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Jamie hugged his backpack to his chest and stared out from under the overhang of the bus stop at the dripping landscape. That had been pretty remarkably stupid. Even for him. And he was lucky that Alex wasn't the kind of man who'd sort a kid out with a backhand because he'd done everything short of ask for it.

As it was he was suspended for a week so he couldn't even use the station as a place to hide out over the holiday like he'd planned. Given the weather, that was bad enough.

On a normal weekend he'd be hanging out at the park or behind the old theater or at one of his friends' places, but the weather ruled out everything outdoors, and with this stupid holiday not too many people were around. Catie was off with her family at her aunt's house; Micah had gone down to see a grandfather somewhere south of here; Jamie wasn't sure where Tom had gone but he knew he'd been madly packing yesterday evening. Faustus was still in town, but Jamie had worn out his welcome with his family partway through the past summer—plus they celebrated which always made things weird—so that was a no-go too. Kenny's mom and her various assorted boyfriends barely noticed that her own son existed never mind her son's friends which made his place Jamie's default, and also where he'd been sleeping since his last set of foster parents had found a kid they liked better, but….

Jamie shook his head and hugged his backpack a little harder. He wanted to pretend that the needles that he'd seen this morning didn't mean what he thought they did. That his oldest friend hadn't crossed a line that even Jamie wasn't sure he could come back from. But there weren't a lot of other explanations. And as much as he didn't like it, it would explain a few things about Kenny's behavior these past few months. He'd always been a little wilder than Jamie, a little more willing to take a risk, but he'd never actually scared Jamie before. Halloween had been bad for more reasons than even the rest of the so-called bleacher junkies realized.

Jamie knew that he was going to have to go back to Kenny's eventually. It wasn't exactly a choice; if the weather made it too cold to hang out outside he sure as hell wasn't going to try sleeping there, and the storage unit where he kept his bikes was even worse with its concrete floor and metal walls. Especially since the cold rain was supposed to turn to sleet and then snow later today as the thunderstorm moved off and more seasonal weather finally came in. He'd thought—hoped—that maybe that he could find a dark corner at the station to curl up in, he'd done it once or twice before when things got ugly, but obviously that wasn't going to happen now.

Well, it might. If he could hold off until Alex left, anyway. He wasn't on his bike today since while he was a good rider, wet roads were bad enough without dealing with the ice that was bound to form by morning, so that wouldn't betray him if he snuck back in. Staying at the station would save him the walk back to the other side of town, too, at least until morning, since the buses weren't running today. And as much as he hated admitting it, Kenny wasn't likely to think about it one way or the other if he didn't show up.

Jamie twisted sideways, putting his backpack down on the narrow bench and stretching out as best he could. The fact that it was too cold to sleep here hadn't changed in the last two minutes, but he could rest for a little while. And if Alex's car happened to be gone when he passed back by the station...well, it wouldn't be the first time that he'd disobeyed.