Something may just have happened after that night. It is up to you to believe in it or not, but one thing is not up for debate: Love is love and love has many colours.


(I do not own Danny Phantom or its characters.)

Forever The Moon

Tucker didn't know why he hated it when people called Danny and Sam lovebirds. Or when they had those little moments where one of them would say something terribly cute and they'd glance at each other and blush. Or when he was with Danny and he'd mention Sam when it was their time as best friends and-

And yet he told himself to ignore all that and not think about the why because he knew whatever reason he'd find would make everything harder and he was all about simplicity.

(He loved his best friend, but he was not in love.)


When they had stumbled upon an all-boys camping trip during the sommer holidays that wasn't far enough away from Amity Park to have Danny too worried to go, Tucker had silently started praying. (He didn't believe in god, but he was ready to start if it meant having a chance.) It had been Sam who had encouraged Danny to take a break.

"You should go. Both of you could take a break and I'll just take some time for myself while you're not here."

Then Danny had smiled at him and Tucker thought that maybe he hadn't just agreed because of Sam after all and maybe he had wanted to go - with him - as much as Tucker himself. (He loved that smile, but he was not in love with it.)

Now Danny was sitting across the table, having breakfast and Tucker couldn't find the words to say. (Someone tell him what to say, because he can't mess things up this time.) He remembered every second of worrying about him. Waiting for Danny to come back had almost taken the last of his sanity and seeing him there, sprawled on the forest floor, eyes closed, unmoving, glow dimmed-

He sighed, unintentionally catching Danny's attention. Those curious, blue eyes were trained on him and he was reminded of the previous night. Danny didn't look as guarded as he usually did. Tucker knew there were things he didn't know, things only Danny knew, but right then, there was nothing between them. (Only care, friendship and-)

"What are you thinking about?" he asked and it's a genuine question, because they were friends and they liked knowing what's on each other's mind.

And Tucker answered with "The stars," and then he nearly regretted it.

Danny frowned, searching his face. Tucker feared he may find more than he would like to. (There is nothing like that connection of two gazes, searching for each other.)

"The moon," he added, eyes flitting to where it was visible in the sky, before focusing back on his friend. "The earth, too, I guess. I've always liked the colour blue."

He liked blue the colour of his eyes. But then he'd have to say he liked green, too. (He liked, not loved, those eyes, so blue, green, blue, green.) Danny looked surprised, his eyes wide, eyebrows high, but then he smiled and he grinned and he started to laugh and Tucker did, too. He just hoped it didn't sound as nervous as he suddenly felt.

"I did say that, didn't I?" Danny asked and if he looked closely, Danny almost seemed nervous, too.


The laughter stopped, a calm silence following. For once, they weren't looking at each other. Quietly, they kept eating, relishing in the safety of each other's presence and the low breeze moving around them. There was only Tucker and Danny, Danny and Tucker and everything else didn't matter. (Everything was always so strange when it wasn't just them.) He had only just finished his breakfast, halfway out of his seat to put away his plate when a hand gripped his arm and he froze. (His hand was so cold, someone warm it up.) His head shot up and there was his best friend. (Friend, best friend, friend-)

"I- If you want, you can be the sun instead..."

It took him a moment to process his words. Blinking, he stared at Danny, wondering if he could allow himself to read more into the moment for once.

"I like being the moon," he said. (Never the stars, not the sun, but forever the moon.) "It means I'll follow you anywhere. Because I would."

For a brief second, he thought about how cheesy he sounded and how sappy the situation was, but then he was back to feeling weightless. (Because he loved this and he didn't know what being in love meant anymore.)

He found himself asking "What about Sam?" and Danny's expression didn't waver when he responded with "What about her?" And then Tucker shook his head and it shook them both out of the moment and Danny let go of his arm. (He was still circling but they don't connect.)

Walking away from the table, Tucker tried to forget. (How, how, how?) A picture was being painted in his mind, born from just a few words and glances and his own wishes. Right then, he just wished he could erase it before he falls in love with it. (He loves it, but it's not too late yet - he thinks.)

He didn't turn to look at Danny, but he imagined him frozen the way he had looked before Tucker had left him there. (Would the earth keep spinning without the moon?)

Tucker knew he was jealous, but he knew he shouldn't be. He was one of the luckiest people for having a close spot in Danny's life and he was not going to throw it away. He would forever be the moon if it meant staying close to his best friend.