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After it all

Connor looked around Hank's home with a frown. He had been staying there for a few days since they had met at what was left of the chicken place. Things had been fragile between the humans and the androids since the president had ordered the ceasefire. Hank, though he wouldn't admit it, had seemed concerned for Connor's safety and had offered Connor a safe place, at least until things calmed down.

This led to Connor's current predicament. He felt as though he should do something for Hank. The man had done so much for him and meant so much to him. He felt as though he should do something for the Lieutenant. But what? Perhaps he could make Hank something to eat? He walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He scanned the contents and found himself frowning. Four beers, some butter and some slices of pizza that was growing mould. Closing the refrigerator, he searched the cupboards and was met with the sight of crackers, some out of date cereals and a few cans of baked beans.

"Hank is lacking in any forms of sustaining foods… and what food he does have, it's well out of date." He stepped back and looked around the house. His eyes scanning the dirty dishes, the old boxes and the dog food all over the floor. He smiled as he knew what to do.


Hank woke with a pounding headache. He had had a few drinks the night before to celebrate the fact that the androids were being released from the camps. He had felt real happiness at the liberations. The androids deserved peace, they deserved happiness. He was glad that he had been able to play a part, however small, in the revolution.

He let out groan as he climbed out of his bed. He needed greasy food. He needed greasy food now. He remembered the pizza in the fridge, a smile tugged at his lips before he grabbed his pounding head.

Hank walked through his home. His surprisingly keen eyes picking up that the house had been cleaned. "Connor." He shook his head with a smile. He then walked into the kitchen and felt his mouth hang open. It was clean, it was cleaner that Hank had seen it in years. He felt gratitude as he looked at his sparkling kitchen and Sumo's clean bowl. He then turned and opened the fridge.

"Connor! What the fuck did you do!?" echoed through the house.

The sound of hurried steps was heard before Connor came into the kitchen. "Yes Hank?" his voice was pleasant, confused, but pleasant. His LED flashed yellow.

"What the fuck have you done to my house!?" came the incredulous reply.

Connor tilted his head. "I cleaned Hank."

"That's not what I'm talking about." Hank dramatically pointed to the open refrigerator. "Where the fuck is my food?"

"My scanners indicated that it was not safe for consumption so I threw it away. The food in your cupboards were out of their use-by date as well. I will be able to go and collect some food when the store opens at ten." Connor's response was matter of fact.

Hank eyed Connor and felt himself being torn between yelling at the android, who had only been thinking of his wellbeing, and sighing in resignation. In the end he let out a sigh. "Connor is there anything that I can eat in this house?"

"You have some crackers."

Hank sighed and took a beer from the fridge. "I'll just… wait until the shops open." Hank seemed deflated, he patted Connor's shoulder. "Thanks for cleaning the house."

At seeing a small smile on the Lieutenants face, Connor found himself smiling.


"So, Androids have finally been given the rights that they deserve." Hank said while they stood by the burger shop. He munched on some of his burger.

"Once Markus was able to sit with the president, they were able to work through rights for Androids. It will take time, but I believe that, given time, the humans will accept our presence and we will be able to integrate into society with more ease." Connor replied watching Hank eat- he had been talking to Hank about his cholesterol. While Hank seemed to not care about his health, a scan of Hank's burger showed Connor that it had considerably less calories than what he was used to seeing Hank eat. It was a start.

"So what are you," Hank gestured at Connor with his hands. "what are you going to do now?"

His words made Connor pause, his LED blinking yellow. "What do you mean?"

Hank continued to gesture with his hands, putting emphasis on his words. "You've got freedom! You can do whatever you want now. You could get a job- what do you want to do?"

Connor looked away as he thought on Hank's words. his LED flashed between yellow and red. "I… I want to go back to work with you." He looked up at Hank who was now eyeing him with a raised brow. His LED settled back down to blue. "I liked working with you. It would make me happy to return to the precinct."

Hank did not say anything for some time, he instead payed attention to his food. Connor felt nervous and attempted to read the Lieutenants face. "Well," Hank eventually said after a slurp of his soda. "we'd better chat to Jeffery soon."

Connor smiled brightly.


Simon smiled sadly as he watched Markus and North talking. He knew that he had no right to feel the way that he did, but he could not stop the pang that shot through him at the sight of them together. He was not even sure if they were together, but he could not help it, he knew that at least North held feelings for Markus, but he had no ideas to Markus' feelings. It did not matter though, the two of them looked so perfect together that it was only a matter of time.

He looked away from the two as the jealous feeling increased. He wished that it was he that had the attention of their leader. He was not sure when it had started, it had developed over time that when he had realised, it had hit him like a freight train. He wanted Markus. He loved Markus.

He walked away from the scene before him. It was too much. The war had just ended and everyone's emotions were on high alert. His own included. The last thing that he needed was the stress of his unrequited feelings weighing him down. He wanted to cry but he held it back. He was so torn, he did not want North and Markus to be together. He wanted to be the one to be with the leader, to hold him, kiss him, love him. But on the other hand, he wanted Markus to be happy. He needed Markus to be happy. Markus deserved all of the happiness in the world. Even if the happiness was not with him.

"Simon." Josh nodded to him as they passed each other.

"Josh." Simon returned.

After walking aimlessly through the hallways of the former cyberlife building that had been claimed by the androids in the civil war, Simon eventually found himself standing by one of the buildings many water fountains. This one was smaller than some of the other ones, but it was no less beautiful. He reached out and touched the water, a smile flickered over his face as the fountains fish scattered.

"I enjoy watching the fish." Came the smooth voice of the very person whom Simon was thinking of.

