It was a normal day for Rose. Prepare for the day. Go to her office. Talk with an annoyed or troubled client. Drink herself drunk (off coffee. No alcohol on a workday.) Think to herself in third person. I'm pretty sure I'm mental. I looked back at my client's folder. It was too early for me to get work done without coffee. "Ugh." ,was the first thing my assistant and cousin, Lily Potter, heard when she walked in with coffee. "What's up?" ,she asked in attempts to lighten my mood. I gulped down coffee before answering. "New client. Says her boyfriend took their son and won't return him." "Yikes." She glances at her phone, saying, "You got an appointment with her at 4:oo pm, and someone in the Malfoy Industrial wants to talk to you." I raise an eyebrow at the last part.

"Malfoy Industrial? That company that sells VR stuff and electronics?"

"Apparently, they are bordering their horizons. They also have a lawyer branch."


We look at each other awkwardly for a while ,before someone comes in and tackles me with a hug.


"I've missed you Rosie..."

"I've haven't seen you in six months, but I don't miss you enough for you to allow you to call me Rosie!"

"Some people never change... even after they become semi-famous lawyers."

I embraced my dear brother happily, until Lily decided to make herself known.

"Beautiful sibling reunion, and all, but I think that I want to see my favorite cousin!"

"I'm your favorite?"

"No, that's Rose. But I guess I should say that I missed you, too."

They had a quick, awkward hug, and Lily went to sit.

"So... what's up with you?"

We chatted until I realized I had my 4:00 meeting, and shoved Hugo out of the room. Sibling love.

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