Now that dinner is finish, it's time for the sleepover. We changed into our pajamas, and we set up the event in Violet's room. I must admit that her room in this new house is quite amazing, better than the room in her previous home.

"This room is amazing!" Hanabi looks amazed with Vi's room. "It's like Hinata's bedroom back in the Leaf."

"That sounds right about it," I agree with her opinion.

"Who knew someone pulled some strings to get you right where you stand now?" Tony said next.

"Perhaps someone who has sympathy for supers," Vi replied.

"So what do you wanna do first?" Hanabi asked.

"Truth or Dare," was her reply. "Tony, I dare you to prank call my father."

"Me?" Tony asked, pointing a finger at himself.

"Yes, you. Don't you feel that sometimes you wanna get your revenge on him for nearly mind wiping you?"

"Perhaps a lighthearted prank will do."

It is then that Tony has agreed to do Vi's dare. She gave him the number to this house, and he uses his cellphone to call the landline. While he makes the call, Hanabi and I will watch how will Bob react to the call. Judging Vi's reaction on what's going to happen, I assumed this is not the first time she had done something like this if I'm not mistaken.

"Hello?" Bob picks up the phone.

"Yeah, I'm looking for Mr. Noah. First name Para," Tony suggested.

"Just a minute, I'll check," he started calling for a name in this house that belonged to a non-existent person. "Uh, Para Noah. Para Noah! Hey, Dash do I have a Para Noah here?"

"You sure do, Dad!" Dash replied in a haughty way before he started laughing on the fact that he got a prank call from someone. Jack-Jack even joined in the laughter.

"Oh! It's you, isn't it?!" Bob realized, and oh boy does he look angry?

Next Hanabi and I noticed Violet getting Tony's cellphone for a second to make a laugh on this.

"Listen you! When I get a hold of you, I'm gonna tear off your head from your body, and use your brain as a bowling ball!" Bob threatened before putting down the phone to end the call.

Violet is laughing so hard from this, and Hanabi joined in a second later.

"Okay, it's your turn, Hinata," she stops laughing to get back on the sleepover.

"Truth," I replied. "This is not the first you prank called your father, right?"

"No, it isn't," was her reply, and I realized she's telling the truth. What other fake names she used before Para Noah which is actually a pun for 'paranoia'?

Anyway, we all did our part in getting through the sleepover with other activities such as reading magazines and giving out a bunch of trivia. Now it's time to get some sleep. In the middle of the night which is 3 AM, I woke up briefly to use the bathroom when I noticed Hanabi in the kitchen putting hot sauce in the milk carton. It seems she wanted to contribute to the payback against Bob for nearly memory wiping Tony.

I went back to sleep, wondering how is this going to go.

The next morning, we have our breakfast which is waffles cooked up by Bob, and Tony joins in while wearing his disguise.

"Um, I'm going to tell you kids this little secret that you've going to find interesting," Bob started with a smile on his face. More likely being smug on what he's going to tell us. "A boy named Tony Rydinger saw my daughter without her mask on, so I called Rick Dicker to erase his memories on what he saw."

I noticed Vi is getting angry on this, so I hold her hand to calm her down. She looked at me with relief that what her father described on what happened never came because I saved Tony from this fate.

"Anyway, it's best that he forgets. It's better for you, too, Violet. I mean, I can't tell you how many memories Dicker had to erase over the years..." Bob continued on with the secret as he grabbed the milk carton from the fridge, the same carton Hanabi laced with hot sauce. "...when someone figured out your mother's or my identity."

"Is that necessary, sir?" Tony asked with uneasiness on his voice. He may have avoided the fate of being mind wiped, but he wondered how many people did they erased their memories of their discovery of who that superhero is.

"It's the rules, kid. It is necessary," Bob replied with a smug expression which must be removed from his face.

"Someone is being paranoid around here," Hanabi started insult him behind his back.

"What was that?!" he turns around, being angry on what he has heard.

"Nothing, sir," she replied calmly.

Next thing we saw is that Bob drank the milk, and he started steaming hot from his mouth. He tries to get some water from the sink to relief himself, but Hanabi turns off the water supply there. Even Vi is impressed with what she did. As her father started running around the house for a way to relief himself from the hot sauce, she pressed a button from the remote to open a hole which sends him falling to the water.

What a day this is going to be.

Author's Note: Glad to be back. Another chapter where Bob gets to suffer more for trying to get Tony mind wiped.