It's a rock and a hard place. Molly is still suffering from her zombie wound, the group is captured and about to be 'processed'. With only Molly, John and Billy remaining, they must face a kind of challenge that has probably never happened before in the apocalypse. They must escape using not only their wits, but the skin of the dead.

Molly's Group (Molly, John, Billy, Gabe, Milo, Henri, Alden)

The Speechless (No names)

Day 480 of the apocalypse: November 9, 2004, South Carolina

Twenty days, that's how long it's been since Molly and her group have been captured by the Speechless. Molly was still alive and her bite wound was actually healing. Molly just kept on staring at the wound in wonder at how she was able to survive. She actually came up with a theory that sounded pretty ridiculous; she was immune.

"How is it possible you are still alive?" John asked as Molly rested her head on his shoulder. "You've been bitten twenty days ago and you are still alive."

Billy sat across them in the jail cell. "No logic to that."

"Maybe I'm immune, but I doubt that," Molly expressed. "You get bit, you turn. Then again, the Wear-And-Tear survivors dress up as the dead, so I could've been bitten by one of them."

"That would explain why you lacked any fever," Billy said nonchalantly; still traumatized from losing his sister. "You were lucky to be bitten by the living instead of the dead."

"That also means that Sarah was killed by the Speechless, along with Lenny, Bella, and Sophia," John deduced. "How could these people kill us for trespassing onto our land? And when do we get out of here; I'm starving?"

"I managed to earn some food," a voice said beside John. He turned and saw three men, all with red hair stare at him. The one closest to him had an orange in his hand and he peeled it before handing a piece to John.

"Thanks Milo," John said gratefully as he gave Molly the orange piece. He turned back to Milo as he handed him another piece for Billy and then a piece for himself.

The three redheads-Milo, Henri, and Gabe have been captured as long as Molly, John and Billy were. Details were sketchy, but Molly acquired information that the three of them were friends instead of relatives and all three of them were of Italian descent. Molly also learned that Milo used to botanist while both Henri and Gabe were preachers. They were captured for trespassing onto the land of the Speechless and their fate was looking to be identical to Molly and her group.

They were going to starve to death and then be 'processed'.

"Where'd you get the orange from?" Billy asked. "If they catch us with food, then we are all in big trouble."

Milo just shrugged off his comment as if Billy didn't even exist. "We gotta get out of here," he said to Henri and Gabe.

"Yeah, we know," Gabe said. "We've been trapped here for twenty days and everyday is a failed attempt to escape. We don't even know what building we're in."

"Gabe, man," Henri slapped his back. "Have faith that we will be saved. He will save us."

Billy groaned. "He is not going to save us because He is not real." This shocked Molly and John at how he had the balls to actually tell a preacher that God is not real.

"Watch your mouth Billy," Molly warned with venom in her voice. "Don't ever say that to a preacher."

"Whatever." Billy followed his sentence by giving her the bird. "We're never getting out of this cell."

"If I had Hilda, then I could probably pry these bar off that window up there," Molly said. "Hilda is all I need if we want to break out."

"Who's Hilda?" Gabe asked curiously.

"My climbing pick."

A series of doors opening was heard outside the jail cell and all heads turned to the cell door to see four men standing on the other side in their wear-and-tear clothing. Molly-being the closest to the cell door-saw the leader that captured her. The other three behind him were the three Wear-And-Tear survivors that they trapped inside the train station. Molly was informed on how they escaped by wearing the skin of the dead and blending in. Her bite theory was confirmed; she was bitten by the Speechless.

"Hello there," the true Wear-And-Tear Leader-also was known as the Speechless leader-said in a maniacal voice. "How're our guests feeling this fine day?"

"Hey Aleph, Bet, Gimel, and Dalet," Molly said dryly. "Can you let us out of here please so we can get as far away from you as possible?"

"I don't know about that Molly," Aleph said. "You might warn other people about us and we prefer wearing the skin of the younger dead than the older dead."

"So you let people trespass onto your land? You Speechless thugs are crazy."

"I'm actually thinking of changing the name from Speechless to something else. Any ideas?"

Molly shot him a sarcastic look with her jaw hanging. "How about Whisperers, no one will be able to hear you?"

Both of Aleph's eyebrows arched and a smile formed on his face. "I actually like that name. The Whisperers, I'll tell Alpha about it."

"Can we get some food in here?" Billy asked desperately. The four Speechless just laughed at him. "Can we get some water at least?"

Gimel had done the honors of grabbing a bucket of salt water and splashing the six prisoners. "One hundred percent salt water directly from the Atlantic ocean."

Molly found the taste of seawater to be extremely distasteful, but her sarcastic demeanor remained when she said: "Thanks a lot you assholes."

John laid himself flat on the ground, grabbed the hem of Molly's shirt above him and squeezed it, salt water dripping into the mouth and coating his tongue with something extremely foul tasted. "Why did you get salt water?"

Nighttime had fallen and it gave the six prisoners time to think and plan their escape. Molly was using the necklace from Gabe to draw an outline of the prison that she saw when they were being forced into their cells. Molly told everyone to huddle in for the plan that she had.

