AN: HI! I had an idea of how to continue this! Yeah this'll take a while to actually get to plot… I MAY have gone overboard with Riders… Oops…

In the Night, two figures approached Hogwarts… Each of them holding a small case in one hand, while with the other, they played with a small silver coin, which had an animal looking symbol…

"This the place?" One of them asked with a female voice. "Looks a bit cold, just from here…"

"I thought you liked the cold. You're scared of heat." The other responded, with a male voice. "And yeah, this is the place." He confirmed.

"I'm just saying, Mom could get a cold." The Female one explained.

"Ah. Yeah that's a good point. How many medals do you have?" The male asked.

"Well, three in the case for Mom… Um… Six in me!" The female said after a few moments of thinking. "You?"

"I have… Five in me, and two in the case. Mom already has Batta. Seriously she never lets me have it…" The male complained.

"Yeah but that's cause she likes it!" The female countered.

"I guess… Let's go." The male decided, as they entered the Grounds of Hogwarts…

"Hey, this is a pretty big place… How do we find her?" The female asked.

"We have Cells you dingus." The male said semi-sarcastically.

"Oh! Right! I forgot…" The female mumbled, playing with the coin in embarrassment.

The male gave a sigh, and held his coin up, before he put an incredible amount of pressure on the poor coin, causing it to snap in half… Throwing one half to the floor, and handing the other half to the female to keep safe.

After a moment, the Half of the coin on the ground transformed, becoming an underdeveloped mummy like creature…

"Find Hina Toraka, don't harm her, just bring her here. Don't force her, she'll follow on her own." The male ordered, as the creature stumbled away creepily.

"I hate using Wastes…" The girl said with a shudder.

"We wouldn't have to use them if you had woken me up on time like we agreed Sis."

"I was tired… Mom made me use my powers all day for training…" The girl whined. "Besides, at least my legs don't rip apart when I hop!" She argued.

"Hey, that's uncalled for. You know how much that hurts!" The boy said with a growl, green fire flickering around his fingers.

"You're about to transfor-" The girl was cut off by the boy being engulfed in fire, transforming him into a copy of the girl.

"Oh look at me, I'm Kaiyō, and I'm scared of the sun because it's mildly warm outside in summer sometimes and I can't handle it so I just flop like a fish on the floor." The boy said in a mocking voice, using the appearance of the Girl, apparently named Kaiyō, to tease her.

"Hey! Stop that!" Kaiyō said angrily.

"You shouldn't make fun of my legs." The boy said, doing embarrassing poses with Kaiyō's appearance, making her go bright red.

"STOP THAT!" She shouted, chasing him around the lake, the boy laughing the entire time, still using her appearance…

Ravenclaw Dorm…

A girl groaned as she was shaken awake by a floating hand… "Hina. Wake up. I sense a Yummy." The hand somehow said, despite not having a mouth.

"Nnngh…. What are you talking about Ankh…?" She asked in confusion, rubbing her naturally red eyes…

"Waste Yummy. There's one here, and it's close." The Hand, apparently named Ankh, explained, grabbing her arm and pulling her to her feet. "Go kill it and give me its medals." He demanded.

"Half." Hina countered.

"Three quarters."

"Sixty percent."



"Sixty five."


"GRAH! FINE! SIXTY!" Ankh agreed in anger.

"Waste Yummies don't have many cells in them though. They only have one after a long time if they have hosts…" Hina remembered.

"… Just kill the stupid thing…" Ankh grumbled.

Hina smiled, and held out her hand, causing Ankh to place a strange book into her hands. "Thank you." She thanked, reaching over to the bedside thingy and grabbing a strange belt buckle, which she put onto her waist, causing a belt to appear, as well as a strange coin holder thing on one side, and a strange disk on the other side. "Let's see… TaToBa should work." She decided, taking three odd looking coins from the book, and placing them each into a slot of the buckle. Before doing anything else, she closed the book, and handed it to Ankh, who growled a little at her. Then, she left the Dorm, looking for the Yummy…

Waste Yummy

The waste Yummy walked against the Door, trying to push it open… It was a pull door…


Hina opened the door, and instantly had to hold back a squeak, as the Waste Yummy approached her, pointing in the direction it came. "You… Want me to follow you?" She questioned, causing the Yummy to nod. "Okay…" She agreed, following it, ignoring Ankh's anger…

With Kaiyō and the boy

Kaiyō panted, as they came to a halt. "Okay Henka, you win…" She decided, passing out headfirst into the lake.

The boy, Henka, watched in amusement as his sister lay there, doing nothing to help her as he was engulfed in flames again, returning to his normal appearance. "Let's see… Should be here… Now." He decided, kicking Kaiyō further into the water to hide her.

The Waste Yummy returned, with Hina following it. Once she arrived, Henka snapped his fingers, causing the Yummy to fall apart, the coin shard turning to dust…

"Henka, where's your sister?" Hina asked, looking at him slightly annoyed.

"Oh, y'know… I annoyed her, she chased me and passed out headfirst into the lake. She'll wake up any second now!" Henka said, not caring at all.

Hina sighed, and returned the coins into the book. "Why are you here anyway?" She asked curiously.

"Okay! First of all, YOU FORGOT US AND LEFT US AT HOME! Second, you took Yoko but not us! And third, you forgot your medals." He explained, holding up the boxes, he had taken Kaiyō's at some point.

"Oh! Sorry, but you two are only ten, Yoko's eleven…" Hina pointed out.

"So? Just take the stupid medals…" Henka grumbled throwing the boxes at her. "We can talk in the morning!" He said, going from upset to happy in a split second, grabbing Kaiyo's foot and dragging her off, her face dragging into the dirt the entire time. "Oh! And turkey face isn't invited to the talk." He added just before leaving Hina and Ankh's sight.

"TURKEY FACE?!" Ankh exclaimed in rage, before he was hit by the other half of the coin, sending his hand body flying out of sight.

Henka's laughs echoed into the night…

Gryffindor tower…

Harry shot up with a Gasp, words echoing in his head… "Damnit… He's back…" He growled, holding a strange expanded bottle, with crack-like markings on it… "Stay in there… Please…" He begged, but his arm didn't listen to him, shaking the bottle, and pressing the cap against his skin, causing him to glow…