."

"Dr Jones is here," Duncan – aka Agent 7007 – reported. "He's accompanied by Father Giuseppe de Medici."

"The priest who disappeared from the Vatican?" Superior asked in surprise. "He must have defected. Meet up with Agent 111129. Continue with schedule."

"Roger," Ferguson replied. "Over and out."


Rabbi Samuel ben Ishmael was just finishing dusting some books in his office, when he heard the synagogue door open and close, followed by footsteps. He went to his office door and opened it. Two men – one of them Indian-looking, with a cane and a withered leg, the other a proper-looking gentleman – and two soldiers were looking around. They saw the door open. "Ah," the Indian said, "Rabbi ben Ishmael, I presume?"

"Yes," the Rabbi replied. "And how may I help you gentlemen?"

"I am Chattar Lal," the Indian introduced. He indicated the other gentleman. "This is Lord Duncan Ferguson."

Alarm bells immediately went off in Rabbi ben Ishmael's head. He knew exactly who these men were – and what they wanted. "Well, if you're here for a tour, I'm afraid I'm rather busy at the moment. Perhaps another time." The rabbi turned to head back into his office – but found the two soldiers (one of whom looked like an officer) blocking his way.

"We can do this the easy way," the officer said, "or the hard way."

"Your choice, Rabbi," Lord Ferguson said, before nodding to the Colonel.

The soldiers immediately grabbed Rabbi ben Ishmael by the arms and marched him into the office. Lal shut the door. The two soldiers had put Rabbi ben Ishmael in a chair. "Bind him," Lal ordered. They proceeded to do so. "Now," Lal said, "are you willing to give us the location of the headquarters of the Order of the Preserved Knowledge?"

"The order of the... what?" ben Ishmael bluffed. "I'm afraid I've never heard of it."

Lal to the officer. "He's yours, Mustard."

Lal stepped to the side as Colonel Mustard towered over ben Ishmael. Meanwhile, the other soldier began looking through the rabbi's desk and cabinets.

"So," Mustard began, "are you willing to tell us the location of the Order's headquarters?"

"As I said before, I've never heard of it!" ben Ishmael protested.

"Yeah, keep up that schtick if you want," Musgrave replied. "If you won't tell us verbally, do you have a map?"

Ben Ishmael shook his head. "I don't have anything."

"You understand," Musgrave replied, "that if we find a map or clue or anything in here, and you haven't spoken, you will have outlived your usefulness."

"And if I give it to you, you'll just kill me," the rabbi replied.

Musgrave pulled out a knife, and move it within inches of ben Ishmael's crotch. "Give us what we want."

"Never," ben Ishmael replied with steely determination.

Colonel Mustard began to move the knife even closer, when he heard a click behind him. "I found it!" the other soldier exclaimed. Rabbi ben Ishmael immediately adopted a fearful expression. The Colonel turned around to see the soldier holding up an old map, extracted from a secret compartment in the Rabbi's cabinet – whose lock the soldier had picked. "It's a map of the location."

Lord Ferguson grabbed the map. "Looks authentic, all right. The location's in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla mountain range. A few miles outside the protected area."

"Perfect," Lal replied, with excitement in his voice.

"Well," Mustard said, turning to the Rabbi, "it seems you've outlived your usefulness."

Mustard pulled out his gun, cocked it, and levelled it at ben Ishmael's head. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, a figure whirled around the corner of the door and put a bullet in his head. Just before he was dragged kicking and screaming by demons into hell, he just managed to recognise the face: Indiana Jones!

The other soldier, Private Hudson, turned his head just as Colonel Mustard fell dead. Before he could react, Mustard's gun fired as he hit the ground – and a hollow-point bullet his gun decapitated Hudson at the top of the neck. Lal and Ferguson – who quickly recognised the shooter – hurried out the back door, although Lal took a bullet to the leg.

Indy hurried to the back door, while Giuseppe and Marion saw to freeing Rabbi ben Ishmael. He saw Ferguson and Lal disappear into an alley. But by the time he reached it, they had disappeared. He returned to the synagogue to find ben Ishmael free, and recovering from the ordeal.

"Rabbi ben Ishmael," Indy said, "we need to talk."


A well-dressed man had watched the whole affair. He quickly brought up his two-way radio. "агент 109 вызова агента 20," he said. Agent 109 calling Agent 20.

"агент 109, это агент 20," Agent 20 replied. "Преуспевать." Agent 109, this is Agent 20. Go ahead.

"у них есть карта," Agent 109 reported. "однако, похоже, они были прерваны. была стрельба. только два из них вышли." They have the map. However, it appears they were interrupted. There was shooting. Only two of them came out.

"Доктор Джонс?" Agent 20 asked. Dr Jones?

"да," Agent 109 confirmed. "он появился впоследствии, преследуя тех, кто сбежал. он их не поймал. он сейчас там." Yes. He emerged afterwards, chasing those who escaped. He didn't catch them. He's in there now.

"Продолжай смотреть," Agent 20 ordered. Keep watch.