"Okay, so these Speechless people, they actually want us to starve to death so they can process us. I believe that processing means using our dead skin to wear so they can blend in with zombies. Every night, I noticed that the one Speechless guy named Dalet-whatever his real name is-checks on us when we sleep all by himself. He always carries the keys on him; most likely waiting to open the cell door to see one of us dead."

"So you want one of us to pretend that they are dead?" Billy clarified. "If we want to make it really look like one of us turned, then we would need blood; actual blood."

"They took all our weapons and anything that would be considered sharp," Milo reminded.

Molly looked at the object in her hand. Gabe's necklace was not a necklace, but a crucifix. Molly hatched an idea in her head and smiled mischievously. "It looks like He really is going to save us after all." The others looked dumbfounded. "We are going to sharpen this crucifix and use it to cut one of us. The blood will look real as one of us poses as a zombie to lure Dalet in here."

"I don't know about using a crucifix as a necklace," Gabe told in a shaky voice. "But I do not want to starve to death."

"We have to start sharpening it right now." John took the crucifix from Molly's hand and started scrubbing the bottom against the ground like he was trying to spark a fire. He was making sure he was not scrubbing too hard as he did not want it to break. He looked at Molly as he said, "What are we going to cut to make real blood?"

"Not their wrist or neck because of dominant veins or something." Molly looked at her palm. "We cut our hands and rub blood on our necks and mouths to make it look real. We'll worry about patching up later."

John was somewhat amused by that plan. "And once someone kills Dalet, one of us wears his zombie skin and we are escorted out of here?"

"See, I'm the smartest one in the group," Molly chuckled. She turned to Gabe with the wristwatch and asked how long till Dalet should be patrolling.

"We have about thirty minutes before he reaches our cell. We have to make that Jesus as sharp as a blade ten minutes before."

"Who will play the corpse getting eaten by the zombie?" Milo asked as he scooted in closer. "Molly should since she came up with this plan."

"And I guess I'll be playing the zombie. Playing a zombie isn't really that hard, the walk and growl is nothing, but the eyes are." John looks up at the ceiling as if he was staring off into space. "They stare at the space between atoms."

Day 481 of the apocalypse: November 10, 2004, South Carolina

It was finally ten minutes until Dalet's patrol and things were going to get dicey pretty soon. It was officially midnight and marked three weeks they've been trapped in the unholy cell. They could already hear people in other cells snoring and footsteps of what Molly would assume to be Speechless soldiers. John finally got the crucifix sharp enough to the point that it was a makeshift knife. Molly admired the beautiful makeshift knife and smiled eagerly. "John, you son of a bitch, I got to hand it to you." She took the crucifix and placed it in her palm.

"Let me cut your hand open for you," John insisted. "You would probably hesitate making yourself bleed anyways." He snatched the crucifix from her palm in a swift motion and slashed her palm before she could even finish blinking. Molly jumps as if she had been burned and winces. "Let's hope we find peroxide or rubbing alcohol so you won't get an infection." He puts a hand underneath Molly's hand dripping with blood and coats his fingertips in her blood. He rubbed the blood onto his face like face paint. His chin, neck, and cheeks were covered in her blood.

"You look cool," Molly said with her teeth gritted. "How about we all contribute since you cut my hand without my permission?" Then John slashed her other palm. Molly gasped for air and fell back against the wall. "Stop cutting me up." Now she was worried about getting an infection. "That's two flesh wounds in one minute." She looked at her two blood palms and made a fist, forcing more blood out of her wounds. "How about I apply the makeup to you since I'm a woman who actually knows how to make something with cosmetics look good? Okay then?"

While Molly was rubbing her own blood around John's face, Milo grabbed the makeshift knife and began slashing Henri and Gabe's palms. They were moaning and groaning in pain and Milo almost passed out from seeing a rather large amount of blood drip from Gabe's two palms. Gabe rubbed most of his own blood onto his own neck so it would like he was bitten on the throat and died. "You know honestly, why can't three of us play zombies and the other three play corpses? It'll give us an advantage against Dalet; three against one, plus makes more sense."

"Three zombies and three corpses?" Billy said as he checked the wounds for any signs of early infections. "I'd rather not get anyone else's blood on my hands literally, so I think I'll cut myself and I'll play a zombie."

"Okay then," Molly said. "So John, Billy, and Gabe are zombies while me, Milo and Henri are playing corpses. After that, once we overpower Dalet and probably kill him, one of us will have to wear his suit so we can blend in with the other Speechless foes."

"Whoever puts on the suit will have to be very careful not to get any zombie blood, bile or viscera in their wound."

"I call wearing the suit. If they took Hilda away from me, then I at least get to where a suit to go and find her."

Aleph walked into the armory wear Bet was staying and taking inventory on weapons. "Hey Bet, status update?"

