Chapter 6

Dread. That's the only word Jack had to describe what he saw when he and Toothless finally found her. Her body was so thin and frail he thought she might shatter as he destroyed the chains holding her to the wall. Her face screamed in terror, and her pupils left no room for there to be any color in her eyes. Jack wrapped her up in an old Bison pelt he had been given long ago and placed her on Toothless's back before the three of them took off.

She couldn't be allowed to die. She had already been so thin, but now Jack could make out everything in her body, every rib, every muscle that she had left, every tendon. By the time they got back, the others looked terrified. Esmeraldo was doing everything he could to get food into her body, but he didn't have the modern equipment to make her body ingest it. Her eyes wouldn't open for days, and it scared Jack. He was scared that he would never see those emerald eyes shine again.

And besides, she was a guardian. She shouldn't be able to die right? Not from starvation. Just because she hadn't died yet like the rest of them didn't mean she wasn't immortal right? A deep breathe came from her before jack went to grab her hand. He held it gently, for it felt like it might shatter in his hand.

A dark figure flew past him, with yellow eyes. Jack immediately brought up his staff and was ready to attack the familiar dark figure. "Aren't you supposed to be destroyed Pitch?" Jack growled, ready to kill on site.

"Calm down, I'm here to help. Hiccup and I are allies," the man said, Pitch Black.

Jack clenched his teeth. "That's not likely you witch. I won't let you near her," he said, and could hear the placement of an arrow into Merida's bow from the other side of Hiccup.

"Ey, you aren't going anywhere near the las Black. If you know what happened, then share it at a distance," Merida said, her Scottish voice echoing through out the room.

Pitch raised his hands in surrender. "I have no intention of causing any trouble. I understand your caution and dis trust of me. Your contender for her life is someone else who hates you Jack, someone who knows how much you loved Hiccup in the past when he spared my life." Pitch took a deep breathe, and Jack sent Merida a questioning look.

From behind Pitch, Jack could see Esmeraldo come up from behind him and walk around Pitch. "He's telling the truth." Esmeraldo nodded, his eyes staying on Pitch.

Jack looked at the dark male. "What do you mean?"

"I've been doing some extra research with the help of Blondie, and we found some other spirits based from terror. We've heard of them all before, or at least I did during my time alive, but they are all a possibility," Esmeraldo stated plainly, pulling out a folded sheet of paper from one of the inner pockets of his tunic.

Merida raised an eyebrow, and Jack looked confused. "What do ya mean lad?" Merida asked, bringing her bow down and slowly withdrawing the string, but not un knocking the arrow. She wouldn't be taking any risks, even if the one person who could tell all the truths said it was so.

"You must be the guardian of trust. A rarity among spirits as it is, and you are fairly young," Pitch stated simply, reaching out to shake Esmeraldo's hand.

"Truth. Trust isn't something I rely on often Black. Trust needs to be earned, and you have destroyed it with most of us. I am only stating the facts. Do you know anything about Mary Jane? Also known among children and adults as Bloody Mary?" Quick and to the point, Esmeraldo wasn't going to beat around the bush.

Merida looked shocked at the mention of the name, while Jack was simply confused. They were all young for spirits, but Jack was the oldest of the three. He had never heard the name before, unlike the other two. Pitch only chuckled.

"Ah yes, the roasted woman who is the embodiment of fear in children and amusement in adults. They say, if you turn off all the lights in a bathroom, and say her name 3 times, and wait 10 minutes she will appear. Sometimes she gets there much sooner though," Pitch said, as if talking about an old friend. "Make no mistake, I care nothing for the vile woman. She often eats my nightmares as well as anything else she can get her filthy, vile hands on," the man stated with a shiver.

Jack looked disgusted, before a blood curling scream could be heard from behind him. They all looked quickly, to see the thin girl screaming, black veins covering her body. Pitch shoved Jack out of the way, an unknown emotion etched on his face. It wasn't cold, it was almost like worry, or concern, as he pulled something out of his pocket and popped open the girl's mouth. Jack jumped to try and knock the contents out of Pitch's hand, but the black liquid had already reached her mouth.

Jack grabbed pitch by the throat, the scream being over, and a coughing fit coming from the girl. Jack tossed pitch across the room, moving to help Hiccup and stop her from choking. She was bent over the table and grabbed on to Jack's shoulder for support. They were all relieved that she was awake, but one could clearly see the pain etched on her face.


