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Adrian felt a smile tug at his lips as he watched Connor run around the house trying to tidy. Hank was coming for lunch and for some reason Connor felt that that meant he had to run around the house ensuring that it was cleaner than it usually was. Seriously, Connor had seen Hank's home! Their small house was a sterile hospital in comparison to the mess that was the Lieutenant's home(At least it was on the weeks that Connor hadn't cleaned Hank's home). He leaned forward on the sofa and picked up his mug, Connor had a habit of taking people's drinks when the cup was empty, even if they had not finished with the cup. For the most part, Adrian and Hank had gotten him out of the habit, but when Connor was in one of these moods… well it was better to just hold onto one's cup.

"Connor, relax love." Adrian soothed while Connor pulled out the vacuum roomba. "It's just Hank, like he's going to care if you haven't vacuumed this week, or not mopped in three days."

Connor made a displeased sound and set the machine to vacuum the floor while he picked up the little hand held vacuum, he then proceeded to clean the sofa. Adrian sat firmly in his spot and grinned as it was obvious that he was annoying his partner. His grin widened as Connor's lips thinned. He leaned back on the sofa and crossed his legs.

"Something wrong Connor?" he teased.

Connor's lip twitched and he raised a brow. "Would you mind moving please?" he tilted his hip and head to the side with his question.

"Why should I?" Adrian leaned back into the couch and lifted his legs and rested them on the arm of the chair. His position making it even more difficult for the Android to clean. He grinned, as Connor's lips tightened. Suddenly, Connor placed the vacuum on the table and leaned over Adrian, his hands resting on either side of the human's head.

"I want you to move." he said calmly.

Adrian stuck his tongue out. "Make me."

Connor let out a breath of laughter before he leaned forward and covered Adrian's lips with his. His human partner responded instantly, his arms winding around Connor's neck. Connor used his legs to support him while he winds his arms around Adrian, before pulling him to stand flush against him. Adrian moaned and ground himself against Connor causing the Android to guide him to the nearest wall and pin him against it. Adrian groaned as Connor placed a hand around his throat and used his other hand to slide under his shirt.

"Shit Connor, yes!" Adrian gasped as a hand slid into his pants. He went to grasp Connor's hair, only to freeze as the hand was removed and Connor moved away. Adrian snapped his eyes open and gaped as his partner sashayed back to the table to retrieve the vacuum, then he proceeded to clean the sofa. "Sly son of a bitch..." he breathed appreciatively.

Connor looked back at him and winked before returning to his task.

Adrian let out a breathy laugh. "You owe me for this." he gestured to the bulge in his jeans. When he heard Connor chuckle he crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. "Alright, alright, I'll help you, what do you need?"


"Your house is as clean as it usually is." Hank said with a smile as he ushered Sumo into the house. The dog was getting older and Hank didn't like leaving him at home for extended periods, also Connor enjoyed having Sumo around so there was no reason to not bring him. "Here you go Sumo." he took the lead off the dog and Sumo instantly padded over to the sofa and climbed onto the cushions.

"Hey Sumo." Connor walked over to the dog and rubbed his head.

Sumo licked his hand before snuggling into the sofa.

Adrian wanted to comment on why would Connor bother to clean the sofa if it was going to end up covered in dog hair anyway, but he decided against it. Instead he turned his attention to Hank. "How are you Lieutenant? How's your time off?" Due to a build up of holidays, Hank had been told to take some much needed vacation time.

Hank walked into their kitchen and pulled a beer from the fridge, he then sat at the dining table and popped the beer open. "It's been good, I dragged Simon and Markus to the game the other night."

Adrian opened a beer of his own. "I saw the game the day after, it looked like a good game!"

Connor walked to the oven and inspected the brisket, it looked as though it was doing well. It was his first attempt at making it so he hoped it went well. He closed the oven and turned his attention to the two men at the table who had their heads tilted back as they smelled the air. "How does it smell?" he asked quietly.

"Fuck that smells good." Hank exclaimed and Adrian nodded in agreement.