Bet leaned back in his chair and removed the zombie mask from his face. Bet was a young man around the age of twenty-five with pale skin, brown hair and a bushy beard. "Going, good sir. These new people we brought in brought in two FN P90s, one FN FNC, and three Glocks 26s. The food they brought in is nothing but canned food. No medicine and no birth control pills. Looks like we won't be having any fun tonight with either prisoners or females."

Bet put his mask back on as Aleph removed his mask. Aleph was not an adult, but he was a teenager with sandy blond hair. Only nineteen years of age and so far, the youngest Speechless so far and currently the youngest Speechless leader yet.

Aleph asked where Gimel was and Bet told him that he was leading a pack of Speechless soldiers into a herd to keep it at bay. When he asked where Dalet was, he was informed that he was making sure that all prisoners were in their cells and fast asleep. Aleph admitted to Bet that when he first laid eyes on Molly, he wants to crawl into her cell and feel her breasts. To hide his slightly blushing face, he reapplies the mask to his face.

"Hey Bet, how long have we been working with Dalet?"

Bet shrugged. "About six months?"

Aleph nodded. "We've worked with for six months and we have never seen his face, nor hear what his real name was."

"Kinda like Alpha's lapdog Beta," Bet said. Just thinking about the second in command of the Speechless made Bet's blood boil from within him. Despite being second in command of the Speechless, Beta was not liked by a lot of Speechless soldiers. There were about one hundred Speechless soldiers and ninety of them have a strong dislike for Beta because of his brutal and unmoving personality. But everyone in the Speechless loved the beautiful leader of the group, Alpha. "Why don't Beta and Dalet ever show their faces, what the hell is wrong with them?"

"No," Aleph said as he readjusted his mask on his face. "The real question here is why does Molly…" he picks up Hilda from the table of melee weapons in front of him, "Name her climbing pick? Well, that and why do no Speechless use no real names at all?"

"I don't know," Bet answered. "I talked to Alpha and she said that names are useless and there is no point. It's her group, her decision so we can't use our real names."

"Where is Alpha anyways? She still here in South Carolina?"

"Yeah, she's thinking of relocating to North Carolina and she's even thinking of changing the name from Speechless to Whisperers." Bet smiled. "I like that name...the Whisperers."

"Yeah, I do as well. By the way, how's Alpha's daughter doing? She doing good?"

Bet nodded. "Yeah, the Speechless messengers that came over the day before last told me that Lambda is actually doing good and she is adapting to wearing dead skin over her face."

Aleph licked Hilda. "Sometimes I wonder how Alpha managed to come up with the 'dead skin costume' idea."

Dalet walked amongst the cells, looking inside eagerly to see if he could spot anything in there that looked dead-like. Even if he did find something dead in one of the cells, they wouldn't be able to detect him because of his zombie skin. Dalet turned around when he felt as if someone was watching him from the darkness and was relieved. He could not risk taking off that zombie mask he wears twenty-four-seven on his face. He wore it for so long that he forgot what he actually looked like and he hasn't used his name in forever, he also forgot what it was. (Now that's just sad).

Dalet could not risk people seeing his face for a very personal...and political reason. He remembered how Beta never shows his face for whatever reason; most likely a personal reason so Dalet could actually be the only person to emphasize with him. Although, he doubted Beta had the same background as he did. If people actually saw his face, then he would be trampled and stomped on until he was confirmed dead. "Too bad I can't kill any of these prisoners," he said to himself as he gazed at the sleeping prisoners in each cell.

"They'll soon die of starvation and reanimate. I will be wearing the skin of that one beautiful woman that trapped me, Bet and Gimel inside that train station." He tried to remember her name. "Molly was her name and the other two with her were Billy and John. The other three redheads were Milo, Henri and Gabe I think." He moved along the cells so he could see what was happening to Molly and her group. As soon as he arrived at their cell, he saw three zombies eating three corpses.

He smiled at seeing the actual bloody handprint on the wall and the sounds of zombies crunching on bone and viscera. He takes the keys from his side, makes sure that he smells dead and walks in.

He saw that the zombified John was eating Molly and paid no attention to the other two zombies. He grabbed the zombified John and yanked him off of Molly...and then he felt something small, yet very sharp cut his throat.

Dalet gasps for air as he feels a hand wrap around his throat. Billy did not hesitate to choke the life out of him. After all, Dalet was the one who killed his sister in cold blood. He was not going to feel any remorse because he was going to complete what he failed to do three weeks ago, avenge his sister.

Dalet looked through the eyeholes of his masks and saw the zombies and corpses rising up. That's when he realized that he fell horribly into their trap. His vision blackened as his life faded away from him in an instant.

Billy strangled Dalet to death and carefully laid him flat on the ground. "That's for Bella."

"Okay now that plan was like taking candy from a baby; it was too easy to achieve." Molly bent down to strip the dead Dalet from his zombie clothing. "Hey Billy, you think you can dress my wounds?"

Billy looted Dalet's corpse and found a roll of gauze. "I can let me put this on before we start the zombie skin technique."

After Billy fixed Molly's wounds, he went to fix the others' wounds. Molly put on Dalet's zombie jacket and went to remove his mask. When his mask was removed from his face, her face lit up with horror. "Guys," she whispered. "Look at Dalet-doesn't he look familiar?"