Pain. That's all I felt as I woke up. My throat stung, and my arteries were screaming. I felt as if a slug was going up my throat and making its way to my brain. I flew forward, grabbing onto the first thing I could, which felt like a thin and chilled shoulder. Someone was patting my back as I continued to cough, and I tasted blood.

My ribs were the next to develop feeling, and once my fit was done I laid back. "Pitch, I don't know what fucking slug you put in me but for the love of Odin would you please at least make them taste better," I choked out. My voice was hoarse, and it sounded as if I hadn't spoken in months.

I could hear the nightmare king chuckle from where ever he was in the room. "You know I can't make them taste any better Hiccup. But apparently you needed a check up not long before your kidnapping," Pitch said, at first teasingly but the next sentence was very serious. "Why didn't you send word that you were having them again?"

"Having what again? You actually know him?" Jack said, confusion etched on his face. I could feel my cheeks heat up immensely when I saw how close he was, but he didn't seem to notice or care.

I took a deep breathe. "IhavethisillnessthatmyancesterhadandPitchhasbeenhelpingmegetoveritoratleastcontrolit," I said in a short ramble. I didn't like talking about it, about what my ancestor had passed down to me. The only good thing that came out of it was Toothless. "Where's Toothless?" I asked, and it looked like everyone was trying to figure out what I said.

"You garbled again Hiccup. She has the poison that her old soul had is what she was saying. Through the process of reincarnation, she received the poison as well. I have a creature that helps keep the attacks and pass outs down to a point. I thought we had it under a good control, but unless something happened during the kidnapping it must have wore off a lot faster," Pitch stated.

"Toothless should be back soon. North took him, so he could try and calm down the giant lizard. Toothless wasn't really willing to go through," Merida stated simply.

I nodded, taking a deep breath as I started to stand up. "What do you mean by attacks?" Jack asked in confusion. He reached out, ready to catch me if I fell.

I felt dizzy but managed to balance myself as I stood. "Sometimes the poison acts out on its own. Normally when I'm in a stressful situation. Or if my heart rate starts to rise to much," I said as I started to make my way out of the room.

Before I could even take a second step, Pitch was in front of me and hand me by the shoulder. "Oh no you don't. Shirt off, now," He stated with much authority.

I groaned, grabbing the hem of my shirt with both hands. "WAIT WHAT?!" the three guardians shouted in union.

I could hear Pitch chuckle. "Do we need to do this in a different room? Relax it's just his checking. I can't see the veins or anything but Captain Fuck up here can. He can also tell how bad it is, but the poison stems from my heart," I said as I finished taking off my shirt. Modesty was a luxury I hadn't had for a long time, nor did I take it into consideration.

"THE HELL PITCH!" I heard Jack shout. Pitch walked up to me and placed one of his dark hands on my stomach.

I shuddered. "It's spreading a lot faster than before. I can almost see it moving Hiccup," Pitch stated. I could hear Merida shudder.

"What are those?" Esmeraldo asked, placing his hand on my back, in between my spine and shoulder blade. My body quaked, and I held in a pained moan. "Sorry," Esmeraldo retracted his hand quickly at my reaction as he apologized.

Pitch placed hand on my shoulder. "Your reaction to that was pretty bad, but it doesn't look like it has anything to do with the poison," Pitch stated as he spun me around to examine my back. Jack and Esmeraldo were both beet red in the cheeks, even though I had wraps around my breasts.

Merida looked shocked at the sight of my front while both boys turned around. "It looks pretty bad huh?" I asked with a sigh. "There was some nut job there when I was trying to make my escape. Something made of metal picked me up. Could that have something to do with what ever is on my back?" I asked Pitch.

Pitch shrugged. "I don't know. Did you hear anything? Any voices or anything?" Pitch asked.

"Some woman?" I said with a shrug. "She said some creepy jazz, but I was more worried about the fact that I was surround by bones and could no longer move at the time," I stated simply as I put my green tank top back on.

I heard a gasp come from around the room. Well, multiple gasps I guess. "So, it could be her, who else is a female that's dark enough?" I heard Esmeraldo mutter.

"Indeed," Pitch stated. "But there could be others."

"She said something about my tears being sweeter than they were 200 years ago, or something like that," I said, crossing my arms. "So, who the hell are you guys talking about?"

"You remember that nut case as you called her when you came by with your dad the first time?" Pitch asked. I nodded, remembering the incident vaguely. "That would be her."

"Ohhhhhhh," I said in understanding. "Well I don't know about you guys, but I. Am. Starving. What's for whatever meal time it is?" I asked, making my way to the dining hall.


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