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AN: In later episodes, Molly will definitely encounter living adversaries, and also meet people with familiar names.

Episode One: The Herd

Episode Summary

It's been a year since Molly left the group and went off on her own. Having no one but Hilda to talk to, she is encountered by a group of survivors who prove their friendliness. Her worthiness, however, is put to the test when the group encounters a herd of zombie.

Molly-The lead character who is fairly skilled in scavenging

John-The de facto leader of a group of survivors followed by a code of honor

Hilda-Molly's climbing pick and traveling 'companion'

Lenny-The de facto co-leader of the surviving group

Billy-The medic of the group

Jake-The sniper of the group

Sarah-The hunter of the group

Bella-The nurse of the group

Sophia-The craftsman, mechanic, carpenter, and engineer of the group

Wilson-The old and wise man of the group

Herman-The ruthless member of the group

She sat up against the wall of the prison, slowly taking in breaths. A smile forms on her face as she holds John's hands. She chuckles in her triumph. Hilda lies on her stomach and John leans in for a kiss. "John, the things we have done...it was all for something. It was never for nothing." She kisses John passionately on the lips again. "For the survivors."

It was a struggle because she had not drunk anything in days. She had just left Savannah three weeks ago and now with her sister dead, she decided that the best way to cope with the pain both physical and psychological ways to get as far away as possible. Traveling on her own was a choice she opted.

Day 451 of the apocalypse: October 11, 2004, South Carolina

She was on the road for so long, she actually lost count on the days. If she had a calendar, she would need a second calendar to keep track. There is no doubt that it has been one year though. She lost count in her head, but not in her notebook. It had been day four hundred and fifty-one since the outbreak and three hundred and forty-six days since she left Lee's group.

She has survived this zombie apocalypse for four hundred and fifty-one days, she will survive it for another four hundred and fifty-one days if she has to.

It was already a beautiful and very windy morning. Coming across a gas station with a sign that clearly says 'No Gas', she walks through the front door, loaded for bear. She raises Hilda just as she climbs over the counter with intent on searching for food and supplies and at the very least, medicine. Being on the road for a very long time, she had learnt to accept disappointment and not to get hopes up too high, especially when it came to finding food or water or anything that could be used to help survive. In a world like this, if you meet a survivor, then you know that they didn't survive for four hundred and fifty-one days by doing nothing.

Finding nothing behind the counter, she slams Hilda against the wall in frustration. She can easily outlast any zombie, but she could not outlast starvation. Food was her main concern right now. And water. And medicine.

"Please find food," she whispers to herself quietly. Behind her, a zombie came out one of the bathrooms and stumbled towards her. She easily hits the zombie in the head with Hilda. Then there was another zombie coming from the bathrooms and she easily dropped him. As soon as she heard no more growling, she walked into the manager's office, hoping to find something to hope for in there.

All she found was a ruined office and a half open safe, which catches her interest. After peaking through the safe and finding an empty bottle of penicillin, she exhales deeply, smashing the empty pill bottle against the wall and sits down in the manager's chair, tired and exhausted. She holds Hilda tightly in her hand and raises it up to her eye level. "Hilda, if we are going to survive, we need to find hope. I know there is some kind of place around here that offers us hope, we just have to find it." She began talking to her ice pick as if it were a real person. "You and I have been through a lot, we can't let it all be for nothing. I miss my sister, I miss Clementine, and I miss dad. If you and I are the next ones on the deceased list, then I will put myself out of my misery. I'll make sure that you and I have buried together Hilda." She lays Hilda down in her lap, wrapping her arms tenderly around the ice pick. It felt warm in her hands.

She leans far as she could in the chair, treating it like a reclining seat and begins falling asleep. "Watch over me….Hilda," she says groggily. After walking on the road for three hundred and forty-six days, she needed to sleep properly, even if it means in a chair. "Goodnight Hilda."

John and Lenny crept through the front door with caution, noting how the front door was wide open. John cocks his Beretta 92FS and looks around. Lenny waved his M4 around, making sure not to aim at John.

John was a tall man about the age of twenty-three with brown eyes and chocolate brown hair that fell down his face, covering his left eye. He was also carrying an M21 sniper rifle over his shoulder. Lenny was a chubby man roundabout thirty-three who had a crew cut haircut of dark hair. One notable trait of his was he had a scar on his upper lip, received by a zombie three months ago. Although anyone would be ashamed of a scar like that, he was proud of it as it symbolized that he is a survivor of even the more dire situations.

"Looks we got two undead corpses on the ground here," John analyzed, keeping his gun pointed upwards though. Lenny was searching the shelves. "Lenny man, the black blood on the zombies is fresh, someone just recently killed them. They could still be here."

"If they are, then we leave them be," Lenny told after knocking an empty carton of milk from one of the fridges.

John checked the bathrooms and saw nothing but dried blood all over the walls. It was like that movie Saw. (The 2003 short film. Look it up if you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about)

John walks into the manager's office, and he waves his gun at the person sitting in the chair, seemingly asleep. He turns the safety off and prepares to end this thing until he realized that the person in the chair was definitely alive. "Oh my god. Lenny, we have a live one." He moves up to this person and puts a hand on this person's face. She was a girl with blonde hair and around the age of twenty-two. Her skin was as cold as ice. He began checking her for bites.

