A/N: One shots. AU oneshots of every single PJO couple (canon or not). PM me if you want a couple I didn't do yet. Now…. On to the fanfic.

Eyes. She has pretty eyes. That's the first thing I notice about the new recruit. They're lightning blue. They look as if they're staring through my soul, piercing it.

Skin. It's pale, not a sickly olive like mine, but not tan. It's covered by a bright white shirt and black leggings. The normal uniform with the logo. She has a black leather jacket.

Hair. Spikey, glossy, and black. Looks like there is hair gel keeping it up. She has a blue streak in it.

Name. Thalia Grace.

I probably sound like a stalker, right? Well, no. I do this to all new recruits. Not really recruits, but that's what we call them. "A recruit to what?", you may ask. A recruit to Seaview Rehabilitation And Home For The Mental, a.k.a. living hell.

Not sure if it's actually a real place. It's fiction in my story. I recdently became a HUGE Scorpius x Rose (Harry Potter) shipper, so expect to see a one-shot or two in the future.