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"Yes, you have to tell Alex!" Hank seriously did not get Jamie sometimes. He'd moan and groan and complain about early shifts and paperwork and having to clean the station and all of that, but an incident that meant that he legitimately might need to take the rest of this shift off? Nope. That he wanted to pretend hadn't even happened.

"Why? I mean, I'm fine. Look, see?" He took a deep breath, although if his expression was anything to go by he wasn't a hundred percent certain that it would work any more than Hank was, and he definitely looked happier when he was able to release it again. "I just wasn't expecting her to have the Great Plains in her living room, that's all."

"I think they were supposed to be decorative planters or something, I don't know." The woman from their last call out had had an awful lot of them, whatever they'd been, and they'd all been stuffed with some kind of weird grass stuff instead of flowers to the point where even he'd been on the edge of sneezing the whole time they'd been in her house. "But that's not the point," Hank said, returning his attention to what was. "Your allergies kicked off an asthma attack bad enough that you needed to use your inhaler. That's not the kind of thing that you keep to yourself. It would be completely irresponsible for you to go out on another call knowing that there's a chance that you could end up being the one needing medical treatment."

Jamie scoffed. "I am not going to need medical treatment. It was a stupid allergy attack that ended up worse than it should have been. And it might have been faster to use the inhaler, but I'd have been fine without it. I've ridden them out plenty of times before."

"You shouldn't do that either." Which he should know perfectly well.

He scowled. "It's my problem, okay? Just forget about it. Anyway, the rules say that people with asthma can still be EMTs."

"I've read the rule book too," probably a lot closer than Jamie had, "and it says controlled asthma," Hank returned. "Look, I'm not saying that you can't go out again at all, but it would be irresponsible for me, too—for all of the rest of us—to let you go out again without getting checked out first." He'd have looked to Tyler or Val for support, but the woman had gotten sick on Val on the way to the hospital so she'd been out of the ambulance and heading for the showers as soon as they'd pulled in, and Tyler was back in the garage hosing out the ambulance. Which would normally have been Jamie's job, but Tyler had offered since he'd known as well as Hank that Jamie had needed to go talk to Alex. "Anyway, you have to tell Alex if he's your foster dad," Hank pointed out.

"What? How do you figure that?"

"What do you mean, how do I figure it? You have to tell parents about medical things."


That question sounded just as serious as the first one, and Hank shook his head. "Because...because you just do." He wasn't sure how Jamie didn't know that, but then again while he knew quite a few kids with divorced parents who might not see one or the other very often, and even a couple who'd lost a parent, Jamie was the first kid he'd met with no real parents.

Jamie stared at him for a couple seconds and then sighed. "Fine. Whatever." He turned around and began to stomp towards Alex's office, and Hank shook his head again.

Jamie was a way nicer guy than he'd ever realized before Jamie joined the squad, although he couldn't remember ever interacting directly with Jamie before he joined the squad so that maybe that wasn't saying a whoe lot, but he definitely had some weird ideas.

Alex's door was open when Jamie tapped on the frame lightly, and a moment later Jamie stepped inside and shut the door behind him. And not that Hank was trying to invade his privacy, but he could see a little through the blinds, and somehow he wasn't surprised that the first thing that happened was Jamie crossing his arms and scowling in the direction of Alex's desk.

Alex came around the desk a moment later, mimicking Jamie's posture but looking more amused than anything else, and a few minutes later Jamie's arms uncrossed and he took a seat on the edge of Alex's desk. Or he slumped onto the edge of Alex's desk anyway, still scowling.

Hank had no idea how Jamie had thought that that conversation was going to go as Alex lifted his bag onto the desk as well. He'd tried to talk his way out of an order from Alex maybe twice in his entire time at the station to absolutely no useful effect, but Jamie still seemed to try it twice a month as if he thought the outcome was going to change.

He turned away, heading back to the ambulance bay to see if Tyler needed a hand. He also still didn't get how one of the two of them wasn't plotting to ship the other to Timbuktu or wherever. He knew what Jamie had said, and however he tried to hide it he knew that Jamie watched and helped Alex when his back was bothering him and that Alex would never just randomly kick Jamie out like Jamie's last foster family had apparently done, but they were just so different.