John saw something that seemed familiar in Dalet's actual face. "Yeah, I think I saw him before."

"I think he was on the news one time. I don't remember his name, but he was definitely on the news." Molly put onher mask that masked her wonder on who Dalet actually was. She didn't know much, but there was one thing Molly knew for sure about Dalet: He was on the news, but not as a news reporter. She didn't have time to think about it though. Their objective was to get out of the prison, but Molly's objective was to save Hilda from the Speechless.

Aleph and Bet were getting impatient with how Gimel and Dalet were making no appearance in the room. It was ten after twelve midnight and the two were supposed to clock in for the night. Aleph knew that Gimel was working overtime in the herd, so Dalet was the only one who needed to come up with an excuse for staying up past his bedtime.

"Maybe he's out checking in the prisoners," Bet suggested. "That is his job after all."

"But he was supposed to be done a few minutes ago." Aleph paced around the room, making his friend extremely nervous. Bet knew Aleph before the apocalypse, possibly the only two Speechless who have known each other, but Bet never knew that Aleph was a nervous pacer. He might as well be pacing a hole in the floor. "Where the hell is Dalet?"

"You want to go check on him?" Bet removed himself from his chair and walked out of the room and was followed by Aleph. "You don't think that Bet is going to 'have fun' with any of the female survivors?"

"His urge is just as much as ours. But we have no idea who he is or what he looks like so he can be unpredictable." Aleph removed the mask from his face and looked directly at Bet. "You don't think he got ornery, did he? The last thing we need is children."

Bet removed his mask. "Yeah man, we should go find him and make sure he's not making any babies. We have no kind of contraceptives."

Bet and Aleph put both of their masks back on and walked down the cells with a flashlight. "Dalet," Bet called out quietly. "Where are you, man?" Bet shined his flashlight through the cells and came up with squat in each of them. Not a single cell had Dalet inside. Not even a trace of him existed.

In the corner of Aleph's eye, a cell door was opened. He pointed Bet in the direction of it and they saw a corpse on the ground. The two of them sprinted towards the open cell door to find the Molly prisoners. But on the ground, the corpse they saw had pale skin, brown hair dyed red and a moon-like scar across its cheek.

As soon as the flashlight shined upon the face of the corpse, both Aleph and Bet gasped in horror.

"Oh my God," Aleph says. "That's Dalet with no mask on." He notices that his jacket was gone and the wall had a bloody handprint. "Oh my God, Molly killed him." He could care less about Molly, only about the true face of Dalet. "He looks so familiar doesn't he."

"Yeah he does," Bet agreed.

Aleph put a hand to his mouth as soon as the face found a pre-apocalyptic face. "Now I remember seeing Dalet. He was on the news one time. This one reporter named Carla or something did a report on him. Apparently, this suicide bomber made a failed attempt to blow up a capitol building in this state. He was exposed to the public and sent to jail. Word has it that he was released along with every other single prisoner at this one psychiatric ward."

"That suicide bomber is him," Bet said as horror reeled him in. "This entire time, Dalet has been a terrorist? What the hell man?! He could've killed all of us."

Aleph felt his stomach churn from horror. "We got to tell Alpha that a terrorist has been with us for a long time. Now it makes me wonder who Beta is."

"Someone who doesn't want his face to be seen." Bet backed away from the dead Dalet. "Forget about the dead terrorist, we've got to find Molly and the other prisoners."

Aleph analyzed the current situation. "They took Dalet's gear so that means we have to treat all friendlies as hostile with the exception of yourself and myself. Ready for a game of cat-and-mouse?"

"We're the cats right?"

Aleph gave him a 'duh' look. "Of course buddy. We must start the game immediately. Do you remember what Dalet's zombie jacket looked like?"

"Nope, sorry man." Bet softly bags his head against the wall. "How are we going find them then?"

Aleph smiled through his mask mischievously. "What's the one thing that Molly loves? She was huffing and puffing and screaming bloody murder just to get it back. It's her climbing pick. It's Hilda. We're going to use Hilda to lure Molly and her entire gang towards us. We got to line up all the Speechless soldiers right now. Even if Molly is not dressed up as one of us, then she wouldn't risk leaving Hilda behind."

"Women are crazy."

Aleph looked at him with a shocked look. "You are such a sexist."

Molly walked the hallways with Dalet's zombie mask on her face and her jacket hanging over her shoulders. To make it look like she was transporting prisoners to another cell, John, Billy, Milo, Henri, and Gabe wore chains around their throats.

Molly was not uncomfortable with wearing zombie skin around her face. She has done it on at least three occasions and she actually believes that she built an immunity to it. She was even considering keeping the zombie mask and jacket, but she had a few things on her mind. Actually, she had five things on her mind that were actually important.

The first thing on her mind was saving Hilda.

The second thing on her mind was saving her friends.

The third thing on her mind was saving the other prisoners.

The fourth thing on her mind was killing all the Speechless survivors.