Simon, to his credit, managed not to jump. He had not even noticed Markus coming up to him. When had he gotten so sneaky. "They are such fascinating creatures." Simon said in response. "I feel… calm when I watch them."

Markus nodded, he did not move his eyes from the water as he spoke. "Something is bothering you." He went silent for a few moments as though waiting on a response. "You can talk to me about it, you know?"

If Simon had not removed his LED, it would have turned red. Simon was shocked at the bitter laugh the escaped his own lips. "I'd rather not talk about it." He glanced at their leader. "If that's all the same." They went silent again.


"Hey Connor!" Hank called as he walked into the house. In his hand was a six pack of beer. "Connor!"

Connor walked from the kitchen, a spatula in hand. "Yes Hank?"

Hank strode towards Connor with large, excited steps. He stopped before Connor and sniffed the air. "Just what are you cooking? That smells amazing."

Connor smiled and moved back to the oven where he was cooking on a frying pan. "I am cooking a light chicken stir fry." He turned the ingredients in the pan. "It is low in cholesterol and fats-"

"Alright, alright!" Hank cut him off. "I get it. I eat shit." He waved at Connor dismissively. "Maybe I like eating shit." One look at Connor's face caused Hank to sigh and place his beers on the table. "Alright, I'll eat it… just don't stare at me like a kicked poodle."

Connor smiled and went back to tending to the food. Hank watched him with a wryly expression, he cracked open a beer and took a swig. He then made a humming sound as he remembered something. He clicked his fingers to gain Connor's attention and swallowed his beer.

"I spoke to Jeffry today," he noticed the way that Connor's eyes lit up. "he says that you can come back tomorrow, if you want to-" he let out a startled sound as he found himself being pulled into a hug.

Connor could not have taken the smile off his face, even if he had tried. He had no control of his emotions, which had caused him to pull Hank to him. Gratitude, happiness, excitement, love… all of these emotions pulsed through his systems. It took Hank a few moments of shocked silence, but he found himself quickly returning the hug.

"You're welcome Son."


Ralph held himself as he pushed further into the wall. He did not know how long he had been in the camp. It could have been hours, could have been days, it could have been weeks. He had heard the other androids saying that they were being released today. He did not believe it. He had no faith, no trust in the humans. His LED flashed red. The Humans had done nothing but hurt Ralph. Why should he believe that they were going to release them? Humans lied. Humans hurt Ralph and the other androids.

He scratched at his arm nervously. He wanted to turn his skin back on, it seemed trivial, but something that small made him feel safer. Less exposed. He wanted to be out of this place. The humans were lying they were going to recycle Ralph. Not release him. He started to shake. He was scared. He was scared of the humans. He was scared to die.

A sound from the android crowd caught his attention. He looked up. His eyes widened at the sight of the Androids pouring out of the facility. What was happening? Were they being… freed? His body shook as a flurry of emotions took him. His LED flashed rapidly between red and yellow. Their had to be something wrong with his eyes, a system, or hardware malfunction. There was no way that he was actually seeing the humans letting them out.

So he stayed. He stayed frozen in his spot. He refused to move as he waited for the deception. He waited for the soldiers to come in and destroy them all. He waited until he was the last one in the camp. The silence of the haunting place causing more panic in him. He closed his eyes held himself tighter.

Then he heard it. Footsteps. He knew what was going to happen next. He briefly thought of Kara and hoped that she had found the safety and peace that she had wanted. He then thought of his previous owners and payed to rA9 that they got what was coming to them.

He jumped as he felt a hand touch his shoulder gently. He opened his eyes and was met with a pair of green ones. He frowned and shrunk back further into the wall. His eyes wildly scanning the young woman kneeling before him. She seemed to be a scientist, or a doctor from her white lab coat. She pushed her hazel hair behind her ears and her pink lips formed into a warm smile.

"Are you okay?" She removed her pale hand and placed her hands on her knees.

Ralph looked away. "Ralph doesn't want to talk to you."

"I would like to talk to you, Ralph." She replied. "My name is Claire, I used to work for Cyberlife," her voice dropped sadly. "I don't want anything to do with them now, but I do want to help you."

"Humans are bad, hurt Ralph, just kill me, Ralph doesn't want to be lied to." His LED flashed red.

"I'm not lying." Claire smiled sadly at him. "I want to help. You have suffered enough, Ralph. Is there anything I can do to prove that I want to help you?"

Ralph looked up, his dark eyes locked with her dark. "Y-you can t-turn on Ralph's skin." He finally said.

Claire smiled and nodded. "I can do that."

Ralph watched with cautious eyes and flinched as Claire pulled a device out of her coats pocket. He trembled and his LED flashed wildly as she pressed it to the side of his head. The device made a small beeping sound before Ralph watched as his skin reappeared on his body. His eyes widened and he held his arms out as he inspected his body. Joy filled him and he leapt from the ground and started to dance happily.

Claire stood and waited for him to finish. When he did he turned to her. He noticed that she was holding a coat out to him and pointedly looking at his face. He tilted his head in confusion before he realised what was happening. He took the coat and put it on. It was tight but it was long enough to cover everything.

"Ralph thanks you Claire." Ralph finally said. "Why did you help Ralph?"

Claire smiled. "I worked for the company that contributed to your pain. You're alive Ralph. I want to help you." She held a hand out to him. "Would you let me help you." Her smile brightened and it was the most beautiful thing that Ralph had ever seen.

Ralph looked down at the hand. His LED turned yellow as he assessed his options. Eventually he found himself placing his hand in hers. "Ralph will go with you."

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