"Connor is the most amazing cook." Adrian exclaimed with a sip of his beer. Sumo made a sound. "See, even Sumo agrees!" he looked over at Connor and grinned. "You are amazing my love!"

"You two will give me diabetes." Hank grumbled before Connor could respond to the praise.

Adrian went to say something, only to pause as his phone rang. He jumped and scrambled to pull the object out of his pocket. Once it was in his hands he looked at the dial info and frowned. "It's my mum..." his lips thinned and he pulled himself up from the chair. "Gimme a few..." he walked into the living room and answered the phone with a, "Hello mother."

Hank leaned towards Connor. "How's that going?" he gestured to Adrian who was holding the phone to his ear and nodding.

Connor watched Adrian while he paced the living room. "His relationship with them is… strained…" he glanced at Hank briefly before looking back at Adrian. "He barely talks to them, safe for holidays. His mother refuses to acknowledge our relationship, Adrian is constantly arguing with her about it."

The two jumped at the sound of something dropping. They looked to Adrian who had dropped his phone. Connor's eyes widened as he took in his lovers face, Adrian had gone white, his eyes were watering and his body seemed to be trembling. He pushing himself from the bench and headed towards Adrian as he fell to his knees on the floor.

"Fuck you okay Adrian?" Hank pulled himself from the chair and rushed to him.

Connor knelt beside Adrian and took his hands. Adrian's hands were cold and shaking, Connor could tell without using his programs that his stress had risen. He clutched at his loves shaking hands and leaned close to him. "What has happened?"

"My father is dying..." Adrian said quietly. "Cancer."

Connor pulled him into his arms. He rubbed soothing circles on Adrian's back and shoulders, he felt him shaking and his shirt was getting wet, but he did not mind, he would do anything to help Adrian. He felt Adrian's arms wrap tightly around him and his face rubbed into Connor's shoulder. "I hate him..." Adrian said quietly. "I hate him… but he's… he's still my father..." he pulled back from Connor's shoulder, his red eyes wet and messy.

"How long?" Hank asked gently.

Adrian pulled back from Connor and leaned his back against the sofa. He tilted his head back and let out a shaky breath. "He's only just found out, they haven't even started Chemo yet, mum just wanted me to know… 'come see him one last time before he's gone', she said." he rested his arms on his knees and let out another shaky breath.

Connor moved to sit next to him, he reached over to clutch the other's hand. He squeezed Adrian's hand and was comforted when Adrian squeezed back. He searched for something to say to him, he was completely unprepared for how to respond to what was happening, he tightened his grip on Adrian's hand before he pulled Adrian into his arm, he felt his eyes water as tears soaked his shirt.

"Shit kid…" Hank leaned forwards on his chair, he clutched his hands and rested his arms on his knees. "When was the last time you saw him?" he asked gently.

Adrian let out a shaky breath and rested his cheek on Connor's shoulder. His red eyes looked up at the Lieutenant. "I was sixteen, he… he was kicking me out for being gay..."

"Fucking-" Hank cut himself off, but Connor could tell where his thought process was going. "Do you want to go, kid?" he added after a few moments of silence.

Connor felt himself flinching, he wanted to glare at Hank, he really did. This was not something that Adrian needed to be thinking about at the current moment, but he also understood why Hank would talk about it. Logically it would be something to think about, Connor just wanted to give Adrian some time to sort through his feelings.

"I will." Adrian said surprising the two of them. He pulled himself from Connor's arms and shakily moved to stand. He held a hand out to Connor who took it and was helped to stand. Adrian then walked over to the coffee maker and set it to run. He pulled out a mug and waited for the machine, when it was done he poured himself some coffee and held the mug to his lips. He inhaled the smell and sighed before taking a sip of the hot liquid. He looked over to the two watching him. "I feel that I should..." he looked over at Connor. "I'd like you to be there… but I don't know if it would be a good idea..."

Connor tilted his head. "I want to be there for you, is it because of your family? Why I would not be able to be there for you?"

Connor watched with keen eyes as Hank shook his head, tightened his lips and clenched his fists.