And if that's not enough, the fifth thing on her mind was kissing John and then making love to him.

She just hoped that no one found Dalet's body or else things were really going to get out of hand. She had to ensure the second and third thing on her mind was complete before she could initiate the first thing on her mind, then the fourth thing on her mind, and then the fifth thing on her mind. "Don't worry Hilda, I'll save you." Her 'whisper' (Ha ha) was louder than she thought it was.

"Why are you so concerned about your climbing pick?" Henri inquired. "Does that climbing pick have some kind of emotional attachment to you?"

"Obviously," Molly said in the Are-You-A-Dumbass voice that young woman seems to perfect at such a young age. "She is my best friend and I can't leave her behind."

"I'll go with you then," John insists. "I'm not fully aware of the backstory behind Hilda, but if she means that much to you, then I'll assist you in saving her."

Molly smiled at John through her zombie mask. She grabs him and kisses him forcefully on the lips. "I've been wanting to do that since the day I met you."

Now John was feeling aroused, but he felt kinda dirty because the girl he was in love was dressed up as a dead person walking. He kissed a corpse basically. I'm a goddamn necrophiliac. I deserve to die…

"That was really weird kissing you while I'm dressed as a zombie," Molly spoke, relieving John. "Let's hope that Hilda is in the armory. We get these guys to safety and then we save Hilda."

"Wait, maybe the four of us can free the other prisoners," Billy suggested. "Who's with me?"

Gabe: "I'm with you man."

Henri: "Me too William."

All three eyes turned on the one person who did not answer: Milo. He raised his hands in surrender and said, "Okay I'm with you guys as well. If we want to free these prisoners, then we will need the keys. Dalet must have been the key keeper or something so the keys might have access to all cells."

Molly tossed Billy the keys. She warned them to stay in the shadows and to kill whatever Speechless they came across. "Billy, I'm talking to you specifically. Dalet killed your sister and Bet and Gimel admitted to killing Lenny and Sophia."

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Aleph speaking." The Speechless leader pressed a single finger to the prison speaker and spoke in an Australian accent. "We require all Speechless soldiers to line up in a single file line in the cafeteria. Bet and myself are taking roll and if you are not there in three minutes, I will notify Alpha that you weren't fast enough and I'm sure she would not approve." In Aleph's hand was Hilda. "Remember, line up in the cafeteria in three minutes. Three minutes not three seconds before three minutes and most certainly not three seconds after three minutes. Three minutes exactly and I expect all twenty Speechless soldiers there. If so much as one is absent, we shall find that one and kill her." Aleph gritted his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut. He removes his finger from the button and turns to Bet with a look of desperation his face. "I said 'her; didn't I?"

Molly had taken the name of Mem when she heard Aleph's voice on the speaker telling everyone to meet up in the cafeteria. She had no idea how she was going to save Hilda though. However, John could go save Hilda while Molly went to the cafeteria. Aleph said that she had to be there in three minutes exactly not a second more or less. She grabs John and tells him that she has to go. "I wish you excellent luck in bringing Hilda back to me safely, okay?"

John ran towards the armory, making sure that the room was all clear before he went inside. He stayed hidden in the shadows before he switched on the light and went to the table of guns and melee weapons. "What the hell, where did these Speechless thugs get these guns?" He grabbed an AR-15 and three magazine clips before he shouldered the gun. "Now that I have a gun, I got to find Hilda."

"You're not going to find her."

John turned around and was tackled. He managed to keep his balance, but no strength in his legs prevented him from crashing into a window and out on the other side. John was a man who was like If-I-Am-Dying-You-Are-Coming-With-Me type. He dug his fingers into his attacker's spine and they both went out the window together.

John kicked his attacker away and discovered him to be Gimel with his mask off. John crawled away from as soon as he saw what was behind him: an actual zombie who smelled Gimel's living scent. The zombie bit its teeth into the unaware Gimel's shoulder, forcing a scream out of him.

John jumped to his feet as he realized what was happening around him. Hewas pushed out a window that lead to the basketball court and it was filled with hundreds of zombies and they all began ganging up on him. Impulsively, he kills the zombie biting Gimel and tears his jacket from him and puts it on quickly. To hide his face scent, he shoots the closest zombie to him in the brains and stomach and scoops out the blood and applies it to his face.

Molly was hiding behind numerous other Speechless survivors as they walked into the cafeteria. Molly saw Aleph sitting on one of the tables with Hilda in his hands and Bet by his side. Molly was an impulsive survivor and just seeing Hilda in the man's hands pained her. She could not attack him though or else the other Speechless thugs would be on her ass faster than a horse in a horse race.

Aleph and Bet hoped to hear back from Gimel sound as they stationed him in the armory in case any of the prisoners got loose. Molly stood side by side with the other Speechless soldiers in the center of the cafeteria as Aleph started stalking the soldiers. When Aleph noticed Molly's zombie mask, he narrowed his eyes and removed a part of his mask so that only his mouth and nose were visible. "What do we have here?"