"Who the hell is this person?" Lenny asks as he arrives in the room. "Keep your distance, she could be infected."

"Don't you realize that we are all infected? We all come back no matter what? And I already checked her for bites. She's as clean as a whistle." She notices the yellow axe in her possession. "This person has been surviving for a long time on the road. We got to help her. I say we keep her, she could be a valuable asset," John says to Lenny. "We don't kill in cold-blood."

"We have no idea who this girl is. She could be a bandit for all we know," Lenny rebutes, gesturing to the unconscious girl in the chair.

"Look at her. She is starving, tired and dehydrated. We have to help her, or else we end up no better than those cold-blooded killers we encountered a week ago."

"Fine, but you have to carry her and you have to explain to the others why you are bringing a total stranger into our home. You better come up with a good explanation."

"Don't worry Lenny, I will. I'm as sly as a fox, but not in the bad way, in the good way." John puts one hand underneath the girl's feet and the other under her waist and begins lifting her bridal style.

"Just as a precaution." Lenny confiscates the ice pick. "Let's go man."

"I'd like to see you carry a five-foot-four girl with blonde hair in your bare hands with an M21 hanging over your shoulder," he grumbles angrily. "Contribute at least."

She plunged Hilda into the zombie's skull, but something went wrong. A zombie pounced her from her right, causing her to drop Hilda and she was in the process of being bitten. She yanked her arm as far back as she could to prevent infection, but the zombie's grip was something that has yet to be matched. If that wasn't worse, an entire horde of zombies came walking from the woods. Now she knew that every second she spent trying to escape was precious, and not cheap.

She balls her fists up and punches the zombie in the face, knocking it back and giving her some elbow room. The strength in the zombie's grip was still powerful, the only way for her to break free was for her to actually kill the zombie.

She picks up Hilda with her free hand and plunges the tip into the zombie's skull. Next, she began taking out the zombies that came from the woods, striking the closest one as possible to her. She backed up slowly against the nearest tree, inadvertently cornering her.

After killing another zombie, one of them had the drop on her and she saw the teeth bite the sleeve on her right arm and she felt a powerfully concentrated dose of pain. She was too terrified to even scream. She just knocks the zombie back into the crowd.

The bite on her forearm sent her into shock while the zombies were still coming her way and doubling in size.

"Remember, we do not hurt her. We just try to get her to join our team," a voice said. Through the darkness, she heard at least two voices and they were talking to each other.

She launched herself up and found herself chained on a bed and hyperventilating. The room which she was in was made of wooden and metallic walls and a lamp that hung overhead.

"Are you alright?" asked the one with the chocolate brown hair at the end of the bed. "Sorry about the chains, but the group did not want to take any chances." He moves to her side and introduces himself.

"Hi John." She turns to the overweight one. "Where's Hilda?"

The overweight shrugged. "No clue as to what you are talking about."

"Who are you guys? Why have you brought me here and chained me and where is Hilda?" She thrashes, hoping to break the chains.

"Whoa, keep the reins on the horse. It's going to be alright," John reassured. "I'm part of a nine person group of survivors. This guy's name is Lenny. We brought you here to give you a chance at survival. We have no idea who Hilda is, we only found you at the gas station, but no Hilda."

"Hilda is my ice climbing pick, please give her back." She felt her heartbeat increase.

"You named your ice pick Hilda?" Lenny laughed with all the energy he had within his stomach. "You must have been on the road for such a long time if you started naming inanimate objects." He acted as if it were a big joke of some kind.

"Shut up! Hilda and I have been through so much, tell me where she is!"

John got off the bed and went outside the room. He brought back Hilda. "I will give this to you, if you promise not to turn on us. Remember, I am the one who brought you here, so the least you can do is not kill us."

"I promise," she said, intending to keep her promise. John began loosening the chains on her left wrist before handing her Hilda.

"You know, I never caught your name." John then loosened the chains on her right wrist, freeing her arms.

"Oh, sorry. John, Lenny, my name is Molly."

Several minutes later, Molly was released from the bed in chains, after gaining John's trust and was allowed to walk around their hideout. The place where the survivors were hiding was called 'The Fortress', a campsite walled off by large fences in every direction. The houses in the campsite were actually large sheds fitted with small beds and lamps inside. Molly wondered how they could have survived for this long, a whole group of zombies could have easily broken down the fences and attack everyone.

John and Lenny began introducing Molly to the group. So far, she has learned the names of the rest of the seven survivors. She met the medic and nurse of the group: Billy and Bella (respectively). The sniper and hunter of the group were teenagers Jake and Sarah. The smartest one of the group when it came to building was the redheaded Sophia. And then there were two brothers who stood at complete contradiction: Wilson and Herman. Wilson was the moral compass of the group, Herman was the immoral compass of the group. Wilson believed in saving other people and not killing in cold blood, Herman believed that they should let survivors fends for themselves, but at the same time did not believe in cold blooded execution.