Adrian nodded, then let out a bitter chuckle. "It's the middle of Texas, Connor, being Gay is hard enough, being gay with an Android Husband?" he shook his head. "I just don't want you to get hurt." Adrian shakily lifted the mug to his lips again. He shook his head. "Fuck I love you Connor..." he mumbled into his mug.

Connor felt something in his chest tighten. He stepped towards Adrian and wound an arm around his waist. "I will go with you." when it looked like Adrian was going to protest, he shook his head. "I want to be there for you, I am not going to let you face it alone."

"Connor..." Adrian's eyes watered again.

"Fuck if Connor doesn't go, I'll go with you." Hank pulled himself from the chair and turned to the two.

A weak smile. "Hank…"


Adrian let out a shaky breath as the taxi pulled up to his family home. He looked out the window to the brick house. Memories flashed before his eyes, some good, but most bad. He jumped at the feeling of a hand touching his shoulder and turned to Connor who was watching him with concerned eyes. He smiled weakly and touched the hand on his shoulder.

"I'll be okay..."

Connor nodded and pulled his hand away.

"Need me to knock?" Adrian looked over at Hank who was watching him sympathetically.

Simon and Markus had been kind enough to look after Sumo for a few days.

He shook his head. "No… I'll do it, thank you for coming you two..." he looked at his companions.

Hank waved a hand dismissively. "It's nothing, kid. Anytime." he moved to pull himself out of the cab.

"I am here for you Adrian." Connor's voice was soft, but filled with emotion.

Adrian turned to Connor and clutched at the hand on his shoulder. He let out another breath before suddenly grasping Connor's face and kissing him hard. Before Connor could respond he pulled back with a weak smile. "I love you." he said firmly before nodding and climbing out of the cab.

Connor followed after him. He walked behind Hank and Adrian up the stone path towards the front door. He watched as Adrian raised a shaky hand to the door, he wanted to press against him, to give him some support, but he knew Adrian, he knew that Adrian needed to do this himself. He watched as Adrian knocked against the door.

"It'll be fine Kid." Hank said quietly.

The three of them froze at the sound of the door opening. A young woman, in a pink sundress with long curly brown hair and who looked strikingly like Adrian, opened the door and looked at them with green eyes. She scanned the three of them before her eyes widened at the sight of Adrian. She then frowned.

"Adrian." she said blithely.

Adrian smiled weakly. "Heather." he raised a hand in a wave. "I heard about the old man… we're, I'm, we're..." he tugged at the sleeve of his jacket. "I'm here too see him, they're here to support me. Heather, this is Hank and… Connor…"

The woman, Heather, eyed Hank but she seemed uninterested in him before she turned her attention to Connor. Her lips thinned before she shrugged and gestured for them to enter the house. Adrian looked back at them with a weak smile and gestured for them to follow him. He took the lead and walked through the threshold Hank went next, followed by Connor. As he passed Heather he heard the woman let out a tsk, he chose to ignore it in favour of following after the other two.

The house, or at least the main living room where they were ushered to, was quaint. It had old floral sofa's with doily's, it looked as though it were straight from the seventies right down to the ugly rug on the floor and family photo's littering the walls. Connor stepped towards the fireplace where on the mantle sat more family photo's, there weren't many, but he could find at least a dozen of Adrian in varying stages of his life.

"Careful you might melt." he heard Heather say.

"Fucking hey!" Hank raised in his defence.

Connor ignored the comment and continued to look over the photo's- it appeared that in his youth, Adrian had had a healthy set of curls, how had he managed to tame it down to a mild wave? "H-Heather," he heard Adrian say. "Don't talk to him like that." his lip twitched into a small smile, Adrian had always stood up to him, it was good to see that his nervousness around his family hadn't stopped that. He heard Heather snort and leave the room.

"I'll go get mom and dad." there was a tone to her voice that Connor did not like.

A hand touched Connor's back. "I'm sorry about her." Adrian whispered to him.

"She's a piece of work." Hank said while looking around the room. "The rest of your family that nice?"

