After Effects

Damian came back to life and is having nightmares and problems with the family.

He just wants someone to understand. Maybe JayJay can help?

When Damian came back to life, he didn't expect it to be the same. But he didn't to expect everything to be so different.

"It's just that, I wanted everything to be better..." He whispered to a certain ex Robin.

"Don't worry, Demon. They'll get over it eventually." Red Hood flicked his cigarette over the side of the building and crossed his arms after he pulled his helmet back down.

"... It's not that I want them to get over it. I just... If they had gotten over it so quickly, it would be like they forgot me... like they never cared..." He whispered the last part, his voice cracking on the last word to his dismay.

Jason looked at him for a few seconds, silently watching this young boy break.

He slowly took off his helmet once more and crouched down to Damian's height.

"Demo- Damian... they never gave up on you. Bruce never gave up on you... you should have seen him..." he said, resting his hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Todd... do they ever go away? The nightmares...?" His voice broke.

Jason looked at him, silent.

"... They don't. But eventually... you'll get used to them..."

"But I don't want to get used to them." Damian ground out. "I just want them to go away..." he sobbed.

Jason looked away, letting Damian have time to calm down.

"Look, Damian. I'll make you a deal. You call me whenever you have one of the nightmares. I'll answer, it doesn't matter what time, and listen to you talk about them. And if you need someone to talk about, things about your death, you can talk to me. Someone who understands." Jason shrugged.

"That is if you want to..."

Damian looked down.

"... Any time?" He murmured.

Jason grinned. "Yeah, Demon Spawn. Anytime."

Damian looked up at him and smiled, hoping that this is a turning point for he and Jason.

The ending was kind of weak but I honestly didn't know how to end it. I knew what I wanted to do when I first started this story but then I got to the middle and I just blanked, lol. I hope you liked the beginning at least and leave a review or a like. ️