Agent 129,

We have acquired a new target for you. Get close to her and earn her trust. You are to simply knock her out and bring her back afterwards. Her information is included on a separate piece of paper. We are aware of your history with her, and expect you to use that to your advantage. We trust your relationship with the target won't cause any problems with your mission. You will be deployed tomorrow morning. Good luck.



I reread the letter over again. I just came back from a mission, and they expect me to do another one? Ugh! Apparently I know this lady. Not sure if that will make her hate me more than like me. I'm not exactly a people person, and if I have met her, it's going to be hard to get close to her. She either hates my guts or is a friend of mine, which is impossible cause I have none. Another piece of paper fell out of the envelope. I sighed, figuring that I may as well get started if I'm to see her in the morning. I took a glance at the paper before immediately dropping it. They were right saying I knew that girl. I knew her all to well. Her soft ,fiery curls and sapphire eyes were evident in that picture. Light freckles dotted her skin and the smile that graced her faced was pointed towards Albus, her cousin. The girl who took my heart and smashed it like a bug. Rose Freaking Weasley was back in my mind, and plaguing my heart.

A/N: Sorry it was so short. I would be great at doing little drabbles of nothingness… If you didn't realize from the description this was in Scorpius' POV.