I have decided to rewrite Operation Jibbs as I did not like the original very much. I am not going to delete it yet because I do not know how but once I do know I will delete it. Anyway, this time they are going to France, not Mexico, and the team are still trying to get Jenny and Gibbs engaged. This is set just after 'Lost and Found' and Jenny is not sick. Shout-out to my best friend Laura for letting me use her computer to try and delete the original (it did not work:-( )

Leroy Jethro Gibbs was up at 0500 that morning. He got dressed quickly into a hoodie and a pair of trousers before he went to work on his boat for an hour. Then after that he got his suitcase and went into his truck. He drove to get Tony and McGee, who had spent the night at McGee's place.

"Hey boss" Tony and McGee chorused as they got in.

"Hey guys" Gibbs replied before he turned to face the front again.

"Boss, where are we going?" McGee asked.

"You'll find out once we pick up the girls from Jenny's house" Gibbs told him.

So Gibbs drove to Jenny's house to where Abby, Ziva and Jenny were all waiting. Abby was wearing a red and black checked button-up short sleeved sundress with sandals with her hair tied in its usual bunches and holding a parasol alongside carrying a giant black suitcase. Ziva wore a jade tank top, light blue denim shorts with dark pastel green Converse high tops and her hair was down and curly and she had sunglasses perched on top of her head and she was carrying a go bag on her left shoulder, and Jenny was wearing an ivory silk flowy short sleeved top and dark blue denim shorts and navy flip flops and like Ziva, her hair was down in its natural curls and she had sunglasses perched on top of her head.

"Unless you want me to kill you Jethro, do tell me why I am up at 0600 in the morning dressed in summer clothes with a packed suitcase on a non-work day" Jenny threatened as she and the other two women got in the car. "And what will happen to my agency?!" she raged.

"DiNozzo, get in the back so Abs can get in" Gibbs said to his Senior Field Agent who did exactly as he was told.

"Vance is taking over the agency for a while because I have decided that we all need a break, and yes Jen, that does include you" Gibbs said just as Jenny opened her mouth to say something but she shut it again when he said that. "So we are going to Paris for a week. It will give us the break we need and we can get a vacation too."

"Ooh! I have always wanted to go to Paris!" Abby squealed before she and the other three 'kids' started talking rapidly about Paris.

Jenny stayed quiet, her face emotionless.

"You OK, Jen?" Gibbs asked her quietly.

"Yeah, fine" she replied in a whisper.

Gibbs squeezed her hand and she gave him a little smile. Abby gave a small squeal and Gibbs gave her a glare to which the Goth just replied with an innocent smile. They drove to the airport, went through security and sat waiting for their flight. Tony, Ziva, McGee and Abby were all wandering around the shops while Jenny and Gibbs sat on a bench and Jenny was staring into space.

"You sure you're OK, Jen?" Gibbs asked her.

"Yeah, I'm fine" she assured him.

Gibbs nodded, although he knew she was not 100% fine but he did not want to push her.

"Flight 7B, runway 19, 6:45AM from Washington DC to Paris now boarding" the announcer said.

"Let's get the others and get on that plane" Gibbs said before he grabbed Jenny's hand and they went to find the others who were just coming towards them.

"First, seating. Tony, sit with Ziva. McGee, with Abby. Jen, you're sitting with me" Gibbs said and the others all nodded.

Gibbs, Jenny, Tony, Ziva, McGee and Abby all walked together to the runway and got on the plane. Jenny sat at the window seat and Gibbs sat on the inside. They both put on their seatbelts before Jenny turned to look out the window. Tears were running down her face as she looked out the window, remembering what she had done the last time she and Gibbs went to Paris and she wiped them away fiercely.

"Jen?" Gibbs asked, concerned.

When Jenny didn't turn around, Gibbs took his hand in hers and squeezed it. Finally she turned around, her eyes red rimmed. Gibbs pulled her into a hug while she cried into his shoulder. Gibbs just held onto her while she sobbed. Finally she looked up with bloodshot eyes.

"Are you alright?" He asked her for the third time that day.

"Yeah, I'm fine" she told him as she wiped her eyes.

"Jen, what's bothering you? You've been quiet, too quiet and you just cried your heart out. What's up? Tell me, please" He asked her and his soft tone of voice and the word 'please' made her tell him.

"The last time we went to Paris together, I left you. I left you on a plane with a Dear John letter in my favourite coat. I'm about to break a rule, but I seriously don't care. I'm sorry Jethro, I truly am. I thought that after all these years I would be able to fall out of love with you, but I instead I'm even more in love with you everyday. I'm telling you this now because it eats me up inside everyday and I can't hold it in any longer" Jenny started crying again and Gibbs just held her.

"Jen, it's OK. And for what it's worth, I love you too" Gibbs whispered, but not quiet enough for the team to all squeal.

Jenny looked up at him and before they knew it, his lips were on hers. They broke apart when they heard a 'snap!' which was Abby taking a picture.

"Abs, delete that right now, otherwise it's no CAF-POW!s for a month" Gibbs threatened.

"Yes Gibbs" Abby said before she mock saluted and pressed a few buttons on the camera; not to delete it, but to send it to Tony, McGee, Ziva and Ducky.

The 'kids' silently sniggered so Jenny and Gibbs, who were both facing the front, could not hear.

"Are we going to go up the Eiffel Tower? We were going to go the day before I..." Jenny's eyes filled with tears before she spoke again because Gibbs gave her a look to say 'you can do it' and entwined his fingers with hers "before I left but then we ended up going to that chocolate shop instead."

"I think we should go up the Eiffel Tower" Gibbs agreed.

"Are you just agreeing with me because you love me?" She teased.

"Yes, but also because we never did it the last time" Gibbs replied also in a teasing manner.

Jenny smiled. After a few minutes of silence, they both fell asleep. Tony, Ziva, Abby and McGee were all whispering rapidly in the back.

"What are we going to do? We're never going to win the pool at this rate" Abby whispered quickly.

There had been a secret pool at NCIS, where people had bet on when Jenny and Gibbs would get together and engaged, and Tony, Ziva, McGee and Abby had all put down the same thing: within a week.

"But you have a plan" Abby said quietly to Tony whose eyes were lit up like torches.

"Gibbs was going to propose to Jenny on the day she left. Palmer overheard him telling Ducky. When I went to Gibbs's house last week I went upstairs pretending to go to the bathroom but instead" Abby cut the movie buff off.

"You got the engagement ring" she said and DiNozzo nodded.

"I put it in my rucksack" he gestured to the luggage holders above them.

"Good thinking Tony" Ziva patted him on the shoulder and the Senior Field agent smiled.

A few hours later, they got to Paris. They went through security and finally got out of the airport.

"Our hotel's just around the corner" Gibbs said.

The six of them walked to their hotel and went in. Gibbs walked up to the receptionist who was in her late twenties.

"Reservations for Gibbs" he said before he was cut off by Jenny and Ziva.

"Kaela!" They chorused.

Aaaannnndddd there we have it: chapter 1 of Operation Jibbs Rewritten. I hope you enjoyed this guys and please do review xx