Adrian let out a dry laugh. "It gets better from here."

"Fucking wonderful- hey that kid with the big head of curls, that you?"

Adrian moved away from Connor and stepped towards Hank who was looking at a large family portrait. In the portrait were two people, a man and woman in their twenties with three curly haired children sat in front of them, two boys and a girl. One of the boys was grinning the brightest grin while the other was frowning.

"Yeah," Adrian replied, moving to stand beside the Lieutenant. "The smiling one's my twin brother Michael, he was always happier than me, the favourite too- played football, basketball, girls- you know, the perfect child."

Connor turned to him with sad eyes.

Hank snorted. "Wonderful."

"Hey Adrian!" a voice exclaimed. Three sets of eyes looked to see a man who looked almost identical to Adrian. There were some differences though, clothes being the main, but also the shaved head and more muscular. He grinned widely and walked over to Adrian. "How's it going," he patted his brother on the back. "how are you? Which one are you fucking? The old one or the robot?"

Hank blanched.

Adrian's lips tightened. "I'm married to Connor, Michael." he pulled away from Michael and walked over to Connor. He gripped the Androids hand and said. "Connor, meet Michael, Michael, meet Connor."

Connor held his free hand out to shake. Michael looked Connor up and down with a raised brow. "You certainly look like the type that he'd be fucking my kid brother." he ignored the offered hand.

"Two minutes..." Adrian mumbled. He watched sadly as Connor pulled his hand back. He wished that Connor had stayed at home, that this was the worst that he would have to deal with… but he knew his family, he knew it only got better from here. He looked over at Hank who looked ready to start throwing punches at people- he kind of wished that he would.

"So here is my son, come to see me in my hour of need." Adrian flinched and looked over. An older man and woman had walked into the room, followed by Heather who had her arms crossed and looked entirely too pleased with the situation.

"Mum, Dad..." Adrian's hand, were it holding a human hand, would have hurt them. But Connor was able to withstand the pain, barely noticing it and squeezing back for comfort.

The couple looked to be the same age as Hank. Adrian's father was tall and built, as though he once played sports but years of a bad diet had caused him to grow a large stomach. Adrian's mother seemed to be where the curly hair had come from, but the dark colour must have been the father's as her hair was thick and bright red. She was shorter than him with a portly build which suited her clothing choice of jeans and a white blouse. The man of the couple scanned the room, taking in Hank before returning to Adrian and Connor. His dark eyes narrowed.

"Who the fuck are you?" he nodded his head to Connor. Connor noted that the man's accent was strange, an odd combination of American and Australian- Adrian hadn't spoken much about his childhood, but he knew that he had been had been in America far longer than he had lived in Australia, so it was strange that the accent was still there, however faint.

"Real polite, your family is Adrian." Hank grumbled.

"I know Hank, I'm sorry." Adrian replied before addressing his father again. "This is Connor, mum would have told you about him, my Husband."

The older man let out a bitter laugh. "Yeah she told me about the piece of plastic. The abomination to god. Why the fuck would you bring him here? Why the fuck are you here?"

Adrian's mother scowled at the two. "An affront to god! It should be destroyed." she echoed her husbands words.

Hank crossed his arms and stared at the two as though he could not quite believe what was coming out of their mouths.

"Don't talk about Connor like that!" Adrian rose in defence of the Android, receiving an appreciative stared from Hank and a sideways glance from Connor. "Connor has done more for me in the entire time that we've known each other, than you've ever done for me!"

"Then why are you here!?" his father demanded again.

"I'm here because-" he ran a hand through his hair. "Shit I'm here because I heard what was happening to you. Because I still… because I wanted..." he shook his head, unable to say anything else.

"Adrian." Connor turned to his partners parents. "Adrian is a caring person, he has been distraught since finding out about your condition. He cares about you, all of you, even after everything that you have done to him." his senses picked up that Adrian was trembling, he frowned. "He came to see you, because of how strongly he feels."