"So Molly, would you like to join us for dinner?" John sat down on a log with the other survivors. "You're the guest of honor." The fire that was surrounded by the logs heated them up. "Jake and Sarah brought back a deer, and given as to how you were scavenging an empty gas station for supplies, you must be starving as hell."

Molly did not refuse the offer. She sat next to John with Hilda in her lap as the youngest one of the group, Jake, passed trays of deer meat to the other survivors. "Thank you Jake."

"Took me and Sarah twelve hours to hunt this deer. Be appreciative, this deer cost me three bullets, and Sarah two bows to the chest." Jake's accent was that of Pittsburgh English.

"You from Pittsburgh Jake?" Molly grabbed a handful of deer meat and shoved it in her mouth.

"Born and raised. Me and Sarah both, we went to high school together. We both came from a family of hunters before everything went to shit."

"What's your story Molly? What did you do people everything went to hell?" John asked.

Molly told them how she had a little sister who was diagnosed with type two diabetes and a father who served in the armed forces. When everything went to 'gettin up and walking away', she and her entire family took refuge in a safe zone in Savannah called 'Crawford'. She told them of their extremely strict policies on how only the ones capable of surviving are allowed inside and anyone who can't pull their own weight will either be executed or vanished. She told them what she had to do to get medicine for her sister, and how she met a group of survivors. "But that was three hundred and forty-six days ago. Water under the bridge."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better Molly, I have a similar experience," John said after swallowing his food. "Me, on the first day of the outbreak, I was at a gas station with my father and he was attacked by a group of people. He was just consumed by all of them like some kind of animal. I tried to save him, but I was unable to. I froze in terror, I felt like a block of ice sinking in the ocean. I...lost my father that day and my little brother. These guys are the only family I have left."

Remorse hit Molly like a hammer to the head. "I'm sorry for everything."

"Thanks." John appreciated the sympathy that Molly offered. "It's actually nice to talk to someone else beside the people in my group. No offense guys."

"None taken," Jake said quickly. He verbally sounded unoffended, but not physically. The way he was lacing his fingers together...whew. "You know, if the military hadn't stirred all of this up, then we wouldn't be in this situation." Molly asked what he meant. "The military created this zombie virus as means of biological warfare. As a test, they released it intentionally into the world. It worked a little too well and all of a sudden, people started rising from the dead."

So, Jake is a conspiracists, Molly thought. "I doubt the military had anything to do with this. I believe this whole infection is a mutated strain of some kind of detritivore disease, like some kind of fungus. Makes more sense."

"So now we are talking about what caused this entire apocalypse?" John asked. "I don't think it matters, not at the right moment."

"So Wilson, you are the moral compass of the group?"

"If I need a title. I do whatever I must to keep the group from turning into cold blooded savages," Wilson tells.

"The kind of man you are is rare, especially in this kind of world," Molly cheered. She took another handful of deer meat and consumed it. While everyone was talking to each other, Molly stared off into space while continuing to eat her food. She did manage to pick up some phrases and whatnot. She learned that Lenny used to be a fisherman and had a pregnant girlfriend, who died during the early days of the outbreak.

Billy and Bella were brother and sister who both went to the Medical College of Wisconsin and both earned a bachelor degree just days before the outbreak occurred. Sophia was a mechanic, carpenter and engineer (in the fields of electrical, agricultural and mechanical). Wilson was a physiatrist and philosopher while Herman was a immunologist, who had been preparing for a world like this, but at the loss of his three children, lost nearly all of his humanity completely.

"It's almost night time," John pointed out. "You all know the usual routine." John looked at his watch, it was a quarter to seven. Jake kicked dirt on the fire, extinguishing the flames while everyone else went to a shed and tucked themselves in. "Molly, it's almost time to go to bed."

Molly noticed that Sophia walked up to one corner of the fence that entrapped them and touched a panel. She hooked a red wire to a green wire and the entire fence gave off a hum. "Alright John, ten thousands volts of electricity now guard us."

"John, what's up with the fences?" Molly asked as John escorted her back to the shed, placing Hilda inside her jacket pocket, keeping her warm.

"Sophia, being the smartest one in the group, has found a way to make the fences electrical for when we go to bed. The zombies so much as put a hair on the fence, they will be zapped with over ten thousand volts of electricity. Just enough to fry the brain and kill them."

"But what if someone accidentally touches it?" Just had to ask.

"We only turn the fences on when we go to bed. Also, Sophia managed to connect the controls to a battery-less remote so she can turn the fence on from a distance or from the outside."

"Sounds amazing," Molly says sarcastically.

"This is where you are going to be sleeping for the night." John brought her back to the room she was in earlier. "Welcome to Cabin Zero. This time, the chains are unrequired."

"You do know that I am not staying here, only for the night and then I am leaving for the morning," Molly told as she hopped onto the comfy bed. "I prefer isolation."

"To each their own." He appeared unfazed by the fact that she wanted to leave. "As a matter a fact, to show you a token of my gratitude, I will personally pack some food and supplies for you."

"And I will hold you to it." She waves goodbye to him and begins undressing out of her red sweater and jeans. She dressed into a pair of sweatpants and a simple t-shirt. John had already laid out the clothes for her ahead of time. She jumped into the bed, sleeping tightly with Hilda snuggled up close to her.

