The fanfics of Titan's Mom by Mememan

One day at the start of the year, Tit-tan's mum decided to be a bitch, Morty. So she was going batshit for attention desiring dick for the pussy. The pussy could not be quenched. It needed thirsties. She then wanted to kick Tit-tan out by any means possible to have men come over and have a naruto hentai harem jutsu party. Her pos moist from the thought of kinky sex with bad dragon machine to imagine a horse fucking her because she sick in the mind and desired the hardest of jizz fromm balls of steel just could not compute. Scruffymcboogerballs the third knocked on the door and came inside to suddenly splooge in her finger nail with shitz. He pissed the shit and a diamond ring went flying out of his cock hole. She then ate the ring and turned into Uganda Knuckles.

She resisted the transformation and became a deformed Link. She was then while mid-transformation cock slapped by the neighbor's boots. The hardened rubber of them tim boots made her climax and turn into immortal zombie dark link. She got up from the ground covered in shit and jizz and saw Tit-tan on the stairs. She said while looking at him. "Eat your jimmies and brush your teeth and go the fuck to bed!". This time another knock on the door. This time a lil indian kid and a tall bushy fuck is seen when Tit-tan's mum opens the door.

They introduce themselves as Tobacco and Zeldawolffang. They are brothers. Tit-tan ran up to Tobacco and told him "GET THE FUCK OUT TOBACCO!" and kicked him in the balls and he went blasting off like team rocket again. lmao. Zeldawolffang or fuck it lets call him Zorodewolfie leans overs and sees immortal zombie dark link and runs for the fuckin closet in the house and slams the door and quickly reopens the door with a broom in hand thinking with post-ocarina of time thought that he is holding the mythical broom of time. The Master Broom. Tit-tan just laughed his ass off. Zorodewolfie then slowly turned around and went back into the closet and slowly equiped himself with EVERY cleaning item in the closet and really did look like the "Hero of Broom". He proceeded to whack her over the head with the broom and it broke on the first try. He starred at it knowing that its the end... He noticed a weak point because while he swung a battery operated drone was in the closet dropped phermones that Tit-tan's mum hid in the closet during her horny times. He used the broken broom of time as a dildo on her really quick and ran up the stairs and grabbed Tit-tan running for his room and locked the door.

Tobacco lands after flying for several hours in the sky passing by 6 planes and almost causing 9/11 again. Sadly, Tobacco's clothes got ripped apart flying at a high speed. He landed in a lube factory through a glass window. Covered in blood and flying through the actual building and through a silo of lube and broke through the metal silo itself like a bullet and into Robotstephen's doge Sandi while Robotstephen was molesting her in the dark in his office during closing hours in the factory. His rich cunt of a daddy left him a factory in his will when he over dosed on touching the spaghet. He slowly started jerking Tobacco off and as soon as he figured out it was a man and not a dog he screamed "OH FUCK! MY BITCH SANDI! WHY THE FUCK IS SPOODERMAN IN MY FACTORY?!". Tobacco was out of it after jizzing on Robotstephens lubed up feet so his response to him screaming with a cum-covered smile was crapping his wallet out of his butthole that had his ID. Robotstephen knew he was related to Zorodewolfie and killed Tobacco and skinned him alive and turned him into a car, Morty! It was insanity! Tobacco is fuckin' ded'd mate! Robotstephen in the dark and covered in lube from head to toe light a match and the entire factory blew up and he alone went blasting off again toward wolffang while doing goldeneye 64 geddan.