He walks towards Molly and begins putting his hands on her. "Are you the one called Molly? We have only three female Speechless soldiers here and counting you makes four. Who's behind the mask? We know it's not Dalet because he was found dead in Molly's cell. Name please?"

Molly knew she was screwed. She was exposed before she knew it. The Speechless soldiers turned on her and began huddling in on her with full intent on doing horrible things to her.

Aleph then reminds them of something. "Also, since she killed Dalet, we saw his face by the way."

Billy and company finished freeing most of the starving prisoners before they decided to reunite with Molly and John. He remembered hearing Molly say that Hilda was in the armory and that was his first destination. "Milo, Henri, Gabe, get these people out of here."

The three of them all refused. Gabe was the one to speak when he said, "When we first came into this prison, there were dozens of zombies outside and they were all in one big pack. There's not a herd outside, there is a horde outside."

"If that's the case, then what do we do?" a prisoner named Alden asked. "If we are outnumbered by the zombies outside, how are we going to escape?"

"How many are there of you guys?" Billy started counting all the prisoners and the three members in his group. "Including me, there's a total of nineteen of us. If we want to escape, we're going to have to fight our way out of here. Anybody know where the armory is?"

"I do," Alden stepped up. "It's in Cell Block D, but no one should be there now that all the Speechless guys are in the cafeteria."

"It can't be that easy? They must have left some kind of defense behind." Billy looked over his shoulder before looking back to Alden. "You think you can get us there? Our friends might be there."

"I can lead the way." Alden walked past the four group members, bumping into Billy's shoulder in the process. "Follow me."

Alden lead them successfully to the armory and they discovered a smashed window and a whole table full of guns. Billy grabbed an FN FNC with a bayonet and loaded a full magazine into it. "Hey Henri, Gabe, Milo, see any sign of Molly or John?"

"Don't know," Milo answered. "The window here is busted, so keep it down or else we'll attract the zombies."

"We're not leaving until we find Molly and John. Alden, you and Hank should stay here in case John comes back while me and the others go to the cafeteria and look for Molly."

"How do you know that Molly is in the cafeteria?" asked Alden.

"Because Molly is dressed up as one of those Speechless fools. Aleph just said for everyone to meet up in the cafeteria so we should all get a move on. We can't risk Molly's identity being exposed."

Billy led the whole group of armed survivors to the cafeteria with full intent on killing the Speechless survivors. "Remember guys, if you see a Speechless soldier holding a yellow climbing pick, do not fire at her. That's Molly." Billy cocks his gun again, slowly approaches the door to the cafeteria and kicks to open the door. "Now let's make so noise."

Molly snapped her head in the direction of the kicked open door and realized that Billy had came marching into the room loaded for bear and the only way they were going to distinguish her was if she had Hilda. She had to grab Hilda quickly if she wanted to survive.

Molly lunged at Aleph just as the bullets sprayed around the entire room, wasting nearly everyone inside. Some Speechless were able to move out the way in time and hide behind something solid while Molly was wrestling for dominance over Hilda by kneeing Aleph in the balls and shoving him into the line of fire.

Aleph performed a somersault and landed between two overturned tables. The other Speechless soldiers ran for cover while other some pulled out their guns and fired at the prisoners.

Molly removed her mask and ran towards the firing squad with Hilda clearly visible in her hands. Billy halted them to not fire and they let Molly go through them before they ran off themselves after finishing off every remaining Speechless.

Billy and Molly led the pack of prisoners towards one of the main exits.

Aleph, Bet and two other Speechless hid behind a table and were in crouching positions. "What do we do about this sir?" Bet asked quietly to Aleph.

"We have to get out of here," Aleph whispered quietly. "This place is gone and chances are, they're going to release the dead inside this place."

"Can't we just fight back?" Lamed gestured to one of the Speechless shotguns. "We can grab those shotguns and blast them away."

"No, we have our knives and since the dead around every exit, they will use the inferior 'blending-in' way to get across the dead. We are still using the superior 'blending-in' way." Aleph smiled through his mask. "We follow them and we kill them in the herd. We are no longer the Speechless, thanks to Molly, we are now the Whisperers."

Kaf smiled manically. "The one with the given named 'Alden' he is mine."

"Kaf?" Bet began, "Are you sure you're okay with killing your own relative?"

"He refused to join us. He's weak."

Aleph, Bet, and Lamed were fully aware that the Whisperer lieutenant codenamed Kaf suffered from a severe psychological disorder. Aleph raised a hand to scold him until he heard numerous fast running steps from outside the cafeteria. "Everyone play dead."

Aleph stepped out into the open, laid himself flat on the ground and put a torn off leg over his stomach and closed his eyes. Bet laid up against the table and wiped blood that wasn't his onto his face and kept his eyes opened but pointed at the ground. Lamed and Kaf hid underneath bodies near the door.

All four of them held their breaths as Molly, and a zombie blood-soaked John came into the cafeteria to drag two dead corpses out into the hallways.

After the footsteps were no longer heard, the four remaining Whisperers got up from their 'dead' positions' and cut up their former comrades' bodies and smeared more and more blood on their zombie clothes and masks. They didn't necessarily have to make masks out of zombie skin, just dead skin.