She dreamt of John. She dreamt of his beautiful face and chocolate brown hair. The moment she saw his face, she instantly fell in love with him. She hasn't had a boyfriend since the onset of the outbreak. The closest she has ever had to a boyfriend was back in Crawford when she met a teenaged boy named Carl. She loved spending time with him, and she even considered going into a relationship with him, despite the age difference (which was in her case, seventeen to twenty-two). Carl left with her out of Crawford, but sadly, he was caught in a zombie herd and she never saw him again. The irony is, what attracted the herd to Molly and Carl's location was the ringing of bells. She desperately searched all over Savannah for her friend, but she never found him. She still had faith that he was still alive because just before she got separated from Carl in the herd, she saw him run off.

When she met John, she believed in love once more.

Day 452 of the apocalypse: October 12, 2004, South Carolina

Morning has arrived and John was the first out of bed and making weapons for the team. He sat on one of the logs and began wrapping barb wire around a crowbar. Hitting a zombie with a crowbar coated into barb wires would most certainly kill them with one hit.

Molly came walking out of the shed, half-awake and dressed in her formal clothes and began speaking to John on their new and improvised weapons. "What's happening? Upgrading your weapons to kill those geeks or something?"

"One hit kills. That is all that is need to rid these zombies." (The term 'zombie' does exist in the games, but it is rarely used)

"Zombies, that sounds like a funny name." Molly looked around for her bag, making circles and making herself dizzy, until she finally spotted it. It was at John's feet. He picked it up and handed it to her.

"Packed up some food, water and supplies, just like I promised. Sophia has already turned off the electricity, so you should be on your way. Are you sure you don't want to stay for a few more days, hours?"

Molly accepted her bag and answered. "I prefer isolation, I don't want to put you guys at risk."

"I understand." John stands up. He walks towards the gate entrance and opens it up for her. "Molly, although I have only known you for several hours, I really enjoyed your company. Yours and Hilda's as well. I hope the two of you make it out there."

"Thanks, John, and I hope you and your group make it as well. Your family." She shakes his hand firmly before walking out the gate. "Au revoir."

Molly walked along the side of the road, the fence of the Fortress gradually sinking and sinking as she got further and further away. As she walked away, there was one thing that was really bugging her. It has been bugging her ever since she took her first step out the Fortress. Sure she has enough food in her bag to last a long while, but she did not want it. She knew more than anything, she wanted to stay with that group. Not to survive, but to be with friends. Hilda is a good friend, but Molly wanted people to actually interact with people. No offense Hilda.

Taking out the picture of her currently deceased sister, she stares at it for the longest time and motivations seeps into her. Putting the picture away, she turns around and walks towards the Fortress with intent on staying this time.

"Welcome back Molly," John said in a melodramatic way as Molly walked through the gate. "I see your feet brought you right back here. What made you change your mind?"

"I did not want to stay out there all by myself. I've been icing people for too long, I think it's time I move past it." Molly placed her backpack on the ground and looked around the camp. Only seven out of nine people could be seen. "Is there still a spot opening for me?"

"Of course."

"By the way, where's Jake and Sarah?" As soon as she asked, John looked over her shoulder with wide eyes. Molly looks behind her and sees both Jake and Sarah running for their lives against a huge herd of zombies.

"We got company!" Jake shouts at the top of his lungs.

"Open the gate!" Sarah shouts as she shoots a zombie in the brains behind her. "Hurry up!"

John and Molly grab the gate and begin pushing it open. A small amount of room was allowed for the duo to squeeze through one at a time. As soon as they were both inside, Molly shut the gate while John went to work on the panel. "Sophia, which wire do I hook?!" He knew the red wire was supposed to be hooked to a green wire, but there is a lot of red and green wires. "Sophia, turn on the gate, quickly!"

A zombie launched himself at the fence and near John. He jumped back in fright and stabbed the zombie in the head with a knife. He yanks the knife back just in time, barely avoiding being electrocuted. With the fence now being electric, the zombies started turning into a pile of nothingness. Despite that however, the zombies still piled themselves up against the fence, over one another and the electricity was actually starting to short out. The fence was bending downwards and towards the survivors.

"John, that fence appears to be coming down," Jake pointed out.

"No shit Jake," Molly says sarcastically, speaking for John. She arms herself with Hilda. The gate was only four feet from touching the ground.

The other survivors came running out from their sheds to see what was happening. They were all shocked to see that Molly was back, but they were more concerned with the herd of zombies that were about to break in.

The panel ran out of juice and all of the electricity the fence had or was even going to have shortened out. The zombies beny the fence all they way to the ground and began walking and crawling towards the survivors. The ten survivors armed themselves with barb wired melee weapons and prepared to fight the zombies.

John smashed several zombies' brains in with the barb wire crowbar alongside Molly and Hilda. The others kept themselves huddled close together and fending off zombies together.

Somehow, Molly was tackled to the ground by a zombie. The biter on top of her, she tries to hit the zombie in the head with Hilda, but was unable to. Her right hand was put under the zombie's throat and being used to prevent any kind of wound the zombie had to offer. Her left had Hilda in, and what made her unable to actually raise her was the fact that the zombie's body weight was crushing down on her left hand.

