Hello again! I've decided to make an SYOT for the Hunger Games. It's first come, first serve. I need 24 tributes ASAP. There's no time limit for how long it's open. I will randomly pick who the winner will be. All the information for the character sheet will be on my profile page. You can make as many characters as you want. I might make one or two OCs, but I'll make them die off quickly. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

President Haza lounged on a couch, sipping a glass of wine. Drago, the head Gamemaker, stood beside her. "Well, another Hunger Games down." He said in satisfaction. Haza nodded. "I really thought that Marga was going to win." She said. Drago laughed. "If you thought that, you're crazy." He said. "The only reason Marga got to the final eight was because she got lucky. The foolish girl walked straight into that storm we set up." The two sat in silence for a while. Then Haza asked, "Where do you think we're going to throw the next set of tributes?" Drago shrugged. "A desert? A jungle? A volcano, maybe? The possibilities are endless." Haza nodded and grinned. "I like the idea of a volcano." They both chuckled, and then Haza raised her glass. "To this year's successful Hunger Games." She said. "And to next year's Hunger Games, as well, so they may be even more exciting and bloody than the last." Drago cackled evilly. "Yes." He agreed. "Let the 48th Hunger Games begin."

Remember, the character sheets will be on my profile page. Send me your character in the comments. Also, I'm making the first five tributes sent to me get a free pass through the first day, so try to send in your character quickly. Good luck!