"Bet, Kaf, Lamed, we are going to slice their throats up for destroying our homes." Aleph brandished a knife from his hip holster. "We're going to kill every single last one of those starving, prisoner bitches." He looked at all the corpses around him and notices one thing they all have in common. "None of their brains are destroyed." He licks his knife soaked to the handle in dead blood.

"Okay people, this is what we're going to do with these bodies," Molly announced as she threw an enemy corpse to the ground. John then threw the corpse in his hands to the floor right beside the corpse Molly threw. They carried two bodies, but there were three corpses in front of them and the third corpse belonged to Dalet. "We're going to cut these guys open and then we're going to rub ourselves in their guts. That's how John was able to escape the horde in time from outside."

"These Speechless guys make a living out of wearing zombie skin," Billy said. "How can anybody make a living out of this?"

"I could," Molly expressed. "As long as I'm not getting eaten. I don't know if I would actually wear the skin of the dead though. Wearing their blood, I could manage but not their skin." Molly cut Dalet's corpse open with Hilda and began smearing the blood on her zombie jacket. "John, cut into his corpse and Billy cut into his corpse."

Everyone moaned and groaned in disgust as they smeared blood, guts, bile, viscera and body fluids that they didn't even know they had onto their own clothes. Milo, Henri, and Gabe refused to wear anything unless it was clean. This made John, Molly, and Billy go back to obtain three Speechless corpses with zombie clothes. Now, Milo, Henri, and Gabe looked like those Speechless bastards.

"I will wear their skin, but I won't wear their masks," Henri said as he threw a zombie mask to the side.

"Open the door," Molly ordered to Alden. The former prisoner followed her command and opened the door leading to the basketball court. The horde-not herd-was flooding the hallways pretty quickly and walking past the prisoners like nothing. They did not even eat at Dalet and the other two corpses. Molly realized why because Dalet and the other two reanimated and all their insides spilled out instantly.

"Everyone stays together and we'll survive this," Molly whispered as she took her first step out the door.

Like when she first met John and his group, the zombies surrounded her and even stared at her but did not intervene in any way. Molly held John's hand tightly as she began feeling claustrophobic. "I do believe that this will not go well for us."

John stared at her. "Why?"

"What if there are some Speechless soldiers in this horde? They can be any of these zombies."

"If there are, we'll kill them." John was not shaken and kept constantly looking over his shoulder to see if there were any Speechless soldiers. All he saw was Milo, Henri, and Gabe stayed close to each other while Alden stayed close to the prisoners. The only person John could not see was Billy until he looked to his right and saw him.

"Guys," Alden whispered to the prisoners, Molly, John, Billy, Gabe, Henri and Milo all unable to hear him. "If something goes wrong, we push Molly into the crowd and escape."

"The voice of a coward."

Molly heard what Alden actually said, but she was more concerned about escaping the horde.

The prisoner at the very end of snatched by a zombie and silenced with a knife to his throat. Alden looked and saw they were one prisoner short. Then he looked to his left and saw three prisoners disappear in the zombie crowd.

"What's going on?" Molly asked as she noticed that they were a few prisoners short. Then her spider-senses went off. Someone other than zombies and themselves were in the horde. There could be only one kind of person who was in the group. "The Speechless are hiding in the crowd. We have to be extremely cautious John."

"Sure thing."

Alden kept his head down and stayed in between survivors, but was shoved into the horde and away from the group by an unseen threat and his throat was slit instantly before stabbing him in the head to prevent reanimation. The Whisperer who killed him was his brother.

Aleph, Bet, Kaf, and Lamed kept themselves hidden in the horde and stalked their prey. Their prey was beginning to panic when they realized that Alden was gone and there were only ten of them left.

"This should be epic," Aleph whispered. "Kill all of them."

"With pleasure," Bet responded in a whisper that only the four of them could hear. "I call the guy with the French name. I'll make him turn."

"We'll help you," Lamed whispered eagerly.

Aleph whispered back to them. "Remember to not lose track of them or each other. They are dressed like us so don't get confused." Aleph then noticed his bloody knife and looked to the nearest zombie beside him as an idea popped into his skull. "If we really want to strike fear into them, we shall cut them and then walk away. Only flesh wounds allowed as we will soak our knives in zombie blood." He stabbed a zombie in the side and showed the four Whisperers his zombie knife. "Look at that. It makes sense because if you get a bite, scratch or some kind of wound, then you're dead."

Bet, Kaf, and Lamed were eager about that idea and began soaking their knives in zombie blood. Aleph counted how many prisoners they needed to kill. He counted Molly, John, Billy, Gabe, Milo, Henri and four other prisoners. He pointed to the four prisoners in the back and urged for them to kill them first.

"Don't forget to Whisper," he reminded.

The four of them walked up to the four prisoners in the back and they each cut their throats before tossing them into the crowd. Aleph, Bet, and Kaf managed to jump back into the crowd, but Lamed was spotted by the six remaining survivors. Impulsively, he throws his tainted zombie knife at Henri, his knife piercing him in the chest. The man gasped in pain before he pulled a gun and shot Lamed in the head.