Like a golf club, John swings his crowbar into the zombie's head, saving Molly's life. Or so he thought. The zombie was still alive, but the blow lifted the zombie's body up so it was in a sitting position and it allowed Molly the room to strike. She guts the zombie, having intent on actually striking the zombie in the head, and the undead's viscera falls right on Molly's chest and stomach. Terror was not the only thing that was consumed by Molly. A medium volume amount of zombie blood encoated Molly's tongue and she accidently swallowed all of it.

John finishes the zombie off of Molly for reals this time. He goes back to killing the incoming zombie herd.

Molly lies down on the ground in shock. She is praying that consuming the zombie virus will not cause her to transform. Finding hope, she gets up off the ground and arms herself with Hilda. A whole group of zombies walks her way, but pay no attention to her. It was like she was invisible or something. They just walked past her and towards the other survivors' direction. What the hell was that? Then she looked down at her chest. Guts.

Wilson pulled out a sidearm and shot up the zombies, wasting an entire magazine of fifteen rounds. It seemed like the more they killed, the more zombies came towards them. "John, we have to fall back, there's too many of them."

"No thanks to these two clowns," Herman shouts angrily after smashing a zombie's brains in with a hammer. "Why did you have to lead them to us?"

Jake finished a zombie off with a machete. "I'm sorry, we didn't realize our actions would be catastrophic." He then began explaining to John, while in the middle of the battle, why the zombies followed him. "Please forgive me!"

"Like Wilson said, there's too many! We have to fall back," Molly shouted.

"Everyone, get to a shed!" John shouted before making a run for it. Molly followed John to a huge shed while the others took refuge in other sheds. John locked the door shut behind him and barricaded the door with his body.

"That was a little dicey. A little unpredictable. Most certainly erratic," Molly says. "At least you, me and Hilda are safe."

"Let's give our warmest good lucks to the others that they made it out alive." He removes himself from the door. Zombies bang on the outside of the door and growling. "That was intense," he commented. He noticed that Molly was staying as far away from him as possible. When he asked what's wrong, she told him about the zombie blood that she consumed accidentally. "I can assure you Molly, you are not going to turn. I promise you. Me, Jake, Sarah and Bella all ate the contaminated meat of a boar at least twice on the same day and none of us turned, nor got an infection. I promise you Molly, you are not going to turn."

"Thank you so much." She was so relieved. If relief could feel relief, that is the kind of relief she would feel.

"What the hell happened out there? I saw a whole group of zombies walk up towards you and not a single one of them threw a single finger at you. What the hell was that?"

"The guts. I think when that one zombie's guts spilled onto me, it somehow camouflaged me, made me invisible to other zombies."

"So if you smell dead, then the dead assume you are dead. That is how we disguise ourselves from the dead by smelling dead," he began joking in a calm and serious way.

"By the way, how did the two hunters of the group lead these zombies towards us?" She walked towards John, tucking Hilda away.

"Our two hunters were tracking a bear. It worked out a little too well and according to Jake, when the bear howled in anger, it attracted a massive herd of nearby zombies and they chased Jake and Sarah all the way here."

"What a professional group you have." Molly turns the overhead lamp on and watches as John cleans the zombies' blood of the crow bar with his shirt. "Do you hate that shirt you are wearing because you are cleaning the blood of your crowbar with it?"

"Yes I do. We have to do something to draw these zombies away, this entire situation is out of control." A fist punched it's way through the wall and reached for John. He strikes the zombie in the head as soon as its head poked through. The zombie's body went limp and John pulled the undead corpse through the hole in the wall. Molly quickly went to kill the zombies that tried to come through the hole. "Molly, call me crazy, but I have a plan. It involves zombie guts."

John hammered his crowbar into the zombie's stomach dozens of times, splashing blood and viscera everywhere. "Molly, since our recently discovered trick with the zombie guts, my plan is to hide myself within the crowd of zombies, get as far away from the Fortress as possible, and drive the zombies away. So they can be somebody else's problem."

"That plan's as cold as ice," Molly says before she slashes one of the zombies. "If you are going out there, then I am going with you." She walks away from zombie wall and towards the undead corpse. John scooped a handful of blood and smeared it on his chest, followed by his shoulder blades and neck.

"Now we know consumption has no effect on survivors, but what if we get the guts in our bloodstream?" Molly asked as she grabbed the zombie's intestines. "We shouldn't risk it, so don't get it in your eyes, or in an orifice."

"An eye is an orifice. Dumbass." John chuckles as he rubs black blood on his cheeks and forehead. As a precaution, he grabs the zombie's gallbladder and shoves it inside his breast pocket. As an extra precaution, he spills the blood of the zombie's heart onto his back. "Okay, I'm all zombie'd out."

"So is Hilda and I." Molly was wearing the intestines of the zombie on her neck like a necklace. Hilda was covered from the hilt to the tip in blood and guts. "Before we open this door, we have to make sure we have a plan. How are we going to draw the zombies away without drawing their attention to us?"

