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Anyhow, these are the final eight interviews. Lol, Platinum's section is a lot longer than the other ones, but I promise that was unintentional.

District 1: Platinum Gaskin, Girlfriend of Blaze Hale

It was early in the morning when two Capitol reporters knocked on my door. Within twenty minutes, I'm sitting in Blaze's living room with his other family members. One of the reporters sends a signal to the camera crew. "Alright," he says, "we're live in three… two… one…" The light on the camera flicks on, and a reporter begins talking merrily at the screen.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! As I'm sure you already know, only eight contestants are left in the 48th annual Hunger Games! You know what that means; we get the opportunity to speak to the members of each remaining tribute's family! We are currently in Blaze Hale's household and are about to speak with his parents, sister, and girlfriend!" The reporters launch right into the interview, focusing their questions on his parents. "What are your thoughts on Blaze's performance so far in the games?" One of them asks.

"I think he's done very well," his mom says, a fake smile plastered on her face. That's probably a lie; I doubt his parents are too pleased with the fact that he hasn't made a single kill. "He's never been one to soak up attention or glory. He prefers to fly under-the-radar, waiting for the right moment to strike. I think his strategy is playing out nicely, and I'm sure that in a matter of a week or two he'll be back here at home with us." So that's what his mom is doing. She's playing off his lack of kills and fights as "flying under-the-radar".

A reporter turns to Blaze's dad. "How do you feel about Blaze breaking off from the Career pack with Ariana?" Blaze's dad grins through clenched teeth.

"It was for the best," he says. "That Career pack wasn't going to last much longer anyway. Blaze made a smart decision by leaving before things got ugly." That's another lie. Blaze's dad hates traitors; he thinks that they're cowards.

Suddenly a reporter shoves a microphone under my face. "Do you think that Blaze will be able to win these games?" They ask.

I'm not sure, I want to say. Blaze's parents must see my indecisiveness, because they look at me with daggers in their eyes. Right. Just lie like they did.

"Definitely," I say. The reporter raises an eyebrow, waiting for more details. I stutter a little as I try to think of something else to say.

"I mean, he's… really strong and good with his spear. He's smart too," I say, thinking quickly. "I'm so lucky to be his girlfriend. Just think; in a few days, my boyfriend will be the victor of the Hunger Games!"

Well, that was partially true; I am glad that I'm his girlfriend. But in reality, I don't know if he has what it takes to win. Marine is hunting him down at this very moment, and if she finds him, who's going to come out on top?

I suppose only time will tell.

District 3: Mellisa Herin, Mother of Scorpius Herin

"Are you surprised that Scorpius is in the final eight?" A reporter asks.

"Of course not," my husband interjects. "We've always known how smart and resourceful he is. The Hunger Games are nothing more than a problem he has to solve."
The reporter turns to me. "What are your thoughts about the way Scorpius betrayed his allies earlier in the games?" She asks.

I can't believe he actually killed someone. I can't believe my son actually killed another human being, I think. But I can't say that. "I think… I think he did what was necessary to keep him alive, and that's all that matters," I stutter. That's right. He's just doing what he can to survive. I repeat this to myself over and over until I stop thinking about that District 12 girl, the girl whom my own child blew to bits.

District 4: Finn Gray, Father of Marine Gray

"So how do you feel about Marine's performance so far in the games?" Asks a reporter.

"It's been fantastically mediocre," I say. The reporter leans in closer, eager for more details. Shell rolls her eyes.

"Finn is only joking, of course," she says. "We're very proud of our daughter and what she's accomplished." I snort, and she glares at me.

Another reporter turns to Aqua and Diver. "Are you two planning on following in your sister's footsteps and volunteering some day?"

Aqua immediately goes red. "I should have gone into the games this year!" He says. "The pick was so rigged. Why did Nemo get to go into the games and not me? He betrayed the Careers! It's so unfa-"
"Aqua!" Shell snaps. She gives the camera a strained smile. "Yes, someday we hope both Aqua and Diver will be able to win the games. But until then, we'll be sitting here right here in our living room, cheering on Marine."

District 4: Tank Fisher, Brother of Nemo Fisher

"Do you believe that in a one-on-one fight, Nemo will be able to kill Marine?"

Nemo shouldn't have volunteered for me. He never should have volunteered, he never should have volunteered…

The reporter looks awkwardly at me, waiting for a response. I stay silent. I'll stay here for the interview, but I won't give the Capitol the grace of hearing me speak.

Dad glances at me and then speaks up on my behalf. "Of course he can. We've trained Nemo well. Marine is a solid tribute, and she makes District 4 very proud, but if they're face-to-face, I'm confident Nemo will get the upper hand."

District 6: Cara Fleet, Mother of Livia Fleet

I don't consider myself to be a very hateful person, but in this moment, I despise the reporter who stands in our kitchen, this stranger who barged into our house and now pretends like he's our friend.

"Do you think that Livia will be able to recover from her recent injury and win the games?" The reporter asks.


The word slips out before I can stop it. I stumble over my words trying to recover from the mistake, but Maxx speaks over me to help me out.

"What my wife means is that it won't be easy for Livia to make it out alive. There are still so many obstacles that stand in her way. But she won't go down easy. If Livia puts her mind to something, there's almost nothing she can't do."
Actually, that was a pretty good answer. People love an underdog. If enough Capitolites sponsor Livia, maybe she's not as far gone as I thought.

District 8: Arabelle Lernan, Sister of Alyxandra Lernan

I wish Matteos would calm down. He keeps running around the room and jumping on the couches. The reporters love him, but I can't help but cringe a little. Doesn't he understand? Doesn't he get it? Alyx has made it to the final eight- but how in the world is she going to win? What's going to happen to her if she's found by Marine, or Nemo, or Blaze? What if she runs into Scorpius, and he pretends to align with her, only to stab her in the back when the time is right? What if there's another natural disaster in the arena, but this time Alyx isn't as lucky as she was in the fire? I want to believe in my sister, but there are too many things that could go wrong. There are too many unknown variables in the arena for me to have any hope in her.

"Do you think it's smart to be in an alliance with Livia?" A reporter with dark blue hair asks.

"Of course!" Dad says, smiling. "It's nice to know that she's not alone in the arena; she has a friend to back her up."
"Yeah!" Matteos agrees, doing a somersault on the floor.

Honestly, I don't think her alliance with Livia is going to end well. I'm not surprised that she made an ally- Alyx has always been really friendly to everyone- but it won't be long before they'll be forced to split up.

That is, if one of them isn't dead before then.

District 9: Marina Ainsley, Grandmother of Albin Ainsley

I don't listen to the two silly Capitolite reporters who ask my family questions. Instead, I stare out the window to the pouring rain that pounds against the ground with unquenchable ferocity. Poor Albin is slipping into a world of hate and revenge. That's what the games do to you; they twist up your heart and peck at your eyes until you're blind to everything but surviving another day. I wish Albin would let go of his grudge against Scorpius. But he's in too deep to turn around now.

Albin, Albin. I just want you to come home. Please just come home to me. Please come home soon…

District 11: David Hallard, Friend of Cole Cambridge

"How do you feel about Cole being the youngest tribute left in the games?"

"Uhhh…" I mumble. I always get nervous when I'm in front of a camera.

"It doesn't matter," Cole's mom interrupts. "He killed Beckett, remember? And Beckett was seventeen. The older tributes like to rely on brute strength, but that's not what wins the games in the end. Intelligence wins. Cole is clever, and he's got a few tricks up his sleeves. He's survived this long; he can keep on living. I know he can."

I hope he can, I think.

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