"Well I don't want him here," came the harsh response. "If he cared about any of us he would he have made an effort to talk to his mother, whenever she called- he would have turned up to his sister's wedding. The boy in an ingrate who has no business here."

"Hey asshole!" Hank spoke up, walking over to the other two. "This kid, is your son. He came here for you, and you don't even want to talk to him? What the fuck, prick? Give the kid a chance." he looked down, and his eyes glazed over. "You should spend time with your son, while you're still able."

"Hank..." Adrian said softly.

Adrian's father's went went red and his fists clenched. He moved to say something else, only to stop as coughs erupted from his chest. His wife was instantly at his side, holding onto him and supporting him while he bent forwards as coughs erupted from him. "It's alright dear." she soothed, rubbing his back. She shot them with a dark look. "I had hoped that you coming here would bring something… anything…" she shook her head. "...but I was wrong, you need to leave. Now."

Hank and Connor looked at Adrian for a cue as to what to do. He closed his eyes and nodded. "Yeah..." he said evenly. "Yeah we'll go..." he gestured for them to leave. As Hank and Connor left through the door, he turned back to his family. "I wish you a speedy recovery, I hope you all the happiness..."

The wait for the taxi was a silent one. The three of them sat at the curb, Adrian was grateful for the silence, he would rather wait for them to at lease to get into the taxi before he started to answer any questions. He looked down the road, he couldn't see the cab yet, but it shouldn't be long.

"Fucking pricks." Hank broke the silence but said nothing else.

The sound of a car alerted them to their taxi's arrival. The three of them rose to stand. When the taxi pulled over and while Hank and Connor were climbing into the vehicle, Adrian took one look back at the house, his eyes widened as the door opened and his brother came running up to him.

"Adrian!" Connor stopped and turned back to watch Michael pull his brother into a hug. "I'll miss you baby bro..."

"Two minutes..." Adrian shakily replied, his arms moving to wrap around his brother.

"Don't worry about the old man. He's tough as nails, you look after you, you hear?" he pulled away and ruffled Adrian's hair. "Keep in touch, yeah? I might even come down and see you sometime." he looked over at Connor. "You look after him, okay?" when Connor nodded he looked back at Adrian. "Bye Ads." with that said he ran back to the house.

"Goodbye..." Adrian turned back to Hank and Connor. "Let's go home."


"Sumo!" Hank called out to his dog with wide arms as Simon and Markus opened the front door. The sound of feet pounding could be heard before a giant blob of slobber and fluff tackled the Lieutenant.

"It's good to see you all back." Simon said as he welcomed the three of them into the home.

Adrian gave them a smile before silently walking into the dining room to make himself some coffee. While the coffee machine worked on his beverage, he watched as the other four chatted away in the living room. Hank was asking about Sumo and Markus and Simon were telling them stories of things that the dog and they had done. Connor was now patting the dog while Hank brushed the hair off his clothes. He felt a smile tug at his lips. These people, this combination of, Androids, human and dog, they were his family. They brought him more happiness than he could ever express. He couldn't imagine his life without these people, he frowned. His life would not be happy without them.

He watched Connor as the dog licked and tackled him to the floor. He let out a chuckle, light at first but quickly turned into a loud rambunctious pearl of laughter. He clutched his sides as he doubled over with laughter. He could feel the eyes on him but he couldn't stop. He fell to his knees, tears flowing from his eyes while he continued to laugh.

"Adrian?" Connor knelt down beside him. "Are you alright?" he hesitantly touched the human's shoulder.

Adrian looked up, his shoulders shaking while his laughter died down. "Yeah..." he nodded. "Yeah… I'm okay…" he looked up at his love with wet eyes. "I love you." all of you.

"Come on Sumo, Markus, let's get Simon out of here before they scar his fragile mind." Hank ushered the four of them outside.

Connor smiled. "I love you too Adrian." he reached over and grasped the other's hand. "We're here for you. Always." he leaned forward and brushed his lips against Adrian's. When Adrian moaned he deepened the kiss.

Adrian pulled himself closer to Connor, relishing in the closeness.

Thank you, for everything Connor.