"Before me and Lenny picked you up at the gas station, we stumbled upon a military truck with a couple of first aid kits and a flare gun with two flares. We took the first aid obviously, but we left the flare gun in the jeep, since light attracts the zombies. If we can make it back to the jeep, we can sure the flare gun to draw all the zombies away."

"That plan is insane, but I guess it could work. Now it's time to test out the guts. Hey assholes." She bangs on the door with Hilda before opening it up. John jumps to his feet and the two of them stand perfectly still as zombies walk in. Just as expected, they walked past Molly and John like they weren't even there.

These geeks are unintelligent beings, yet they can tell dead from alive? Molly thought. She took a step forward and walked right outside the bed and into the zombie infested Fortress. John followed close behind, walking like a zombie, hoping it would fool the others. Molly followed his example. To make it sound even more realistic, they both began moaning and snarling. One of the zombies even stared at them for the briefest second before moving on. More and more zombies did the same. They weren't onto the living, they were familiarizing them so they know who not to attack.

Like a pack of predatory animals, Molly thought as she bumped into a zombie's shoulder, the intestines around her neck fell to her feet, but she knew this was not the time or the place to reapply. Not when there were zombies that surrounded her and John in every single direction.

The herd stretched as far as a mile and both Molly and John knew that if they didn't do anything quickly, than their fellow group members will not survive today. John took lead as he remembered exactly where the military jeep was.

Eventually, John could not hold back anymore and he threw up on the spot. It was a good thing they were not surrounded by the zombies. "Just let it all out man. We still have an objective. We still have a flare to find."

"Flare gun," John corrects. "Even a four year old would know that. It should be up this road, but we better hurry up, or else we could lose our friends."

"Once we find the flare gun, what do we do with is?"

"I have only one bullet left in my Beretta, and I intend to fire the flare gun into the sky, creating an abnormal atmosphere, it will draw all the zombies away and give the survivors plenty of time to escape. The Fortress is gone, it's time we start looking for a new home."

Approaching the military jeep that John and Lenny approached earlier, Molly wipes the infected blood off of Hilda while John reaches through the window of the back passenger seat for the flare gun.

"Not to rush you but...hurry the heck up!" Molly said as zombies began surrounding them. It appears that they were actually walking in their direction. Then they took a left turn. "Never mind but seriously, hurry the heck up."

John pulls out a blood soaked flare gun from the floor of the military vehicles and checks it before arming. He aims it upwards and turns to Molly. "Molly, if I were you, I'd not try to blind myself." They knew they had to act quick because there were zombies all around them, so they would have to ditch the flare gun. "Three...two...one." BAM!

He howls as he fires the flare gun. Molly had covered her ears, assuming that the shot was going to be loud, but she did not feel any pain. The flare gun gave off a very bright light that was even brighter than the sun itself, if it were possible. He throws the flare gun to the ground. Every zombie within two miles was walking towards the source of the brightness. Molly and John quickly start limping back towards the Fortress. They were going in one direction, the zombies were going in the other direction. John and Molly avoided them as much as possible.

When they got back to the Fortress, they discovered that it was nothing more than a completely torn down campsite. Every single zombie in the vicinity was gone, walking towards the lightness of the flare gun, leaving behind the fellow survivors as if they didn't matter.

The eight survivors stood in the middle of the compound, killing any zombies that were still alive and looting for anything the zombies had on them.

"Well well well...if it isn't Molly," Herman says, holding his hands out.

"Yeah, she decided to join us," John explained, wiping the zombie guts off his body. "She saved all of us, she inadvertently discovered a way to walk among the herd undetected."

"By walking in zombie guts?" Herman chuckled.

"Make sense," Billy said. "The zombies can distinguish each other by smell."

"Looks like we know how to avoid them now," Bella spoke. "We got plenty of zombie bodies all around us, we can coat ourselves in the viscera and we can walk among the dead."

"What if we catch an infection?" Herman asks. "What would happen if we swallowed the guts or it got on our skin?" John told him about the contaminated boar and how Molly consumed some zombie blood.

"Just don't let the guts get in your bloodstream. Keep it away from open wounds and orifices," Molly warned. "If we cut off the face of a zombie, we could wear it like a mask."

"John, where are we going to go? We just lost the Fortress," Wilson spoke.

John put his hands on his hips and sighed. "I don't know, wherever the road takes us I guess. I'm sure we can find a mansion or other kind of sanctuary. Or we could stay here and build the Fortress back up from scratch. Timewise, it could take us three weeks to setup the fences again."

"I don't think I can set up the electricity defenses again," Sophia warned. "Sorry, I know I am an engineer in three fields, but even someone like me is still fallible."

"If you are useless, then you are deadweight and deadweight must be dumped," Herman said.

"No brother, we are not going to abandon anyone," Wilson protests calmly. "We must stay together, we can't leave anybody behind. If someone is useless as they say, then we will find something they can be useful for."

Molly noted that Wilson was behaving in a similar way to her recently deceased grandfather; he said something similar. "I can see why you are the moral compass of the group: You keep people together."

"Shut up Molly," Herman says.

"You know Herman, if not for her, then we would be a long lasting meal for the zombies. We owe her our gratitude." Wilson walks up to Molly and shakes her hand. "Thanks a lot for your help Molly. We are all in your debt."

