Arceus and Gruntilda Winkybunion were both in the Furnace Fun stage owned by the game show loving witch, seeing the boiling red and yellow lava below the board game platforms that were hovering above them, with the two completely different characters standing on Gruntilda's green stand overlooking the board game, old Grunty being at her place behind her personal podium. As to why they picked this place... because Gruntilda the witch wanted to do some renovations on it for becoming two decades old.

"So this is where you do your game shows?" Arceus asked as he tilted his head to the right, having caught wind of this from looking into different dimensions.

"Indeed it is my llama friend! It's where furry fools meet their feathered end!" Grunty rhymed as she looked around, nodding her head a couple of times.

"...Do you always move about like this?" Arceus commented as he turned to the awards area, to see a frightened Tooty trembling with fright as there was a Gruntilda doll and a washing machine as the other prizes.

"Look there's not so much you can do with this animation." Grunty flat out stated as she moved her left hand around while stating this.

"I'm guessing the same is with your rhyming?" Arceus pointed out as Grunty nodded her head in response.