The gunshot attracted the zombie and they all turned on the zombie dressed survivors.

Molly, John, and Billy rushed forward through the crowd with Gabe, Milo and Henri following. Unfortunately for them, Gabe and Milo were separated from the group unexpectedly while one of the Whisperers popped up in front of Molly and swung their knife at Molly.

Molly jerked her head back and slashed the Whisperer named Kaf in the shoulder and neck. The Whisperer breaks the silence and howls in pain as he feels the blood from his jugular vein and shoulder pour out. Molly rips the zombie mask and jacket from Kaf and push him into the horde of zombies and devoured by them. Molly looked at John and Billy and then towards Henri.

Henri managed to remove the knife from his chest and he was barely still standing. He suddenly had a fever and began staggering backward and away from the group.

"Where is everyone?" Billy asked. "Did the Speechless get them?"

John looked at both Molly and Billy with terror. "We have to get out of here."

"No shit," Molly said before she yanked the two as she ran.

Aleph and Bet were stalking their prey while they were still in view and smiled sadistically when they saw the corpses of Kaf and Lamed.

"Let's go after them," Bet declared as he walked forward. Aleph put a hand on him and shook his head. "What's up man?"

"We are slightly outnumbered and with only two of us left, how are we going to spread what happened to the other Whisperers?" Aleph looked at the retreating Molly for one last time before looking back at Bet. "I've changed my mind about wanting them all dead. Let's just get out of here."

"But all the people they killed, that goes unanswered?"

"Every war has casualties. But in a way, she did us a favor by killing Dalet for us. She's earned my respect for leading a large group that would've been successful in escaping if we had not intervened."

"What are you saying?"

"People who win my respect are spared. Molly and the other two will be spared."

"Where's Gane and Milo?" Billy asked for the fourth time to Molly. "I can't seen them anywhere."

"We'll have to assume they made it out alive. Along with Henri." Molly noticed that the three of them were barely out of the zombie horde. The smell on them began washing off and all zombies began staring at them with ravenous hunger. "Let's hurry up."

A zombie arm grabbed Molly's shoulder and yanked her back. Out of fear, she swings Hilda at the zombie, but it was still standing. Billy pushed the zombie back and Molly looked to see where Hilda's tip was. The tip of the climbing pick was lodged deep into John's left eye. John stood there frozen in agony and in fear, unable to speak or even breath. Molly yanked Hilda from his eye, she was horrified at the sight of his destroyed eyeball that fell from his socket and eaten by a zombie on the ground.

"Hey Molly, what happened to my eye?"

Molly could not bare to speak. Like in slow motion, Hilda fell to the ground faster than John fell into Molly's arms. Billy picked up Hilda and carried John by the arms. Both Molly and Billy carried the unconscious John away from the horde and to the nearest safe haven. They carried him a good fifty meters away from the horde and into an unoccupied prison block. One that was infested completely with zombies.

"Billy, we have to get John treatment immediately," Molly urged. They lock themselves into the nearest closet of the prison as Billy checks what he has on him to operate on the unconscious John.

Molly smiled at their success. Along with Molly's journey, she discovered that she had a guardian angel from surviving her near-death experiences. She knows that she's going to survive this world, and she was going to do everything in her power to save John's life. A goal she knew she was going to achieve.

She sat up against the wall of the prison, slowly taking in breaths. A smile forms on her face as she holds John's hands. She chuckles in her triumph. Hilda lies on her stomach and John leans in for a kiss. "John, the things we have was all for something. It was never for nothing." She kisses John passionately on the lips again. "For the survivors."

Billy got down to one knee after removing his zombie clothing and began operating on John. Molly kept her smile on and kissed John once again.

Molly just twirled Hilda several times while waiting patiently. She observed as to how Billy laid John flat on his back and began closing up his wound. Once the bleeding stopped, he began binding up his empty eye socket. Billy had done all he could.

Now that John was all patched up and slowly healing, Billy went back outside to find the three newcomers. Molly just sat with Hilda on her stomach and the unconscious John beside her. "Don't worry John, you'll wake up. If I kiss you, then you'll wake up right?" She was talking more to herself rather than John. "Don't worry John, I won't leave your side. I love you, John." She wraps her hand around John's cold hands.

"Just wake up when you have to. Just wake up when you have to." She leans her head against John's shoulder and closes her eyes with a sigh.

"I love you, John."

John's hand tightened around Molly's hand. "I love you too Molly."


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The Speechless (The Whisperers)







All in all: Molly, Aleph and Bet are the only characters confirmed alive. John, Billy, Jake, Milo, Gabe, Winston, Keith, Roman, and Franz are left with an unknown fate. Lenny, Sophia, Bella, Sarah, Alden, Jackson, Freddy, Rocky, Vegard, Kaf and Lamed are the dead characters. Wilson, Herman, Henri, Heath, Gimel and Dalet are the characters who reanimated.