"So we are just letting her on just like that?" Lenny asks.

"Oh now you jump in?" Molly asks melodramatically.

"I would have jumped in sooner, but these guys made it unable for me to talk." Lenny excused. "You sure proved your place though. Welcome to the group."

"Great, where's the red carpet?"

"Take off your sweater and I can turn it into a red carpet," Sarah told. Jake and Lenny smiled at the thought, and Molly noticed.

"I think I'll keep my sweater on." Molly pulled the strings on her sweater. "You can do it when all the boys are gone though." John, Wilson and the other females of the group were the only ones who did not groan or grumble. "Keep your dicks in your pants boys."

"Guys!" Jake yells. "Zombies coming back our way, would be a good idea if we hightailed it out of here."

The others turned and saw the herd coming back towards them. Molly orders them to cover themselves in the guts. They all made noises in disgust, with the exception of Molly and John. "Don't be such big babies," She scolds. "This is nothing like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

"It smells horrible," Lenny complains. "Although I believe that is the point."

"Yes Lenny, we are supposed to smell dead and very horrible," Sophia tells as she rubs blood on her face like makeup. "Always reapply every few hours," she jokes.

The ten survivors walked close together and on the road while carrying their backpacks. The zombie guts they wore on their skin offered as much protection as it could. When a small herd walked up from the forest, they walked with the zombies.

The more they walked, the more zombies increased in the herd. Everyone was tired and hungry, but they kept their determination and courageous trait inflexible. In the distance, Molly saw something. It looked to be a pile-up of cars and four people were scavenging through the cars and killing zombies inside. When the group and the herd got closer, the four survivors looked up in excitement. One of them wore a beanie, two others had beards but only one with a bald head and the last one wore a hoodie.

"Guys, we got us a herd of lamebrains," the one with the beanie said. "Let's take care of these guys."

The four men aimed their pistols at the herd of zombies and began firing. Around them, zombies and more zombies began dropping like flies and increasing the chances of the survivors being shot by mistake. Molly was at the front of the herd, moving as slowly as possible and bobbing her head left and right slowly, but enough to dodge any bullets.

A zombie went down beside Lenny. He wanted to scream, but he was kept tight-lipped by determination to survive. Molly wanted to yell at them to hold their fire, until she heard something from one of the four shooters.

"This is so much fun!" Beanie said. "They are so fun to kill...so much fun to kill."

Molly knew these guys were bad news. If they discovered she was alive, than they would have intentions of capturing her and doing horrible things to her. She doubted any of these survivors had laid with a woman in a while. She always knew the look of trouble whenever she saw it. It was best to attack them when they were vulnerable. She slowly reaches for Hilda and hangs hides it behind her waist, making sure the zombies did not get a good look at another 'zombie' holding a 'primitive' object.

In the crowd, Beanie saw something that stood out from the entire crowd of zombies. A zombie was holding a yellow ice climbing pick. He noticed Hilda and sported a look of confusion. How can an undead be holding an object? He zoomed in his vision on the zombie holding the weapon and sees a female with blonde hair wearing zombie blood on their face. A living girl, he thought. I haven't seen a woman in a long time. I'm going first with her. His lips part from his yellow teeth.

In the excitement, he completely forgot about the zombies that surrounded her. The others kept on firing and did not stop until they ran out of ammo. He reloads his pistol and fires at the zombies around the girl, creating a hole for him. The more closer the herd got, the more people he saw disguised as zombies. Molly tightens her grip on Hilda, the whites of her knuckles becoming visible. She hurls Hilda towards Beanie's stomach in a swift motion. No zombies attacked Molly. He gasps out as he feels the pointed tip bite into his stomach. It was lodged so deep into his stomach that the tip actually came poke into his intestines. He was not dead, but badly wounded.

The others were dumbfounded by the zombie's ability to pick up and throw a weapon that they forgot to reload. When they finally did reload, the zombies were already on them. Three-fourths of the herd ate them like a shark eating fish.

Molly stumbles towards Beanie on the ground and removes Hilda his stomach. The zombies ate the shooters, the survivors silently decided to keep walking.

The ten survivors had been walking for twelve hours in the goddamn heat with barely any goddamn water and surrounded by goddamn zombies. It actually seemed like the boiling sun was burning the zombie viscera from their skin because they were smelling less and less dead. Molly was the first to notice, but John was the one to silently warn the others.

The zombie blood stayed on a little longer than they expected before they stumbled into the forest and walked for another hour before coming across a tall log cabin. The survivors waited for the zombies to clear out before they scoped out the place.

Everyone, with the exception of Wilson and Herman, looking inside the cabin, keeping their weapons drawn in case of zombies. The log cabin had survivors coming and going like some kind of bar because anything that could have been useful in the kitchen and living room alone was looted. Molly checked up stairs and found two bedrooms, both containing air mattresses big enough, barley, for three people. Aside from the mattresses, there was no sign of people currently residing here. "I wonder who left these mattresses. What do you think Hilda?"

She moves onto the next room she finds: the bathroom. Checking under the counter and behind the shower curtains for any potential threat, she uses this moment to wash Hilda clean from the zombie guts with the faucet upon discovering that the water is still on.

"Hilda, us walking with herd was quite epic wasn't it?" She looks at the shower curtains with eagerness. If the water in the faucet was on, then perhaps the water in the shower was on. She quickly went downstairs to tell everyone that the upstairs was clear before she headed back upstairs to check on the shower.

She already had a spare set of clothes laid out on the counter and Hilda all clean of zombie guts. When she turned to the shower and turned the knob, water rained. She places her hand under the water several seconds later to test out the temperature. She smiles in satisfaction. "Hilda, I'm getting a hot shower."

She spent the next ten minutes under a hot shower, lost in her thoughts while disinfecting her hair from the zombie guts. That hot water felt good against her skin; she had to cherish moments like this. She had been thinking on how she made her decision on staying in the group. Staying meant staying with John. She may not have been able to have made it with Lee's group, but she was going to make it with this group. These people wanted her there and were willing to make a place for her in the group.

When she finally came out, she dressed into pajamas so she could turn in for the night. She folded up her zombie clothes and placed Hilda on top. She was going to do her laundry tomorrow. She opens the door and finds John standing there, waiting like a dog. "Hey John." She was surprised and curious to find him there and began wondering if he was listening to her bathe in the shower.

"Hey Molly, did you leave any hot water for me and the others? You know how many people want to take a shower?"

How the hell did he know there was hot water? "Well then, they are going to have to wait. If they can go this long without a shower than they can go a few more minutes without a shower." Molly walked past him, bumping into his left shoulder with her left shoulder like clapping hands. "Take as long of a shower as you want John. You deserve it since you told me of that flare gun in the military jeep."

John blushed like a tomato. "Well, I wouldn't have been able to do it without your discovery of zombie immunity."

Molly chuckled at John, playing along with his jokes. "Not immunity, just camouflage," she corrects before she walks into the first room with the air mattresses. Molly puts her clothes in the corner in the room and sets Hilda on top of the dresser. She turns off the light and jumps onto the mattresses.

Several minutes after she shut her eyes, John walked into the room, dressed in soft pajamas with a bandage on his left temple. Molly remembered how he got a gash on his forehead from one of the zombies during the attack. It was not a bite, not a scratch, but the zombie tackled him and he hit his head against a log. She took note on how he carried a folded up blanket in one hand and a pillow in the other hand.

"What are you doing in here John? You trying to watch me while I sleep?"

John shrugged. "I guess, I would have to be pretty weird to not answer that. I also heard from Lenny. He and Jake found two dead people in the basement actually."

"Lower case d 'dead' or capital D 'Dead'?"

"Capital D."

"Man, how did they die?"

"Gunshot to the temple. They both took the easy way out."

Molly eyed him in the eyes for the first time since he entered the room. "Suicide is not the easy way out. It is not the painless way out. I know this because I tried when I thought it was the 'easy' way out. It is much harder than you think."

John gave a sad look at Molly, a look of sympathy. He looked like a child who discovered his mother was dead. "You tried to commit suicide, why?" Molly kept tight-lipped. John understood why. Some years ago, he tried to commit suicide years before the outbreak, but only he knew why. "If you ever want to talk about it, then you know where to find me."

John dived on to the bed right next to Molly. He placed the pillow under his head and spread the blankets out and laid back down. Molly was left partially covered by the blankets and pillow-less.

"Uh-uh," Molly huffed annoyingly.

John looked to his side and noted how Molly was sleeping. "Sorry, I'll give you some blankets and half a pillow. Our faces will be pressed closed together, if that's alright. If not, too bad." He covered Molly's cold legs and torso up with the blanket and scooted the pillow to the side do his head was resting on the edge while Molly's was resting on the opposite edge of the pillow. "Good night Molly."

"Good night John."

Letter Hacks

-John had a grandfather who served in WW2.

-Bella's first kill was with a scalpel to the left eye.

-Lenny had an uncle named Glenn, who was in Atlanta when the zombie disease hit, but he is not the same Glenn that saved Rick Grimes, his uncle Glenn is actually a zombie in the Atlantic herd.

-Lenny's scar was not a direct result of a zombie

-Takes place in between Volumes 13 and 14.

-Takes place 51/52 days after 400 Days

-Along with Molly's journey, Molly actually met a woman named Lilly Caul, who was from Woodbury and tried to talk Molly into joining, but she didn't buy any of her bullshit.

-John has a theory that a chemical/biological agent created by terrorists is what caused the outbreak, but lacks any evidence.

-Molly is the indirect cause of Chuck's death, the cause of the zombie Logan's death, and the cause of the first survivor's death and the indirect killer of the other three survivors in this episode.

-Up to date, Molly has never killed a living person. When she had Kenny on the ground, she was intending on wounding him.

-Before the outbreak, Molly had plans to go to Georgia University to major in Marine Science, even though her father strongly suggest that she major in Family and Child Science. Molly does have a minimal knowledge of Industrial Engineering.

-Zombies outnumber humans 5000:1 so the zombie virus (or whatever it is) broke out in 2003, which had a population of 6,381,408,987 and that meant that there are only 1,276,281 survivors left around the world.